26 December 2006

Khira Choraa Gopinath Temple, Remuna


This temple of Lord Srikrishna is situated some 12 kilometers from Balasore town.A very old and famous temple it attracts lots of tourist from Bengal every year.It seems Sri Chitanya also visited this temple for the blessings of LORD SRIKRISHNA. You can enjoy the famous RABDI for rupees ten and lunch for rupees 20 only. Lots of bus ply from BALASORE to this place or you can take a taxi. Posted by Picasa

25 December 2006


It’s a pity that most of my people have not seen these spots in scenic Orissa. People go to Andaman because they can take LTC and fly in aeroplane and make their family members also fly but more beautiful places are there in Orissa. Anybody enjoying fresh air and pin-drop silence and wants to remain away from madding crowd of city I recommend this the place called Devkund, some 90 klm from Balasore. Its simply a is simply heaven. But one has to trek through forest roads .
The best time to visit Devikund is winter months. If you are lucky you may spot some wild animals on the way but if you are a heart patient or have osteoarthritis, you may not enjoy.
Dr. Sanjoy K Satpathy. Posted by Picasa


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A picture from Devikund some 70 kms away from Balasore in my state Orissa Posted by Picasa


This is a picture from Devikund some 70 kms away from Balasore in my state Orissa Posted by Picasa

10 December 2006


The other day I was going through an article “biotech will change the face of medicine”.

Say by 2020 the scenario will be a baby discharged from a hospital after birth will be handed over the discharge paper on a digital pen to the parents. No, it’s not a video game or a free gift from hospital it will be total delivery process plus the detail genetic codes of the baby which will be useful for treatment of different diseases by doctors in future.

Alas” in India for centuries we had CD disc in form of dried palm leaves with all genetic details, future of the child est.’s what’s new about Biotech?? We had the science and it died a natural death because our people could not understand it due to caste bias as these CD’ were under the monopoly of Brahmins. There were no computers but exact time and date were forecast for natural calamities, solar and lunar eclipse.

Now coming to Biotech, if we have a defective product we have two options, destroy it or repair it. Like wise nature have its own laws. The defective ones are rejected i.e. Abortions, IUDs, natural death at young age. But our brainy human being does the reverse. They destroy the normal ones by abortions but allow the defective ones to survive so that a huge business in the name of Biotech survives. If you observe billions of dollars is spent onBiotech.Is it really going to change the human life??A person who rarely survive after a transplant or by other means of technology only benefit the medical fraternity and that individual lives at a huge burden and cost to the society.

We have plenty of problems globally all men made but no body is concerned about it for example a Boeing leaves around two tons of carbon dioxide at a height of 30000 feet which is likely to remain there for all most a century. The ozone layer is getting thinner very fast and the there is global rise of temperature.

More people die of accidents, burns, war injuries, terrorism, floods, famine but we are spending billions to correct or repair defective Genes.What a double standard! India used to export grains before Biotech but now we import grains from Australia and China!! Every one of us are moving fast to wards our grave where gene modification is not going to save man kind with this lop sided financial wastage.

Living a borrowed life with graft or a pace maker or a bypass is no credit. The Biotech and modification of genes in food substance and human body may result in genetic mutations and more malignant cells transformation in food grain and human bodies.

Let’s save the life of young people, control of more of non communicable diseases, accidents prevention, reducing suicides deaths, stress, heart diseases and premature death due to infections by vaccinations.

First before we go to bed to sleep on the bed let’s first make the room is safe for sleeping then only we can use costly beds, bed sheets, air conditioners. Because if the roof is defective then there is danger of collapse so no amount of costly bed sheets or mattress is going to save us. So the room has to be clean and safe for habitation.. So lets’ make this world a safe place to live then we go for Bio teach.. Yes use costly A/C, curtains, bed sheets but also see that the roof does not fall on you.

Writer of this piece is Dr.Sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188 sector18 Rourkela 769003,India.

08 December 2006

What is common between CADS and AIDS??

CADS (coronary artery disease syndrome)
AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)

Foolish question isn’t it? One is due to a virus where as the other one is due to multiple causes of which fat deposit in the heart and arteries is a major contributing factor. No sir both has very close similarity.

