27 June 2007

Jack fruits galore in Sanjoy's garden

In this picture you are able to see only 25% of the remaining jackfruits. It’s used as a vegetable when small in size (unripe).If properly cooked by expert hands it may taste like mutton curry. When full-grown it may weigh up to 10 to 25kg.The seeds are used for its medicinal properties. When ripe it becomes yellow inside. Some like to take it as vegetable and others as a fruit. If your digestive system is not perfect never try to consume a ripe jackfruit or else you may land up in a hospital or a burial ground. No care is required for this tree. A classical tropical tree found in India.

A recent photograph which taken by sanjoy in his court yard.

24 June 2007

Konark Temple

A 13th century temple (Konark) of Orissa. It has 12 wheels on both sides, seven horses; built in 1250AD by the king of Puri. Its other name is black pagoda as a huge magnet inside the temple used to destroy ships when they come near the coast of Bay of Bengal. It’s also known as Sun temple. Instead of Indians shouting for inclusion of Tajmahal in Seven Wonders of the World they should shout for this Majestic temple. Had it been situated at Calcutta or Mumbai or Delhi might be things would have been different. The entrance fee is very nominal only, ten rupees per head. Best time to visit is from November to February. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Konark is 65 kilometers.

Very recent photograph of this temple taken by sanjoy .

The Konark

This temple is also Known as BLACK PAGODA as it used to destroy ships with it's huge magnetic force.Built In 13th century( 1250) .Now it's in ruins.It's about 65 kilometers from Bhubaneswar.These two pieces of photo graphs are of the dancing stage where dance programme were performend during those days. This magnificient martvel temple has 12 rows of wheels on each sides depicting 24 hours of the day some say 12 months of the year.Seven horses depicts seven days of a week.This is the SUNTEMPLE FOR YOU FROM INDIA..Must for any tourist visiting India.

10 June 2007

God is great

He is 63 years, farmer by profession, attended hospital for some respiratory problems but a junior doctor Dr.Amal Dhar brought this patient to sanjoy satpathy for photograph.

This farmer has been doing all his work without problem for last four decades. In spite of this manufacturing defect he says he has no regrets and no complaints with God. Who knows with surgery his hand would have been better off or worse off we don't know. In true sense he has three fingers, the third one is like a spatula which must have helped him in his cultivation work.

07 June 2007

the Mysterious man

He has no house.Sleeps under a tree.No rain no summer heat can disturb him.He has no family. This eco-friendly man, people say, is mad which he is not.He collects all the plastic bags thrown by people around the sector area of Rourkela and fills them with cow dung.I have watched him and talked to him for the last three years. During this period he has never fallen sick.He does some cleaning job in front of some shops for which he is given food or money.He never begs for money.People say he was a good Mali but now he has other important work to do.He carries all these plastic bags filled with cowdung in his broken cycle.Even the street children in Sector area of Rourkela respect him for his behavior.He is really the Mysterious man of Rourkela.

05 June 2007


One RSP officer was rewarded for his sincere effort on out sourcing -Trans port, house maintenance, Laundry, Cleaning etc. He too got his promotion very quickly. He was known as out “sourcing officer”.
He and his wife were invited for the annual out sourcing function but the managing director felt offended as the out sourcing officer had not brought his wife.
When he was asked “why you have not brought her”

He coolly replied “I have out sourced my wife”.

“But does that help you?” asked MD’s TA

“She was asked to take VR as we hardly have any sex in last 5 years. As she is out Guests don’t come; I have out sourced my kitchen which saves a clean 12 thousand per year, have shifted to a smaller house that too saves a lot of money. When my children come we stay in a hotel for few days. This way I save a neat rupees one lakh per year.”

“What about your car allowance?”

--“My transport is out sourced.” The old car is only kept only for transport allowance.

-Does it help?

“Yes. I pay the auto drivers.Rs; 1200 per month and save Rs.1750”

This way I save more than I earn.”

The MD was so impressed with his logic that his name was recommended for prestigious “Out sourcing Award” and was asked to take VR immediately as the MD was apprehensive his post may some day be out sourced.

Written by Sanjoy kumar satpathy, B/188 sector 18, Rkl 3