24 September 2017


                                                     Suppose I ask my maidservant to take my car free of cost, she would say ‘no-thank you’. First thing, why I wanted to give my car free to her husband? Don’t I know that it will not be possible for her husband to maintain the car and build a garage? He can’t afford seventy rupees petrol for fifteen kilometers journey. With in no time the car would be sold as a junk for few thousand rupees. The mistake was on my part to have promised the car to a poor fellow who finds it difficult to meet his family expenses by working seven days a week. The maidservant was smart enough to say no because she knew the problems with a car.
                                                         Similarly one kilometer railway track for bullet train would cost 120 crores, where as for new tracks for 150-200 kilometer speed trains like saktiman-rajdhani—Durant would cost 8 crores per kilometers. The cost of traveling from Mumbai to Ahmadabad would be roughly 12 to 14 thousand rupees! How many people could afford to travel by this two hour train journey? We do not know how many people travel by Gatiman express daily? According to the data Gatiman has only managed 51% occupancy in executive chair. Where as in the same route Satabdi goes with 100% occupancy because of price factor.The train between Bhubaneswar to Howrah-Satabdi expresses goes empty most of the time. Indian have plenty of spare time hence speed is not their primary aim. They go on government leave and expenses, longer the trip better for TA &DA; they are not in a hurry. Now a days the first class railway fare is more than air fare from Bhubaneswar to Delhi or Bangalore. There is so much of rush in airports that the coolies are moving away from railway station to the runways?
                                                    Japan should have considered these factors as a true friend but they are business people they want the policy of buy one get one tactics.Most of you might recollect that when Suzuki produced the mini-car in India, all most all parts were from Japan including the tyres.It took twenty long years to accept Indian spare parts. Still it uses ‘S’ (Suzuki) on its cars instead of ‘M’ (Maruti)?
                                               I do not think this bullet train will ever run on Indian soil during our life time. During 1960—70s most of the steam engine driven express trains from Cuttack to Balasore used to take roughly four hours with 15 minutes stoppage for water at Jenapur and Bhadrak, now it takes three hours by the super-fast surcharged trains! In last four decades we have been able to cut the traveling distance by one hour? No one considers the number of people who travel in a long distance train with 24 compartments with an average speed of 55 to 70 kilometers per hour! One long distance train in India takes 82 hours to cover the distance from Assam to Cochin.
                                                               Yes, we know fast trains are required because railway is the life line of a country. But for that huge amount of revenue is required. Because someone is presenting me an elephant I will accept it? No it will be an act of foolishness on my part which everyone wills crticise.Lets improve our train lines and compartments and passenger comfort or leave it as such for the public to decide. Price factor is a big factor for business in India, hence Bullet train project would have a premature death.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Old people enjoying an evening with young girls.They do not go for the boring morning walk.

23 September 2017


The present generation of young children and youths have fallen the victim of three "CANCEROUS" habits which will ruin their life in future.
1.The top one shows the kid is using a smart phone while sitting on a commode.He is quite tense and stress and will develop a syndrome called "IBS" in future.Remedy is-- the parents must tell them that do one thing at a time and do not allow the kid to take the mobile inside the toilet.The reason why youths takes mobile inside is for two reasons--their parents or friends or sister would know his telephonic activities,two a girl friend phone may come any time or the questions have been leaked.Hence the boy or a girl is tense.Girls are more balanced in love.This worry of a phone call coming ruins their mind.This is a big 'Worry"
2.The second photograph shows how the young boy is running to catch the bus or tube rail.Bad habit of going to airport or to bus stop late.This hurry is the worst of all.They talk in a hurry, eat in a hurry and take bath in a hurry.

3.Curry--Diet:They eat in a hurry-mostly junk food,constipating food, no vegetables and pass foul gas and are mostly constipated.

Even the middle aged and senior citizen have fallen prey to these "Three-Idiots". Please take care and most of your physical and mental problems will be reduce.

22 September 2017


                                                            Why all of us are not enjoying life of what we are and what we have? Remember we are in a country where things happen, it’s a very interesting and exciting country provided you know how to live in it.
Take for example if you go to Wal-Mart in USA ,nothing happens, where as when you go to big bazaar or vegetable market lots of events take place with and around you.In a vegetable market you may step on a bulls tail,get bitten by a stray dog or a monkey may snatch away your vegetables.
In USA no one talks with another person, even husband has to take permission before talking with his wife. Husband has no right to comment you sleep so late, “Good afternoon”. You may get a lawyers notice by evening. Whereas in India everyone talks, give advice and bring the PM or CM or demonetization topic or about the latest cricket scores in to discussion. Wife wives just can’t afford to sleep late even on Sundays. Of course after women liberalization and working woman things have changed in India, husbands have become very docile like castrated bulls.
                                                     There is no load shedding no argument at the counter no argument at parking lot, no angry arguments with another customer inside the market place over the blocked corridor because of your trolley.  It would be quite hot inside as the management has switched off the air conditioners to save some electricity. In a developed country everything moves like a machine. Whereas in India,which ever or whatever place you go things do happen.
When you come out you find four or five young people sitting on the bonnet of your car. Just smile and request them to move out or else you may be shot dead if it’s Delhi or Haryana!
I find most of the people are depressed, negative, full of advice, very few are interestinged in life. Every one copy and paste others sayings or quotations. It seems nothing interesting is happening with most of us and we are worried because of drop in share market or rise in petrol price or your friend has purchased one Audi where has you are still driving Santo for last 12 years! No one thinks that the same problem is with everyone but not all are unhappy or grumbling and increasing their sugar level or blood pressure? Let’s be happy with what we have and where we are. More depressed you get if you frequently visit foreign land and stay  with your sons or daughters for months.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

21 September 2017


The height of corruption in India was recently exposed when a very high ranking IPS (police) officer took bribe to release the terrorist and in another incident judiciary officers of high court took money to allow substandard medical college to function and to continue taking students in different medial colleges of India.

