20 November 2007

Old age business

Business with old people

The medical men are very good business people. First they frighten people and then start telling them Greek and Latin about health. They make the old people live longer and kill the young ones by abortion or other means. Why they are interested in old people? If you ask them they will tell you that they are concerned about the senior citizens. Who are our senior citizens? Some good for nothing old people who are a burden to their family and they are parasites and living to eat only but not contributing any thing to society in form of social service or engaging people in some work and paying them handsomely. At ripe old age they do not want to part with money. The rest are the politicians. All these old people have money or their children or have mediclaim to pay for them. Hence our medical faculty is very much interested in them as they are very good raw material for our profession (business)
Let’s start from top.
Hair dye is a big business for the dye industry.Hairgrafting is another for plastic surgeons delight.
Dentist charge one lac, for tooth implantation. Other specialist charge for hearing aids, cataract surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypothyroid, cardiac, lungs (COPD), indigestion, acidity, gas formation, constipation, prostate problem, backache, joint problems, erectile problems, sleep disturbance, the list goes on and on.
So you can see from dental surgeon to orthopedic surgeon every one is having a good time due to old people living longer and longer.
Doctors are aware that with preventive medicines and mass vaccination programme less young people suffer from disease so if they can make old people live longer their business will flourish that is exactly what is happening al l over the world over .People with pace maker, bypass surgery, knee replacement, glaucoma, cataract surgery and prostate (TURP) have to pay heavy amount to the medical faculty as they live longer.

So doctors carry on your business no one can stop you for another 50years until young people start targeting old people.

19 November 2007

US open

US open is a very old tennis tournament started way back in 1881.From 1997 the new Arthur Ashe stadium became the centre court.This one has a capacity of 23000 people.At flashing medows there are 45 courts and 11 practice courts.Sanjoy watched the quarter final match in the year 2007,between Jokovic of Sarbia and Carlos Moya of spain.


A small town called Sundargarh, 100 kilometers from Rourkela Railway station, has many scenic spots including some beautiful Parks.Here are some of sanjoy's collection for you.


Dr.Sanjoy Satpathy was the chief guest on the annual day function of Nilasaila College of Rourkela.He is seen distributing prizes and the other photo shows his prizes for being the guest speaker in medical conference.

Natural Vs Artificial

These two photographs are in contrasting style.One is for late risers and the other (bottom) is for early birds.Early sun rise at Almora on the bottom and the top one is of sunset at Bangkok.One is natural, soothing, beautiful and exciting the other one is dull and artificial.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey:Captured withA560 canon camera of sanjoy satpathy, at Rourkela,Orissa ,India.A rare bird on view.It's a killer bird comes under family of eagles and owls.This bird kills it victim with it's shard and hard wings.Pigeons, sparrows and other smaller birds are its victim.

12 November 2007

Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty was presented by the people of France to the people of the United states in 1886 to honor the friendship between the two nations.Today it is recognised as a symbol of liberty throughout the world.Millions of people visit the statue each year.The statue is 151 feet tall,nearly 225 tons,copper over steel.Pedestral:89 feet tall, granite.Designer:Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi,born in France.

11 November 2007

United States Botanical Garden

The USBG(united states botanical garden) currently maitains about 12,000 accessions comprising more than 25,000 plants for exibition,study,conservation and exchange with other institutions.The plants includemedicinal,orchids,carnivorous,cacti and succulents, mid-Atlantic native plants and ferns.Historic specimens include some from1842 founding collection.George washington,Thomas jefferson and James Madisonshared the dream of this National mall way back in1820.

10 November 2007

SittingL to R(radhanath,bhabani,aprajeeta,jaiswal,director DNmohapatra,promod rath,sanjoy satpathy,susil,major Sahu,subash)
standing(Usha, Hemalata,JK,Mohan rao,Mohanty babu,Bsdash,Seth,Sanjoy acarya,Soren,Nanda,Uma devi and Mary bara.
All of them are specialist doctors in their respective fields.All of them were office bearers for the medical conferance, which was held at Rourkela

Malaria work shop

Sanjoy was one of the faculty members for the doctors from SARC countries on severe malaria.Sitting in the front row sanjoy with Director of health services and executive director Personnel department Rourkela steel plant.

Sanjoy with Sir Conard Hunt

This photograph was taken during sanjoy satpathy's cricket playing days.Sir Conard Hunt was the chief guest before a first class cricket match betwwen Assam and Orissa at Nowgong, Assam.

08 November 2007

happy dewali

longwood gardens

07 November 2007

sanjoy kayani

Niagara falls