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29 December 2008

Answer for the photograph

That photograph was taken with a Kodac camera easy share.
Water falling in a blue bucket.The bubbles and the reflections of the flash appear as if its a photograph of venus.

News Paper articles for whom?

Articles by special correspondents in news papers for whom?

Recently I came across an article on Mumbai blast which made me think why I did not do my PhD in English in journalism?
I could not make a head or a tail out of what the writer wanted to communicate or express. This is true for most of the special writers who have made a name in Indian press. They think if no body understand what they write so far so good, except few Delhi university and Oxford university professors of English, then they should put it in their thesis rather than giving us headache on their nonsense articles which give them a lively hood. Let them write in such a way that people understand what they wanted to express so that more people know more about it. It’s futile to write for a handful who does not read it and their opinion is put as a packing material in big bazaars.

28 December 2008


Can you guess what this could be?Answer tomorrow.See above for answer.

27 December 2008

Mixing up priorities


Every one of us has a programmed cellular and total physical expiry date. What we have achieved now was known to mankind some thousands of years back. Like a good gene, good food habits, exercise, nice six to seven hours of sleep, fruits and green vegetables and last but not the least moderation in every thing.
But of late medical and cellular science are playing in prolonging the life. Most of the people in the world do not enjoy even fifty years of life so what is the purpose of prolonging the life by another few more years for them?
Human beings are not endangered species in the world; more number of healthy people die due to infighting, accidents, and war injuries than most of the dreaded diseases.
Children are not taught about road safety in India, so how these vaccination programs will prevent road traffic deaths?
Pollution kills unknown number of people but we
Do not care. Deforestation is rampant but who cares? People think it’s government’s job but if people are not concerned then whom to blame?
Now the medical scientists say that human life can be extended by many more years by gene therapy, other genetic engineering and last but not the list through transplants.
As I have mentioned it’s only a handful who have access to these type of medical miracles so what’s the point of making the rich live longer and the poor dieing of starvation and other curable diseases?.
It’s like India’s moon research programme. Most of the Roads are in bad shape trains move at a snail speed(average) of 50 kilometers per hour,drinking water are costlier than milk, schools and colleges are like cow sheds, medical colleges are in dilapidated state but we are mixing up our priorities and confusing people with moon journey and Nano cars.
The Mao activities and other activities are the outcome of these annoying disparity in the society.
We have to fix up our priorities then only we can think of a better India by 2025.Donot be confused by the research out come of the vested interest party who claim India will rule the world by 2025!!


A special issue was brought out by "GAPPA BAHI" on Basanta Satpathy on May 1994, only two months after his death.This interview was taken/written by Mr.Kailash Pattnaik of Santiniketan,ODIYA DEPARTMENT(click for enlarge view)

26 December 2008

Happy new year from a REAL friend

This country dog which is a carbon copy of Rotweiler, wishes you a happy 2009.He is 12 years but as per human life is 67 years, still going strong.He is disease free,donot have to take him to a doctor,he does his own care.Ill health no food only water, i learn a lot from him as a medical man.

Phd on Basanta Kumar Satpathy

Mr Rajkishor Samal became Dr.Rajkishor Samal after his thesis on this great oriya short story writer Basanta Kumar Satpathy(1913-1994)

25 December 2008

Press coverage of MANEPADE

Click on the print to get a clear view

21 December 2008


Book Release

Manepade [Recollections], an autobiography by renowned short story wrier, the Late Basanta Kumar Satpathy was released in Bhubaneswar’s Rotary Bhavan on the 12th of December 2008. Dr Gaganedra Dash, Guest of Honour and a well-known scholar himself, released the book at a jolly function presided over by Mr Aravind Behera. Mr KK Mohapatra, well-known translator, was the Chief Guest. The book brought out by Shikshasandhan carries a Foreword by Padmashri Dr Sitakant Mahapatra.

Before the release of the book, Mr. K.K. Mohapatra offered a sneak preview of the book by first talking about the way he had known the legendary author without ever having met him. Then he offered a fascinating reading of the book. In his inimitable style, Mr. Mohapatra dwelt on the subject of the sterling qualities in the autobiography that would surely endear Basanta Satpathy to his readers. He threw light on how the autobiographer has succeeded in reproducing the folk tradition of the rural areas of Mayaurbhanj, while recreating the interesting characters of pre-independence Mayaurbhanj. Dr. Dash released the book to the utter delight of the audience who cheered the formal release. The renowned cultural historian then went on to present an in-depth analysis of the autobiography. He highlighted the three reasons why he thinks autobiographies, especially autobiographies of the class of Manepade, are valuable:
i) They offer examples of how an ordinary person can overcome much excruciating circumstances to become extraordinary human beings. Thus the protagonists of the autobiography act as role models for the interested reader.
ii) Autobiographies are valuable also because they serve as useful sources for historical research (since gossips, word of mouth and legends are no less important sources than written records and inscription.)
iii) Autobiographies can also be profitably read as interesting literature.

Mr Behera offered his insights into the personality of the author and the way he had known him. Among the others, Mr Nihar Ranjan Hota, retired IAS also gave an eloquent tribute to the master story-teller. Dr Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy, son of the legendary author spoke on behalf of the family. Among those present were peots and writers such as Sourindra Barik, Sarojini Sahoo, Jagadish Mohanty, Dash Benhur, Kamala Kanta Panda, Japani Babu, Professor HS Mohapatra,Dr.BSDash,Mr.APMohanty and many others
Professor JK. Nayak and Dr. Anil Pradhan delivered the welcome and valedictory addresses respectively.

Friend for all

Dogs are not only friends of human beings
but also animals.In India stray dogs are
doing immense service to living beings.
Here two adult dogs are eating up the
ticks and the young one looks on.

20 December 2008

Last Picnic

In the year 2007,January, sanjoy attended the last departmental picnic of his life with the staffs of medicine department of Ispat General hospital Rourkela.He worked there for a record number of years (34) which will be tough to beat by the new generation of doctors who change jobs for money every year.The doctor here in the foto is a medicine specialist who organised the picnic along with Dr. kcmohanto.

Book Release

Sanjoy Satpathy's two oriya short story books(Nisidha Sthana & smurtibinba) were released by Director health services Steel authority of IndiaDr.D.N.Mohapatra and Dr.K.S.Naik,(near the mike) principal homeopathy college, and a famouse oriya literary person on the same evening at Indo-German club of Rourkela..This function was well attended by press and his friends from cultural academy.On the background one can see the photoprojection of sanjoy's father and grandfather(half hidden).The other dignitaries on the dias are Sanat Rai and ProdoshMishra.From right to left:DrKSNaik,DirectorDr.Mohapatra,Prodosh mishra&Sanat Rai.

