28 May 2007

Wonder land

A short story by Sanjoy for kids.

There was a small little girl called Mithi, she was like a fairy doll, white, sweet with big eyes and long hairs. She was in a nursery school called Wonder Land.

One day while she was playing with her friends in the huge school park she fell in to a ditch. She went on shouting for help but no one could listen to her voice as there was some noise due to construction work in the school premise. As time went bye she became nervous and started crying but no help came to her. The school was closed and all the teachers and students left for their home.

The evening was fast approaching; she could hear the roar of lions and tigers from the Mars circus, which had come to the city a few days back. Mithi cried and cried got exhausted due to sweating and went in to sleep on the dried leaves.

Her sleep was disturbed by two beautiful little fairy.

She was asked to ride the huge horse with wings by the fairy girls. Mithi was very excited and happy to see a white horse with wings. The fairy put her magic wand over Mithi and she became beautiful lady with white gown and a diamond studded crown dazzling in the moon light.

Fairy asked “what she wanted’?

Mithi said “ I want to meet my father, have not seen him for years”

With in minutes all three of them vanished in to the thin air.

From the sky Mithi was shown how the world looks like at night.

She asked the fairy “how long it will take to reach her father’s laboratory’?

“Another three days” was the reply.

“But I am hungry, how could I remain without food for so long.?”

The magic wand did the trick as she felt fresh and the hunger was gone.

The fairy told Mithi – actually our three days are your thirty days on earth. We live for three hundred years and your father too will live for long and would come back to attend your marriage.”

Mithi was very much excited about the prospect of meeting her father whom she fondly called “PAPPAJEE.”She was missing her mother and elder sister Sradha.

After flying in the colored clouds and mountains the flying horse “Sumitra” reached Mithi’s father’s laboratory.

Her father could not recognize her as she has become a beautiful lady of eighteen years. But when Mithi called “ PAPAJEE” He said “ it’s a very familiar voice.”

The fairy introduced Mithi and said “because she has become a grown up lady it was difficult for him to recognize his own daughter.”

The fairy showed him the necklace which he had presented her during her birth day.The necklace has become tight in her neck as she grew up.

He hugged her daughter, as tears of joy rolled on the check of both father and daughter .Her father has grown old with white hairs and white beards.

When Mithi asked “why he did not come to Bhubaneswar”

His father said “he was busy in laboratory work and once his work is finished he would come back to Ashok Nagar.He has invented a tree which will connect Bhubaneswar with his laboratory so that when ever Sradha or Mithi or her mother wanted could come to him.”

In the mean while the fairy and the horse had vanished.

There were huge trees with chocolates and ice-cream. It was very cold out side.

His father took her out to a ground where a foot ball match was going on between lions and tigers. The referee was an elephant and lines men were monkeys. Mithi was so excited hardly she could talk with her father. She was only looking at his face and smiling.

Mithi asked her father “if she could eat some ice cream from the nearby tree.”

Her father told “as much as you like.”

Mithi was jumping with joy, as she had to tell her Papajee about so many things that she could hardly talk.

Her father told that “now it will not be possible for him to go to Bhubaneswar as his project work is incomplete.”

They went around the laboratory and saw funny things like cows eating ice-cream and chocolates along with tigers and deer.

After some time the fairy who had brought Mithi to his father told her that -she can stay as long as she wished, as her school has closed for the summer.

Mithi and her father spent hours and days talking about Ashok nagar house, Baby mausi, Spandan, Maa, Bulbul nana, Priyanka nani,Mamun,mamu and maien.

Days passed off and it was time for Mithi to return home. This time another Fairy took her on a large golden eagle. She was asking her Papajee to come soon so that they will have her birth day celebration in a grand manner. Her father promised to come as soon as his work is finished.

This time it took only hours to reach Ashok nagar. The Fairy dropped her near her house with bagful of gifts from the fairyland and her father.

