18 June 2006

Asters from Sundargarh park, taken in december 2005.

Sadasiv Swain
This statue can be seen at a park in Sundargarh town which is situated some 100 kilometers from Rourkela.Rourkela falls in Sundargarh District of Orissa and the District Headquarters is called Sundargarh. This district of Orissa has produced some excellent international hockey players like Dilip Tirkey and many more.Thanks to the efforts of some tribal leaders many development work has taken place during the previous Govt. at centre. This park has many such beautiful statues and paintings of tribal people , but the current state of maintainance calls for better and more co-ordinated efforts and willingness to improve the public facilities further.

Sadasiv Swain

11 June 2006

A pet budgerigar of Sanjoy

They come in many colours but this green one is the commonest variety.They lay eggs 3 times in a year.Eat mostly grass, seeds, bread, green leaves and rice.Live up to 5 to 6 years in captivity.Rare to find a talking budgerigar, but they do talk.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart.

Bleeding Heart

This is a creeper flower plant commonly known as Bleeding Heart, the botanical name is "dicentra spectabilis". There are many varieties of this creeper but Sanjoy has only two varieties in his garden. A perineal flowering plant it is known for it's heart shaped flowers with blood like petals in the middle giving the look of a bleeding heart, hence the name. Every part of this plant is poisonous like datura and oleander, so be carefull if you have this in your garden.

04 June 2006

Peacock- our National Bird

Peacock- Our National Bird.

Godess Saraswati the Godess of Knowledge in Hindu mythology.

1. The time of siva ratri puja is very comfortable(weather wise)

2. Lord gets pleased with hibiscus flowers and bela leaves.

3. This Lord is a vegeterian.

4. You don't have to kill animals to please him.

5. Even very poor people can worship Him.HE is not a hi-fi GOD.

6. He is not fond of gold or cash

7. A woman has to fast and remain awake the whole night which tests her determination and devotion to LORD and her husband.

8. Lord Shiva is a rare Hindu God to have one wife

9. Lord Shiva is reputed to be pleased with Pujas and offerings rather easily- Aashutosh

10. Lord Shiva symbolises ultimate manliness and male sexuality.

11. Unlike the pujas of other Hindu Gods, a waoman has to fast once a year and remain awake one night or a part thereof to complete this brata.
12. Its reported that Lord Shiva is basically very cool and leaves most of the decisions to be taken by His wife Godess Parvati.

14.In every nook and corner there is a temple for Lord Shiva in India.

15.Young women devotees find the men of their dreams when Lord is pleased.

16. When given a chance LORD decided to marry PARVATI second time.

17. LORD Shiva never hurts his wife.

18. For early mother hood-- Lord Shiva is the Master.

These are few of the points why females love to worship Lord Shiva

This piece was written on "SIVA RATRI "26TH FEB.2006

The same white flower as below this post has turned pink in the evening. Believed by Hindus to be a pet flower of Godess Durga, this flower is very much in demand during the Durga Puja festival. Both pictures beautifully captured by Sanjoy.

Sthala Padma or the lotus in land. This flower comes in early winter days and is of whilte colour in the morning.