AIDS is a disease of modern society where sexuality is the front runner for immorality. This virus does not spread by air or by water but through sexual contacts. Then you may say what about blood transfusion and needle pricks? With the present check on blood and disposable needles and syringes HIV transmission chance is very less by this method. I say as is your society so is your blood bank your. If your society is corrupt and immoral than that will be reflected in your blood bank. So why to blame the poor medical faculty for that?

The rampant use of drugs, polygamy, homosexuality, bestiality sex for money all these have compounded problems of HIV and AIDS. In stead of prevention, scientists are spending their time on drugs. Globally millions of dollars are spent for research but more than 25 years have passed we don’t have a cure for AIDS. Recently the AIDS awareness programme which was held at Mumbai showed young ladies with bare minimum cloths. Tell me how this awareness programme is going to help? If you look at AIDS and HIV it’s a man made problem. Think on one hand we preach to have sex but safe sex ,how come ?The condom use over the last 25 years have not helped, will it really help? Sex is like putting your hand in side a hole—you never know a snake may be there or a frog or a mouse or a crab or may be nothing. if you want to take a risk do it -- it’s your problem.

Now coming to CADS?(coronary artery disease syndrome)

A healthy heart is vital for living life to full regardless of age and gender. The fatty and rich diet has crept in to the developing nations in the form of cola and Macdonald culture which result in long run to the development of CAD, the most common cause of death in the third to fifth decade of life. Yet knowing the bad effects of food on health the medical faculty is interested in poly drug therapy, stents, lipid lowering drugs and bypass etcs. Here is the similarity between CADS and AIDS, asking people to use condom and have all types of abnormal sex ,take junk food and use statins., because the later is a multibillion dollar business. What double standard!!

Two things are the root cause of modern health problems as they are difficult to control. One is food and alcohol the other one is sexual desire. If one can have control over both then he will need bare minimum medicines to lead a healthy life. Let’s not spoil our destiny with sex and sizzlers as fifty percent of it is in our hands and the rest is with almighty.

Writer of this article is faculty for AIDS, joint director of medical services steel authority of India.

Dr. .Sanjoy kumar satpathyB/188 sector 18 rourkela,769003,India

04 December 2006


She is a force she is a strength

She is the love she is the hope

She is a lady of the house

A dedicated house wife

She never confronts

As she never says no

She consoles she with holds

Work untiringly and unassumingly

Work and work day in and day out

If a house wife she is the lady

A rare breed in present contest

As they work in office six to ten

Children love her as the husband work

House is her forte as she is the security

She is the cook she is the guard

But never utters a word

She loves to cook as the children

Love her hand made food

She is now forty but looks twenty

As her work has kept her trim and slim


From time immemorial lady is a great force for all creation be it a child, poetry, story, novel, scientists, players, artists, painters etc. she maybe his mother or sister or wife , who ever takes care of the house front(if he has a home) so that the person devotes most of his time for his creative work.

From 18th century till now if one analyses he will find out in most of the cases what I have told above is true. Now all women like to stay out of house just to return to take some food and sleep. The house is neglected, when children return from school or college they have to open the main door as no one else is at home to greet them with a smile. The small, children are left with servants (mostly in India) as they are available cheaply or sent to pre nursery schools. House wife is a rarity in the present society, they are looked down up on by working ladies as if they are good for nothing.

But let me tell you to become a good house wife needs tremendous strength(mental) and patience. Most of the successful people of Indian society had a dedicated mother who was a house wife. Britain still have plenty of house wife who are highly qualified but don’t like to work. Ladies when they snatch away the job of a male person as that unemployed onehe can spoil the society as it’s happening now. There are rampant extramarital affairs going on in the name of office work .That does not mean woman should not work, they should and must work but which type is a tough one.
MK Gandhi told ladies should be educated not to work in office and rub shoulders with male collogues but to rear up a good family and produce a healthy society.

