30 September 2006

Why I feel like crying for my state -Orissa.

The problems:
1. Famine every year
2. Flood every year
3. Starvation deaths, high lighted by media (true or false we don’t know)
4. Highest infant mortality rate in India.
5. Highest malaria deaths in India
6. New industries are difficult to start due to four Ps (poor road ways, politics, it’s people and power)
7. No international air ports
8. Overall condition of the roads is the worst in the country
9. No hospital in the state which attracts out side state patients.
10. Defrostration is the worst (fastest) in the country
11. Corruption is ram pet in every field
12. Chief Minister can’t speak in Oriya, his mother-tongue (the only one in the world)
13. Road roko and train roko are very common. (police comes after 4 to 5 hours)
14. Due to political rivalry and public litigations, improvement work in the state has come to stand still.
15. The big industrialists come to Orissa to take away ores with false promise of starting
A modern Steel plant.
16. Most of the industries and big business houses are owned by non Oriya.
17. Tasty prawns and fish are sold to Bengal; Oriya’s eat stale Andhra fish.
18. Electricity supply to villages is dismal. Most of the time there is no power supply to houses and schools as the stone crusher machines are supplied with electricity by illegal means.
19. River beds are filled with sand due to deforestation resulting in flood every year.
20. Doctors don’t go to peripheral hospitals due to poor communication, politics Many don’t want to go, as there is no punishments, no quarters, nor school facilities for their children.
21. Every year like baggers we ask for central aid which goes to third party and the rest is returned back.
22. Except Rourkela steel plant and Nalco there have been no new industries in the state in last 20 years.
23. Due to unemployment Oriya work in Surat and other places to bring AIDS and misery for their family.
24. Villages in Ganjam district have a deserted look.
25. Highly fertile cultivation lands in Sambalpur ,Balangir and Ganjam district have been purchased by or utilized for cultivation by Andhra people.
26. The corporate office of SAIL, Railway, Shipping and Postal are situated in other states like Bengal or Jharkand.
27. Shortage of doctors.(Due to wrong policies)
28. Hostels in three medical colleges which were built some 50years back are in dilapidated condition.
29. Every one except advocates pays service tax in Orissa.
30. We have more than 10 rivers (3 big) but we don’t know how to utilize them. They only help government to ask for flood relief.
31. Beautiful tourist spots are there in Orissa but it’s difficult to reach due to poor communications and horrible road condition.
32. Important bus services are in hands of private bus owners and passengers are at their mercy
33. The road from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar via Barcot is 350 kilometers but due to horrible road condition buses ply via Sambalpur a distance of 520 kilometers. By this valuable time, money and foreign exchange are lost for each trip.

34. None of the senior citizen or the bureaucrats has done any thing to sort out this perennial transport problems.

For solutions it’s left to the highly paid intellectuals, the people of Orissa and our so called LEADERS?

Let’s start doing some thing positive or else ORISSA will only be remembered as a state of old dilapidate temples, beggars, and nothing else.

People rightly tell that I am a negative person so let it be but if you can show me that Orissa has progressed then show me the figures and facts, I will rectify my self.
Please don’t tell me that we have very good 5* hotels, show rooms, least corrupt CM, very good road between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar , very good private colleges etc. Compare with Andhra, Chennai or Karnatak not with chatishgard or Jarhkhand.

Written on Utkal divas (Orissa day) 2006.

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22 September 2006

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Sanjoy's views on the rising trend of cesarean delivery -Indian scenario
My opinion about where the doctors at fault:
1. Many doctors posted as resident doctors in Labour Rooms don’t know how to deliver
2. More revenue for the institution, so fat salary.
3. Administration of pituitary hormone at wrong time causing fetal distress.
4. Use of prostaglandins for cervical dilatation in inexperienced hands causing more
5. Lack of technical knowledge of staff nurses.
6. Bending down to relatives/ patient’s pressure for CS at an auspicious time.
7. Plan delivery by CS at night when the OT’s are under-utilized.
8. No advice is given before and after pregnancy to the lady on how to strengthen
pelvic-floor muscles and have a normal delivery.
9. Too much extra calories advised to the pregnant lady resulting in CS for large
10.Worried about court cases.

Fault with the patient

1. obesity
2. lack of effort to do some exercise
3. Cs will be less painful(but in reality other way round)
4. Child will be safe.
5. birth canal will be too laxer(if delivered vaginally)
6. sleeps most of the time to escape work
7. Eats too many tonics and food (advertisements)
8. Associated diabetes and hypertension due to late marriage.
9. wants to have a baby at fixed time
10. Has a very low threshold for pain.
11. A status symbol

How to avoid CS?