When Mithi’s mother asked - “what is the matter, where were you all these days?”

Mithi with a broad smile said- “ Mama- mama- I met Papajee, he has promised me to come soon. “

Written on the birth day of Mithi by

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

B/188sector 18


26 May 2007

The fatal attraction-A short story by Sanjoy

He was a college blue both in cricket, foot ball and an excellent athlete. To aid to all these he was very good in studies and was fair and handsome. He was made an honorary member of a famous club of the Cuttack city called Rising Star. A fast bowler whom bats man did not like to face in nets and used to take wickets in dozens in matches. His name was Santayana.

The captain of the cricket team of Rising star Dr.Ansari was very fond of this young chap. On winning the converted trophy in inter district cricket tournament Mr. Fast bowler was called for a dinner at his home by Dr.ansari.

There he met the daughter of the doctor. She was extremely beautiful and fair.Both looked at each other and there was pin drop silence for few seconds when captain intervened and introduce them to each other. Her name was Zahida.

Doctor and Santayana talked about sports and cricket to which Zahida shared her views and expressed her desire to watch a cricket match. The Dinner was a typical Hyderabadi type which was liked very much by Mr. Fast. When Dr Ansari disclosed that all the items were cooked by her daughter there was a big laughter from Santayana. .

Don't tell me that she can cook.

Why? Asked, Dr Ansari.

Beautiful girls can never cook tasty food was the cool answer from Santayana.

Zahida blushed and went in side to bring Gajarka Halwa.

The meeting between Zahida and Santayana became more frequent. There was no objection from Dr Ansari as she was his only child and his wife was dead long ago and she was feeling very lonely in side that palatial building as the doctor took care of his patients in his nursing home.

Santayana came from a staunch Brahmin family and the writing was visible on the wall but love is blind as the saying goes. Things went ahead unplanned. Father of Mr Fast came to know about this love affair from a post card written to him by some unknown well wisher?

He along with his father came to Cuttack to meet the youth and sort out the problem as he was the only son of his parents. No amount of coaxing and advice could change the decision of Mr.Santayana and he was bent up on doing what ever it may come on his way.

Both father and Grand father of Mr.fast met Dr.Ansari and told him that they don't want any riot or communal problem in the city for their son.

Dr.Ansari told that he too was aware of the problems which lay ahead but he can't say no to his beloved daughter.

Sanatayana and Zahida too understood the gravity of the situation, they did not want to hurt the feelings of anyone but also were not ready to sacrifice their love for each other. Some time went by and attempts were made to make the girl and the boy change their minds but nothing worked. Finally it was Dr Ansari who could no longer bear the plight of his daughter agreed to her marriage with a hindu boy. His decision shocked the entire muslim community but his decision was firm. He also met Santayana's parents and tried to persuade them to support their children. When they realized that they had no choice, quite reluctantly they too gave their consent for the wedding.

It was an unusual event where mantras were chanted according to Hindu rites and 'nikaah' was performed according to muslim beliefs. Lot of people boycotted the wedding and those who were present were also quite apprehensive about the whole affair.

Finally Zahida arrived as a daughter-in-law to Santayana's family where she was not welcomed with open arms. She was an intelligent girl who was aware of the fact that she had to win many hearts in order to be fully accepted by her newly acquired family. She knew that she had to put her past behind her and take up the challenge that was ahead of her. Slowly she started to learn all the customs and rituals of Santayana's family. Unfortunately no one was appreciative of her efforts, they found ways to find faults with her but she didn't loose heart. Even when her husband who could not take any more humiliation for his wife tried to make his elders understand, she did not allow him to take her side, she rather asked him to remain quiet. She explained to him that it was her battle which she wanted to win on her own and he need not worry. Dr. Ansari was also concerned about his daughter's new life but determined Zahida assured him too that she was fine and happy.