In India most of the youth are without a job as a result of which they are playing in to hands of politicians and mafias. Every other day a bus or a train is burned in India. Even the assembly and parliament offices are ransacked as these unemployed youth are paid for it. If Government reduces the salary of all those who are employed and employ the youth then most of the problems in India can be reduced. There are lots of salary disparity in India as people working graduate for 20 years are getting the same salary as that of a freshly passed out graduate. Cricketers get crores for doing nothing except in playing, where as the team loses in every match. Same about actor and actresses, they are paid more than they deserve There should be a ceiling for salary or payment for every job, please don’t compare with USA or Japan.

All these factors like more woman working, males are unemployed, the criminals are roaming around, disparity in pay scale(after multinationals have come to India ).The time is running out ,unless we do some thing the country will be ruined. Let’s stop unnecessary defense expenditure (mostly benefit the third party)and employ more young people in constructive work .


Dr. sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188 sector 18,Rourkela,India, 769003

30 November 2006

Dream land

He was made of sand and soil his house was made of wood and mud

He called it “Dream land” as his children slept and slept

Until they had dreams and dreams rightly he called it dream land

The sun rises late in dream land so the children could sleep

The noon was their morning but evening was their afternoon

The lunch was their breakfast and dinner was their lunch

The nights became day and day brought their dreams

They slept and dreamt as they too started calling it dream land.

The dogs slept the birds slept as their master dreamt

The old man is no more his children are still dreaming

The postman and courier man dream of their dreamland

Dreams are their property dreams are their memory

Dreams are their future still they call it the “house of dreams”

Dr. Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector18 Rourkela769003, India

24 November 2006


The beautiful beach of Gopalpur

The shallow sea of Chandipur

The blue sky of Sambalpur

The dense forest of Simlipal

The water fall of Devkund

The warm spring of Taptapani

The migrating birds of Chilika

The white tigers of Nandankanan

The gigantic stone temple of Konark

The architected marvel of Rajarani temple

Tribal dance of Mayurbhanj

And the steel factory of Rourkela

Oh mother Orissa

You have every thing, still we are beggars

We spoil your forest

We kill the royal tigers

We electrocute elephants

We are ruining you mother by corruption

Show us the light of wisdom

And light to prosperity.

Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector18, Rourkela3,India

Lord Jagannath- a poem by Sanjoy

He has no hands
but does everything
He has no legs
but moves like a wave
He has no eyelids
but sleeps all the time
He is every thing
but is nothing
His eyes glow like a sun
but soft like a moon
He eats fifty-six dishes
but never put on weight
He is the God of the universe LORD JAGANATHA
Oh Master you stay
in Twenty two heaven
Neither tsunami nor
tornado can shake you
you have nothing but everything
You have no religion no caste
YOU are the supreme OH – LORD
why don’t you make Orissa a heaven

sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188sector18,Rourkela,India,769003

10 November 2006

The past, present and future of IGH (Ispat general hospital)


