28 February 2007

Mango Fiasco

The mango season was fast receding at Rourkela, a city in eastern part of India where the choicest mangoes from north India is available from May to July. Swagat is very fond of mangoes but enjoy it most if it’s not from my his own pocket. He was given an ultimatum by his wife to bring “Chossa” mango or else things will take an ugly turn in the home front. “Chossa” being the costliest mango during that time, Swagat used to make some plea like better quality mango will come after 2 days or Neelom mango is only available or the market was closed as that was the last Friday of the month and so on and so forth so that he gets the excuse from his wife.

But this time there was no escape -he has to bring the mango of “her” choice .The lady of the house had enough information about the market position of mangoes. Due to distance factor she could not go to the market of her own.

While coming from the office our officer Swagat went to his known shopkeeper Laxman who supposed to be selling mango at a reduced price especially to him but infect he was charging more than others. Swagat is a peculiar character in the sense that he feels heaviness in chest when he goes to bring money from bank or spends money.
When he asked “Laxman” what is the price?
“Sixty” for you sir!
“Make it forty and give mango worth hundred.
“So it be”
The selected mangoes were weighed and packed in a polythene bag.
As Swagat put his hand on the back pocket the purse was gone. When he almost collapsed on the ground when some people came to his rescue and made him sit on a near by concrete bench marked by birds droppings. Swagat had the maximum money in his purse for the first time in life, the petrocard, payslips, newly acquired ATM card and the driving license.
Laxman asked a shocked Swagat “if he would call a taxi or he can go back home of his own?”

Swagat told that his pocket has been picked with very important documents and currency notes. He is not in a position to pay for the mangoes.

Laxman told “sir give it next time.”

With heavy heart Swagat went near the police station to lodge a FIR but there was no one to accept his complaint. So he came back home still sweating with a shrunken face. He was cursing himself for his negligence.

It was 2:30pm and by that time he would have been very hungry but the huge loss was a great shock for him. Brooding over the lost purse Swagat entered the house with the black polythene bag with the mangoes.
After removal of shoes he went straight to the bed room and laid down flat. His wife was puzzled by her husband’s behavior asked “is every thing ok?”
“Yes, yes” replied Swagat.
“Then why instead of asking for the lunch you have gone straight to the bed room?”
Swagat replied –am feeling dizzy, please give me a glass of cold water.
“That will spoil your appetite”
“Let it be, I don’t feel like eating”
“Is some thing wrong with you? Let’s go to hospital or I call your friend Dr.Parida?”
“Neither hospital nor a doctor could make me feel better except the time”.
Wife could smell that some thing is wrong with Swagat but could not make it out what it could be.

After half an hour Swagat left for his office and on the way took a chance to lodge the FIR but till then no one had tuned up in the police station except some hungry lockup youths were shouting for food.
Swagat finished his office work and it was time to go back home. Again he went to the police station for help. But he was asked by the I/C to prove that his purse has actually been picked then only they will accept the complaint. Another witness signature is also required for completion of the formalities. Swagat thought to him self with so much paper work and the uncertainty, it’s better to come next day with a friend known to these police people. He badly needed a certificate from police for the duplicate ATM ,driving licence & petrocard.
After parking his car in the garage he closed the gate when a smiling wife, with heavy makeup and a gorgeous sari greeted Swagat.
She broke the silence and said-
“Relax Swagat, why are you so tense?”
“You probably don’t know what ails me today?”
“Yes I know every thing”
“How come?”
After you left for the office a young boy came and handed over your purse with a letter written in Hindi, should I read it for you?”
“Yes”-replied Swagat.
The letter read like this “sir, sorry for the trouble, Munna picked your pocket near the car park. When he deposited the purse with me I saw your photograph and your home address, at once I asked the boy to return it to you. He did not know that you saved my life when I had brain malaria last year. Please inform me in future if there is any problem regarding theft or criminal threats to you to me in my mobile no 884564008.”