1.No doctor in India really tells their patients how to perform exercise and how dangerous it’s to have a child by CS.
2.Like patient education programs ,all newly married ladies , who like to have a child should be asked to perform certain Yogic exercise or physiotherapy
3.The mother in laws should not feed too much to the d in law(old beliefs, ghee and honey)
4. Doctors should be discouraged to go for CS unless otherwise there is danger to the life of the mother. Many times to save the baby the mother dies due to post CS complications.
5.The hospital and NGO authorities should have a weekly review of all CS done in the city.
6.CS and normal delivery should have the same billing.

7.The hospital authority should bear the expense for complication following CS.

8.Australia has implemented no extra pay for Cs(to doctors) after which the CS rate has drastically come down.

9.Public education

10.Punishment for unnecessary CS

But hold your breath; nothing is going to happen for another decade unless our supreme court intervenes. Female feticides continue, abortions are bread and butter of gynecologist and obstetricians. Who cares the poor lady suffers. The women association must take up this very important issue urgently. If you want to know more about unnecessary CS read recent article in BMJ.

Your feed back will help further in this regard.

Dr. Sanjoy kumar Satpathy MD (medicine) FCCP, Dip. Yoga, Diabetologist, Malariologist Faculty member of WHO for SARC countries on Malaria

19 September 2006

Sanjoy published in Sahitya Akademi

The Foundling listed in the issue of the journal of "Indian Literature" the bimonthly journal of Sahitya Akademi, India.
Sadasiv Swain

Sanjoy published in Sahitya Akademi

Sanjoy has reached a great height in his short story writing. The recent issue of the bimonthly journal of Sahitya Akademi's bimonthly journal named "Indian Literature" published his short story "The foundling" .
Sadasiv Swain

15 September 2006

Why I love my INDIA !!!

(2006 August 15th)

1. Can spit any where I like.
2. Can urinate anywhere I like
3. A break-fast is available from 5 rupees to 5000 rupees.
4. Traveling by train is very cheap.
5. Hotels per room with Rs.25 to 1 lakh/ day is available in big cities,
6. People are eager to advice you on any thing from health to computers.
7. Marriages last very long.
8. You can spend your holidays in very cold to very hot places.
9. Best places on earth for sight seeing.
10. Medical facilities are really cheap.
11. Vegetables and fruits are cheap compared to other places on earth.
12. You can purchase a house at any place you like.
13. You never feel lonely.
14. Garments are still the best in the world.
15. Arrange marriages are still a norm.
16. Pollution levels are still low in rural India.
17. Indians are very friendly.
18. My India has the best sea beaches in world.
19. Education is still of very high standard.
20. Indian children are very good in mathematics�.
21. Women can still give birth at houses without any qualified nurse or doctor
in attendance.
22. Different toilet soaps are available as per your choice.
23. Medicines are very cheap but not of good quality.
24. A free country.
25. Press is very vigilant.
26. Art and cultures are the best in the world.
27. People can withstand famine to flood every year.
28. People are basically social.
29. Society still exists in India.
30. A vast country with different culture but is one.

SANJOY KUMAR SATPATHY: B/188 sector18 Rourkela 3

Sadasiv Swain

My opinion on diet, sex life, exercise, life style

Being a medical man I have a responsibility of educating people on the recent advances on diet, sex life, exercise, life style and other aspects which help a person to lead a healthy, disease free and long life.( for people of tropics)
1. Eat less

2. Eat at a fixed time.

3. Don't eat if you don't feel like eating.

4. Veg. is good.

5. Salt and sugar should be bare minimum.

6. Red meat =NO

7. Fruits are good for health (if you don't have diabetes, you can have them at break fast.)

8. Too much milk is bad (people with teeth should not drink milk.)

9. Fast food is bad

10. Soft drinks should be avoided.

11. Take only 3 meals a day or even two.( Don't follow Americans they eat all the time)

12. Fast once a week. (Water is allowed)

13. Don't talk once a week. (Unless it's an emergency)

14. Don't experiment on your body.

15. Must sleep 6 to 7 hours a day (more accidents are caused due to lack of sleep.)

16. Don't talk while eating.

17. Drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking (It's your personal choice, no body has lived to 150 years without bad vices)

18. Sex is good for the heart (without Viagra)

19. Must know how to relax.

20. You can spoil your destiny by bad habits.

Sadasiv Swain