17 December 2008

Cricket-- How to suceed on Indian tour

For special use by the current England team for future &
other teams likely to visit India in near future

Do not speak to press or media, leave it to your manager. No individual player or captain to contribute columns in Indian news papers or in home country.
While talking privately, always say that Indian team is a very strong one, and beating them is very difficult any where in the world especially on Indian soil.
Come to Chennai at least one week ahead of the tour and play with local teams, no net practice. Ask Bisen Bedi and Kapil Dev to help your spinners and pace bowlers respectively (pay a good amount).Engage one Indian coach.
Select six batsmen, out of which three must be left-handers. One wicket keeper who can score a century with the help of tail-enders. Take a stock bowler (all-rounder) who can check the flow of runs as well as pick up some wickets. He must be a good batsman who has scored centuries in test cricket.
Take a left hand finger spinner, one left hand pace bowler and a right hand fast bowler. Out of six batsmen two must bowl ten to fifteen over’s in case of slow over rate or just to add variety.
Never try to bounce on Indian pitch; you will break your back. Too many slip fielders are a luxury on Indian grounds, they look good on photographs. Never skid or dive on Indian outfields, your career may come to an abrupt end. Put a cotton plug in both the ears when you go out to bat or field in the out-field.
Do not eat prawn, fried rice or other Indian tandoori food or else your job will have to be done by the extra players.
Last but not the least- do not get distracted or attracted by glamorous girls or advertisement, media or your star players will end up with few runs or few wickets like Bret Lee, nine wickets from four tests!!
If you want more it will be after the Toss.

16 December 2008


Seven of them, they are left to defend them selves by their mothers who may return or not God knows at night.Every year thousands of them are run over by two and four wheelers.Some die due to rabies, others due to starvation and parasitic diseases.They have life and are the most obedient and innocent of animals but still then we human beings donot try to help them, kill them ruthlessly.Mrs: Menaka Gandhi has tried her best but these street animals unlike trerrorist are friends of man kind.We should try to keep them away from the cities and allow them to lead an independent life.I feed the mothers and the pups but for how long.I request my friends and dog lovers to help these animals who love their master more than their own life.

15 December 2008

Motherly affection

There is no religion, no caste no creed amongst these country bingo dogs.Here you can see nine pups sucking the milk from a rickety mother.All of them are not her pups but she does not discriminate.We human beings have to learn a lot from animals and birds.

14 December 2008

Basanta Kumar Satpathy with four sons and daughter inlaws.

Front row:Apparna,Sandhy,Basanta Satpathy his pet Blackey near his foot(Heart),Kalyani and Susama
Standing:Surjit,Santanu,Sumanyu & Sanjoy
The old man is gone(1913-94) but leaves a legacy behind him.

13 December 2008



When I returned from my office around eight thirty, tired and exhausted, was astonished not to find my son in front of the television set .After I changed my clothes and refreshed my self for a cup of coffee, I asked my wife Sunita where is Sandip?
‘Oh he is busy with an air riffle he has brought through his credit card.
‘But what the hell he is doing with a riffle at home?’
‘He wants to become a shooter” my wife Sunita replied.
“But he wanted to become a cricketer like Dhoni for which we brought goods worth forty five thousands for what?”
‘Call him for dinner, I will ask him what’s this all about?’
“Sandip are you mad or what? Shooting in side house?”
“Dad, don’t you follow the Olympics?’
“Yes I do”
“That’s exactly what I wanted to tell you, first you change my name which should start with a capital A and then send me for training to Texas’
“Then what about your cricket?”
“That’s a team game I may be dropped like Ganguly, here there is no such thing”
“But I am not rich like Bindra’s father?”
‘So what I have already arranged for my mentor and sponsors.’
‘But who will be your mentor and financier?
“Of course Lalu Prasad will be my mentor cum coach and Mittal will finance me”
“But why Lalu Prasad?”
“He knows all the tricks of the game so I am going to win the next gold at Delhi common wealth games.”
“What about your studies?”
“Dad, how much our grandfather, uncles, you and all your other sons, who all became professors after twenty years of job have earned? In the same breath he told it may not touch few lakhs or at best few crores.”
“But what that has to do with your studies?”
“That’s exactly what I was going to tell you. Have you ever been invited to meet the PM or the President of India in his official residence for dinner? No never, not in near future, but they will call me to have a photograph with me not the other way round when you the senior professors make a stampede for a photo when they visit your university’
“But, it needs lots of practice and dedication?’
“Yes, after years and years of hard labour and high marks there is no escape from the reservation menace, there is no guarantee of a bright future but getting selected for the commonwealth games and olympics means a lot.’
“But what is the guarantee of your selection?’
“Leave that to me I will manage” was my son’s prompt reply.
“So you want to become an Olympian?
“Yes dad, exactly that?’
“Do you know the price of a gold medal?’ I asked my son.
“Yes, it’s only $300”
“But getting one is really difficult, son,”
So what, I get free train ride, all chief ministers will pay few lacs for cheap popularity, Mittals will donate crores, Tata will donate it’s first NANO to me, I do not have to pay income tax, steel products will be sold at a subsided rates to me, I will get a “Bharat Ratna” award and media and TV channels will flash you photos along with all my brothers and sisters for months and I will write my autobiography “How to win a gold medal”, then I will become an USA citizen and migrate. What more you want from your so called good for nothing fellow son?’
Sunita shouted” Are you dreaming? You are getting late for office.”

08 December 2008


At present there are 288 million mobile phone users and more than two lacs towers exists in India. Mobile phones are responsible for a wide variety of health hazards. We would try to analyze the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation exposure, thermal and non-thermal effects.
Radio waves are like an electromagnetic radiation, like X-rays, gamma rays or visible rays; they form a part of electromagnetic spectrum. There are two components electric and a magnetic which travel in the same direction together but in planes perpendicular to each other. The human body absorbs radio frequency energy
Small amount of electric current are generated in the human body, due to biochemical activities, in digestive track, brain, nerve impulse and cardiac activities.
Thermal effects: Exposure to high radio frequency levels there occur tissue damage as the human body can’t dissipate heat. The testes and eyes are venerable to the thermal effects of radio frequency waves of mobile phones.
Non-Thermal effects:
Neurological: Risk of brain tumors due to exposure for longer periods, daily exposure.
Non-Specific symptoms: Dermatological, neurasthenia, vegetative symptoms.
Psychiatric problems: User imagine that the phone is ringing.(ringxity),sleep problems, memory impairment, and other psychiatric conditions.
Cardiovascular: Interference with cardiac pace makers.
Endocrine: Gonadal, adrenal, pituitary hormones and growth hormone effect.
Reproductive: Damage to DNA and low sperm count due to radiation.
Effects of mobile phone base transmitters on human being, small birds, animals, green coconut and ecology are going to be the future hazards of the mobile phone culture.
Precautions: We do not know yet the long term effects of this relatively new technology.
Use mobiles as little as possible.
Use land phones for longer conversations (lovers)
Use wave guard.
Be careful while you are driving.
Give your self a rest day a week, on the use of mobile phones.
Do not allow Transmitting towers to be fixed on you house top for few thousands of rupees, you are asking for genetic problems in your next generation.
Instead of thousands of towers, government and Supreme Court norms must be followed by all mobile phone companies.
There are advantages and disadvantages for each new technology; it depends on how we use it. From small time to big time thieves, terrorists to match fixing, doctors to patients, police to politicians every one is benefited but like any good thing it has a price for the man kind, any thing of too much becomes a nuisance, so lets use this technology in such a way that the harmful effects are minimized.
The Government of India has proposed a multi-centric study involving four thousand participants over five year’s period to find out the health hazards of radio frequency radiation. Hope we will be in a better position to know the side effects of mobile phones on human life after the study reports are made public. Hold your breath!! This may not be!!


This is chapter no:17 of Mane Pade.
This is exclusivly for Odiya viewers who can read Odiya.

07 December 2008


Dear Blog spot viewers,
Thank you for visiting my blog in such a large number.
It's because of you i continue to write.Next will be on Mobile phone
From a medical angle.
Yours sanjoy satpathy

05 December 2008

A real life story

Red Rag to the bull

A young beautiful medical student of third year was asked to examine and present the case to the demonstrator in a surgical ward. The case which was allotted to her was a case of unilateral swelling of scrotum in a 19 year old young boy. Her job was to find out what it was? a hydroceal or a hernia?

After writing down the history from the patient she started examining the patient’s
private area. No sooner she started examining the testes that “thing” become erect, the lady blushed and the patient flushed. The medical student asked the patient to behave properly and started the process once again after a gap of some minutes. But as bad luck would have it that “thing” raised it’s hood once again. The lady student cried and reported the matter to the young male demonstrator.

The demonstrator was furious and started abusing the patient in all sorts of names, told him in no uncertain terms that he will hand him over to the police if he repeats the same mistake.
The young patient with watery eyes, asked the demonstrator to be in his position and realize the difficulty in controlling the emotion. The other medical student by now had surrounded the patient, were sympathetic to the patient and told the teacher “ Really sir ,it’s very difficult to control that thing if touched by a young lady”.

Every one had a hearty laughter and the class was dismissed.

A real life Experience of Sanjoy(1967-68,SCBmedical College Cuttack, India)

01 December 2008

Children's Story

Wonder land

There was a small little girl called Mithi, she was like a fairy doll, white, sweet with big eyes and long hairs. She was in a nursery school called Wonder Land.

One day while she was playing with her friends in the huge school park she fell in to a ditch. She went on shouting for help but no one could listen to her voice as there was some noise due to construction work in the school premise. As time went bye she became nervous and started crying but no help came to her. The school was closed and all the teachers and students left for their home.

The evening was fast approaching; she could hear the roar of lions and tigers from the Mars circus, which had come to the city a few days back. Mithi cried and cried got exhausted due to sweating and went in to sleep on the dried leaves.
Her sleep was disturbed by two beautiful little fairy.

She was asked to ride the huge horse with wings by the fairy girls. Mithi was very excited and happy to see a white horse with wings. The fairy put her magic wand over Mithi and she became beautiful lady with white gown and a diamond studded crown dazzling in the moon light.

Fairy asked “what she wanted’?

Mithi said “ I want to meet my father, have not seen him for years”

With in minutes all three of them vanished in to the thin air.

From the sky Mithi was shown how the world looks like at night.

She asked the fairy “how long it will take to reach her father’s laboratory’?

“Another three days” was the reply.

“But I am hungry, how could I remain without food for so long.?”

The magic wand did the trick as she felt fresh and the hunger was gone.

The fairy told Mithi – actually our three days are your thirty days on earth. We live for three hundred years and your father too will live for long and would come back to attend your marriage.”

Mithi was very much excited about the prospect of meeting her father whom she fondly called “PAPPAJEE.”She was missing her mother and elder sister Sradha.
After flying in the colored clouds and mountains the flying horse “Sumitra” reached Mithi’s father’s laboratory.

Her father could not recognize her as she has become a beautiful lady of eighteen years. But when Mithi called “ PAPAJEE” He said “ it’s a very familiar voice.”
The fairy introduced Mithi and said “because she has become a grown up lady it was difficult for him to recognize his own daughter.”
The fairy showed him the necklace which he had presented her during her birth day.The necklace has become tight in her neck as she grew up.

He hugged her daughter, as tears of joy rolled on the check of both father and daughter .Her father has grown old with white hairs and white beards.
When Mithi asked “why he did not come to Bhubaneswar”

His father said “he was busy in laboratory work and once his work is finished he would come back to Ashok Nagar.He has invented a tree which will connect Bhubaneswar with his laboratory so that when ever Sradha or Mithi or her mother wanted could come to him.”

In the mean while the fairy and the horse had vanished.

There were huge trees with chocolates and ice-cream. It was very cold out side.

His father took her out to a ground where a foot ball match was going on between lions and tigers. The referee was an elephant and lines men were monkeys. Mithi was so excited hardly she could talk with her father. She was only looking at his face and smiling.
Mithi asked her father “if she could eat some ice cream from the nearby tree.”

Her father told “as much as you like.”

Mithi was jumping with joy, as she had to tell her Papajee about so many things that she could hardly talk.
Her father told that “now it will not be possible for him to go to Bhubaneswar as his project work is incomplete.”

They went around the laboratory and saw funny things like cows eating ice-cream and chocolates along with tigers and deer.

After some time the fairy who had brought Mithi to his father told her that -she can stay as long as she wished, as her school has closed for the summer.

Mithi and her father spent hours and days talking about Ashok nagar house, Baby mausi, Spandan, Maa, Bulbul nana, Priyanka nani,Mamun,mamu and maien.

Days passed off and it was time for Mithi to return home. This time another Fairy took her on a large golden eagle. She was asking her Papajee to come soon so that they will have her birth day celebration in a grand manner. Her father promised to come as soon as his work is finished.

This time it took only hours to reach Ashok nagar. The Fairy dropped her near her house with bagful of gifts from the fairyland and her father.

When Mithi’s mother asked - “what is the matter, where were you all these days?”

Mithi with a broad smile said- “ Mama- mama- I met Papajee, he has promised me to come soon. “

Written on the birth day of Mithi by
Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
B/188sector 18

Indian Medical Association

From left to right:Dr.SSPati,Director:Dr.D.N.Mohapatra,Prod:S.C.Dash,and the blog ownerand PresidentOf IMA, Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.Annual meeting of IMA At Rourkela in the year 2006.

25 November 2008

Sanjoywith his father at Madras High court

23 November 2008

Grand Son's Marriage

On14th of November,2008 the grand son of Late Basanta Kumar Satpathy, Saswat got married to Priya.

Publisher--Mane Pade

22 November 2008





Mane Pade page2

(CLICK on the page to get a clear and larger view)


(Click on the page for a clear view)

MANE PADE by Prof.Basanta Kumar Satpathy(1913-1994)

(From today onwards you can read the autobiography of Basanta Satpathy"MANEPADE" in ODIYA.)Recently the book was released at Bhubaneswar book fair.Read on.......

