21 April 2007

Our selfishness

The new ones are not allowed to come to earth by way of abortion or causing death to new born by injecting benzene on the brain (china they kill the 2nd child by this cruel way) allow the diseased and invalids to eat away the revenue and food from healthy people. Even though I am a doctor my personnel opinion is defective people/ child /human being has no right to live (nature’s law, not mine).

I will first discuss the individual then social problems.

Due to too much of education children are no more enjoying their childhood, which is vital for growth. When we talk of education it means, the child/ young person after completion his or her education should be well equipped to tackle the stress and strains of life. Reading only will not help. One has to be a complete person, useful to self, family, society and the country. Does present education system produce such students? NO. We only produce Roberts who can serve as slaves in other countries.

In Rourkela elderly people whom I meet in hundreds in a week tell me their pathos of life. How lonely they feel at times, waiting for sons or daughter to come say once in 2 or 3 years for a week or so. Some of the executives have plenty of money but no children with them as they are grown up or married and settled some where in Bangalore or Mumbai. They cannot eat due to heart /blood pressure or cholesterol problems. People say it takes hell of a job to make a child become a man, if so how students from very low socioeconomic class families from Bhadrak Or Jagatsingpur get IAS/IFS?? If Zidan can have 4 sons, Blair 4 sons, Agasi every year one, a big list why can’t Aditya or Surjit.

They will enjoy life, because in their old age at least one will be with them. Don’t make them over qualified they will run away from you. Imagine if you would have gone for family planning after first child? The situation in Orissa is like any other educated family.

In my opinion if some one has money or resources should produce 4 children 2 for family and2 for the country. World health organization says family planning in India is a total failure. Muslims are getting married at will and producing children all over the world.( see the result in cricket,5 Muslims in Indian team,2 in African team, 2 in England team, and more will play in years to come.

With small family parents are stressed, children are stressed, more of suicide, sex scandal, and more depressions in the society. In my opinion only one member husband or wife can work or both the salaries will be added to the husbands or wife’s salary for tax purpose. In teaching job only 15 % can be lady teacher in a school or college. Hospitals should follow similar 15% rule. Our hospital now has a problem due to too many lady doctors. They will not work in emergency department, plant medical unit; surgery department etc. night duty distribution becomes a problem.

Summarizing my topic on population control: lets’ allow the diseased and invalids to die( where no chance of recovery)allow more young and fit children to come to Indian soil compulsory military training/ NCC/ games or else no citizenship certificate. For going out of India pay 25 lacs as token money, if does not returned in 2 years the money goes to the school where he or she studied. Unless we follow certain guidelines we will have a society full of AKASIA trees which will ruin the country in few years.

This bizarre thought needs some refining which will be done if you agree to.

Sanjoy satpathy

29th july,2006.

16 April 2007

This is Life

1.A eight week child, full of life,every thing new,beautiful soft skin,dark hairs,life full of dreams,exciting time ahead,play, studies, travelling, friends,heros,heroines,cinema,every moment is exciting,friends,girls,foreign land.Sky is the limit.

2.Waiting for the ultimate trouth of life,no exciting moments, only pathos and sorrows.Every one including the near ones want him to go so thsat they can go back to their routine life.80 years of life.His time is up.

3.Watch carefully a honey bee is care free not worried about any thing except collecting honey from flowers to flowers.He is enjoying every moment of his life.

friends the trouth of life is death.Do enjoy every moment of 24 hours.It's not refundable.Utilise it for some thing good for the man kind.

sanjoy on good friday.

04 April 2007


Oh Lord! Grant me

The heart of Mother Teresa

The tolerance power of Nelson Mandela

The speaking power of Swami Vivekananda

The brain power of Bill Gates

The greatness of Alexander

And the toughness of Sadam Hussein

The agility of Carl Lewis

And the swiftness of Bruce Lee

The Eyes and vigor of Roger Moore

The figure of Sylvester Stallion

And the sudden death of John.F.Kennedy

Oh Lord - grant me all these as it costs you nothing.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

B/188 sector 18