28 February 2006

Why women prefer to worship Lord Shiva more than other Gods

Lord Shiva's temple in Sector-14, Rourkela

1. The time of siva ratri puja is very comfortable(weather wise)

2. Lord gets pleased with hibiscus flowers and bela leaves.

3. This Lord is a vegeterian.

4. You don't have to kill animals to please him.

5. Even very poor people can worship Him.HE is not a hi-fi GOD.

6. He is not fond of gold or cash

7. A woman has to fast and remain awake the whole night which tests her determination and devotion to LORD and her husband.

8. Lord Shiva is a rare Hindu God to have one wife

9. Lord Shiva is reputed to be pleased with Pujas and offerings rather easily- Aashutosh

10. Lord Shiva symbolises ultimate manliness and male sexuality.

11. Unlike the pujas of other Hindu Gods, a waoman has to fast once a year and remain awake one night or a part thereof to complete this brata.
12. Its reported that Lord Shiva is basically very cool and leaves most of the decisions to be taken by His wife Godess Parvati.

14.In every nook and corner there is a temple for Lord Shiva in India.

15.Young women devotees find the men of their dreams when Lord is pleased.

16. When given a chance LORD decided to marry PARVATI second time.

17. LORD Shiva never hurts his wife.

18. For early mother hood-- Lord Shiva is the Master.

These are few of the points why females love to worship Lord Shiva

This piece was written on "SIVA RATRI "26TH FEB.2006

BY DR. Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector18, ROURKELA-3, INDIA

27 February 2006

The elderly in 21st Century

The elderly people are like vintage cars.The original organs/parts may be missing.

1. Knee/knees replaced.
2. Breasts replaced with silicon.
3. Hip replaced.
4. Lens Of The Eyes Replaced.
5. Uterus removed.
6. Hearing aids.
7. Wigs For Bald People.
8. False teeth.
9. Glasses for reading.
10. Heart transplants.
11. Bypassed coronary arteries.
12. Kidney transplants.
13. Pancreatic transplant.
14. Liver replaced.
15. Lung transplants.
16. Cardiac pacemaker.
17. Bone marrow grafts.
18. Skin grafts.
In addition the elderly people need 1. Medicines to control high blood pressure 2. Medicines to control diabetes 3.Heart Medicines.4.Kidney Medicines.5.Digestive Drugs.6. Antacids.8. Drugs for constipation, 9. For Insomnia ( Sleeping Pills).10. For Tension. 11. For Depression. 12. For Impotence13.For Large Prostate14. For Thyroid.15. For Osteoarthritis 16. Vitamins.17. Antioxidants.18. Lipid Lowering Drugs. 19. Immunosuppressant if with a donor' organs 20.Hormone
Now the million dollar question is “Is it worth living with all these or make way for fit and healthy children??”
One has to decide. It’s rather a billion dollar question as will be confirmed by the profit projection of multinational pharmaceutical companies dealing with drugs and biological replacement organs/parts and others dealing with cosmetics like Botox application for correction of wrinkles in the elderly.
My personal opinion: for fit old people without any of the above or any 4 have the right to live.
Brain child of Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy=b/188/sector 18. Pin.769003


The Great Indian Politician

When a politician in our country is exposed for corruption what he does

1. Will call a press meeting where he will deny the allegation.

2. Tells, he will file a defamation suit against people making such false allegations or go to court of law which he never does.


1. The next day his statement comes out in the news paper. "It's all opposition’s creation and I was not in office when all this happened"

3rd day. His statements are like these:
1. He did it for the party.
2. He is a representative of people of India.
3. He will quit politics if proved guilty in court of law ( no politician has been jailed in India till date)
4th day.: “I will resign if high command ask me to do so”.
5th day :1. He is given another portfolio.
2. Calls for a press conference.

6th day:
There is a joint parliamentary committee to investigate and submit the report in 3 months. The investigations for some ostensible reason continue for one year by which time the corrupt politician joins the party that initially asked him to resign. The Union ministry is likely to collapse and fresh elections are in the air. Somehow as my countrymen forget the shoddy episode and he is elected again to become a central minister.


