13 July 2005


Sanjoy called a group of his friends to his office in Ispat General Hospital and offered them all tea and snacks and delivered this lecture on this significant day.


Dear friends,
Today we have assembled here to celebrate the world population day. It's the endeavour of Bangladesis, Indians and Pakistani who have been contributing with all their vigra power towards this noble cause of increasing the population of man kind. When the fish population, chicken population, tiger population, orchards etc.increase the whole world smiles so why not with increase of population of the most intelligent creature of the universe? The technolgical advance should help us to double the human population by 2020!! So that this day can be celebrated in a much bigger way.??

India's and China's strength lies in it's man power. They are not only a threat to the super powers due to it's population but also helping the whole world by exporting cheaper goods and manpower with minimum investments.

Population has it's charm,like imagine rathjatra with only 1000 people, cricket stadium with 500 spectators, tennis woman's final with 50 old man, football world cup final with 1200 spectators and only 5000 muslims attending the annual festival at mekka madina.!!!

For transport industry, hotel industry, hospital industry, soft drinks, garments, etc sky is the limit for such imagination. All these bussiness will come to a halt if there is no growth of human population. Every where there will be crisis. So we should condemn people who say that population explosion is the cause of all ills.

Let the old( not contributing to socity) diseased, disabled (human being are not yet decleared as endengered species) die and give way to fresh, young, healthy , intelligent and new man kind. Experts say the increase in population is not due to increase in births but due to decrease in death rate as a result more useless people are there at the cost of the new ones(how selfish we are)

I once again thank you for your presence here to celebrate this population day. Please go ahead and contribute so that we can reach the target before time.
Down with condoms and family planning.

Thank you for your kind attention.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After this lecture many old people committed sucide. The first prize of rs.1lakh went to Mahamod Ansari fo fathering 35 children from four wifes. 2nd prize of rs.50000 went to one oriya lady from Ganjam for giving birth to 17 children. And the third prize of rs.25000 went to another couple from Bihar for producing 6 pairs of twins.

The function was sponsered by kingfisher beer company.

Waiting for your comments suggessions.

Brain child of sanjoy kumar satpathy b/188 sector 18. Rourkela, India Pin.769003

05 July 2005

The Banyan Tree

The roots of the banyan tree by Sanjoy.

The Indian Summer

This 2002 o\picture depicts the joy of children in the pond during the summer months in India.

Beating the June Heat in Rourkela

The best place to sleep during day time in June after a few pegs of the local brew HANDIA at Rourkela- the shade of the tree.

The Rains

Raindrops in darkness. After a real stunning suumer in Rourkela in 2005 the rains came late but when it came it came really heavily. Sanjoy took this picture at night when it was raining kutta-billi.

Harvest from Garden

Sanjoy with bounties from own garden as a salesman including a couple of empty bottles of beer. He often enacts the characters he protrays in his short stories and tries to get the feelings.

02 July 2005

Bina Nani in young days

Sanjoy in his childhood.