Ispat general hospital (IGH) of Rourkela,is situated on the bank of river Koel which later joins with Sankha River at Bedavyas and
emerges as River Brahamani , a major river of Orissa. On main railway cord line, some 160 kilometer from Jamsedpur and 413 kilometers from Calcutta.
In the year 1970’s cardiac surgery, thoracic operations and cardiac catheterization were norms. There were some dedicated famous doctors and the
relationship between patients and the doctors were most cordial and loving. There was no union interference. The Administrators and senior doctors used
to protect the Junior doctors like a father does to his sons.. The younger one’s learned the art from their seniors. But over the Years the scenario has
changed. Money flows like water in this hospital but the standard has fast deteriorated. Some of my juniors getting fed up with the present scenario has
requested me to write some thing on “what ails IGH”
!. Getting experienced and experts doctors will be difficult and not possible due to very poor salary and interference by
higher officers and union.
2. This will be known as an “Investigation generating house” not Ispat general hospital as very few patients will come for
treatment in future. IGH will be reduced to a big laboratory in place of a hospital.(already)
3. Most of the patients will be referred out side as is the practice with all SAIL hospitals.(no confidence on local doctors)
4. Few injury cases will continue to come here, as there is no alternatives.(thanks to state highway10)
5. As most of the doctors who have retired or taken VR are in Rourkela and they will go on telling the negative points about IGH but will refer cases when
patients turn from bad to Worse.(maximum deaths in IGH are NE patients referred after squeezed dry by private practitioners)
6. IGH is and will be the nursing homes of some Govt.doctors , ex doctors and Ex directors of IGH. (Both sharing the money)
7. Nursing care will deteriorate further due to L1 selection policy and inadequate staffs.
8. Due to free supply of medicines and treatment, crowding of OPDs and wards will be mostly by ex employees of RSP.
9 The reimbursement bills will treble in next 5 years. Big nexus between doctors and medicine shops (heavy burden on RSP)
10. Few doctors who are having a good practice will continue to stay, others after gaining some experience will leave or resign others will take alcohol or
Anti depressants.
11. After a very high failure rate of DNB candidates in examinations, most of them will opt out or ask for transfer to another place.
12. Malaria, snake bites gastroenteritis , viral fever and diabetes patients will occupy most of the beds along with accident victims.
13. Neurosurgeons will ask for a CT scan in the morning , MRI in the evening and the patient dies on 3rd day due to excessive antibiotics, fluid over
load and poor supervision due to inadequate staffs.
14. General surgery cases will have x-ray first day, ultra sound exam. On 2nd or 3rd day, barium on 4th day and CT scan on 5th day and by that time patients
Will go in to septicemia and on 10th day the patient dies with a pending bill of 16 thousand rupees.
15. The director of medical service will be a non medical man by 2012.( it’s a dummy already)
16. Doctor’s will be frequently man handled.
17. Patients will come for investigations only but they will be treated by outside doctors.
18. For every thing one has to pay bribe from admission to discharge, to bus pass to referral, reimbursement bills to investigations.
19. There will be very few young doctors left, as there will be no good teacher to teach them or guide them.
20. Seminars and annual functions will be very frequent.( As doctors love to eat free meals)
21. Due to out sourcing and poor administration there will be frequent strikes and disturbances.
22. As the local people (mostly ex- employees) have no other alternatives (free treatment) they will continue to come to IGH.
23. The hospital will continue to run with huge loss of revenue but will not be closed down or privatized due to kick backs on purchase of medicines and
equipments to higher Authorities at Delhi and Rourkela.
24. 60% of doctors will be lady doctors whose husbands will be in higher post at Delhi or Bhubaneswar or from reservation quota.
25. Ultimately by 2020 the hospital will be closed and handed over to a private agency. (Under priced)
26. Due to ego clash of doctors, outsiders will take advantage and more adverse news in the media.(already started)
27. Better nurses and doctors will go abroad, next lot preference will be medical colleges, 3rd choice private hospitals and last ones(L1) Public sectors
like Railways, Steel authority, Coal India etc, those few good ones who join are due to parental pressure, working wife and other handicaps.
28. Doctors are second grade officers in SAIL and they are ruled by graduates without any credentials from personnel department.
29. Equipments whether required or not are purchased on behest of high officials and ministers.
30. Not a single SAIL hospital is a referral centre of another SAIL hospital. (what a pity)
This much for now, friends


But the positive hypocrites will say--- by 2010 IGH will be the best in India!! HA-HA-HA

Dr sanjoy kumar Satpathy, B/188 sector18 Rourkela 769003(4th Nov 2006) Posted by Picasa

27 October 2006

Dear Dr.Patra,

Your name plate still hangs at 98
Your smell still lingers in the corridor of IGH
Your words echo�s in our ears like the songs of a Koel
Your monitoring of Ventilators are missing in ICU
Your personality is missing in the mad house of IGH
From Bramhampur to Rourkela and then to Bhubaneswar
Friend you have traveled a long way
Time to introspect and time to relax
Use your time for social service and social cause
Director seems lost without you
We all miss you in the routine life of ours

Written by sanjoy kumar satpathy
In memory of Dr.patra
Senior anesthesiologist and Joint director Dr.S.C.Patra who retired recently after a long 34 years of service in STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA)
Sadasiv Swain

