27 October 2006

Dear Dr.Patra,

Your name plate still hangs at 98
Your smell still lingers in the corridor of IGH
Your words echo�s in our ears like the songs of a Koel
Your monitoring of Ventilators are missing in ICU
Your personality is missing in the mad house of IGH
From Bramhampur to Rourkela and then to Bhubaneswar
Friend you have traveled a long way
Time to introspect and time to relax
Use your time for social service and social cause
Director seems lost without you
We all miss you in the routine life of ours

Written by sanjoy kumar satpathy
In memory of Dr.patra
Senior anesthesiologist and Joint director Dr.S.C.Patra who retired recently after a long 34 years of service in STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA)
Sadasiv Swain

21 October 2006

"Life without purpose" is Sanjoy's initial attempt at poetry. A hesitant Sanjoy who has been a strong advocate of not prolonging life if the quality of life is likely to suffer badly after the process of prolongation puts his own imagination in composing this small poem. Please read on:Life without a purpose is worse than being dead
Money without purpose is like river without water.
Life without sex is like gas without fire
And sleep without dreams is like a car without petrol.
Women without character is like moon without light
And a face without expression is like a lion without a roar.
Tea without fragrance is like Sanjib without malaria.
Apar without buttocks is like buffalo without a hump.
Indera without make up is like Radha without gopis
And a poem with out poetry is like a lady without buxom.
Sanjoy, Diwali, 2006
Sadasiv Swain

14 October 2006

My best friend- Tommy

This poem is dedicated to a very docile dog called Tommy

Sleeps in air-conditioned rooms
Takes leaf-tea along with Marie biscuits

Does not take bread without butter
Takes chicken biriyani for lunch and
Chilled water after food

Does what he wants,(When I don't have that independence,
With Kalyani around 24 hours)
Takes sun bath even in summer

Fond of non-vegetarian food,

Never ever likes to touch any medicine ,

Gives warning if any dangerous reptiles in view,

Strong weakness for ladies but still bites them,

Takes herbal medicines for his health
If you want to meet him you may be his 29th victim

With so much of good quality people don't want to steal him

Still a bachelor as no bitch is interested in him

His duty is over once the boss comes home

Expert in biting with slightest of provocation

He likes guests who bring non vegetarian food

Please hurry up his birth day is approaching fast.

He coolly sleeps on carpet as I write this for you.

Sanjoy kumar satpathy

Written on dog's day

Sadasiv Swain

01 October 2006

Gajapati Market Puja- Rourkela

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Food for thought on the part of young Oriyas

This is what Dr sanjoy kumar satpathy, a zonal cricketer, MD medicine from BHU, diploma in yoga, Fellow of chest college of physicians of India, contributor to Indian literature in English and Oriya, a faculty for SARC countries on malaria, recipient of life time award in cricket and short story in Oriya, national and international publications on different medical research has to ask Young Oriyas
Why didn’t they raise their voice for the road conditions for which their parents are paying for each trip to Bhubaneswar and back??

Why don’t they meet the higher authorities for improvement of hostels in medical colleges??

Why they study out side when better facilities are available in their home state??

How many of them have seen the sufferings of people of rural Orissa?

By dreaming a country or state will not change! come on Lalus, work for it.

The present generation does not know what financial hard-ship is.

Why those Oriya who pass out from different colleges don’t serve in Orissa?

Do you know that in the last 5 interviews for doctors for a public sector hospital in Rourkela hospital none joined? The disciplines are radiology, anesthesiology, dermetology, nephrology, cardiology etc.
Your generation does not want to earn less and stay away from big cities.

Young generation is interested in 2 things 1.money 2. Money

Tell me how many of you have traveled in non ac compartments in Indian railways during summer months??

You are all lucky because your father has money and probably you are the only child!!

How many of you know in what way your father gets the extra money??

Somebody commented that the current generation is a bunch of robots, product of English medium schools to serve the US or other European countries either at those countries or from Guregaon, Panipat, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai Call Centres.

Have you ever tried to raise your voice (when you are alone) to prevent some one doing an illegal thing say molesting a girl.??

At your age every thing looks rosy which I once passed through.

Why 3000 doctors are shortage in Orissa?? Have you ever given a thought to it??

Why Orissa?? think of India!!

We are 11th from a group of 12 teams in international hockey.

With players getting billions our cricket team position is 5th or7thin a group of 8 teams!!

No athletic medals in Olympics.(in Russia, USSR they don’t count silver and bronze medals)

Any other field we are at the bottom except in corruption where our position is in top five!!

Our rich and famous go abroad for medical consultation. Why??

Few Indians staying in UK and US come to establish industries to get a quick buck but pretend as if their heart bleeds for Indian.

You youths of India think= Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore is India!!

Time is running out just by saying we are improving won’t do, if I am alive after 5 years which I am sure will be ,will communicate with all of you who have read this.

That time I would like to know where are you,(India or US) what job you are doing, whose slave you have become, how much you earn? When you were divorced ETC.
How much team India and country India has progressed. Did Orissa’s economy condition improved??