Santayana now started to concentrate on the game of 'cricket' which he had ignored in the past due to his marriage and the complications attached to it. He realized that in Zahida he had found the love of his life but he had also lost the love and affection of the people who supported him. They saw an upcoming 'star performer' in him who would one day make them proud and bring glory to the state of Orissa. He made up his mind to get them all back and more. He started spending more and more time practicing at the nets. Ignoring all the criticism he kept delivering good performances, the batsmen dreaded him as his hunger for wickets seemed endless. Slowly his true fans who loved him for his game started to forget all about his inter-religion marriage. On the home front Zahida too started meeting with small successes, her in-laws had started to open up towards her non-retaliatory action and pleasant smile.

Finally the day that changed the lives of these two youngsters arrived, the news was everywhere, it was the only thing people were talking about since the 'hindu-muslim' wedding. Santayana was chosen for the National cricket team, his hard work and perseverance had paid off. At home everyone was rejoicing and in no time the same Zahida who was considered 'ill fated' became 'lucky' for the family.

It was tough and seemed unachievable but ultimately both Santayana and Zahida emerged victorious at their individual fronts. They set an example for a lot of people in love who come from extremely different environments and want to end up together. Most of them do not look beyond themselves but Santayana and Zahida did not stop even after getting together. They bravely took up the challenge of mending what they had broken – the trust and love of friends and family and of course 'fans'.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,B/188 sector 18 Rourkela3

22 May 2007

Bikram Plaza

His name was Bikram

His mother fondly called him Lala
He came after twelve years

to become neighbor’s envy but mother
As years rolled on Lala became taller

and taller until the scale stopped at
His name was Lala

who brought gala to the house of Mala
He was hunted like a wild boar by God

as he never believed in God
Gave him mental illness

he fought it out with stainless hands

He gave him fibro sarcoma

he fought it out with his Mama Booma

His father carried and his mother cried

as he could move no more

Lala could walk no more

as he became numb below waist

Snow white Nike were of

no more as he could walk

He was lying in bed looking

at the sky listening to walkman

Mother’s heart melted as

she could stand no more as God loved Bikram

He is no more the house is empty

but his huge image hangs at the corridor

My Lala hi Lala

Come back to your mother

She waits in rain

but her waiting is in vain

Bikram Hi Bikram .

Come back to your mother as she waits in your plaza

Written on the birth anniversary of BIKRAM PANIGRAHI which falls in the colder months of the year” December”

By his mamu Dr.sanjoy kumar satpathyB/188 sector18 rourkela.769003,India

21 May 2007


Vedavyas. A tourist spot about 12 kilometers from

Rourkela steel city. A fortnight long Mela is the main

attraction during Siva Ratri time. This photograph shows

the river Brahamani which is formed by the union of river


19 May 2007

Criminals Too Have A Heart

The mango season was fast receding in Rourkela, a city in the eastern part of India where the choicest mangoes from north India are available from May to July. Swagat was very fond of mangoes but relished it most if it was bought from someone else’s pocket. He was given an ultimatum by his wife to bring “Chossa” mango or else things will take an ugly turn on the home front.

“Chossa” being the costliest mango during that time, Swagat used to make some plea like better quality mangoes will come after 2 days or only Neelam mango is available or the market was closed as that was the last Friday of the month and so on and so forth.

But this time there was no escape -he had to bring the mango of “her” choice. The lady of the house had enough information about the market position of mangoes. Due to distance factor she could not go to the market on her own.

While coming from the office our officer Swagat went to his known shopkeeper Laxman who was supposed to be selling mangoes at a reduced price especially to him but infact he was charging more than others. Swagat was a peculiar character in the sense that he felt heaviness in the chest when he went to bring money from the bank or when he used to spend money.

When he asked Laxman about the rate?

“Sixty for you sir!” he replied.

“Make it forty and give mangoes worth hundred.

“So be it,” he said. Then he selected the mangoes, weighed and packed them in a polythene bag.