21 October 2006

"Life without purpose" is Sanjoy's initial attempt at poetry. A hesitant Sanjoy who has been a strong advocate of not prolonging life if the quality of life is likely to suffer badly after the process of prolongation puts his own imagination in composing this small poem. Please read on:Life without a purpose is worse than being dead
Money without purpose is like river without water.
Life without sex is like gas without fire
And sleep without dreams is like a car without petrol.
Women without character is like moon without light
And a face without expression is like a lion without a roar.
Tea without fragrance is like Sanjib without malaria.
Apar without buttocks is like buffalo without a hump.
Indera without make up is like Radha without gopis
And a poem with out poetry is like a lady without buxom.
Sanjoy, Diwali, 2006
Sadasiv Swain

14 October 2006

My best friend- Tommy

This poem is dedicated to a very docile dog called Tommy

Sleeps in air-conditioned rooms
Takes leaf-tea along with Marie biscuits

Does not take bread without butter
Takes chicken biriyani for lunch and
Chilled water after food

Does what he wants,(When I don't have that independence,
With Kalyani around 24 hours)
Takes sun bath even in summer

Fond of non-vegetarian food,

Never ever likes to touch any medicine ,

Gives warning if any dangerous reptiles in view,

Strong weakness for ladies but still bites them,

Takes herbal medicines for his health
If you want to meet him you may be his 29th victim

With so much of good quality people don't want to steal him

Still a bachelor as no bitch is interested in him

His duty is over once the boss comes home

Expert in biting with slightest of provocation

He likes guests who bring non vegetarian food

Please hurry up his birth day is approaching fast.

He coolly sleeps on carpet as I write this for you.

Sanjoy kumar satpathy

Written on dog's day

Sadasiv Swain

01 October 2006

Gajapati Market Puja- Rourkela

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Food for thought on the part of young Oriyas

This is what Dr sanjoy kumar satpathy, a zonal cricketer, MD medicine from BHU, diploma in yoga, Fellow of chest college of physicians of India, contributor to Indian literature in English and Oriya, a faculty for SARC countries on malaria, recipient of life time award in cricket and short story in Oriya, national and international publications on different medical research has to ask Young Oriyas
Why didn’t they raise their voice for the road conditions for which their parents are paying for each trip to Bhubaneswar and back??

Why don’t they meet the higher authorities for improvement of hostels in medical colleges??

Why they study out side when better facilities are available in their home state??

How many of them have seen the sufferings of people of rural Orissa?

By dreaming a country or state will not change! come on Lalus, work for it.

The present generation does not know what financial hard-ship is.

Why those Oriya who pass out from different colleges don’t serve in Orissa?

Do you know that in the last 5 interviews for doctors for a public sector hospital in Rourkela hospital none joined? The disciplines are radiology, anesthesiology, dermetology, nephrology, cardiology etc.
Your generation does not want to earn less and stay away from big cities.

Young generation is interested in 2 things 1.money 2. Money

Tell me how many of you have traveled in non ac compartments in Indian railways during summer months??

You are all lucky because your father has money and probably you are the only child!!

How many of you know in what way your father gets the extra money??

Somebody commented that the current generation is a bunch of robots, product of English medium schools to serve the US or other European countries either at those countries or from Guregaon, Panipat, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai Call Centres.

Have you ever tried to raise your voice (when you are alone) to prevent some one doing an illegal thing say molesting a girl.??

At your age every thing looks rosy which I once passed through.

Why 3000 doctors are shortage in Orissa?? Have you ever given a thought to it??

Why Orissa?? think of India!!

We are 11th from a group of 12 teams in international hockey.

With players getting billions our cricket team position is 5th or7thin a group of 8 teams!!

No athletic medals in Olympics.(in Russia, USSR they don’t count silver and bronze medals)

Any other field we are at the bottom except in corruption where our position is in top five!!

Our rich and famous go abroad for medical consultation. Why??

Few Indians staying in UK and US come to establish industries to get a quick buck but pretend as if their heart bleeds for Indian.

You youths of India think= Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore is India!!

Time is running out just by saying we are improving won’t do, if I am alive after 5 years which I am sure will be ,will communicate with all of you who have read this.

That time I would like to know where are you,(India or US) what job you are doing, whose slave you have become, how much you earn? When you were divorced ETC.
How much team India and country India has progressed. Did Orissa’s economy condition improved??

30 September 2006

Why I feel like crying for my state -Orissa.

The problems:
1. Famine every year
2. Flood every year
3. Starvation deaths, high lighted by media (true or false we don’t know)
4. Highest infant mortality rate in India.
5. Highest malaria deaths in India
6. New industries are difficult to start due to four Ps (poor road ways, politics, it’s people and power)
7. No international air ports
8. Overall condition of the roads is the worst in the country
9. No hospital in the state which attracts out side state patients.
10. Defrostration is the worst (fastest) in the country
11. Corruption is ram pet in every field
12. Chief Minister can’t speak in Oriya, his mother-tongue (the only one in the world)
13. Road roko and train roko are very common. (police comes after 4 to 5 hours)
14. Due to political rivalry and public litigations, improvement work in the state has come to stand still.
15. The big industrialists come to Orissa to take away ores with false promise of starting
A modern Steel plant.
16. Most of the industries and big business houses are owned by non Oriya.
17. Tasty prawns and fish are sold to Bengal; Oriya’s eat stale Andhra fish.
18. Electricity supply to villages is dismal. Most of the time there is no power supply to houses and schools as the stone crusher machines are supplied with electricity by illegal means.
19. River beds are filled with sand due to deforestation resulting in flood every year.
20. Doctors don’t go to peripheral hospitals due to poor communication, politics Many don’t want to go, as there is no punishments, no quarters, nor school facilities for their children.
21. Every year like baggers we ask for central aid which goes to third party and the rest is returned back.
22. Except Rourkela steel plant and Nalco there have been no new industries in the state in last 20 years.
23. Due to unemployment Oriya work in Surat and other places to bring AIDS and misery for their family.
24. Villages in Ganjam district have a deserted look.
25. Highly fertile cultivation lands in Sambalpur ,Balangir and Ganjam district have been purchased by or utilized for cultivation by Andhra people.
26. The corporate office of SAIL, Railway, Shipping and Postal are situated in other states like Bengal or Jharkand.
27. Shortage of doctors.(Due to wrong policies)
28. Hostels in three medical colleges which were built some 50years back are in dilapidated condition.
29. Every one except advocates pays service tax in Orissa.
30. We have more than 10 rivers (3 big) but we don’t know how to utilize them. They only help government to ask for flood relief.
31. Beautiful tourist spots are there in Orissa but it’s difficult to reach due to poor communications and horrible road condition.
32. Important bus services are in hands of private bus owners and passengers are at their mercy
33. The road from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar via Barcot is 350 kilometers but due to horrible road condition buses ply via Sambalpur a distance of 520 kilometers. By this valuable time, money and foreign exchange are lost for each trip.

34. None of the senior citizen or the bureaucrats has done any thing to sort out this perennial transport problems.

For solutions it’s left to the highly paid intellectuals, the people of Orissa and our so called LEADERS?

Let’s start doing some thing positive or else ORISSA will only be remembered as a state of old dilapidate temples, beggars, and nothing else.

People rightly tell that I am a negative person so let it be but if you can show me that Orissa has progressed then show me the figures and facts, I will rectify my self.
Please don’t tell me that we have very good 5* hotels, show rooms, least corrupt CM, very good road between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar , very good private colleges etc. Compare with Andhra, Chennai or Karnatak not with chatishgard or Jarhkhand.

Written on Utkal divas (Orissa day) 2006.

Sanjoy kumar satpathy (Email) = sanjoysatpathy@rediffmail.com

22 September 2006

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Sanjoy's views on the rising trend of cesarean delivery -Indian scenario
My opinion about where the doctors at fault:
1. Many doctors posted as resident doctors in Labour Rooms don’t know how to deliver
2. More revenue for the institution, so fat salary.
3. Administration of pituitary hormone at wrong time causing fetal distress.
4. Use of prostaglandins for cervical dilatation in inexperienced hands causing more
5. Lack of technical knowledge of staff nurses.
6. Bending down to relatives/ patient’s pressure for CS at an auspicious time.
7. Plan delivery by CS at night when the OT’s are under-utilized.
8. No advice is given before and after pregnancy to the lady on how to strengthen
pelvic-floor muscles and have a normal delivery.
9. Too much extra calories advised to the pregnant lady resulting in CS for large
10.Worried about court cases.

