26 December 2006

Khira Choraa Gopinath Temple, Remuna


This temple of Lord Srikrishna is situated some 12 kilometers from Balasore town.A very old and famous temple it attracts lots of tourist from Bengal every year.It seems Sri Chitanya also visited this temple for the blessings of LORD SRIKRISHNA. You can enjoy the famous RABDI for rupees ten and lunch for rupees 20 only. Lots of bus ply from BALASORE to this place or you can take a taxi. Posted by Picasa

25 December 2006


It’s a pity that most of my people have not seen these spots in scenic Orissa. People go to Andaman because they can take LTC and fly in aeroplane and make their family members also fly but more beautiful places are there in Orissa. Anybody enjoying fresh air and pin-drop silence and wants to remain away from madding crowd of city I recommend this the place called Devkund, some 90 klm from Balasore. Its simply a is simply heaven. But one has to trek through forest roads .
The best time to visit Devikund is winter months. If you are lucky you may spot some wild animals on the way but if you are a heart patient or have osteoarthritis, you may not enjoy.
Dr. Sanjoy K Satpathy. Posted by Picasa


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A picture from Devikund some 70 kms away from Balasore in my state Orissa Posted by Picasa


This is a picture from Devikund some 70 kms away from Balasore in my state Orissa Posted by Picasa

10 December 2006


The other day I was going through an article “biotech will change the face of medicine”.

Say by 2020 the scenario will be a baby discharged from a hospital after birth will be handed over the discharge paper on a digital pen to the parents. No, it’s not a video game or a free gift from hospital it will be total delivery process plus the detail genetic codes of the baby which will be useful for treatment of different diseases by doctors in future.

Alas” in India for centuries we had CD disc in form of dried palm leaves with all genetic details, future of the child est.’s what’s new about Biotech?? We had the science and it died a natural death because our people could not understand it due to caste bias as these CD’ were under the monopoly of Brahmins. There were no computers but exact time and date were forecast for natural calamities, solar and lunar eclipse.

Now coming to Biotech, if we have a defective product we have two options, destroy it or repair it. Like wise nature have its own laws. The defective ones are rejected i.e. Abortions, IUDs, natural death at young age. But our brainy human being does the reverse. They destroy the normal ones by abortions but allow the defective ones to survive so that a huge business in the name of Biotech survives. If you observe billions of dollars is spent onBiotech.Is it really going to change the human life??A person who rarely survive after a transplant or by other means of technology only benefit the medical fraternity and that individual lives at a huge burden and cost to the society.

We have plenty of problems globally all men made but no body is concerned about it for example a Boeing leaves around two tons of carbon dioxide at a height of 30000 feet which is likely to remain there for all most a century. The ozone layer is getting thinner very fast and the there is global rise of temperature.

More people die of accidents, burns, war injuries, terrorism, floods, famine but we are spending billions to correct or repair defective Genes.What a double standard! India used to export grains before Biotech but now we import grains from Australia and China!! Every one of us are moving fast to wards our grave where gene modification is not going to save man kind with this lop sided financial wastage.

Living a borrowed life with graft or a pace maker or a bypass is no credit. The Biotech and modification of genes in food substance and human body may result in genetic mutations and more malignant cells transformation in food grain and human bodies.

Let’s save the life of young people, control of more of non communicable diseases, accidents prevention, reducing suicides deaths, stress, heart diseases and premature death due to infections by vaccinations.

First before we go to bed to sleep on the bed let’s first make the room is safe for sleeping then only we can use costly beds, bed sheets, air conditioners. Because if the roof is defective then there is danger of collapse so no amount of costly bed sheets or mattress is going to save us. So the room has to be clean and safe for habitation.. So lets’ make this world a safe place to live then we go for Bio teach.. Yes use costly A/C, curtains, bed sheets but also see that the roof does not fall on you.

Writer of this piece is Dr.Sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188 sector18 Rourkela 769003,India.

08 December 2006

What is common between CADS and AIDS??

CADS (coronary artery disease syndrome)
AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)

Foolish question isn’t it? One is due to a virus where as the other one is due to multiple causes of which fat deposit in the heart and arteries is a major contributing factor. No sir both has very close similarity.

AIDS is a disease of modern society where sexuality is the front runner for immorality. This virus does not spread by air or by water but through sexual contacts. Then you may say what about blood transfusion and needle pricks? With the present check on blood and disposable needles and syringes HIV transmission chance is very less by this method. I say as is your society so is your blood bank your. If your society is corrupt and immoral than that will be reflected in your blood bank. So why to blame the poor medical faculty for that?

