20 January 2007

Winter Flowers

Dear viewers ,
Nothing like a beautiful flower, they add colour to this beautiful world. They too are GOD"S creation we must know how to love them and preserve them. These flowers are from Sanjoy's garden which is being groomed and looked after by Mrs. Kalyani and her gardener Nissi Nag.The later lost his young daughter of 17 years a year back but still he lives on and looks after these beautiful flowers and vegetables in Mrs. Kalyani’s garden like his own children. He works selflessly round the year with a very meager salary. His first cup of morning tea is served by his master Dr. Sanjoy Satpathy, a joint director of IGH under steel authority of India. Such is their bondage between the master and the servant that they together work to rear the vegetables and flowers although the year thick and thin.
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