A tribal market place in rural Orissa. Sanjoy has captured this picture of a weekly market where they sell whatever they have in excess to purchase things they need for a week.

Sanjoy feeding children on his mother's 35th death anniversary- the Maha Shiva Ratri Day, 26th February 2006. Sanjoy was a very young medical student when his mother passed away under tragic circumstances. The incidence made a lot of effects on his whole family but the psychological trauma he and his sibs underwent as children and young men and women drive them to remember their mother and indulge in activities they love the most.

26 February 2006


The Gayatree temple in Rourkela.

1. Law and order situation is the best in Orissa.
2. People are basically good.
3. Compact town
4. Clean environment
5. Water of Roukela is good for health and it tastes real good too.
6. Winter months are very pleasant
7. You have many old friends you can talk to.
8. Friends are very helpful.
9. If you have car problems, just call Krishna or Sudarsan
10. I am particularly blessed to have people like Major Sahoo and Parida in my friends list.
11. Marketing is a pleasure in Roukela.
12. Things are cheap too
13. Sound medical facilities
14. I have friends like Deba, Kiran, Jk, Pkp, Sss, Skm, Sanjib and Damodar for the evening.
15. Can spend some time in Rourkela Club or Indo-German Club.
16. A good number of CME for interested doctors.
17. Can drive your own car even at 70 years.
18. Bank people know you as much as you know them and that’s a great help in old age.
19. Less political unrest
20. One can go for marketing forgetting the money-purse sometimes.
21. Market place at stone throw distance
22. You know this place and people also know you
23. You don't have to start a new life
24. Durga Puja festival is the best in Orissa.
25. Don't have to worry regarding your funeral. People are there to take full care of it for you or for your wife before your children come from USA, Canada, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or even Kolkata.
26. If you love music, sports, cultural activities, theatre or literature this place is heaven for you.
Unfortunately every bright thing has a dark side.

Rourkela does not have an air port.

The nearest is some 400 klm away.

Not a growing city.

Except for the ring road other roads are in very bad shape.

Summer is really hot


The sun-set in Rourkela, captured by Sanjoy/Saroj.

Subarnarekha River

This river of north Orissa is a famous river.As the name signifies Subarna rekha literarily means river with gold. Even today people on it's bank toil for a month to get one gram of gold-sand(natural). Picture of River Subarnarekha near Bengal-Orissa border at Sirsa.

This river of north Orissa is a famous river.As the name signifies Subarna rekha literarily means river with gold. Even today people on it's bank toil for a month to get one gram of gold-sand(natural). Picture of River Subarnarekha near Bengal-Orissa border at Sirsa.


25 February 2006

Original Jokes

OPERATION THEATRE STAFF NURSE: Oh Doctor, two forceps are missing. What should I do? You have already closed the abdomen.

SURGEON: Last time I left a forceps I was awarded Padmashree.

PS TO BOSS:Sir, your wife called and she wants you to go home early.

BOSS: Yes, yes. I know she can't cook for the guests.


NURSE: Mr. John, your wife is going to give birth in reverse way!

MR. JOHN:Yeah, I see. Quite expected. She conceived in a reverse way.


PATIENT: Whenever I dream of beautiful women, she wakes me up. What should I do?

PSYCHIATRIST: Send them to me.

PATIENT: Doctor, whenever I go to a night-show movie with my wife I forget to bring her back. Why Doctor?

DOCTOR: That's sign of good health.
NURSE: Doc, you look smart and handsome.

DOC: You too could, provided you co-operate.

FRIEND TO ANOTHER: You look very happy after knowing that you are HIV positive?

FRIEND: You know banks give higher interest to deposits by HIV +ve patients.


WIFE: Why did you lie to your friends that you are HIV positive?

HUSBAND:I don't want them in my house when I'm away.

MAMUN; Uncle, why do you age slowly?



PIUSI TO MAMUN: Please don't do a thing that will bring infamy to our family.

MAMUN: Don't worry, even my room-mate won't know it.

