23 December 2007

Red and White

Sanjoy is fond of Dogs.Here are his two German Spitz Fiza and Snowy resting on a red blanket on a cold winter morning.December months at Rourkela are very pleasant with Temperature dropping to six to eight degree celcius.

Migrating Birds

Around 1971-72 these birds were spotted on the electric wires of the old town of Rourkela,India. They were believed to be the messenger of peace and harmony as they occupied their first place near a Mosque.No one dared to hurt them.Over the years they have multiplied in millions and some of them have made Rourkela as their home.I Do not know from where they have come,it's up the bird watchers to investigate and enlighten us.Here are two photograph of those birds taken by sanjoy with hisCanonA560 recently on a cold December morning.

16 December 2007

Nainital lake

One of the tourist favorite spots of North India.If you come at proper time you can play with snow.Must stay for a couple of days to enjoy the nature's beauty.Bring children for a boat ride in the clear waters of the Nainital lake.

Cuttack city

This narrow lane of the Cuttack city with so many different types of vehicles on road is an unique site for foreigners.One can notice dangerously hanging over head electric wires.Cuttack is famous for silver filigree work.


This village pond is like so many in Mayurbhanj
district of Orissa are in ruins due to deforestation
and poor maintenance .Once up a time royal Bengal tigers
used to terrorize people and drink water from this pond at night.Now one can't locate a forest they have been replaced by barren lands.


There are plenty of Buddhist temple and Buddhist at Thailand but they are mostly non vegetarian.A nice place for tourist but do not make the mistake of riding a taxi in Bangkok as they move very slowly and you pay for it.

15 December 2007

Mass Contact meeting


In 2003-4 a short stature engineer occupied the seat of Rourkela steel plant as Managing Director (MD). He was rather dumped there as no one dared to join this union dominated, loss making oldest steel plant of India. He fought tooth and nail and brought the union people to his feet.
He was a brave little man who transformed the work culture of this integrated steel plant. The problem started (long before he joined) when the plant was renovated with millions of rupees. The beneficiaries were politicians, bureaucrats and some business houses.

People used to go for duty with Hawaii slippers, spending more time in gossips and reading news paper than producing steel. He made workers and officers wear helmets while working and driving two wheelers. He brought discipline to the work culture of RSP. No late coming no early going.
With rise in steel price globally and China purchasing any steel products, there was a turn around in the steel industries in India so also in Rourkela Steel plant. This dynamic MD was an Oriya, so the other state people, ministers and union were trying their best to out state him but did not succeed.

He changed the scenario of the steel city and made it look like a hill station. During his time a new concept of meeting the workers started called “MASS CONTACT MEETING” which was held every Wednesday. He thought (misconception) he changed the steel industry of Rourkela but the turn around was due to modernization, rise in steel price, and sale of steel and help of China to purchase any steel product from India. Of course he had contributed but there was more hype than substance.
But due to his ego problem and a group of officers (Chamchas) this meeting later on turned out to be a “Raj Durbar” type of show piece akin to the by gone days of Muslim kings.

The mass contact meeting turned out to be MASS COMPLAINT meeting. People started asking Union motivated question to settle old scores and pull down the legs of docile officers and departments. The Medical department was not liked by this MD for no reasons. People said he envied doctors and also the medical profession. He missed no chance to pull down the legs of the medical chief and the senior doctors in large gathering. On his last day in office he offended the director in front of sweepers and hospital staffs in such a way that one will feel pity for the medical executives.
This mass contact meeting made routine procedures obsolete. For petty things workers started complaining against officers and The BOSS enjoyed it. Hundred of man hours were lost every week. The press got material to publish, the union settled old scores, the department of public relation, personnel department of RSP were kept busy so also all the Executive directors and senior officers of Rourkela steel plant{RSP}.
Even though the ex-MD has left, his legacy continues. As it happens in India we have no guts to stop useless meetings and seminars.
It’s a time pass for some and promotion prospects for others and “Chamcha giri” for the close ones. So it continues every Wednesdays at the RAJ-DARBAR OF Gopobandhu Auditorium of RSP.
If you happen to see how the officers walk-in to the hall behind the MD with gallery full, you need not have to watch “Mogul –e-Azam” picture to recapitulate Mogul empire of 16th century.
So the Chamchagiri continues on every Wednesdays and will continue till some MD with a different attitude would like to stop it.