14 November 2008

Oldman & HIS next generation

Prof:Basanta Kumar Satpathy a famous odiya writer, his stories have been translated in many of the Indian languages and are included in sylabus for studies in high schools and colleges in orissa. His autobiography(MANE PADE) has been released at Bhubaneswar book fair ,(thanks to the efforts of Prof sumanyu satpathy and eng:santanu satpathy) it is in great demand.Recently on 14th Nov, his 2nd grand son got married at Bhubaneswar in hotel Swasti Plaza.The same day the book was released .This photograph was taken some fifteen years back.He is no more but his books, children and grand children are in lime light.The taller one got married recently and the other is on waiting list.

















YOU’RE SISTERS, BROTHERS and sons or daughters? or in-laws??






27 October 2008

A Dewali Bonus

Stormy Night

Abani and Suresh were fast friends. During a summer holiday they decided to cycle all the way from Baripada to the Similipal forest. Similipal is situated some two hundred miles from Calcutta in the state of Orissa. A famous tourist spot for it’s dense forest, peacocks, elephants, wild bores and royal Bengal tigers.
On the way near Bisein they had to stay over night due to a typical Indian summer thunder storm which lashed that hilly area of Mayaurbhanj in the evening hours. It’s a small town, more of a village situated on the high way connecting NH 5 with NH 6.A very picturesque spot surrounded by jungle. They could not get any shelter to stay for the night as they were young and people with family denied them any help. At last they found out a nice big house on the outskirt of that village. There were only two occupants in that big house a young widow and an old faithful servant called Chitan. The lady had lost her husband some years back. Abani was taken aback with the beauty of the lady. The care taker was reluctant for their accommodation for the fear of gossips mongers in the village; ultimately there was an agreement that they could sleep on the verandah and not in side the house.
The lady told them, she can’t provide them any food for the night and told them to be careful about snakes. She asked Chaitan to keep a jug of drinking water for the night for the two young college students. Her voice was drowned in the screeching sound of those huge Leyland trucks.
On their way to an eating spot, Abani asked Suresh “Isn’t she beautiful?’
“Stop this nuisance pal, you are asking for trouble”.
The topic ended abruptly and no one spoke about it any further.
They took their food in a near by Dhaba and being too tired slept before the clock struck nine.
The next day they got up early and thanked the lady profusely and went on their way to Karanjia and then to the forest bungalow of Similipal forest. They had a terrific time for those couple of days before they decided to come back with sweet memories of the trip.
They passed out from MPC College Baripada and were staying in the same hostel at Cuttack for their post graduate studies. Being brilliant students they had single room accommodations.
After two years Abani got a redirected registered letter from a lawyer. He was worried why such a letter from an advocate? He had no liabilities his father was there to take care of the properties, then who that could be to send a notice from Baripada?
Abani went to his friend’s room and asked ‘Do you remember our trip to Similipal’?
“Yes, I do”
‘Did you sleep with that lady at night’?
“Yes, I did, I don’t want to lie”
‘You told your name as Abani and gave my address isn’t it?’
“Why are you asking such questions?”
‘The lady is dead and she has left a year old child with that old man, I have to take care of her property and the child!!
‘Tell me what to do?’
“I will ask you a question be honest and tell me, are you sure the child is not yours?”
They hugged each other and had a big laughter which surprised many of the inmates of that hostel.
When asked by the warden ‘why such a disturbance at night?’
Prompt came the reply “It’s the child sir”

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,Houseno:4,Plot:401/2362,Patia,Bhubaneswar31,India


25 October 2008

short hand news


Of late media people have started short hand news for it’s readers. Those who are not up to date with it may find it difficult to understand the news paper’s view and verdict.
Let’s see what is it actually?
Australia is now written as OZ.
President as PREZ.
Governor as Gove
Lander Paes as: Lee
Harbhajan as :Bhaji or Terminator
Sourab as: Dada
Dravid as: Wall
Share market as: Bull
Then where is the end.
Due to shortage and cost of the news print paper, in one page one can print the news in short hand so that will be only 50 paise. People will start going to tuition classes to know about short hand. Lots of short hand tutorial classes will open up in the country and those old PS of ministers and IAS officers, will take classes and get some money on the way.

24 October 2008

Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima

The SBI(State Bank of India) calendar reminded me of having two important events on August 16th, one the Rakhi in the morning and the lunar eclipse in the evening. The astrologers have already warned us not to take food from evening seven to mid night one. I was happy that some ever hungry middle class people will have to remain with out food for six hours. We are not supposed to move out which too will help us from petrol expenses. But my wife who was twenty kg of extra weight, mostly in form of ugly fat here and there was worried as to how she can manage such a long fasting period? She had asked me the previous day to bring her some fruits and sweets to over come the eclipse effect.
I had brought some apple, and banana for her at a very high price as most of the husbands were there to help their over weight wives from the menace of the lunar effects and the vendor was having a roaring business. One gentleman even commented there should be more frequent eclipse so that our hungry wives remain fasting. Another gentleman retorted back but at whose cost? Most of us who were there laughed except the shop keeper.

On 16th morning she told me that she would love to take some south Indian food for the morning break fast. As an obedient husband I went to the nearest Udipi restaurant and ordered ten idlies and ten “badas’.I was given a token after the payment and was asked to collect the packet from another counter.
As I was waiting, I saw many young student couple of the near bye college of engineering enjoying their breakfast. There were mixture of girls and boys of different sizes and shapes and with variety of attires. So tight were their modern garments that I could visualize every thing in side as a medical professional.

I was interested to see who will pay the bill the boy or the girl. As I have seen it’s the boy who invariably ends up as the bakra/loser. For a change the beautiful girl seating next to the counter where I was standing paid the bill.
The boy was very excited and was smiling when the girl brought out the “Rakhi” from her vanity bag and before the boy could say anything it was tied on his wrist. The smile vanished as Fast it appeared and he brought out his hanky and wiped off some of the sweats from his eye brows which have rolled down warmly on to his face.
Now he has to pay the ‘bahan’ for the sacred thread of love for the brother. There were other students who after watching with awe, they immediately left their respective tables not to be seen in the near vicinity. A huge loud satirical laughter which was about to lunge forward was some how or other controlled by me before I left the counter with my packet for the starving wife.
When I narrated this incident to my wife she asked ‘have you ever faced similar fate in your college days’?
‘I have never believed in spoiling the sacred relationship between a brother and a sister for a gift and political gimmicks’. Was my sharp reply

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Patia, Bhubaneswar.