As Swagat put his hand into his pocket he discovered that his wallet was missing. When he almost collapsed on the ground, people came to his rescue and made him sit on a near by concrete bench marked by bird droppings. Swagat had the maximum money in his purse for the first time in life, the petrocard, pay slips, newly acquired ATM card and the driving license.

Laxman asked a shocked Swagat if he would call a taxi or would he be able to go back home on his own.

Swagat told that his pocket had been picked along with some very important documents. He was not in a position to pay for the mangoes.

Laxman told him that he could pay it the next time.”

With a heavy heart Swagat went to the police station to lodge an FIR but there was no one there to lodge his complaint. So he came back home still sweating with a shrunken face. He was cursing himself for his negligence.

It was 2:30pm and by that time he should have been very hungry but the loss of the wallet made him forget his hunger. Brooding over this Swagat entered the house with the mangoes.

After removing his shoes he went straight to the bed room and lay down flat. His wife was puzzled by her husband’s behavior asked him whether every thing was fine.

“Yes, yes” replied Swagat.

“Then why have you gone straight to the bed room instead of asking for lunch?”

Swagat replied –“ I am feeling dizzy, please give a glass of cold water.”

“That will spoil your appetite.”

“Let it, anyway I don’t feel like eating.”

“Is some thing wrong with you? Let’s go to hospital or let me call Dr. Parida.”

“Neither hospital nor a doctor could make me feel better except time.”

His wife knew some thing was wrong with Swagat but could not make out what it could be.

After half an hour Swagat left for his office and on the way took a chance to lodge the FIR but still no one had tuned up in the police station except some hungry locked up youths who were shouting for food.

Swagat finished his office work and while going home, again he went to the police station for help. But he was asked by the I/C to prove that his wallet had actually been picked and then only could they lodge the complaint. Another witness’ signature was also required for completion of the formalities. Swagat thought that with so much paperwork and the uncertainty, it’s better to come next day with a friend known to the police. He badly needed a certificate from the police for the duplicate ATM, driving license and petro card.

After parking his car in the garage he closed the gate when a smiling wife, with heavy makeup and a gorgeous sari greeted Swagat.

She broke the silence and said-

“Relax Swagat, why are you so tense?”

“You probably don’t know what ails me today?” replied Swagat

“Yes I know every thing”

“How come?”

After you left for the office a young boy came and handed over your purse with a letter written in Hindi, should I read it for you?”

“Yes”-replied Swagat.

The letter read like this “Sir, sorry for the trouble, Munna picked your pocket near the car park. When he deposited the purse with me I saw your photograph and your home address. At once I asked the boy to return it to you. He did not know that you saved my life when I had brain malaria last year. Please inform me in future if there is any problem regarding theft or criminal threats to you to me. Here’s my mobile no. 884564008.”

Swagat got so excited that he lifted his wife from the ground and told her “Criminals too have a heart!”

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
March 18, 2007

Having a beautiful wife Pays……..

This one is for those who are still bachelor and likely to get married.

If you get married to a beautiful or good looking or photogenic smiling and fair complexion lady then you and your family have a bright future. Chalu type will be a bonus. The benefits are:

1. You will have good looking offspring irrespective of your look and complexion. So getting a bride or bridegroom will not be difficult but most likely they will have love marriage.

2. You will have lots of new friends.

3. Many of your friends and guests will come to visit your house.

4. Male neighbours will be very helpful to your family.

5. Your friends will take care of your wife, house, children and cars, when you will be out of station.

6. Your boss will invite you and your wife for evening parties.

7. Likely to get lots of gifts on anniversary or birth days.

8. In case you or your wife or children fall sick there will be no problems with attendants or food.

9. Promotion will be faster both for you and her, if she is a working lady.

10. Unfortunatly if you die then she will not face any difficulty in procuring the death certificate, gratuity and LIC claims etc. Your friends will help her so much (provided she is still young and has not lost her charm) that she would start thinking –“He should have gone earlier.”

But remember rose plants have thorns.