You are invited to watch this “tamasha” on the next Wednesday. Hope you will enjoy.

Writer: Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

Barabati stadium

This one was one of the best ground for cricket in India where sanjoy started his playing career but of late due to poor maintenance it's not what it was in 70's.This is in Orissa. India.A very beautiful picturesque stadium called Barabati stadium.

14 December 2007

White chrysanthemum

These bunch of white chrysanthemum are
in full bloom at sanjoy's friend's garden.


This yellow chrysanthemum
is from sanjoy's garden.

wooden carving

This piece of a door has been kept as a souvenir by Sanjoy satpathy as he loved his grand father very much .This one is almost 100 years old and still looks fresh.The name of the sculpture is Bhola Nath satpathy.

Love birds

As the name suggest they really love each other very much.They rear up the small ones in rotation.But the male is not faithful to his wife.

12 December 2007

Indian temple

This temple has been built in the design of famous Tirupati temple of India.Unlike Indian temples this one is clean and well maintained.One can visit this place while coming back from the great Niagara falls.

08 December 2007

Magestic Niagara falls


This country dog "tommy" is aware of malaria problem in and around Rourkela.He believes in prevention is better way of saving money.

Life cycle of a note

Can you imagine a currency note going this far!! It was still in circulation when I kept it as a souvenir. It’s a two rupee note of India. See those multiple patch work to keep it in one piece. There is a saying “sab kuch chalta hai” in India.

Professor Basanta Kumar Satpathy

This old man of eighty wanted to lead an independent life of his own. The retired professor did not like to disturb his sons with his irritating habits and literary activities. He shifted to his old house which he along with his wife had built some forty years back. His wife was gone long back. He was a lonely man. He was fond of flowers so he had a flower garden. He was fond of dogs so he had one small dash hound for company. He was liked by his neighbors. He was active till died at the age of 82 years.
His name was Prof: Basanta Kumar Satpathy, an excellent orator, a professor of English liked by his students and faculty, famous Oriya writer and recipient of many awards. Dr.Sanjoy is his second son, who inherited his fathers’ gene to become a writer in Oriya short stories.

20 November 2007

Old age business

Business with old people

The medical men are very good business people. First they frighten people and then start telling them Greek and Latin about health. They make the old people live longer and kill the young ones by abortion or other means. Why they are interested in old people? If you ask them they will tell you that they are concerned about the senior citizens. Who are our senior citizens? Some good for nothing old people who are a burden to their family and they are parasites and living to eat only but not contributing any thing to society in form of social service or engaging people in some work and paying them handsomely. At ripe old age they do not want to part with money. The rest are the politicians. All these old people have money or their children or have mediclaim to pay for them. Hence our medical faculty is very much interested in them as they are very good raw material for our profession (business)
Let’s start from top.
Hair dye is a big business for the dye industry.Hairgrafting is another for plastic surgeons delight.
Dentist charge one lac, for tooth implantation. Other specialist charge for hearing aids, cataract surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypothyroid, cardiac, lungs (COPD), indigestion, acidity, gas formation, constipation, prostate problem, backache, joint problems, erectile problems, sleep disturbance, the list goes on and on.
So you can see from dental surgeon to orthopedic surgeon every one is having a good time due to old people living longer and longer.
Doctors are aware that with preventive medicines and mass vaccination programme less young people suffer from disease so if they can make old people live longer their business will flourish that is exactly what is happening al l over the world over .People with pace maker, bypass surgery, knee replacement, glaucoma, cataract surgery and prostate (TURP) have to pay heavy amount to the medical faculty as they live longer.

So doctors carry on your business no one can stop you for another 50years until young people start targeting old people.

19 November 2007

US open

US open is a very old tennis tournament started way back in 1881.From 1997 the new Arthur Ashe stadium became the centre court.This one has a capacity of 23000 people.At flashing medows there are 45 courts and 11 practice courts.Sanjoy watched the quarter final match in the year 2007,between Jokovic of Sarbia and Carlos Moya of spain.


A small town called Sundargarh, 100 kilometers from Rourkela Railway station, has many scenic spots including some beautiful Parks.Here are some of sanjoy's collection for you.