PIUSA:Beta Bubul, even if you marry a foreign while lady, I'll be with you.

BUBUL: You are interested in your happiness or mine?




1. All types of cancers is not fatal.

2. Treatment is no guarantee for cure.

3. Recurrence of ca.breast,prostate,ovary are frequent.

4. Newer drugs are no way superior to time tested older drugs.

5. Costly drugs are no way better than less costly ones.

6. Better nutrition prolongs life is a myth.

7. Codein, morphin and alcohol are still the best drugs to alleviate sufferings of cancer patients.

8. All cancer patients should get the above drugs.(forget about addiction)

9. Certain cancers like hairy cell leukemia, cll, cml,mult.myeloma carry a better prognosis with or without treatment.

10. Sex and hormone related cancers carry a bad prognosis.

11. Prolonging life by a few years, the mankind does not gain much.

12. Like all diseases , cancer behave differently in different people.

13. The so called early detection is late in most cases.

14. Patient’s attitude to life, personality,family and support from friends and relations are much more important than chemotherapy or radio therapy for prolonging life.

15. There is no short cut to removal of tumour.but recent trend in managemnt is chemotherapy.does it really help?

16. Like any disease it's quality not the quantity which matters.

17. Chemotherapy and/or radio-therapy makes the person look more sick without hair, loss of muscle mass,dark skin,anorexia,wt.loss. Etc. Its really a big list.

Please read this true story: sixty two people were travelling in a bus in India( this can happen only in india) and the bus falls in to a river. 40 people died and 22 survived. How could they? Very simple. They were travelling on roof of the bus. Does it mean that it's better to travel on bus top?? Like that a few cancer patients survive while others die.
The bottom line is, we don't have an answer as to what causes cancer in some and not in others.

Brain-child of a doctor who has seen hundreds of patients from a close quarters. Many experts may raise their eye brows on this view but they are entitled hold theirs as Sanjoy for his own.

dr.sanjoy kumar satpathy,b/188 sector 18,rourkela.india,769003


20 February 2006

Doctors of IGH attending free clinics and health camps in association with NGOs particularly on Sundays is a common feature. Many doctors take pleasure in attending to the needs of our people from villages and slums who may never be able to receive the services in IGH. Dr. B K Hota from the Dpt. of Ob. & Gyn attending such a clinic. Phtographed by Dr. S K Satpathy.


19 February 2006


The groom here is Durga, a tribal boy who has become a part and parcel of Sanjoy and Kalyanis lives for almost the last two decades. This is what Sanjoy writes about Durga:Durga's parents stayed with Sanjoy and Kalyani when they lived in their earlier 2BR quarter near Sector-18 Community Centre. As a very small child, Durga was almost abandoned by his parents due to poverty(They knew fully well Sanjoy and Kalyani won't mind taking better care of Durga than they themselves can ever do). Dr sanjoy satpathy groomed him and tried to make him study. But Durga had no interest in studies and right from the childhood days he wanted to be rich over-night.He showed interest in many other activities which Sanjoy encouraged him to pracise and now he knows gardening, carpentery work, electrical work, painting of houses and cement work(mason)etc and has proved his class on many occasions. Durga also plays cricketin line with Sanjoy and with inspiration from him. He also can drive a car or a scooter,loves dogs and birds but the salient point of character is that he never gets angry or loses his temper.
Durga got married recently at 21 years of age to his old heart throb of 6 years.Though he is a tribal boy he has married a Sambalpuri girl with Sanjoy and Kalyani's blessings who have also helped Durga to seek and receive the acceptance of both sides- parens and in-laws.


First page of Oriya short story Gapatie Napadhile chaliba.

Middle page of Oriya short story Gapatie Napadhile chaliba.

Last page of Oriya short story Gapatie Napadhile chaliba.

Sanjoy posing with the sitting Member of Parliament from Sundargarh and Ex-Union Minister for Tribal Development Sri Jual Oram on his right.

PC desined by an Indian

What would happened had an Indian designed the Personal Computer?

