17 July 2007

This procession is of a Hindu Bramhin bridegroom going to get married.Leading this Hindu baaraat is a Muslim Band Party.In this community we Hindus and Muslims live happily without problems dealing with day to day problems and joys which we share to a large extent, but it's the Third Party who creates the problem.I hope you understand what i mean.

15 July 2007

Black coffee

During a medical conference I came across a very interesting personality, a Professor of Medicine. He was as dark as a coal and not very tall. His South Indian accent English was so fast that it was difficult to follow. His students nick named him as a verbal diarrhea professor.

When I saw him in the cocktail party with a young lady, I thought she might be his daughter, helping the 70 years old Professor. Just to clear my doubts I asked my friend about this lady.

He told me "This lady is his third wife, the other two had left him or dead he was not sure."

During the drinking session I occupied a seat next to the professor and his wife. He could guess my inquisitiveness regarding the lady which he coolly clarified and introduce her to me as his wife.

I praised the lady for her beauty and asked "whether she was a south Indian?"

Professor answered after finishing off his 3rd peg- "Yes she is."

Then he added "Do you know why I preferred south Indian ladies?"

"No sir, that may be your personal choice."

Prof: "Can you tell me the similarities between black coffee and a south Indian lady?"

"No sir"

Prof: They are black- agree?


Prof: "Both are strong"

"Yes, I agree"

Prof: "Both keep you awake throughout the night."

"As you say,I have no experience, sir"

We had a hearty laughter after that and it was time for dinner.

I came to know about his sad demise about a year after our last meeting. He was not only a very romantic person but also a very good teacher and down to earth doctor. I don't think we will ever have such an interesting personality in API(association of physicians of India) in near future.

03 July 2007


Let it be made clear that the vaccination against malaria and HIV is not going to come for another 10years. It’s a very good avenue for getting sanctions for a vaccine .By that time millions might have died or living with the less virulent HIVirus. When smallpox killed millions there was no vaccine, then we had polio and so on. After twenty years or so people will laugh at us when they would realize that there was no vaccine for MALARIA and AIDS in 2007.

Millions of healthy and young people die due to road traffic accidents every year because of careless driving, drugs and speedy vehicles. Is there a vaccine for road accidents for children? With one child norm for effluent people (luckily poor produce in dozens) with plenty of money to spare have both mental and psychological problems once that child dies of accident. The child has received all 26 injections required for him/her to fight diseases before it goes to a school. Let there be a compulsory class for school students regarding road safety. Now Indian government under pressure from multinational has decided to go for vaccination for influenza!! Viruses come and go over the last few thousands of years. A new virus appear and kills millions, some are fast killers others are slow killers (HIV).
We knew only four or five virus causing hepatitis about a decade back. Now we have dozen of viruses which affect the liver. Does that mean we go on giving the new generation of people injection after injections to protect them from diseases which might not affect them!.
Instead of vaccination programmes let’s have 2 wheelers with maximum speed of forty kilometers and cars with maximum 60 -80klm/hour.Those who want to buy fast vehicles have to justify why they want it? Hardly our traffic moves at a speed of 10 to 30 kilometers per hour in cities so why these 120 and 150 klm/h filmy style two wheelers? This will save more number of young people globally than any vaccination and AIDS control programmes put together.

Written by Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
B/188 sector18 Rourkela769003,India