12 August 2006

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach. Sanjoy visited it in October 2005. Posted by Picasa

09 August 2006


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Every one is talking about global warming but none seems to come forward with common day-to-day solutions.
Its sure that the problem of deforestation and rapid industrialization has played havoc with the environment. But can we grow forests over night?? The answer is big “NO”.
Next is industry. Here also no one can do any thing. Industries are related to daily-living of people who work in it. Then How to solve the problem??
Read on

1. Let working week-days be reduced to 5 days a week with reduced salary by15%.
2. Public Transport system( hydrogen driven) should be reintroduced all over the world.
3. People going to place of duty by 2 wheelers (bi-cycles) will get extra money as transport allownce..
4. Cars should be banned after 7:30 pm to 5am in all cities.( police will give permission for emergencies)
5. Car loan should stop with immediate effect.
6. People (25 yrs to 45 yrs) residing within 15 to kilometers from office must use bicycle.
7. Cycle allowance will be more than car allowance.(proof needed)
8. One family can purchase 50 liters of diesel or petrol in a month.
9. All diesel engine driven trains to be replaced with steam engine(new type)
10. Govt. offices should stop using wooden furniture..
11. Air-conditioner manufacturing should stop for 5 years.
12. No more testing of missiles.(they raise the temp by 2degrees)
13. Cutting trees will invite heavy punishments.(10years in jail or has to take care of 100 trees for 10 years)
14. No new industries for another 10 years.
15. All Americans should use small car and share vehicles for going to duty.
16. One car for one family only.
17. Sundays or Fridays should be made off-day for cars.
18. No of flights by Boeings and Airbus to be reduced by 25% globally.
19. No permission for deep bore tube wells in high lands.
20. The children should be told to help mankind by bringing down the global temperature.

Let’s make our world a better place to live. Let WHO use this slogan for 2007.
Thought of the week by Dr Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy