31 May 2006

What will be the out come of reservation policy in India??

Every one in the country knows that politicians and bureaucrats together have ruined India, are ruining it and will ruin INDIA- not the terrorist, neither Pakistanis nor Maoists nor population explosion.
In the name of human rights Bangladeshis had to infiltrate into India and the political parties are the beneficiaries.(west Bengal in power for +25 years).

Politicians are dividing the country in the name of temple vs masjids, Hindu vs Muslims, Christians vs Hindus,Dalits vs upper castes, males vs females, displaced persons, backward classes, river water and border disputes etc .

Politics has taken an ugly turn in recent years in India. People are more concerned about their own State rather than my India, as a result regional parties are in power. In another 20 to 30 years or so still smaller parties will emerge and the Govt. at centre will be a combination of 40 to 50 regional parties, large parties like Congress, BJP, BSP, JD will disintegrate further.

Divide and rule was the policy adopted by the rulers before independence. Now our people (politicians) are also following same principles rather more vigorously.
With the reservation policy more undeserving people will be in Govt, PSUs and Govt. under takings that will further deteriorate the quality, which will result in customers going for alternate service. Due to reservation policy the service in banks and post office has deteriorated in recent years.

Due to frustration most of the students will opt for private sector jobs or will go to other countries. So India will go through tremendous brain drain in coming years which will benefit the developed nations because they will get more intelligent people with less money. If after 59 years the OBC have not achieved what they deserve , another 100 years will not be enough for them. Like CARS all human being are not the same.
So reservation will lead to
1. Poor quality.
2. More crime in society by intelligent people.
3. More brain drain.
4. Private Sector will benefit but public will suffer due to cost factors.
5. There will be huge revenue loss by govt. as more people in office but less out put.
Let there be one rule. Those who are good should be employed whether he or she is a Muslim or Hindu, black or white, Brahmin or OBC. Selection criteria should be uniform. LET US HAVE ONE India which the western power and our politicians are desperately trying to achieve.
A common man like me who can't express views in news papers, the blog is the best that could have happen to millions of people like me. I have put forward my views for the people to judge. sanjoy kumar satpathy,b/188 sector 18. Rourkela, India

28 May 2006

Bed sore- A close view

Close view of bed sores.

Deep bed sore

A patient of tuberculosis brought from mines has very deep bed sores.

Secondaries in malignant melanoma

Swollen inguinal glands of the patient below means secondaries.

Malignant melanoma of toe

A patient having malingnant melanoma.

27 May 2006

The Hindu Mourning

Ladies wearing new sarees on the 10th Day-Dashaha


Hindu Funeral Rites

Observing the 10th Day-Dashaha

The relations go in mourning for 10 days afterthe death of a family member. During this period no shaving, no non-veg food or boiled food is taken for 10days. No ghee or oil is allowed, no drinks, no merry making, the eldest son sleeps on the floor- mattress not allowed,. Then on 10th day all the relatives go to a river or a pond to take a holy dip, shaving is done on that day along with trimming of nails.The old clothes are taken away by the barbar, new dhoti and baniyan and a towel given to all relations and sarees in case of ladies are presented by the son or sons of the deceased after which they come back home and take some snack(veg).

On 11th day a small feast(veg) for the friends and relatives are arranged.

On 12 day all the family members take fish and rice.

On 13 th day no body is allowed to leave, so most of the relatives go away on 11th or 12 day or are forced to stay till 14th day.

Photo showing male relations in new dhoti and towels.

This is a small presentation of Sanjoy, whose aunty died recenty in a remote village of Orissa. Its a very good side of Indian culture as all the family members , friends, relations and villagers gather at one place and pay respectful farewel but unfortunatly it's significance seems to be getting eroded in modern times when relations from distant places attend the Dashaha on 10th day and look out for the earliest opportunity to move back to their place of work as they find it difficult to manage in the rural surroundings.


26 May 2006

Pen is mighter than sword

Compilation of Sanjoy's Oriya short stories have come out in the form of 4 books and publishing 4 short story collection on the part of a busy physician like Sanjoy is no mean achievement and to write those stories these pens and a lot more were used . Sanjoy loves to read and write and these pens are a part of his life both during his professinal activities as a doctor and as a story writer in the late nights. He has around 1272 pens in his collections.These 57 pens are from his best of collections.
He still remembers the childhood days when he was carrying ink-pots and an extra pen during school examinations.Though the ball pens came to market during his High School days it was never allowed to be used in examinations and banks and Sanjoy gets nostalgic when he uses his old ink pen at times even these days.

