21 September 2005

Sanjoy’s speculation about what would have happened had the British not come to India??

1. India would have been the most under developed country in the world.
2. Indians would have been playing no cricket, only gulidanda as sports.
3. There would have been no modern medicine, only auyrvedic drugs.
4. There would have been no Gandhi and no Nehru.
5. There would have been no Nehru dynasty.
6. There would have been no Howrah bridge, no toy trains of Ooty, Darjeeling and Simla, no Victoria Terminus at Bombay, no Ravenshaw College, no Park Street, no Victoria Memorial. No Eden garden, no Saint Xavier’s colleges.
7. There would have been only spiritual leaders likes Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, etc.
8. There would have been no population problem as millions would have died due to small pox, cholera, malaria and typhoid etc.
9. There would have been only few hundred KMs of railway lines with help from the USSR.
10. Dhoti and lungi for males and sarees and no other lingerie for females would have been our National Dress.
11. There would have been no pictures like Gandhi, Far Pavillion, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Lagan and Border etc.
12.The history books would have been thinner
13. There would have been no computer as of today only computer made in India.
14 There would have been no Purnedu Satpathy of today but a dhoti clad village Sanskrit teacher as sarpanch with 7 daughters and one son(what an effort!).
15. There would have been no steel plant so no modern Rourkela.
16.We would have been using dana and khali (leaf cups and plates)for taking our food.
17. India would have produced more intellectuals, spiritual leaders and people from other parts of the world would have come to India for knowledge.
18.Films which spoil million would have come later.
19.People in India would not have become foreign crazy as they are today.
20. I would not have written this mail without the British Ruling India for 200 years.

The rest is for your imagination

sanjoy kumar satpathy(17.9.2005)

20 September 2005

Niyati and Swami Bhoomananda captured by Sanjpoy's camera during Swamijee's illness.

Patia House under Construction

Sanjoy's house, still unfinished.

07 September 2005

This photograph is from Sanjoy's gallaery sent to Sadasiv on 4th September 2005.

Top of Sanjoy's house under construction at Patia, Bhubaneswar. Its likely to look the same way as the finished house by its side.

01 September 2005

Dream-House-Sanjoy/Kalyani under construction at Patia Bhubaneswar.