bizarre thoughts

A Bizarre thought presentation

The average students of today secure around 80 to 85% marks from class 2 till he or she joins a professional college. They are like Roberts because the way they talk, dress, respect their teachers and seniors, use a mobile, attend tuition classes, eat and spend money are almost uniform as the parents have enough money for their ‘Ladla Beta or Beti’.
Very few of the parents have time to know about their children’s talents and ability for a creative work. Because every one has a single child others follow it blindly. The children are vaccinated for every thing except traffic accidents and bomb blasts. Earlier days parents used to have more children for more supporting hands in job or in for old age or for infectious diseases. Now the lower and upper middle class have enough money to purchase two or three bed room flats but can’t manage another child.
Majority of them have only one child, who joins the present system of education and become a MBA and joins some foreign farms or multinational office and start working from 8 to 8 plus few hours for traveling. They have hardly any time for love or creative staff. There have been sharp rise of love/inter cast marriages and divorces in India recently. What ever saving the boy have, goes to wards the court fees and ex wife..He starts from zero once again.
The education institutions, corporate hospitals and nursing homes are having a good time in last two decades. Open an institution, take land from Government at a subsidized rate and have any one of the above institutions and count money. Education institutions are safe bets in comparison to hospitals as the number of doctors and nurses in the country are on the decline. Dead bodies are not available for anatomy classes. Who would like to send his or her son or daughter for twelve years of medical course to become a super specialist? Now a days MD doctors are doing other business except medical practice as patients prefer to go to a super specialist. This is the age of super stars. During the same period his or her class mates have finished MBA and have gone to USA or Australia or UK and well settled in life. This medical man is now 28 or 30 years old and searching for a job and lady doctor as a bride..
I will narrate my own experience with children of my relatives and friends. Once we visited our friend’s house. Some twenty or thirty cycles and motor bikes were parked in front of their house.
We thought must be some sort of a function at home but we were shocked to know that it’s the turn of our friend’s son’s house for rotation tuition class. We hurried back faster then we had gone.
Sundays morning are hair dying or Mehendi days so those days are out. Saturdays and Tuesdays evening are for going to (Sankat mochon) temple and Thursdays are for kitty party. Mondays every one is busy that leaves us with Wednesdays and Fridays but we go to big bazaar for marketing on that day as we get lots of discounts.. Some places we feel unwanted as the children were having a birth day party. Now a days like film stars and cricketers birth day comes three times a year. As a retired couple we are unwanted every where except our own house. We cannot tell about others but one thing hurts us as friends and relatives are no more the same .Ego- ego, money- money are ruining the joy of life.

We feel stressed when we are called for marriage reception. The first and foremost the parking problem then climbing the stairs of the dais to hand over envelop or the gift material to the couple . Little carelessness may end up with a fall. Then that photograph with an unnatural smile which never gets printed for you.
The problem here is neither the son nor the daughter recognizes that, you are the same fellow/uncle who was their neighbor for five years. During the buffet dinner every one is busy with chicken bones or fish fry so hardly any time to talk. Then you look for some sweets or ice-cream. But there is a stamped, where most of the ladies and children are spotted. If your wife can bring one then it’s well and good or else come back with out sweets. While coming back, tell your host that the food was very good (as if his wife had cooked it for you) and come back to take some home made food.
This is a bizarre thought presentation from Sanjoy.

12 October 2008

Great Artist

My bhanja/nephew (sister's Son) who was thought of as good for nothing fellow by his friends and relatives, latter on found to be a genius on painting work.Here i have posted two of his latest painting work for my viewers.No blog spot is complete with out painting work.My blog has been a great success because it's unique.You can read short stories,Oriya stories,English poems,photographs of all kinds,satires,health tips,Bizarre thoughtsand last but not the list the new addition of paintings from my Nephew- Abhisekh Panigrahi.


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26 September 2008


Dear viewers,

Thank you very much for opening my blog spot.If you really compare it with any other blog mine is totally different, because it has stories, poems, photographs,medical tips,satires and about animals.I need your encouragement to make it the best blog in the world.

thank you once again, happy viewing.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

22 September 2008


The duplicate key (real life story)

A newly married couple at Bangalore had gone out for their honeymoon and then came back and resumed their duty. They were the only couple in that apartment. The rest of the house were either locked or student or newly employed engineers used to stay on rent.
The husband was working in a call centre and the wife was a teacher in Public school. Except for the timing of duty hours nothing could disturb them.
After some months the young lady complained about her disturb sleep due to her husband’s late night return from call centre as she has to get up to open the main door. They were in a housing colony so security was not a problem. The young lady got fed up and made a duplicate with the help of a neighbor who knew where the key could be made. That solved her late night problem. There was no more early morning drowsiness or misunderstanding with husband. Every one was full of praise for this couple for their closeness and love for each other.
Then came the rainy season with lightening and thunders storms which were frightening for the lady staying alone at night. But she knew her husband would be coming around 2-3am, would coolly enter the bed with out making any noise. He had the duplicate key with him.
Both of them worked for five days a week. Once on a week end the lady while having dinner in a five star hotel with her husband, complimented -“Your performance is getting better night after night. Are you taking Viagra or what?”
The young fellow was surprised “what did you say?”
“Yes, I mean it. It’s very satisfying”
But “I had no sex with you for five days”
The lady paused and said “You see I dream a lot”

Sanjoy Satpathy
House no 4, Plotno401/2362, Patia, Bhubaneswar31
The moral of the story, never make a duplicate key of your main door if you are newly married.

09 September 2008


Fifth from left is Prof BKTripathy,sanjoy is 2nd from leftMr.AKBir 2nd from right(Sitting on chair)
On the ground 3rd from left is Prof.Sumanyu Satpathy,2nd from left standing is Dr.M.R.Mohanty.(year 1963-64)

06 September 2008


Health file

(Intestinal Gas)Flatulence

Flatulence means having too much gas or flatus, in the intestinal tract. Normally the gas passes through the anus when the rectal muscle relaxes. Healthy people produce around 150 to 300ml of gas in the intestine.
The intestinal gas consists of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and methane, which are produced when complex carbohydrates are broken down. Any swallowed gas adds oxygen to the mixture. When the unabsorbed food undergoes fermentation by intestinal bacteria, the resulting by-product can contribute not only to volume but also to the odor of the intestinal gas. The foul smell is often produced by beans, dried peas cabbage, lentils and other legumes.
The excess formation of gas can occur due to what you eat and how you eat. People who swallow a lot of air during eating or drinking may pass more than the usual amount of intestinal gas. There is also a hereditary component; some people produce more methane and other gases than others do in the course of normal digestion.
No investigation is required for this problem unless you are losing weight and passing blood per rectum or having frequent diarrhea. Routine stool examination may show some parasites which can be treated by your doctor. Normally treatment is not necessary. Change your food eating habits which will reduce your problem.. Due to less secretion of pancreatic and other enzymes gas formation may increase, in that case one has to take digestive enzymes. Do not take antacids for flatulence as it will change the pH of the stomach and more bacteria will pass through to intestine to produce more gas. Some parents ask their children to take antacids like gelusil, diovol, digene or some mixture before or after a dinner in a hotel or club. This is a bad practice because here the flatulence is due to rich food cooked with lots of oil and spice.. So taking a digene or diovol tablet or liquid or other acid lowering drugs is harmful for young children as the child starts taking the liquid for any abdominal problems.
These antacids contain magnesium, aluminum, sodium bicarbonate and other chemicals plus sugar and flavoring agents which are harmful if taken regularly by the children in the pretext of gas or gastric problems.
My sincere advice to the children is to reduce fat intake. Eliminate dairy products if it does not suit your system and produce more gas and abdominal distention. These children have lactose intolerance. Do not talk while eating, do not eat while watching TV, eat slowly, swallow after proper mastication, avoid over eating, eat at a fixed time and do not take cold drinks while eating as it retard the process of digestion and produce more gas. Do a little bit of yoga practice daily and you can also try some herbal medicines if you like.
Throw away those bottles today and change your food habit and let me know if I am wrong. A good habit from childhood will help you a lot throughout your life.
So bye for now-wishing you a gas free life.