21 May 2006

Lord Ganesh

A stone carved statue of Lord Ganesh. Orissa is famous for its temples.Its a very interesting place to visit in the world.
It has beautiful calm sea beach, dense forests with tigers and wild elephants, water-falls,temples and temple-cities of Bhubaneswar and Puri, probably a dream place for any tourist, but due to apathy on the part of its own people and poor communication it has not been accorded the pride of place as a tourist destination that it deserves. Posted by Picasa

The beach crab at Balasore

Sanjoy grew up in Balasore. This red crab is seen in plenty on the sea beach at Balasore where he spent many hours of his school days.They are very small in size and run so fast that you can't easily catch one in the sands. Posted by Picasa


Its obviously of yester years. Sanjoy seen with Kiron More, the current Chief Selector of Indian Team along with Dilip Vengsarakar, an internaationally famous and acknowledged batsman who had the unique distinction of scoring 3 centuries at the Lords in one test. Posted by Picasa

20 May 2006

Indira Gandhi Park

The park known as Indira Gandhi park also has few snakes in it's zoo.

 Posted by Picasa

Snakes and Rourkela

The snake charmer knew the tact of taking out the cobra from his pediPosted by Picasa

Snakes in Rourkela

Rourkela a nice clean city. Its geographical location puts it in a hilly terrain of Western Orissa. Famous for its integrated steel plant, tribal people, gardens, birds Rourkela also has these cobras.
This one was a freshly caught black cobra with all its venom enough to kill a large size horse or a cow.Sanjoy with his uncanny sense of observation interacted with these snake charmers and came to know that they had caught this one from Sector-17. These snake charmers make their living by selling snakes at Kolkata laboratory for thousands of rupees but what a risky business!! Posted by Picasa

19 May 2006

Recreation for chronic patients

Sanjoy had taken this picture in July 2005. A group of patients from the Chest Ward in the hospital he works are seen playing cards. Posted by Picasa


Backache is a very common problem with every one starting from school going children to old age people. Human being is paying a price for being upright in posture with only two limbs(legs). There are hundreds of causes for low backache but there are certain measures that not only prevent but also provide benefit to people with backache problems.
1 backache is mostly due to bad habits.
2. most of overweight people have low backache
3. wrong sitting posture
4. too soft or crumbled up mattress
5. defective sitting place.
6. recent child birth
7. abortion
8. too much sexual activities
9. Lifting of heavy weight
10. Lifting of weight in a wrong way
11. wrong slippers or shoes
12. physically unfit bodies.

There are hundreds of causes , from tuberculosis to cancer but I have tried to give a simple guideline for your back problem. If you go to a doctor he will give you some pain killing tablets which will give you some temporary relief. It is your back you must correct it.

Take care of the above common cause for your backache. Spend 15 minutes of your time for spinal exercise (advice from physiotherapist).
Yoga if done properly is very good for low backache.
There is no short cut for back problem if you are overweight and do not lose weight.

Consult a doctor before you start taking medicine. Exercise should be done under supervision.

For further advice please mail your queries to sanjoysatpathy@rediffmail.com

Sadasiv Swain

Alternative Medicine in India

Why people practising alternative medicine (hakims, babas, ayurvedic medicine, homeopath, quackery, unani, reki etc.) still flourish in India and other countries?
About 70 % of India’s population lives away from cities and they depend on the above medical man for their health problems.
First they are easily available (no waiting list)
They know their patients and their habits
Charges are very nominal
Read this true story.
In Mumbai a newly married couple was staying along with the boy’s widowed mother. Son used to go away for duty from 6 am to 6 pm and used to come back dead tired. The old lady along with her daughter-in-law were working as helping hands in the near by flats and they were staying like friends.
This way days and months passed off but the lady did not conceive. She consulted a near by doctor but no result. After some time she went to a famous gynecologist and had to spend 12 thousand rupees for different tests and consultations but that too did not bear any fruit. The relationship between d’inlaw and old lady became strained.At this time another widowed friend who had a similar problem with her d’inlaw came to their rescue and advised the young lady to go to a particular Hakim.
She paid only 25 rupees to the old fragile Hakim and after listening to her story, yjr Hakim's only advice was to send the old lady for three months on pilgrimage and nothing else!! And after 3 months when she retruned back home, the old lady was excited to know that her d’inlaw has become pregnant!!

