23 December 2007

Red and White

Sanjoy is fond of Dogs.Here are his two German Spitz Fiza and Snowy resting on a red blanket on a cold winter morning.December months at Rourkela are very pleasant with Temperature dropping to six to eight degree celcius.

Migrating Birds

Around 1971-72 these birds were spotted on the electric wires of the old town of Rourkela,India. They were believed to be the messenger of peace and harmony as they occupied their first place near a Mosque.No one dared to hurt them.Over the years they have multiplied in millions and some of them have made Rourkela as their home.I Do not know from where they have come,it's up the bird watchers to investigate and enlighten us.Here are two photograph of those birds taken by sanjoy with hisCanonA560 recently on a cold December morning.

16 December 2007

Nainital lake

One of the tourist favorite spots of North India.If you come at proper time you can play with snow.Must stay for a couple of days to enjoy the nature's beauty.Bring children for a boat ride in the clear waters of the Nainital lake.

Cuttack city

This narrow lane of the Cuttack city with so many different types of vehicles on road is an unique site for foreigners.One can notice dangerously hanging over head electric wires.Cuttack is famous for silver filigree work.


This village pond is like so many in Mayurbhanj
district of Orissa are in ruins due to deforestation
and poor maintenance .Once up a time royal Bengal tigers
used to terrorize people and drink water from this pond at night.Now one can't locate a forest they have been replaced by barren lands.


There are plenty of Buddhist temple and Buddhist at Thailand but they are mostly non vegetarian.A nice place for tourist but do not make the mistake of riding a taxi in Bangkok as they move very slowly and you pay for it.

15 December 2007

Mass Contact meeting


In 2003-4 a short stature engineer occupied the seat of Rourkela steel plant as Managing Director (MD). He was rather dumped there as no one dared to join this union dominated, loss making oldest steel plant of India. He fought tooth and nail and brought the union people to his feet.
He was a brave little man who transformed the work culture of this integrated steel plant. The problem started (long before he joined) when the plant was renovated with millions of rupees. The beneficiaries were politicians, bureaucrats and some business houses.

People used to go for duty with Hawaii slippers, spending more time in gossips and reading news paper than producing steel. He made workers and officers wear helmets while working and driving two wheelers. He brought discipline to the work culture of RSP. No late coming no early going.
With rise in steel price globally and China purchasing any steel products, there was a turn around in the steel industries in India so also in Rourkela Steel plant. This dynamic MD was an Oriya, so the other state people, ministers and union were trying their best to out state him but did not succeed.

He changed the scenario of the steel city and made it look like a hill station. During his time a new concept of meeting the workers started called “MASS CONTACT MEETING” which was held every Wednesday. He thought (misconception) he changed the steel industry of Rourkela but the turn around was due to modernization, rise in steel price, and sale of steel and help of China to purchase any steel product from India. Of course he had contributed but there was more hype than substance.
But due to his ego problem and a group of officers (Chamchas) this meeting later on turned out to be a “Raj Durbar” type of show piece akin to the by gone days of Muslim kings.

The mass contact meeting turned out to be MASS COMPLAINT meeting. People started asking Union motivated question to settle old scores and pull down the legs of docile officers and departments. The Medical department was not liked by this MD for no reasons. People said he envied doctors and also the medical profession. He missed no chance to pull down the legs of the medical chief and the senior doctors in large gathering. On his last day in office he offended the director in front of sweepers and hospital staffs in such a way that one will feel pity for the medical executives.
This mass contact meeting made routine procedures obsolete. For petty things workers started complaining against officers and The BOSS enjoyed it. Hundred of man hours were lost every week. The press got material to publish, the union settled old scores, the department of public relation, personnel department of RSP were kept busy so also all the Executive directors and senior officers of Rourkela steel plant{RSP}.
Even though the ex-MD has left, his legacy continues. As it happens in India we have no guts to stop useless meetings and seminars.
It’s a time pass for some and promotion prospects for others and “Chamcha giri” for the close ones. So it continues every Wednesdays at the RAJ-DARBAR OF Gopobandhu Auditorium of RSP.
If you happen to see how the officers walk-in to the hall behind the MD with gallery full, you need not have to watch “Mogul –e-Azam” picture to recapitulate Mogul empire of 16th century.
So the Chamchagiri continues on every Wednesdays and will continue till some MD with a different attitude would like to stop it.

You are invited to watch this “tamasha” on the next Wednesday. Hope you will enjoy.

Writer: Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

Barabati stadium

This one was one of the best ground for cricket in India where sanjoy started his playing career but of late due to poor maintenance it's not what it was in 70's.This is in Orissa. India.A very beautiful picturesque stadium called Barabati stadium.

14 December 2007

White chrysanthemum

These bunch of white chrysanthemum are
in full bloom at sanjoy's friend's garden.


This yellow chrysanthemum
is from sanjoy's garden.

wooden carving

This piece of a door has been kept as a souvenir by Sanjoy satpathy as he loved his grand father very much .This one is almost 100 years old and still looks fresh.The name of the sculpture is Bhola Nath satpathy.

Love birds

As the name suggest they really love each other very much.They rear up the small ones in rotation.But the male is not faithful to his wife.

12 December 2007

Indian temple

This temple has been built in the design of famous Tirupati temple of India.Unlike Indian temples this one is clean and well maintained.One can visit this place while coming back from the great Niagara falls.

08 December 2007

Magestic Niagara falls


This country dog "tommy" is aware of malaria problem in and around Rourkela.He believes in prevention is better way of saving money.

Life cycle of a note

Can you imagine a currency note going this far!! It was still in circulation when I kept it as a souvenir. It’s a two rupee note of India. See those multiple patch work to keep it in one piece. There is a saying “sab kuch chalta hai” in India.

Professor Basanta Kumar Satpathy

This old man of eighty wanted to lead an independent life of his own. The retired professor did not like to disturb his sons with his irritating habits and literary activities. He shifted to his old house which he along with his wife had built some forty years back. His wife was gone long back. He was a lonely man. He was fond of flowers so he had a flower garden. He was fond of dogs so he had one small dash hound for company. He was liked by his neighbors. He was active till died at the age of 82 years.
His name was Prof: Basanta Kumar Satpathy, an excellent orator, a professor of English liked by his students and faculty, famous Oriya writer and recipient of many awards. Dr.Sanjoy is his second son, who inherited his fathers’ gene to become a writer in Oriya short stories.