So for happy marriage to last long follow these rules or perish.

A. Never interfere in her personal and official matters.

B. Never work in the same office where she works or the beneficial effects will be reduced from ten to three

C. For so much bonus you have to adjust, develop tolerance or commit suicide.


03 May 2007


We are all born Indians. So let's be prepared for a dusty summer ahead. Let's not fight with the weather as it may make our lives miserable.

Many of my friends and relatives always complain that the weather has become unbearable this year, the weather bulletin gives us repeated warning that this summer will be the hottest and many will die due to heat strokes. From morning till night or one can say 7/24 the television makes your body heated up due to the frequent weather news.
Really speaking we don’t have reliable records of what was the temperature of Baripada or Belpahar ,Bangiriposhi or Jharsuguda say some 30 years back. People were more tolerant to the adverse living conditions, be it the heat or the rains. At present every one has an AC or a cooler in office or at home. Young generation is the worst hit because of improper rearing up by their parents. Children (lower middle class) can no longer travel in non AC compartments or bus. Some sensible young people still can travel in non AC coach due to financial constrains.
I don’t mean to say that every one should travel in non AC compartments, those who have money let them but not with father’s hard earned (if it is so) money. Hardship in childhood will make our children tougher and more adjustable when they grow up.
Coming to the topic of summer and our lifestyle, here are some tips which will make you enjoy all weather be it summer, winter or rainy.
1. Summer opens up all the pore of your skin so that sweat comes out freely to keep your body temperature cool
2. Kidney gets some rest.
3. You lose weight as a result of fluid loss and poor appetite.
4. Summer months there is decrease in appetite; hence you tend to take less food.
5. Your blood vessels open up due to heat and you have less heart problems.
6. You tend to get less sleep so one can utilize it in more creative work, or for reading.
7. Unlike winter months we enjoy our bath in summer months.
8. Your extra fat melts if you can tolerate the heat; it acts like sauna bath (free of cost).
9. Always tell to your self I am in India so I should not expect 10 to 20 degree temperature in plain lands or costal districts.
10. Donot take non -veg food in summer it makes you feel more warm. (Give the poor animals some rest.)
11. Take simple lemon squash or lemon water or green coconut water or mango (green) juice not Pepsi or cokes.(they make you more thirsty)
12. Avoid out side food in summer months. Hospitals and doctors are very busy during May, June and July months due to food poisoning and infective diarrheas. Non Veg food gets spoilt very quickly in hot months so avoid freezed food stuff.
13. Beer or alcohol make you feel worse in summer but because one gets a good sleep after a heavy drink he forgets the heat but at times this can be fatal.
14. Donot make the mistake of going to a hill station for few days, if at all you want to spend the hotter months, stay till the rain comes.(If you have the money)
15. Make a mental make up that it’s not that hot this summer.
16. Hot or cold weather can be fought with mental strength (see how those half naked fakirs stay at Badrinath in freezing temp. our labourers build bridges and houses and cricketers play in summer months)
17.There may be global warming but just telling that human beings will be wiped off due to heat is just frightening people so that more of AC and fans will be sold and that will help the business houses.( TV channels are part of the business house)
18. If we are really concern about the heat lets us use less of petrol or diesel driven vehicles and change over to battery or hydrogen operated ones.
19. Do you know the present cheap A/Cs now used, make the environment warmer.(they are not eco friendly)
20. All said and done enjoy all seasons or else there will be no pleasure of living.
21. If you want to get rid off the summer heat of India why don’t you leave the country and stay at Antarctica?
22. Sorry, We have no solution for obese, diabetic, hyperthyroid,
hypertensive and mentally sick persons who are the worst effected people in summer months.
23. If you enjoy fruits nothing like summer months, the choicest ones are available during this period.
24. Let’s plant a tree for the next generation and let them enjoy the fruit.

Written by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy, B/188 sector 18,
Rourkel, India, 769003.