1. It can run on electricity and/or kerosine.

2. The hard disc would have been stored in the local BSNL office.

3.For internet , one can use it between 9am to 12 noon and 9pm to 12 midnight only.

4.The opening music will be "sarajahanse achaa".

5.The logo will be of Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi.

6.The wall papers will be of all the ministers in the cabinet. (in office).

7.for internet you have to book in advance.

8.For pornographic connections charges will be separate.

9. free internet connection for one hour on national holidays.

10.Instant opening and closing like any electric gagets.

11.All the material in hard disc will be the property of BSNL.

12.no guarantee on any parts.

13.no back up files.

14. extra charge for CD copy.

15.Users will get rebate on income tax for internet charges.

16. May need 2 or more people to operate a PC.

17. Black and white monitor for common man.

18. coloured monitors for BSNL employees, beurocrats and politicians.

19.for sound system you have to have separate system absolutely unconnected to the cpu.

20.The repair work can only done by BSNL people.

21. Govt. will have exclusive rights for change or modification of the computers.


These flowers are from Sanjoy's garden beautifully captured by him

14 February 2006

Felicitation to Sanjoy

Sanjoy being felicitated by Sri Ranjib Biswal for his contribution to the game of Cricket in the state of Orissa and for his dedicated service in the field of medicine. Posted by Picasa

My recommendation as a tourist place,Khandadhar

The waterfall at Khandadhar beautifully captured by Sanjoy Posted by Picasa
One of the astoundingly beautiful spots in Orissa, this water fall is situated some 60 kilometers from Rourkela. on the other side of the hill is Barsuan iron mine. Here water falls from a height of 1892 feet. The name is "khandadhar" because the fall is so sharp it can cut the rocks and the cliff is so sharp that it can be compared to the edge of the swaord. A much neglected tourist spot in Orissa, only people living in nearby areas and towns go there to have picnic during winter months particularly before and after the New Year.The forest was earlier the house of many wild animals but due to deforestation only some wild elephants and jakals can sometimes be seen now a days. The water from the fall collects to form a small river and merges with river BRAMAHNI. A beautiful place for every one. People of Orissa go out of the state to other places but many don't know the scenic beauty of Khandadhar. Of course, in Orissa, there are many such interesting and scenic places .Now under the patronage of the local Member of Parliament Sri Jual Oram the the place has taken a new shape with much improved communication facilities.I strongly recommend you to visit this place.

sanjoy satpathy.

05 February 2006

Kuhelika- An Oriya short story by Sanjoy

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04 February 2006






03 February 2006

What Next?

I had finished adding the manure to the cauliflower bed and then watering it. Just then a long blue coloured car cruised to a halt in front of the gate.

“Father shouted, ‘Babu, see who’s come?”

With soiled hands and feeling the least bit conscious I came out clad in the same lungi and kurta I had been wearing. I looked at the visitor – his face seemed familiar – as if he was a dear one. But I could not quite remember where I had met him. Braving the December chill who could have come to my house, in remote Bangariposi, this early in the morning?

The unknown visitor suddenly exclaimed, “What yaar! Can’t you recognize me?”

I could never have imagined that suddenly one morning Subendu would land up in a car at my door step.

It was almost fifteen years ago….We were studying medicine together in Banaras and staying in one room. I can even remember the number – 116.

Subendu had become very plump and very fair. However, his thick hair had given way to a shining bald pate. Seeing my old friend after such a long tem I exclaimed, “Arrey! You are Subendu no? How come you are here? It all seems so strange. You were settled in Mumbai no?”

“What yaar? You will call me inside or send me away from the door itself?”

I called Subendu in, asked my wife to make tea and went inside to wash my soiled hands.

When one meets a friend after a long time there is so much to talk to – so many topics crop up in the form of questions –How many kids? What is the wife doing? What is your income? How are the kids studying? Have you bought any land, constructed a house etc, etc. Of course these kind of personal questions can be asked only in our country. If such questions are asked to people of England or Australia they will get upset. The reason being in those countries the children build their and own lives and get married according to their own choice . And the less we ask about their wives the better it is.