We see that in spite of all the advancements in information and communication technologies changing the life of the people of the country dramatically, the India legal system still looks like a domineering and pretentious British vestige appearing to belong to an elite class away from the people and the country. As a matter of fact, the present system of justice is totally out of place and out of time and tune with democratic procedures and norms, that please only a certain section of the society with vested interests. Therefore, there is an immediate need to restructure the entire judicial system to make it answerable to the needs of a democratic, progressive society.

20 September 2017


Lightning Temple:(News: two prisoners were killed by lightning at Sundargarh Jail)

                                   This lightning incident at Sundargadh jail reminds me of a story narrated to me by an old man at Paralakhemundi. “Centuries back there were a temple at Chhatrapur, known as lightning temple, a Siva temple, famous for lightning and killing people inside the temple. One afternoon dark clouds gathered and it started to rain heavily along with thunderstorm. One prostitute who was coming back from a pond took shelter in that Siva temple. The priest was furious and abused her for polluting the sacred temple. The prostitute begged the priest to allow her to stay till the rain subsides. But the priest was bent upon driving her out, to which she lastly said she would come at night when the temple closes. She was allowed to stay.
                                                                              One milkman and a doctor too took shelter in that lightning temple. Lastly one advocate who was returning from the court had to come running inside the temple. It was getting darker and darker by minutes, accompanied by deafening thunderstorm sounds. Everyone was curious to see the face of the prostitute with the lightning light standing on the verandah. They were sure lightning would strike because of the presence of that sinned lady. One fellow commented the lightning would strike because of her sins on the temple. The priest said it’s because of him the lightning has not struck as he worships the God very sincerely and he is pure as gold. The milkman too said he pours pure milk on the ‘sivling’hence he is protected, the doctor said proudly he does selfless service and the advocate said he has saved many families in court hence lightning would never strike him.
                                                                         An idea struck to the advocate. He suggested one by one from that group should go and touch that huge iron pillar some fifty meters from the temple and then come back. Boldly the priest went and came back proudly. Then the doctor went and lastly the milkman. Now it was the turn of the young prostitute to go out and touch that iron pillar. She was sure she will be dead once she gets out of the verandah. Hesitantly she went out and touched that pillar when a lightning struck the temple and all four were dead and nothing happened to her. All the villagers came to see who were the people got killed by the lightening. They watched with awe, that famous young prostitute walking away from the temple unhurt in her drenched red sari.”
The old man asked me “why lightening showed mercy on the prostitute?”
 I said “I can’t say”.
‘You dull headed, hog’ he said “they were all bigger sinners than the prostitute!”
 There were so many prisoners coming back but killed only two who should have been sentenced to death. Those two judges who had given the verdict have resigned as per our latest report and have gone for a hiding.
There was another case of a criminal who had committed seven murders at Puri. He escaped capital punishment through money power but lost all his fingers due to leprosy.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Let there be a lonely reader of my blog, it does not matter to me.Even few readers of the blog who are really interested is better than thousand of readers who even do not read the second line.I have one young girl relative at USA, who finished reading the Harry Porter book brought by her father, standing in queue over night in one hour! Five hundred pages in sixty minutes? Probably like super bugs of India Americans can do it?I do not need such readers for my books and articles.


Aedes Aegypti mosquito:
                                                                                                                                I am an Aedes Aegypti mosquito with lots of responsibilities during my short life time. I have to spread dengue, chikungunya, zika, mayaro and yellow fever virus. Actually I should not be blamed for the spread of these dreaded diseases by the mankind. It is their fault which they should realize that mosquitoes neither produce nor are responsible for the spread of these diseases. If the human society had clean and unadulterated blood there should not have been any fear of mosquitoes.Our male members do not suck blood as they have joined saffron party where as our female members are blood hungry not for themselves but for their eggs in side. Human race has been fighting a losing battle against us for millions of years. In our last discussion we told them “you purify your blood and we will not transmit any disease from one to another”. For photograph sessions politicians, actress, actors and social service activist pose while another person foolishly donate blood, that to three hundred milliliters! Whereas female Aedes needs only two to three milliliters of blood for which you are using coils, DDT,Hit,Sit,many anti-mosquito repellents, nets and what not to prevent us from taking a drop of blood? We fail to understand your logic. Remember our eggs can survive without water for more than six months. After the introduction and mass use of bikini, half pants and T shirts our job has become easier due to more exposed surface. We have early morning biters, evening biters and late night biters who watch serials and blue films at night. Due to prolonged rainy season our target has been set by the team leader-a lady mosquito for the year 2017-18.
Good Bye and Good Night.