16 August 2008



When I returned from my office around eight thirty, tired and exhausted, was astonished not to find my son in front of the television set .After I changed my clothes and refreshed my self for a cup of coffee, I asked my wife Sunita where is Sandip?
‘Oh he is busy with an air riffle he has brought through his credit card.
‘But what the hell he is doing with a riffle at home?’
‘He wants to become a shooter” my wife Sunita replied.
“But he wanted to become a cricketer like Dhoni for which we brought goods worth forty five thousands for what?”
‘Call him for dinner, I will ask him what’s this all about?’
“Sandip are you mad or what? Shooting in side house?”
“Dad, don’t you follow the Olympics?’
“Yes I do”
“That’s exactly what I wanted to tell you, first you change my name which should start with a capital A and then send me for training to Texas’
“Then what about your cricket?”
“That’s a team game I may be dropped like Ganguly, here there is no such thing”
“But I am not rich like Bindra’s father?”
‘So what I have already arranged for my mentor and sponsors.’
‘But who will be your mentor and financier?
“Of course Lalu Prasad will be my mentor cum coach and Mittal will finance me”
“But why Lalu Prasad?”
“He knows all the tricks of the game so I am going to win the next gold at Delhi common wealth games.”
“What about your studies?”
“Dad, how much our grandfather, uncles, you and all your other sons, who all became professors after twenty years of job have earned? In the same breath he told it may not touch few lakhs or at best few crores.”
“But what that has to do with your studies?”
“That’s exactly what I was going to tell you. Have you ever been invited to meet the PM or the President of India in his official residence for dinner? No never, not in near future, but they will call me to have a photograph with me not the other way round when you the senior professors make a stampede for a photo when they visit your university’
“But, it needs lots of practice and dedication?’
“Yes, after years and years of hard labour and high marks there is no escape from the reservation menace, there is no guarantee of a bright future but getting selected for the commonwealth games and olympics means a lot.’
“But what is the guarantee of your selection?’
“Leave that to me I will manage” was my son’s prompt reply.
“So you want to become an Olympian?
“Yes dad, exactly that?’
“Do you know the price of a gold medal?’ I asked my son.
“Yes, it’s only $300”
“But getting one is really difficult, son,”
So what, I get free train ride, all chief ministers will pay few lacs for cheap popularity, Mittals will donate crores, Tata will donate it’s first NANO to me, I do not have to pay income tax, steel products will be sold at a subsided rates to me, I will get a “Bharat Ratna” award and media and TV channels will flash your photos along with all my brothers and sisters for months and I will write my autobiography “How to win a gold medal”, then I will become an USA citizen and migrate. What more you want from your so called good for nothing fellow son?’
Sunita shouted” Are you dreaming? You are getting late for office.”
Dr.sanjoy Kumar satpathy,Bhubaneswar, Orissa,India

30 July 2008

Encouraging corruption

Encouraging Corruption

The other day I had taken my son to the MVI office for his learner’s driving license for two and four wheelers. After a long time I had the privilege of going there as I had no such occasion in last twenty years to do so.
That office reminded me of an interesting story about a colleague of mine who before retirement wanted to get a permanent driving license for his car. He was as thin as a pencil because he had an intestinal bypass for some reason and food was not getting absorbed for which he remained thin till he retired from job. He was a surgeon by profession.
We encouraged him to get one permanent one as he had been using the “L” license for twenty long years. He was a man of principle so he went to MVI office and filled up the requisite form and deposited the required fees. The head clerk asked him to come on next Friday which he did.

The driving test was in the form of taking the MVI officer from his office to his resident during lunch break. The big boss said ok and advised the doctor to meet one Mr. Sahu, the issuing officer after five days.
Like a disciplined solder he came and met Mr. Sahu.
He was asked to wait as the MVI had not come to the office. After long three hours wait, he went to Mr. Sahu and asked ‘why such a delay,’ our doctor friend had other important work to do before his final settlement with SAIL (steel authority of India).
He was told that the boss is busy for the traffic control for the Puja festival and he is with Superintendent of police and Collector and may not come back to office.
He called him out side and told “doctor”, why are you wasting your time? Pay me Rs: 50(this was in 1988) and things will be done in next twenty four hours.
Our disciplined doctor was furious and told the clerk “you are asking for bribe?”
‘No’, came the reply, I am just trying to help you that’s it’
“No way said the doctor”
He was asked to come after another four days.
When he came sharp at ten he was shocked to see the office closed. It was a state holiday.
Lastly he met the MVI officer and told him that his staff was asking for bribe. The MVI officer pretended to be furious, called the head clerk and warned him regarding the complaint. Then asked him to hand over the driving license to the doctor, to that Mr.Sahu told “sir” his file is spoilt and he has to apply for a new one as it got socked in the rain water.
This way the doctor went on coming to the motor vehicle inspector’s office (MVI) but was refused the license with some plea or other.
He got fed up and approached the SP as the last hope. Police chief told him “doctor you have earned so much why can’t you part with Rs: 50? You know he has to get his daughter married next month?”
Lastly he did not pay and retired with a “L” license hanging from his neck. We do not know how many of us can do that. He is still there and cycling and keeping fit at the age of 82 years.

Here the scenario at Bhubaneswar MVI office is quite different. If you have money, then there are nice people to do the unthinkable job for you? My son asked me “father- why to read MBBS or engineering and do MD or MBA, when one can earn so much every month sitting here under the pipal tree, plus they too get lots of respect from public!!”
I was astonished to hear his arguments which was like this “ each vender earns around three hundred rupees from a client and if he has minimum ten per day it comes to straight twenty-six days multiply by three hundred , plus other activities, coolly he has around seventy to eighty non taxable per month!! And we are encouraging it?”
He continued in the same breath “Whether ‘he’ bribes the clerk or MVI or some body else is immaterial for us but come next Friday the driving license is in my pocket. Then how many people I injure or kill is none of their headache, it’s the headache of public and police. No control over the issuance of driving license, how funny.”
We asked a nice fellow ( dalal) ‘if we try to go in the proper channel how long it will take?’
“May be a month or more or you may not get it at all” came the prompt reply.
This was my son’s first lesion on “encouraging corruptions.”
The next was during his admission after his plus two and joint entrance results were out. He had secured good marks but he had a low ranking due to reservation policy, out side state candidates, NRI quota, female candidates, Physically handicapped etc.
Here again we were asked to pay rupees fifteen lacs , if we want an admission in any subject of our son’s choice.
When we asked why donation? That’s the rule of the game called bribing. If you follow Gandhi giri you have to wait. But if you pay- the seat is reserved for your son or else people with more to donate are in the line.
My son said “dad, I will better run a taxi, but will not allow you to pay that amount for me.”
I told him ‘a taxi driver has to bribe the traffic people from sun rise to sun set, son there is no escape’
We did not pay the donation in that college and he is doing very well in general line.
Next one is when I took my mother for treatment at TMH at Mumbai for her breast cancer.
For one week we did not get any appointment with the oncologist. I was fed up with the rush and the queue there. One gentleman told me to meet the head clerk who gives appointment for the consultant, after five pm, when he is on his way home.He wears a dirty loose kurta but a starched white dhoti , an old style umbrella and a black half torn bag.
So I could recognize him and did exactly that and he told me to come sharp at 8 am next day, after the five hundred rupee note fast disappeared in his kurta pocket.
There was no waiting, this time, my mother was the first patient to be examined and was advised by the cancer specialist to take her back home and treat as per the schedule in any near by hospital and come after six months. My mother did not live long enough but I the cost of medicines made a big hole in my pocket.
The third area where we encourage maximum corruption is land registration and real estate business.
Now you know why the independent body puts India at the fifth or tenth slot on the top of corrupt countries in the world?
We are to blame our self, we are encouraging corruption, be it inside parliament, medical college, MVI office, Land registration office, judiciary, police station, railway and education institutes every where, it has gone in to our system. As we are all corrupt so also our leaders.
The next generation has learned the trick very fast. Honesty and sincerity are things of past, only to be found in Ramayana and Gita recitals.
Where is the end? I do not know!! Unless the youth of the country fights against this which I am afraid it’s not going to come for another decade, it’s going to be legalized corruption every where.
But one thing is sure now corruption is legalized in Indian society, you accept it or perish, choice is your.

