23 March 2007

The Temple City

They call it capital city
Some call it Temple city
No sparrows but dust, dust and dust
No music of birds but car horns.
Roads are congested
As the mafia rule the place
A highly polluted city
As dozens of vehicles
Are added every hour.
The trees are gone and the
Subsoil water is sucked dry
A place of violence
As the police takes care of VIPS
As the common man suffers.
Still they call it a temple city
The old temples are in ruins
The new ones are built every other day
The land bill is on paper
So also the water bill
Bureaucracy rule the state
Still they call it a temple city.
Animals are slaughtered by the side of roads

As the people have craving for cruelty
The weather is humid and no human being
Can thrive without the shades of the trees
But where are the trees ? and where are the birds?
Still we call it the city of temples.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

17 March 2007

My view on the "Last Photo"

When some VIPs or a known person dies in his or her eighties usually the news papers publish a photograph of that person with flowers all around his body, two white cotton plugs in the nostrils and many times a bandage to get hold of the jaws. This often gives a very nauseating image of the person who has left for the heavenly abode to the people who know him or don’t know him or her. When Ms.Nandini Satpathy and Prof.M.S.Khadanga two of the famous personalities of Orissa expired, the Oriya papers carried photographs which no well wisher of these personalities would like to see.

On the contrary, a famous actor who died recently in USA , the photograph which was carried by Indian news papers was from a time when was forty or fifty years old and not when he was on his way to the burial ground or his body lied in State for the public. I would request the Media to keep a good photographs of all famous people in their respective fields and publish it in case of sad demise , instead of that horrifying mummy like photograph where every one looks alike.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

B/188 sector 18,Rourkela.