Dr.Sanjoy Satpathy was the chief guest on the annual day function of Nilasaila College of Rourkela.He is seen distributing prizes and the other photo shows his prizes for being the guest speaker in medical conference.

Natural Vs Artificial

These two photographs are in contrasting style.One is for late risers and the other (bottom) is for early birds.Early sun rise at Almora on the bottom and the top one is of sunset at Bangkok.One is natural, soothing, beautiful and exciting the other one is dull and artificial.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey:Captured withA560 canon camera of sanjoy satpathy, at Rourkela,Orissa ,India.A rare bird on view.It's a killer bird comes under family of eagles and owls.This bird kills it victim with it's shard and hard wings.Pigeons, sparrows and other smaller birds are its victim.

12 November 2007

Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty was presented by the people of France to the people of the United states in 1886 to honor the friendship between the two nations.Today it is recognised as a symbol of liberty throughout the world.Millions of people visit the statue each year.The statue is 151 feet tall,nearly 225 tons,copper over steel.Pedestral:89 feet tall, granite.Designer:Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi,born in France.

11 November 2007

United States Botanical Garden

The USBG(united states botanical garden) currently maitains about 12,000 accessions comprising more than 25,000 plants for exibition,study,conservation and exchange with other institutions.The plants includemedicinal,orchids,carnivorous,cacti and succulents, mid-Atlantic native plants and ferns.Historic specimens include some from1842 founding collection.George washington,Thomas jefferson and James Madisonshared the dream of this National mall way back in1820.

10 November 2007

SittingL to R(radhanath,bhabani,aprajeeta,jaiswal,director DNmohapatra,promod rath,sanjoy satpathy,susil,major Sahu,subash)
standing(Usha, Hemalata,JK,Mohan rao,Mohanty babu,Bsdash,Seth,Sanjoy acarya,Soren,Nanda,Uma devi and Mary bara.
All of them are specialist doctors in their respective fields.All of them were office bearers for the medical conferance, which was held at Rourkela

Malaria work shop

Sanjoy was one of the faculty members for the doctors from SARC countries on severe malaria.Sitting in the front row sanjoy with Director of health services and executive director Personnel department Rourkela steel plant.

Sanjoy with Sir Conard Hunt

This photograph was taken during sanjoy satpathy's cricket playing days.Sir Conard Hunt was the chief guest before a first class cricket match betwwen Assam and Orissa at Nowgong, Assam.

08 November 2007

happy dewali

longwood gardens

07 November 2007

sanjoy kayani

Niagara falls

24 October 2007

What is the purpose?

One old man had completed his medical check up with a doctor of his age. After the routine physical examination the doctor looked at the reports of his patient and smiled.
Patient: Doctor, how are my reports?
Doc: Excellent for your age.

Patient: How long will I live?
Doc: how old are you?

Patient: I have completed 65 years last week.
Doc: that’s very good, but why you want to know about your destiny?

Patient: I have enough money for another fifty years, that’s why.

Doc: Do you drink?
Patient: no, never.

Doc: that’s very good. Do you smoke?
Patient: no doctor, I hate the smell of smoke.

Doc: Do you gamble?
Patient: No never.

Doc: When did you have your last sexual activity?
Patient: Some 15 years back when my wife was alive.

Doc: Are you fond of girls or women?
Patient: No doctor I treat them like my mother and sisters.

Doc: So Mr. Mohapatra, you don’t drink, you don’t like sex, you hate smoking, you never gamble but you like to live long, isn’t it? And you are not doing any thing except reading news paper and watching TV!!No public service too.

Patient: yes doctor you are very much right.

Doctor: Then you don’t deserve to live even for a moment on this earth. Never come to me again.
The moral of the story is live, live long enough but with a purpose for the mankind.