The author is the president of ‘corrupt society of India’, Bhubaneswar branch.
You can send Rs: 500 for a book on “how to survive in corrupt India”. This special offers of 25% less is for you, helping corruption in India.


01 July 2008

Preventive Medicine

A preventive Guidelines

(Health File)
Dr.S.K.Satpathy,MD.FCCP,MB,Ex.Jt.Director ,SAIL,Rourkela.Orissa
If you ask me which are the most neglected organ in our body?
The answer will be the liver, sole of the foot and the eyes.

We will start with liver:
Liver is a huge organ weighing around 1.5 kg in a normal adult. Unless it is grossly damaged it can function with out any problems. From morning till evening what ever we eat has to pass through the liver, be it alcohol, or cold drinks, or colored items or bacteria and virus. It has tremendous capacity to take a load and regenerate. In recent years the load to liver has increased in the form of junk food, alcohol, adulterated food stuffs, contaminated food, and virus infection due to sexual activities and drug addictions. Once liver gets damaged then it is very difficult to repair by the body.
So children it’s your liver you have to protect it no one else. Be careful about Hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’ virus both are transmitted through sex and drugs taken through contaminated needles.

Sole of the foot: Imagine an athlete has to run in the finals of an Olympic event but he has a corn in little finger. All his four years efforts are gone. Many of us never look at our sole of the foot, for that reason many diabetic patients lose a finger or a foot. You must make a habit of keeping your feet clean, crake free and soft. If your socks are dirty, or you have a ill fitting shoes then you are inviting problems. Clean your socks and hanky daily (do not ask you maid or mammy to do it for you)and check the shoe before you wear it, there may be a small stone or pin inside which will injure your foot. Remember we depend on our feet to stand on the ground, drive a bike, or cycle or car. So from tomorrow on wards your face and your feet should get priorities in cleaning and care.

Eyes: When I was a student out of hundred students in school one or two used glasses in class for reading purpose. In colleges the percentage wise it was around 3 to 4%.In medical college it was around 6 to 8%. Now I feel so depressed to see four year old nursery school children wearing glasses!! Why so? Was it that the previous generation was not reading? Yes there was no TV no computers no mobiles no computer games .When I asked the ophthalmologist why this sudden deterioration of eyes in children? In spite of going in to the root cause they say it’s because of technical advancement that we are able to diagnose early eye problems.The problem lies with some thing else not with the children. Doctors do not like to talk about preventive measures but they are more interested for treatment so that their business florist. The main reason for the eye problem in children are--1,viewing TV from a short distance2.Improper light arrangements in room3.watching TV from a lying down position4.In dark rooms5.Improper height of TV6.Toomuch computer games on small screens.7.less of green vegetables.8.Hardly looking at natural things ie: trees ,flowers, grass, or any green natural objects.9.Reading books with improper lighting arrangements(students do not use reading lamps now a day, they are out dated.)10. Eyes are not getting proper care and nutrition.

Every parent want to have a child who is physically fit with good eye sight. Losing your contact lenses at crucial hour is a horrifying experience so children please take care of your self specially these three what I have enumerated in this heath care programme.

28 June 2008

Worshiping Corruption

Worshiping corruption (a satire)
In last decade with the improvement in the (social?) economical condition of the Indian, an ugly trend has set in, which has become a nuisance for the non Hindu as well as Hindu citizens. What’s that? I have used the word “nuisance” because as a Hindu I feel I should have used a still harsh word which I could not.
Our country was a country of poor farmers and still is. Those days most of the people preferred to stay in villages as our country was in a stage of development after independence. So our social, cultural and religious functions were dependent on the cultivation, harvesting and sale of the products.
But over the years due to technological advancement, loans, muscle power and reservation policy small farmers have perished by committing suicide or migrating to cities or change of profession or enjoying the benefits of BPL cards.So we are no longer a country of farmers but a country of soft wear engineers and industrialist.

So far so good, but the ugly head of worshiping of Gods along with killing of animals for meat at road side has increased. The festivals which were confined to few houses or temples have been commercialized. North India goes in to festive mood for days- weeks for Ram Nabami, East for Durga ,Kalipuja and Ratha jatra,West for Ganesh Puja and South for Poly festivals..
If you are cursed then only you should travel by train or bus in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP during Holi festival. Round the year you have to pay a ‘CHANDA” rather compulsory donations to the ruffians who are now the custodian of our Gods .The high ways collections are their main targets, of course with the knowledge of the police people..
With cheap availability of money people have become more God fearing and more corrupt. Men have made Gods and Goddesses corrupted. The vegetarian Gods have become non vegetarian because by doing that we will be able to take mutton, beef or pork or what not , any thing that is living .You go to the famous Kali temple of Calcutta you may collapse to see hundreds of heads of dead animals, clotted blood, fecal matters lying at the entry door of the temple. What a way to please the God!!
Even the Indian cricket team captain scarified few innocent animal’s ‘blood’ at some temple in Jharkhand for winning the ‘bloody’ 20-20 world cup!! Let’s do the same practice and fetch few medals in next Olympics. People say we are in twenty first century? Are we??
The number of temples has increased ten folds in last ten years so much so that every street corner has an ‘illegal’ temple.It starts with some stones being kept near a road side or at the turning points, then a red cloth being tied to the bela tree and the temple comes up faster than the sea tides. The management can’t do a thing—it’s the rise of “HINDUISM”. If that be so the BJP should have come up with four hundred seats with a Hindu population of more than eighty percent! But worshiping of Gods and building of temples or churches also depends on who wins the election.