Swagat got so excited that he lifted his wife from the ground and told her “Criminals have also a heart”

Story by sanjoy kumar satpathy
B/188 sector 18.Rourkela, 769003

16 February 2007

Adity & Indira

Sri Aditya P Mohanty and Dr.Indira Patnaik are long time close friends of Sanjoy.

Random shots by Sanjoy-Winter Flowers

Random shots by Sanjoy-Winter Flowers

10 February 2007


This article is about how one man can and could fool the judiciary, oppossion party , the public and the press.
If you are traveling by train I mean Indian Railways then read this or else do some other thing and don’t waste your time on this article.
A number “2” means super fast in Indian railways. What is this super fast? These trains travel at an average speed of 50 kilometers per hour and takes seven to eight hours to cover 400 kilometers (provided it’s running in time).By affixing this Digit “2” railway surcharge you for super fast train and by that makes up the money which would have come from increasing the ticket price. The voters are happy so also the business analyst who never travels by train to comment, that this is a very good railway budget. Instead of 17 compartments now most of the trains have 23 to 25 .Same also true about goods train which instead of 35 have 40 wagons and the loading capacity has been increased to another 15% more. This is for you “how to earn more money from same product” probably that’s the reason why our railway minister was called to give a guest lecture to the new MBA students.
Due to heavy goods traffic load the tracks getting spoiled and are not well maintained as a result of which the so called super fast trains don’t run well at day time and stops in very small stations.The vendors get down before the train reaches a big station by pulling the chain as that saves time for them as their house is near by.
The number of trains are increased every third month to catch more votes, because we are a substandard country and people have no choice and those who should be traveling by train travel by plane. Due to lots concession to railway people, old people, army men, physically handicap and students concession the tree tire and two tire AC compartments are more crowed than the ordinary and tree tire non AC compartments. The food has become horribly bad, day time one has to bear with the daily passengers and hawkers.
My advice to those people who travel by train (Indian Railway)
1: Proceed one or two days early for important functions and meetings.
2. Winter months travel by non AC tree tire.
3. Take your own food and water.
4. Never ask your friend or your relatives to receive you or see you off at the stations.
5. Sleep as much as possible to spend your boring time.
6. Never read in train. (it spoils your eyes)
7. Never be friendly with your co passengers unless you know them.
8. Never accept cold drinks or tea or coffee from your co passengers.
9. Take care of your luggage.
10. Never ask the TT to wake you up at your destination station. He may wake you up 2 hours too early or may not wake you up at all as he had got down before your destination station.
11. If you are above 50 years of age engage one licensed porter or you land up in ICU for saving few rupees, because in the last moment your platform number may change from one to three or five and you have to run with your luggage. The other problem is the AC compartment may be in the rear or in the front. Imagine out of 25 to 27 compartments you have to select yours within 2 or 5 minutes unless it’s the starting station.
12. Never take sleeping pills while traveling in Indian railways unless you are a Railway minister or a VIP with lots of chamcha to take care of you or your luggage.
13.All said and done never criticize Indian Railways, people are there to tell you --this is the largest net work in the world, --maximum people travel every day which is the equal to the population of European countries. It’s a mystery how accidents don’t occur every day and so less number of people die due to railway accidents in India. If you have the time and you are traveling in groups and have enough food stock in your hands, Indian Railways is the best mode of transport in India.

This essay was written by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy who had bitter experience in traveling in trains recently with the digit “2”.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
B/188 sector 18 Rourkela, India.769003

07 February 2007

This photo is that of Dr. sanjoy satpathy who fancied this mustache for a change. He looks more like a truck driver than a doctor.

This small girl has taken her lunch and her mother has left her with a pot of water and a goat to take care. From the shadow you can make out it must be around 12 o’clock of the day. Your children need AC to sleep but see this girl is fast asleep under the natural protection of the tree from the hot sun.

Sanjoy in Korba

Sanjoy at Korba NTPC hospital, on 27th & 28th Jan 2007 .