The rampant use of drugs, polygamy, homosexuality, bestiality sex for money all these have compounded problems of HIV and AIDS. In stead of prevention, scientists are spending their time on drugs. Globally millions of dollars are spent for research but more than 25 years have passed we don’t have a cure for AIDS. Recently the AIDS awareness programme which was held at Mumbai showed young ladies with bare minimum cloths. Tell me how this awareness programme is going to help? If you look at AIDS and HIV it’s a man made problem. Think on one hand we preach to have sex but safe sex ,how come ?The condom use over the last 25 years have not helped, will it really help? Sex is like putting your hand in side a hole—you never know a snake may be there or a frog or a mouse or a crab or may be nothing. if you want to take a risk do it -- it’s your problem.

Now coming to CADS?(coronary artery disease syndrome)

A healthy heart is vital for living life to full regardless of age and gender. The fatty and rich diet has crept in to the developing nations in the form of cola and Macdonald culture which result in long run to the development of CAD, the most common cause of death in the third to fifth decade of life. Yet knowing the bad effects of food on health the medical faculty is interested in poly drug therapy, stents, lipid lowering drugs and bypass etcs. Here is the similarity between CADS and AIDS, asking people to use condom and have all types of abnormal sex ,take junk food and use statins., because the later is a multibillion dollar business. What double standard!!

Two things are the root cause of modern health problems as they are difficult to control. One is food and alcohol the other one is sexual desire. If one can have control over both then he will need bare minimum medicines to lead a healthy life. Let’s not spoil our destiny with sex and sizzlers as fifty percent of it is in our hands and the rest is with almighty.

Writer of this article is faculty for AIDS, joint director of medical services steel authority of India.

Dr. .Sanjoy kumar satpathyB/188 sector 18 rourkela,769003,India

04 December 2006


She is a force she is a strength

She is the love she is the hope

She is a lady of the house

A dedicated house wife

She never confronts

As she never says no

She consoles she with holds

Work untiringly and unassumingly

Work and work day in and day out

If a house wife she is the lady

A rare breed in present contest

As they work in office six to ten

Children love her as the husband work

House is her forte as she is the security

She is the cook she is the guard

But never utters a word

She loves to cook as the children

Love her hand made food

She is now forty but looks twenty

As her work has kept her trim and slim


From time immemorial lady is a great force for all creation be it a child, poetry, story, novel, scientists, players, artists, painters etc. she maybe his mother or sister or wife , who ever takes care of the house front(if he has a home) so that the person devotes most of his time for his creative work.

From 18th century till now if one analyses he will find out in most of the cases what I have told above is true. Now all women like to stay out of house just to return to take some food and sleep. The house is neglected, when children return from school or college they have to open the main door as no one else is at home to greet them with a smile. The small, children are left with servants (mostly in India) as they are available cheaply or sent to pre nursery schools. House wife is a rarity in the present society, they are looked down up on by working ladies as if they are good for nothing.

But let me tell you to become a good house wife needs tremendous strength(mental) and patience. Most of the successful people of Indian society had a dedicated mother who was a house wife. Britain still have plenty of house wife who are highly qualified but don’t like to work. Ladies when they snatch away the job of a male person as that unemployed onehe can spoil the society as it’s happening now. There are rampant extramarital affairs going on in the name of office work .That does not mean woman should not work, they should and must work but which type is a tough one.
MK Gandhi told ladies should be educated not to work in office and rub shoulders with male collogues but to rear up a good family and produce a healthy society.

In India most of the youth are without a job as a result of which they are playing in to hands of politicians and mafias. Every other day a bus or a train is burned in India. Even the assembly and parliament offices are ransacked as these unemployed youth are paid for it. If Government reduces the salary of all those who are employed and employ the youth then most of the problems in India can be reduced. There are lots of salary disparity in India as people working graduate for 20 years are getting the same salary as that of a freshly passed out graduate. Cricketers get crores for doing nothing except in playing, where as the team loses in every match. Same about actor and actresses, they are paid more than they deserve There should be a ceiling for salary or payment for every job, please don’t compare with USA or Japan.

All these factors like more woman working, males are unemployed, the criminals are roaming around, disparity in pay scale(after multinationals have come to India ).The time is running out ,unless we do some thing the country will be ruined. Let’s stop unnecessary defense expenditure (mostly benefit the third party)and employ more young people in constructive work .


Dr. sanjoy kumar satpathy,B/188 sector 18,Rourkela,India, 769003