While we were discussing these issues I introduced my wife and kids to my old friend.

I found Subendu a trifle agitated and asked him – “Do you need anything?”

“Ya, where is the telephone?”

“Sorry. For the last two days the phone is not working. The cable has been stolen.”

“Why are you wasting your talent in a place like this?”

Of what use is your gold medal in MBBS and MD in Bangariposi?”

I just did not want to have any discussion with him on this issue.

“First you tell me how come you are here? Who gave you my address?”

“I had come to Bhubaneswar to attend a seminar as a the guest speaker. I had to leave for Delhi today. I had to give a lecture at another meeting there and leave the next day for Mumbai. However, the entire program got upset. Don’t you know? Yesterday they hijacked an aircraft at Kathmandu and took it to Kabul. For security reasons all the flights from Bhubaneswar have been cancelled. I had no choice. I was going to Kolkata. At Jharpokhori crossroads I enquired about you. You have earned a very good name in this region. Tomorrow instead of going to Delhi, I’ll return to Mumbai.”

“All this expenditure is borne by you or by your company.”

“Arrey! Idiot! God knows in which world you are living! To and fro journey expenses, hotel bills – every thing is borne by the company. . Nether one can afford to fly by spending money from one’s own pocket, nor can one stay in five star hostels by spending Rs. 8000 per day. All I have to do is to prescribe the medicines of that particular pharmaceutical company, whether they are required by the patients or not.”

He looked at me waiting for the information to sink in and then asked, “Where is the loo? Do you have a commode?”

I showed him the Indian style lavatory behind my house.

“You manage with this today,” I said and brought a bucket of water.

“In our house you can’t go to the toilet wearing a pant and shirt. If my father comes to know he’ll throw me out of the house. Here take this towel and tie it. Late you can go to the well and take a bath. After your bath we can take breakfast together.”

“Arrey Tathagat, can I get a little hot water?”

I told my wife to heat a bucket of water and completing the task interrupted by Subendu’s arrival, finished my bath.

Anyway Subendu managed to take a bath in the bathroom shouting hoo-hoo, haa haa – apparently due to the cold water. After that we two friends started taking our breakfast.

My wife told Subendu, “You had to face a lot of difficulty in our house today?”

Putting a rosgolla in his mouth Subendu once again said, “Don’t you feel bad leading such a primitive life style? God knows how you pass your time. You come over to Mumbai, you can enjoy a modern life style and play around with as much money as you want. You are practicing medicine here or spending your time tending to your cows and your garden?”

Even though I was hurt by his sarcasm I was not sure what I should say or what I should do – after all he was an old friend and more so we were meeting after such a long time. Even then at the end, perforce I said, “Subendu listen, I get up at five in the morning, and during summer even earlier. I take the cows outside, collect the cowdung and dump it in the manure pit. The young fellow who stays closeby comes and milks the cows. By the time I finish tending to the cows and garden, it is six. I then take a bath using the cool water of the well. Now I have got so used to taking cold water bath that if ever I use hot water I start feeling feverish and my head starts aching. At exactly eight I leave for the missionary hospital on my scooter. I work till one-one thirty and then come back home. I have my meal and then take a nap.

“Do you have cable here?” Subendu enquired.

“The voltage is so low that till night nine the picture is hazy. There is no transmitter close by and except for Doordarshan nothing can be seen. We can only hear the sound just like in a radio. Out of disgust I have kept the TV in the attic. Half the day there is no light here. That is why father listens to the news in various languages, on his old transistor.”

“How do you pass your evenings? Must be very boring?”

“Where is the time to get bored in the evenings? By the time I go to bed sometimes it is eleven.”

“What do you do then?”

“Patients from nearby villages come to me with their myriad problems – someone’s child is sick, someone’s father or he himself. By the time I finish with them it is ten. Along with this I also have to take care of my children’s studies.”

“Anyway, you are able to carry on a lucrative private practice.”


“How much do you manage to earn? At least you must be able to take care of your household expenses?”

