10 January 2008

New year picnic(2008)

On the first Sunday of 2008, sanjoy invited the young children from the slums, who unlike elders could not arrange a picnic due lack of money.Sanjoy paid them and they cooked . As a token of gratitude and love they sent a plate of cooked food which they took.Sanjoy felt so emotional tears rolled down in happiness.The photograph was taken by sanjoy and the prints have already been given to the children as a memory.

05 January 2008

happy new year viewers

With this beautiful orchid flower i wish my viewers a happy and exciting2008

new year resolution

A big hello to wish my viewers with a happy and exciting year of2008

New Year Resolution

Last year I decided not to make any New year resolution not because I could not keep any of them but it was more of a burden then any thing else. The first one I made was not to lose temper but that was soon broken on third of January when my broad band became defunct. The second one was on not spending money unnecessarily on materials that too did not last long as I purchased a higher mega pixel camera. The third resolution was to take my wife to a hill station in summer months but met with an accident in the month of May which ruled me out for three months. The fourth one was not to touch alcohol in any form but my friend who was abroad for quite a long time brought for me a Jonny walker black label, so the resolution was broken in the fifth month. The longest to last was not to take non vegetarian food which lasted till the end.

So this year I decided to keep the promise of last year-not to make any resolution but to do what ever I want to and not to restrict my self with false promise, as I am a free bird from first of January 2008, after long years of service with Steel Authority Of India.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Ex-Joint Director Medical services