What went wrong with our modern medicine??
The present day medical men don’t have patience to take a good history, nor the time, neither the analytical mind to give a solution to a patients problem, are most of them interested like any one in the society to earn a few quick buck.
What the Hakim could gather is like this: The lady was sleeping with her m’inlaw, husband used to sleep alone. Sexual activities were infrequent plus she was sharing some chavanpras with the old lady which probably contained some hormones which was preventing the ovulation. Once the old lady was out there was more congenial atmosphere in the house plus the tin of chavanpras also went out with the m’inlaw.

So doctor : Please consider your patients as human being not as a number in your clinic. Most of the non communicable diseases can be prevented or cured by simple common sense medicines not by imported machines or drugs.

More stories next time.



18 May 2006

The tumor mass

The tumor being taken out. Posted by Picasa

Surgery for tumor on chest wall

Dr. Rajan Behera dared to take up the surgery in the village with maximum possible asepsis. Posted by Picasa

Tumor in chest wall

This man from a village had this tumor on his chest wall for quite some time but was unable to get it operated for many reasons one of them being poverty. However a team of doctors under the leadership of Sanjoy visited them this winter and it was removed there in the village.
The Surgen was Dr. R.K. Behera and the other memebrs of team were Dr.KC Mohanta and Dr. BK Hota.

 Posted by Picasa

14 May 2006

Health Talk on Milk


Do not drink milk( if you are a non-vegetarian or have teeth or if you are more than 6 years of age and less than 70 years of age)

Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down milk in to glucose and galactose. The concentration of lactose enzyme levels are higher at birth so you digest milk faster but as you grow older the level of this enzyme(lactase) declines. 50 million people in USA have partial or complete intolerance to milk and milk products.
Mal-absorbed lactose is fermented by intestinal bacteria, producing gas and organic acids, resulting in increased stool volume and loose motions, flatulence and fullness in stomach.

So friends if you have gas problem or flatulence please consult your doctor and probably you have to stop drinking milk .For normal people who is taking a balance diet there is no point drinking liters of milk which will only increase your cholesterol and chances of intestinal diseases.

For more information e-mail to sanjoy satpathy@rediffmail.com Posted by Picasa

13 May 2006

A Rare Combination

Look at the affectionate way the dog is looking at the mongoose pricking at the former's paws. They are basically born enemies but when they live in Sanjoy's house in Rourkela the chemistry of enemity changes to love. Posted by Picasa

Drug Toxicity

Millions of patients die or suffer as a result of drug toxicity or drug allergy. This lady was lucky to have survived from this dreaded syndrome called Steven johnson syndrome. Posted by Picasa

08 May 2006


The human body is like a car, it has a life span. But the scientists are frantically doing research to prolong life. A car near a sea coast gets eroded fast, a highway vehicle life is short due to accidents, car of smaller towns and villages last longer even though the garage is far off. The costliest car also needs revalidation after 15 years in India. Human body (normal one without defects) and organs are manufactured to last for certain period of time and that is the life span of a human body. There are some factors which determine the longevity of that body.
1. Circuit diagram ( gene)
2. Make( Indian, Negro, Mongolians, British, German etc.)
3. Place of stay( polluted towns, colder climate, hot areas, villages)
4. Maintenance (daily routine)
5. How handled (habits)
6. Type of oil and grease used( cooking media , air, food)
7. Accidents (stroke, heart attacks)
8. Driver (soul)
9. Road condition (life style)
10. Type of mechanic (medical facilities).

Still then we think we should live for 200 years or more! Most of the constructive work is done being done by 30 to 50 years of life then living beyond 90 or 100 years carries no meaning unless some one is still active both physically and mentally. What ever we try death if the ultimate truth so why live a borrowed life? With bypass, pacemaker, transplants etc! Let the old people give way to the new ones. Just to site some example, if 100 new ones come to earth may be one or two become excellent scientist, writer, player, doctor but after 60 or70??We don’t expect a brilliant personality to develop one out of a million old men.