“Here the reason for illness of 90 per cent of the people is malnutrition. They don’t get enough to eat. Most of them manage to survive on the bare minimum. When they don’t have money to eat where will they get money to pay the doctor’s fees?”

“What about medicines?”

“I hand over samples or buy medicines and give them.”

“What a great way for a doctor to practice his profession? Buying medicines with one’s money and distributing to the patients!” Subendu said.

“If I don’t do that they’ll die.”

“Does your father knows all this? Why doesn’t he object?”

“He himself takes out money from his pension and gives it to me for buying medicines for these poor villagers. Father’s eyes are also infected. He can’t see properly after dusk. And so in this manner the day passes – one doesn’t even know how.”

“And what about your medical research?”

“Diagnosing, studying and treating the typical diseases these people suffer from is research in itself. In which book will I get all this? This apart, I subscribe to 3-4 medical journals. Sometimes I contribute an article or two on the typical maladies prevalent here.”

“And how much salary do you get from the hospital per month?”

“Eight thousand.”

“What did you say? Eight thousand! My driver gets more than that.”

“Yes, baba, you people are very rich.”

“You come over to Mumbai, you’ll get a good job in no time.”

“If all of us settle elsewhere then where will the suffering populace of this place go? Who will treat the ill of this village? Don’t they have a right to healthy living? Don’t their lives matter? You know 50 per cent of the population of our country lives in the villages. I see that your value system and my value system are completely different. Anyway suppose I take your advise and go to Mumbai and even earn a lot of money – what next?”

Subendu started once again, “God knows how you live here. After working for sometime in Mumbai you will be able to buy your own car – and you won’t have to travel by a local train or a bus.”

“What next?”

“After that you will be able to buy your own house and take your wife and kids to Mumbai.”

“What next?’

“Hey! You are becoming a bore. You have not given up your old habit of repeating what next, what next?”

“And so what next?”

“You can go to Dubai or Muscat. Within 2-3 years you will earn lakhs of rupees. After that you will open you own clinic. You will buy the latest equipment and open your own nursing home. You will become a crorepati…yes, definitely a crorepati.”

“I’ll have to work very hard to achieve all this?”

“Yes, from morning five to night eleven or twelve at least. Of course, after a few years even if you spend a little less time outside the house the money will keep coming in. I am attached to a number of nursing homes. By working part time there you can earn enough to take care of your life’s daily expenses.

“How many years will all this take?”

“Not many – around 15 to 20 years.”

“What next?”

“Arrey! You will live in your house like a king. If you are lucky and a few VIPs become your patients or if you get to know the stars from Bollywood – then sky is the limit. Bhabhi will only be counting the money.”

Before Subendu could say anything more I asked, “What next?”

“Once you have made a name you can buy a farm house in Pune or Bhubaneswar and can lead a relaxed life just as you are leading now. The only difference is that you will have servants in your house, a generator set and every other modern amenity you need. You can enjoy your life and whenever you feel like you can go on a foreign jaunt with your family.

After listening to Subendu I made a mental calculation.

“That means the way I am living now, after going to Mumbai and spending 15-20 years I’ll come to the same position. By then my kids will have got married and settle down. My father would have passed away. We two husband and wife would somehow be passing the days of our old age.”

I laughed inwardly and said, “I really liked your thought process. Okay Subendu, have you ever asked yourself this question? By amassing so much of wealth are you able to live life in peace and comfort?”

Before Subendu could reply I added, “Tell you driver lunch is ready. He can have it. He has to drive another 250-300 kilometres.”

“No, he will make his own arrangements for food, after all I have got him on contract.”

It was past three. Subendu said, “Friend, I am leaving. Where is Uncle?”

“Father goes to sleep after lunch. He will get up at four and picking up his harmonium sing bhajans. And today there will be a market in Bangariposi. He will definitely go.”

Before getting into the car Subendu asked my phone number, address and visiting card.

“God knows how you will contact me after reaching Mumbai?”

Seeing Subendu reaching for his walled I held out my hand and said, “Okay, give me your card.”

– Original in Oriya by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Satpathy
Translated by Ramendra Kumar
March 14, 2004