Hundreds of trees are cut every year for the car festival of Puri.
Why can’t we change the cart of Lord who too has become rich due to blessings of our rich and famous!! Trees are assets why can’t we change our selves?. Let the three chariots be in steel frame with strong wheels?
If the custom is to build the cars in wood, let’s preserve the wheels and every wooden part for the next year by that we save our forest and the tedious process of building the
Chariot? The carpenters may be paid pension for those who have done the job for more than fifteen years.
Let’s use the same Pipli handy crafted covering over the metallic chariots. There are plenty of business house to sponsor these three chariots (Ratha). Let Mr Mital sponser for for Lord Jaganatha’s ,Tatas for Balabhadra and BCCI for Subhadra. We would ask Mr.Lolit Modi of IPL fame to organize the festival(Ratha Jatra) and the profits go to wards development of Orissa .
I have tried to touch just the tip of the ice berg where as huge submerged “religious Hills and icebergs” are the real threat to India’s further progress. Let there be less of TV coverage on the different religious functions and concentrate on how to improve our “working culture” not ‘worshipping culture”.
Jai hind.

PS: Five thousand students were present when the lecture started (I was the guest speaker) but only “three people” were present when my speech ended. Those unfortunate three were my wife, the car driver and Mr. Monoranjan Hota.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no4:
At post: Patia
Bhubaneswar, 751031,India

Tushar Panigrahi

TusharKantipanigrahi expired on 11th ofFeb.2008.He was an active congress worker and was chief adviser to CM of Orissa during 1974-78.He was a fine actor and has acted in more than a dozon oriya films.A famous personality of Cuttack city.He was the worthy son of padmabhusan late Kalindhi Panigrahi.We miss you Mr.Tushar.

12 June 2008


Juggling act on petrol

First the news comes that the petrol and diesel price has to be increased to accommodate the international price rise of crude oils. The CPM which is part of the government threatens to with draw the support if the price is increased. This withdrawal drama is not new to Indian public; every body knows that like match fixing the price fixing has already been done in a five star hotel. The press releases a note, that petrol will be Rs.17costlier and diselRs15.Days pass of with people putting more than required petrol in their 4 wheelers and two wheelers as if that 10 or 15 liters will give them a profit of million! The drama goes on for a week or more, then some blast occurs or there is an on going national phenomenon call IPL which distracts the public and politicians when the prime minister suddenly gets up from sleep to say “ price rise of petrol is inevitable.”
Ultimately the d-day arrives when the minister declares that petrol, diesel and LPG price .Press media gets a big chunk of their paper or prime time coverage on this issue. The CPM and other parties who are part of the Government calls for a day long strike then the next day the opposing party repeats it. By this time the international price has dropped or has gone up further as if the OPEC were watching Indian move! Is it a move by a friend to take India back wards?
Due to bandh gallons of petrol and diesel are saved and the economy of the country improves.

As the kerosene price is not raised the adulteration level of petrol crosses the 50% mark. The gainers are the petrol pump owners who are also the relatives or party workers of the ruling party, who finance them during elections. Public knows (public hey jo sab jante hain) that they are being cheated in the afternoon light but can’t protest as there is a certificate from weights and measures department about the purity of petrol. Poor cars do not have symptoms like vomiting nor or diarrhea so the owner gets a bumpy ride with out any extra cost.
Lets do some juggling act and stop this nuisance of taking back India ‘s economy by a force which does not like our country to progress further.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
HN: 4, Plot: 401/2362

10 June 2008

From my memory lane

My feeling, imaginations, nostalgic memories, arguments, appreciation, late coming, bonus, pay scale revision, income tax deduction ,car break down, leaving wife in market place, quarrels over movies, dress, food , going to hotels all flash backs of life come fresh and alive in my dreams and they appear so real.. Guest coming at odd time all these things are brewing in side my brain for couple of weeks. Mentally one has to be tough to remain calm with out chocked voice or tears of joy rolling down the cheek when some one lives his near and dear ones. After all I spent the best part of my life at Rourkela.
Represented east zone, played for HSL in all India tournament. Became a medicine specialist, excellent cricketer
Started writing Oriya short stories in 56 years and lastly became a singer. That’s what Rourkela has given me in my last thirty five years of job. The roads, the lanes, the vegetable venders, hospital staffs, water, the air, the birds the dogs the slum children all know me and call me uncle.
Time has come to say good bye to Rourkela. Tomorrow is 31st December 2007, Sanjoy last working day and from 1st January he will be a free bird. The system has gone in to his body and that will take some time to change. Not a single phone call, no one comes to him to talk, as he is with out power and money. Another day then another week and so on things will change. No one will remember this doctor as he was always controversial.
He has introspected his life from time to time. He is not excited with his daily routine job and he does not enjoy his present responsibility due to interference,
He is an introverted so no stress or any emotion is going to bring sorrow to him.
During his hospital days there were so many well wishers and friends but to name a few parida,bhabani,jk,sanjib,soroj,maj.sahu,kcmohanta,kiran,yosobanta ratha, aparajita,usha,shail verma,ssswain, etc.were his favorites.

I looked at the mirror and talked to my self “by looking young is not enough, you must be young at heart.”

06 June 2008



Should we go on changing names? “What’s there in a name?” That was told by Shakespeare some hundred of years back.
We still follow colonial rules; our communication in colleges and schools are in English, we too applaud if some one is recognized by a British establishment. But because of inferiority complex or some thing else or vote bank policy, I do not know we go on changing names
Millions will be spend for Renaming in Government pads, stamps, official papers, air ports, railway stations and rest of the places. There is no end to this. We criticized some one for the spelling of Orissa written as Udisha in 1965-66. Now that will be the spelling for Orissa!!
If we go on changing all the names because it’s pronounced in local language differently then next 100 years we will be busy in changing names only.
Some one pointed out “because corruption, bribery, terrorism, pollution, health care, poverty can not be changed or stopped over night this one is the easiest way to draw attention- -change the name. The other bad trend is naming some airport, stadium, railway station in name of Gods, Politicians, and unknown freedom fighters .The dumdum airport is called NCB airport but if you look carefully the Name CALCUTTA AIRPORT is still there. If we change the name of Balasore to Baleswar what we get, Premium or prejudice? Do we really have swaviman, do Oriyas talk in Oriya amongst them selves? For me this is just an anti colonial feeling nothing else. English vocabulary does not have some words which we have. But unfortunately no body has come forward and criticized this recent phenomenon of changing the name. Next time Balasore will be known as Fakir Mohan station!! Rourkela will be known as Birsa munda Railway station and Howrah as mother Teresa rail way station!! As you have noticed, now there are hundreds of Nehru OPDs in hospital, thousands of Rajiv Gandhi stadiums across the country, what a confused country!! Let’s write Udisha” when we write in odiya not as it’s pronounced in English that way it will be better. Let’s not rename those nostalgic “names” of hundred of years and create confusion, we have become global, isn’t it?
Carry on country men change the name of India to Indira that will be the “THE END”.. “Bharat mata ki jay”

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