People think we are living longer. No we are not dying early due to communicable diseases that does not mean we are living longer. Life span is 100 to 120 years at best, so why these stem cell research to prolong life? Diseased person is like a defective material so why spend so much?
Every day newer technology kills (younger, productive men and women) more people than it saves. Surprised?? Those people getting killed due to guns, bombs, accidents, violence, blasts are much more than life saved by bye pass or transplants or by modern technique. Remember those people getting killed in war and arms race are young and fit people where as life saved by newer technique are mostly older people.
We tried and succeeded in reducing tobacco use globally so why not stop producing arms and ammunitions globally?? Can the best brain of the world answer this??
How pathetic!! Female feticide, abortions are carried out in broad day light but we show our concern for human cruelty, what double standard!!

The bottom line is where there is plenty of money one finds the researchers in queue on that field.
You legalize gay marriage and donate billion for AIDS vaccine.
Encourage sexuality and legalize abortions.
Get heart attacks due to poor life style and go for stem cell implant!!
Allow people to live up to very old age so that you have scope for nailing of bones, putting pace maker, kidney transplants for a better medical practice and more money.

Come on scientist don’t produce a problem and then try to solve it. Why bird flu could not be checked early? Why AIDS could not be controlled even after 24 years?? It only speaks volumes of our double standards.

Diabetes and hypertension has now reached an epidemic proportion in Asia. More people will die because of these two non communicable diseases than other diseases put together. But who cares- Insulin has have become a big business in India and China.

Instead of meddling with medical fantasy, let’s first know how to live properly and lead a healthy and happy life, not a borrowed life from scientists.

Brain child of Dr. Sanjoy kumar satpathy.
B/188 sector 18 Rourkela. 769003.


1. Desire to live longer increases
2. Very particular about food.
3. Doctor’s visit are frequent
4. Checking of bp(blood pressure) , blood sugar and lipids are very frequent.
5. Medicines are taken regularly if free or if the bills are borne by Mediclaim, sons, or son- in-laws.
6. Visits to foreign lands or outside states are frequent as the tickets are sent by son or son-in-law.
7. Starts his life as a better dressed person as dresses are sent to him by the same group as above including jogging shoes, belt.
8. Take advantage of railway concession for that reason travel frequently by trains.
9. Starts enjoying new and vulgar movies
10. Television becomes the best friend.
11. Stops drinking and smoking as the desire to live become more intense.
12. Spends most of his or her time waiting for the son or daughter to come to India(may be for few days)
13. Forgets all their sorrows after their arrival.
14. Son or the daughter asking for their favourite dish to be cooked by mother(just to please her), the grand children vomits at the site of these Indian food)
15. Boxes of mineral water are purchased, used as mouth wash and face wash.
16. Due to time zone the grand children sleeps most of the time when the old couple are awake.
17. One of the children invariably falls sick, and there is a frantic search for a good pediatrician and what ever he prescribes is cross checked with the USA/ UK doctor.
18. The short stay is punctured by vomiting, fever, heat fever, dysentery, pain abdomen, allergy, insect bites, etc.
19. Poor old couple feels sad about the whole trip and accompany the children up to the last air port.
20. Spends hours watching the video of children and granchildren after their departure.(video taken by daughter in law or son- in-law, and the camera is left behind as its an old model one.)
21. Wait again for their next trip, who knows?? They will be living or not, but the life goes on with the old couple.
22. There are hundred of thousands of these old couple in India; this one is dedicated to them.

04 May 2006

Sanjoy as a cricketer

Sanjoy was felicitated by Ex MP , national selector, Ex -captain of under 19 national cricket team and presently appointed manager of Indian cricket team to West Indies Mr.Ranjib Biswal, on 15th January 2006, for his contribution to Orissa cricket. Posted by Picasa

Sanjoy ka karisma -as a cricketer

If you look at this file photo scanned from the front page of The Hindustan Standard and look closely at the caption it says " Ajit D'costa bowled by Satpathy at Eden Gardens in the East Zone vs. Sri Lanka match on Monday morning. Standard Photo Report on back page". This photo was published nearly 3 decades back and the Satpathy mentioned here is none other than Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy- a senior and respected physician in Rourkela, Orissa.