Fault with the patient

1. obesity
2. lack of effort to do some exercise
3. Cs will be less painful(but in reality other way round)
4. Child will be safe.
5. birth canal will be too laxer(if delivered vaginally)
6. sleeps most of the time to escape work
7. Eats too many tonics and food (advertisements)
8. Associated diabetes and hypertension due to late marriage.
9. wants to have a baby at fixed time
10. Has a very low threshold for pain.
11. A status symbol

How to avoid CS?

1.No doctor in India really tells their patients how to perform exercise and how dangerous it’s to have a child by CS.
2.Like patient education programs ,all newly married ladies , who like to have a child should be asked to perform certain Yogic exercise or physiotherapy
3.The mother in laws should not feed too much to the d in law(old beliefs, ghee and honey)
4. Doctors should be discouraged to go for CS unless otherwise there is danger to the life of the mother. Many times to save the baby the mother dies due to post CS complications.
5.The hospital and NGO authorities should have a weekly review of all CS done in the city.
6.CS and normal delivery should have the same billing.

7.The hospital authority should bear the expense for complication following CS.

8.Australia has implemented no extra pay for Cs(to doctors) after which the CS rate has drastically come down.

9.Public education

10.Punishment for unnecessary CS

But hold your breath; nothing is going to happen for another decade unless our supreme court intervenes. Female feticides continue, abortions are bread and butter of gynecologist and obstetricians. Who cares the poor lady suffers. The women association must take up this very important issue urgently. If you want to know more about unnecessary CS read recent article in BMJ.

Your feed back will help further in this regard.

Dr. Sanjoy kumar Satpathy MD (medicine) FCCP, Dip. Yoga, Diabetologist, Malariologist Faculty member of WHO for SARC countries on Malaria

19 September 2006

Sanjoy published in Sahitya Akademi

The Foundling listed in the issue of the journal of "Indian Literature" the bimonthly journal of Sahitya Akademi, India.
Sadasiv Swain

Sanjoy published in Sahitya Akademi

Sanjoy has reached a great height in his short story writing. The recent issue of the bimonthly journal of Sahitya Akademi's bimonthly journal named "Indian Literature" published his short story "The foundling" .
Sadasiv Swain

15 September 2006

Why I love my INDIA !!!

(2006 August 15th)

1. Can spit any where I like.
2. Can urinate anywhere I like
3. A break-fast is available from 5 rupees to 5000 rupees.
4. Traveling by train is very cheap.
5. Hotels per room with Rs.25 to 1 lakh/ day is available in big cities,
6. People are eager to advice you on any thing from health to computers.
7. Marriages last very long.
8. You can spend your holidays in very cold to very hot places.
9. Best places on earth for sight seeing.
10. Medical facilities are really cheap.
11. Vegetables and fruits are cheap compared to other places on earth.
12. You can purchase a house at any place you like.
13. You never feel lonely.
14. Garments are still the best in the world.
15. Arrange marriages are still a norm.
16. Pollution levels are still low in rural India.
17. Indians are very friendly.
18. My India has the best sea beaches in world.
19. Education is still of very high standard.
20. Indian children are very good in mathematics�.
21. Women can still give birth at houses without any qualified nurse or doctor
in attendance.
22. Different toilet soaps are available as per your choice.
23. Medicines are very cheap but not of good quality.
24. A free country.
25. Press is very vigilant.
26. Art and cultures are the best in the world.
27. People can withstand famine to flood every year.
28. People are basically social.
29. Society still exists in India.
30. A vast country with different culture but is one.