Stress and Health

This lecture was delivered to members of Utkal Snehi Mahila Samity on the occasion of World Helath Day on 7th April 2007 and later Sanjoy was invited to deliver it to senior executives of Rourkela, Bokaro, Bhillai and Durgapur Steel Plants on 2nd November 2007. Excerpts from his lecture on Stress & Health

Stress Management

There is no absolute right way to manage stress. The best approach is to assess the specific situation, tailor the method to the particulars of the situation, and then monitor its effectiveness. Stress management is directed at one or more of the five interacting components involved in the stress process: 1) demand, 2) awareness, 3) arousal, 4) capability, and 5) the negative consequences

Just like machines, human systems have limits and breaking points and require maintenance. If you are under increased pressure, push yourself hard and neglect the proper maintenance on yourself, you will also deteriorate and eventually have a breakdown. Your body will force you to stop and attend to it. If you neglect the maintenance in your marital relationship, your spouse will start giving you trouble; there will be a deterioration of the relationship and a breakdown in communication and goodwill. Don't push yourself so hard that you use up all your best and have nothing left for your spouse and family but fatigue, intolerance and irritability. Don't risk the loss of your personal relationships or the loss of your health. You must save some of your best for your loved ones and yours self.

Stress can be Harmful to Your Health

Inappropriately handled stress can be devastating. It lowers our resistance and makes us more vulnerable to illness and disease. The increased inner pressure can cause our health to deteriorate resulting in a variety of serious physical problems. Stress victims can become emotional cripples and physiologically old and run down long before their time. Stress can cause a loss of not only health, but also loss of jobs, loss of families, even loss of life.

Stress can be Harmful to Others

People under stress also make more mistakes, and these mistakes can cause others to be secondary victims to someone else's stress. I would not want to have surgery by a stressed surgeon or be cared for by a stressed nursing staff. Nor would I want to be a passenger on a plane maintained by a stressed maintenance crew or flown by a stressed pilot.

Physiological & Behavioral

Increased heart rate
Rise in blood pressure
Dryness of mouth & throat
Tightness of chest
Nausea, vomiting
Trembling, twitching
Grinding of teeth
Slumped posture
Pain, tightness in neck and back muscles
Urinary frequency
Missed menstrual cycle
Reduced interest in sex
Accidents and accident proneness
Altered food intake
Poor concentration
Disinterest in activities
Decreased involvement with others
Use of alcohol and drugs
Increased use Increased use of sarcasm
tendency to cry easily
Complaining, criticizing Tend


Angry outbursts
Emotional instability
Increased startle reaction
Decreased frustration tolerance


Poor judgment
Poor concentration
Reduced creativity
Less fantasizing
Errors in math and grammar
Inattention to details
Reduced productivity
Diminished problem solving


Expressed concerns about belief system.
Expressed concerns about relationship
with a clergy.
Separation from cultural and religious

How Stress in Your Life Can Add Up

1. Death of spouse: 100

2. Divorce: 73

3. Being fired at work: 47

4. Retirement: 45

5. Pregnancy: 40

6. Death of a close friend: 36

7. Loan: 31

8. Son or daughter leaving: 29

9. New house: 25

10. Eating habits: 15

Let's invest in health not on materialist world

A clear blue sky with traces of white clouds are seen on the evening of Rourkela sky.As the Durga puja festival approaches the sky clears up with heavy dew at night.Even though an industrial city the air pollution is very minimal ,thanks to stringent pollution control by steel authority.

लोंग्वूद Gardens

Longwood gardens is dedicated to preserving the spirit and beauty of the early 20th century gardens of PierreS.du Pont. Longwood's history dates from 1700 when the property was sold to the Peirce family by fellow Quake William Penn.In 1906, Pierre S.du Pont brought the property to preserve the trees.This unparreled beauty and grandure of Longwood Garden's spanning over 1050 acres of land in the historic Brandy Valley is open to public 365 days a year.

The entrance fee is $16 per person, which is quite costly even in US standard. Our Brundaban gardens of Mysore is in no way inferior to this, except the over crowding.

sanjoy satpathy

लोंग्वूद Gardens

Longwood gardens is dedicated to preserving the spirit and beauty of the early 20th century gardens of PierreS.du Pont. Longwood's history dates from 1700 when the property was sold to the Peirce family by fellow Quake William Penn.In 1906, Pierre S.du Pont brought the property to preserve the trees.This unparreled beauty and grandure of Longwood Garden's spanning over 1050 acres of land in the historic Brandy Valley is open to public 365 days a year.

The entrance fee is $16 per person, which is quite costly even in US standard. Our Brundaban gardens of Mysore is in no way inferior to this, except the over crowding.

sanjoy satpathy