Dr Sanjoy kumar satpathy played first class cricket from 1965 to 1978 for for the state of Orissa even when he was a medical student in S C B Medical College, Cuttack.

On his debut representating the State he first played against Bengal which had players like Mr. Pankaj Roy and took 6 wickets- his best bowling figures.

In one all India Inter University cricket matche Sanjoy took four wickets in an over(a record).

He was opening bowler for Orissa, East Zone, Utkal university, Hindustan steel that later became Steel Authority of India- the organisation he still serves.

Sanjoy is the only Oriya doctor to have played for EastZone against Sri Lanka and West Indies in the year 1974 -75. Posted by Picasa

01 May 2006

Brand names of Indian drugs
Do you know India has the largest number of pharmaceutical companies in the world?
There is no control on combination drugs, it exists on paper only.
No control on the brand names used!
Bangladesh, Srilanka has a drug formulary India does not have one.
Every other day temple comes up, a new alcohol shop or a medicine shop is inaugurated by a politician or a film star!
Doctors have no control over medicine shops, they dispense drugs of their choice.
10 to 30% of drugs are spurious depending on different state Govt.!
Many times better drugs or equivalents drugs are available at a cheaper price , but doctors prescribe drug of commission.
Here are some interesting brand names of medicine available in INDIA>

Target Bodygrow
Ezee Bodyplus
O2 Manforce
Amco Erotic
Max Vandy
Ampty Coolplus
Star- Multiaid Bandy
Promind Grand
Promide Poto
Donazol Cheri
Silcon Guard
Lg30 11pm
Preg-Free 8pm
Menofree Fynal
Gerifree Rex
Knee Free Misry
Palio Fenta
Lax Tintin
Dilby Mecca

There are many more interesting brand names if you like you can e-mail your request to me and tell you what 11pm stands for or bandy is what? All said and done Indian drugs are the cheapest in the world.36 countries import drugs from India! Dabur and Cipla produce the largest number of anti-cancer drugs. In few more years from now India will be number one in drug production but don�t ask about quality.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy, for the blog http://sanjoyphotos.blogspot.com

(This is a satire, should not be taken seriously, NOT MENT TO HURT ANY ONE)

Young, fresh, full of vigor, energetic, and ever smiling young lady joins public sector undertakings of Govt. of India.

Few months of her job goes on without any responsibility (if she is good looking and smart then these few months could be more months).she will not be posted in or inside the plant units or emergency departments. She would like to work in OG, paediatric or skin OPD would avoid busy wards like surgical and medical wards.

During this period her night emergencies will be done by a fellow male doctors (invariably unmarried)

Then she gets engaged to an engineer or a personnel officer and will take frequent leave without any objection from HOD (if male).

She invites all her dept. people for her marriage reception, then she goes on her honeymoon leave and her duties will be shared by male doctors(this will not apply if she is not good looking or her husband is not a high executive).

With some plea or other she will leave her place of work to attend to her husband who has a UTI or a low backache.She will investigate him for minor elements or get him referred to a higher centre.

Then the d-day arrives, she gets reeling of head and morning sickness and remains absent from work without leave (as if management is responsible for her pregnancy).she will refuse to do her night duties.

Once delivery has taken place she takes leave for 3 months. She joins back her duty but too weak for routine duties, so she will be posted in OPD for few more months.

Immunization of the child, then inlaws coming during puja will make things worse for her department.

During 2 to 3 years after the child is born she will hardly get time to read or attend CME programmes .Once the child starts going to school she will go home early to attend the child as there will be no body at home.(the helping hand sent by her mother has gone away with a boy friend from next door servant quarter).

The lady doctor will also take few MTP leaves which she is entitled for 42 days. By the time she has finished her responsibilities at home , she has forgotten her subject and work like a Robert with her residual knowledge in the hospital.

At 35 or 40 years, she under goes tubal ligation or hysterectomy and gets a green card for her child. Last 10 to 15 years of her job will be spent on children�s education and marriage or taking care of her husband who has under gone a bypass surgery.

The organization will give her a grand farewell with certificates mentioning her devotion, sincerity and dedication to work. With more ladies likely to join this noble profession GOD save our health care system.