SANJOY KUMAR SATPATHY: B/188 sector18 Rourkela 3

Sadasiv Swain

My opinion on diet, sex life, exercise, life style

Being a medical man I have a responsibility of educating people on the recent advances on diet, sex life, exercise, life style and other aspects which help a person to lead a healthy, disease free and long life.( for people of tropics)
1. Eat less

2. Eat at a fixed time.

3. Don't eat if you don't feel like eating.

4. Veg. is good.

5. Salt and sugar should be bare minimum.

6. Red meat =NO

7. Fruits are good for health (if you don't have diabetes, you can have them at break fast.)

8. Too much milk is bad (people with teeth should not drink milk.)

9. Fast food is bad

10. Soft drinks should be avoided.

11. Take only 3 meals a day or even two.( Don't follow Americans they eat all the time)

12. Fast once a week. (Water is allowed)

13. Don't talk once a week. (Unless it's an emergency)

14. Don't experiment on your body.

15. Must sleep 6 to 7 hours a day (more accidents are caused due to lack of sleep.)

16. Don't talk while eating.

17. Drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking (It's your personal choice, no body has lived to 150 years without bad vices)

18. Sex is good for the heart (without Viagra)

19. Must know how to relax.

20. You can spoil your destiny by bad habits.

Sadasiv Swain

12 August 2006

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach. Sanjoy visited it in October 2005. Posted by Picasa

09 August 2006


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Every one is talking about global warming but none seems to come forward with common day-to-day solutions.
Its sure that the problem of deforestation and rapid industrialization has played havoc with the environment. But can we grow forests over night?? The answer is big “NO”.
Next is industry. Here also no one can do any thing. Industries are related to daily-living of people who work in it. Then How to solve the problem??
Read on

1. Let working week-days be reduced to 5 days a week with reduced salary by15%.
2. Public Transport system( hydrogen driven) should be reintroduced all over the world.
3. People going to place of duty by 2 wheelers (bi-cycles) will get extra money as transport allownce..
4. Cars should be banned after 7:30 pm to 5am in all cities.( police will give permission for emergencies)
5. Car loan should stop with immediate effect.
6. People (25 yrs to 45 yrs) residing within 15 to kilometers from office must use bicycle.
7. Cycle allowance will be more than car allowance.(proof needed)
8. One family can purchase 50 liters of diesel or petrol in a month.
9. All diesel engine driven trains to be replaced with steam engine(new type)
10. Govt. offices should stop using wooden furniture..
11. Air-conditioner manufacturing should stop for 5 years.
12. No more testing of missiles.(they raise the temp by 2degrees)
13. Cutting trees will invite heavy punishments.(10years in jail or has to take care of 100 trees for 10 years)
14. No new industries for another 10 years.
15. All Americans should use small car and share vehicles for going to duty.
16. One car for one family only.
17. Sundays or Fridays should be made off-day for cars.
18. No of flights by Boeings and Airbus to be reduced by 25% globally.
19. No permission for deep bore tube wells in high lands.
20. The children should be told to help mankind by bringing down the global temperature.

Let’s make our world a better place to live. Let WHO use this slogan for 2007.
Thought of the week by Dr Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

23 July 2006

An endangered small bird

This tiny bird was rescued by Sanjoy from a bush, about a month back. Now she is fit to fly back to her folk, but refuses to do so. Perhaps wants to pay her gratitude to her saviour, we don't know! Walks in side the house and also flies when she likes. Sanjoy wants to know the zoological name of this samll bird, can any one help?

PS: Its is not a pegeon for sure. Posted by Picasa

19 July 2006

The boy on the left is none other than Durga, hero of many of Sanjoy's stories. Now a member of Sanjoy's family, Durga has spent his life with the Satpathys. Posted by Picasa

Party Time

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Party Time

Sanjoy with his better-half. Posted by Picasa


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Party-time following inauguration

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PArty-time following Inauguration

Goin & Goin Posted by Picasa

18 July 2006

Sanjoy in conversation with a fan of his Sanyasi Bhoomananda. Posted by Picasa
Sanat Ray, Nani and Major Ganeswar Sahoo. Posted by Picasa
Now Kalyani Bhauja also joins in. Posted by Picasa
Sanjoy joins in for a snap. Posted by Picasa

Party-time following inauguration

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Party-time following inauguration

Dr. Sneha Mohapatra, Dr.Aparajita Mishra and Dr. Gita Tripathy. Posted by Picasa