30 November 2006

Dream land

He was made of sand and soil his house was made of wood and mud

He called it “Dream land” as his children slept and slept

Until they had dreams and dreams rightly he called it dream land

The sun rises late in dream land so the children could sleep

The noon was their morning but evening was their afternoon

The lunch was their breakfast and dinner was their lunch

The nights became day and day brought their dreams

They slept and dreamt as they too started calling it dream land.

The dogs slept the birds slept as their master dreamt

The old man is no more his children are still dreaming

The postman and courier man dream of their dreamland

Dreams are their property dreams are their memory

Dreams are their future still they call it the “house of dreams”

Dr. Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector18 Rourkela769003, India

24 November 2006


The beautiful beach of Gopalpur

The shallow sea of Chandipur

The blue sky of Sambalpur

The dense forest of Simlipal

The water fall of Devkund

The warm spring of Taptapani

The migrating birds of Chilika

The white tigers of Nandankanan

The gigantic stone temple of Konark

The architected marvel of Rajarani temple

Tribal dance of Mayurbhanj

And the steel factory of Rourkela

Oh mother Orissa

You have every thing, still we are beggars

We spoil your forest

We kill the royal tigers

We electrocute elephants

We are ruining you mother by corruption

Show us the light of wisdom

And light to prosperity.

Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector18, Rourkela3,India

Lord Jagannath- a poem by Sanjoy

He has no hands
but does everything
He has no legs
but moves like a wave
He has no eyelids
but sleeps all the time
He is every thing
but is nothing
His eyes glow like a sun
but soft like a moon
He eats fifty-six dishes
but never put on weight
He is the God of the universe LORD JAGANATHA
Oh Master you stay
in Twenty two heaven
Neither tsunami nor
tornado can shake you
you have nothing but everything
You have no religion no caste
YOU are the supreme OH – LORD
why don’t you make Orissa a heaven

sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188sector18,Rourkela,India,769003

10 November 2006

The past, present and future of IGH (Ispat general hospital)


Ispat general hospital (IGH) of Rourkela,is situated on the bank of river Koel which later joins with Sankha River at Bedavyas and
emerges as River Brahamani , a major river of Orissa. On main railway cord line, some 160 kilometer from Jamsedpur and 413 kilometers from Calcutta.
In the year 1970’s cardiac surgery, thoracic operations and cardiac catheterization were norms. There were some dedicated famous doctors and the
relationship between patients and the doctors were most cordial and loving. There was no union interference. The Administrators and senior doctors used
to protect the Junior doctors like a father does to his sons.. The younger one’s learned the art from their seniors. But over the Years the scenario has
changed. Money flows like water in this hospital but the standard has fast deteriorated. Some of my juniors getting fed up with the present scenario has
requested me to write some thing on “what ails IGH”
!. Getting experienced and experts doctors will be difficult and not possible due to very poor salary and interference by
higher officers and union.
2. This will be known as an “Investigation generating house” not Ispat general hospital as very few patients will come for
treatment in future. IGH will be reduced to a big laboratory in place of a hospital.(already)
3. Most of the patients will be referred out side as is the practice with all SAIL hospitals.(no confidence on local doctors)
4. Few injury cases will continue to come here, as there is no alternatives.(thanks to state highway10)
5. As most of the doctors who have retired or taken VR are in Rourkela and they will go on telling the negative points about IGH but will refer cases when
patients turn from bad to Worse.(maximum deaths in IGH are NE patients referred after squeezed dry by private practitioners)
6. IGH is and will be the nursing homes of some Govt.doctors , ex doctors and Ex directors of IGH. (Both sharing the money)
7. Nursing care will deteriorate further due to L1 selection policy and inadequate staffs.
8. Due to free supply of medicines and treatment, crowding of OPDs and wards will be mostly by ex employees of RSP.
9 The reimbursement bills will treble in next 5 years. Big nexus between doctors and medicine shops (heavy burden on RSP)
10. Few doctors who are having a good practice will continue to stay, others after gaining some experience will leave or resign others will take alcohol or
Anti depressants.
11. After a very high failure rate of DNB candidates in examinations, most of them will opt out or ask for transfer to another place.
12. Malaria, snake bites gastroenteritis , viral fever and diabetes patients will occupy most of the beds along with accident victims.
13. Neurosurgeons will ask for a CT scan in the morning , MRI in the evening and the patient dies on 3rd day due to excessive antibiotics, fluid over
load and poor supervision due to inadequate staffs.
14. General surgery cases will have x-ray first day, ultra sound exam. On 2nd or 3rd day, barium on 4th day and CT scan on 5th day and by that time patients
Will go in to septicemia and on 10th day the patient dies with a pending bill of 16 thousand rupees.
15. The director of medical service will be a non medical man by 2012.( it’s a dummy already)
16. Doctor’s will be frequently man handled.
17. Patients will come for investigations only but they will be treated by outside doctors.
18. For every thing one has to pay bribe from admission to discharge, to bus pass to referral, reimbursement bills to investigations.
19. There will be very few young doctors left, as there will be no good teacher to teach them or guide them.
20. Seminars and annual functions will be very frequent.( As doctors love to eat free meals)
21. Due to out sourcing and poor administration there will be frequent strikes and disturbances.
22. As the local people (mostly ex- employees) have no other alternatives (free treatment) they will continue to come to IGH.
23. The hospital will continue to run with huge loss of revenue but will not be closed down or privatized due to kick backs on purchase of medicines and
equipments to higher Authorities at Delhi and Rourkela.
24. 60% of doctors will be lady doctors whose husbands will be in higher post at Delhi or Bhubaneswar or from reservation quota.
25. Ultimately by 2020 the hospital will be closed and handed over to a private agency. (Under priced)
26. Due to ego clash of doctors, outsiders will take advantage and more adverse news in the media.(already started)
27. Better nurses and doctors will go abroad, next lot preference will be medical colleges, 3rd choice private hospitals and last ones(L1) Public sectors
like Railways, Steel authority, Coal India etc, those few good ones who join are due to parental pressure, working wife and other handicaps.
28. Doctors are second grade officers in SAIL and they are ruled by graduates without any credentials from personnel department.
29. Equipments whether required or not are purchased on behest of high officials and ministers.
30. Not a single SAIL hospital is a referral centre of another SAIL hospital. (what a pity)
This much for now, friends


But the positive hypocrites will say--- by 2010 IGH will be the best in India!! HA-HA-HA

Dr sanjoy kumar Satpathy, B/188 sector18 Rourkela 769003(4th Nov 2006) Posted by Picasa