23 February 2008

Cricket in India

Three things are a must if you want to know about India.
1st: Politics
2nd: Cricket
3rd: Hindi films

Recently cricket players were auctioned like paintings and vintage cars. A country where 20 to 30% of the people find it difficult to get two meals a day, a country where corruption is in every field, morality at it’s lowest, terrorist activities in the name of Mao activist, Ulfa activist etc are on the rise the young generation is mad about cricket.This type of circus should be banned by a democratic society or else more destructive society will come out in next few years.
Our cricket team has not won a world cup since 1983 . The BCCI is the Don of world cricket because 80% of money comes from Indian public.
To sum up what they do? read this poem written by no other than Sanjoy kumar Satpathy
some time back.

Paper tiger

A team of millionaire

A team of blasters

A team of experts

A team of record breakers

A team of models

A team of losers

A team of mediocre

In media they call it team India

You are sixth amongst ten

You are eighth amongst twelve

You are nothing in ICC

You lose every match

But get millions

A run cost a fortune

Your daily wage can build a house

But the rest work and work

As they can’t meet both ends meet

They are called Indian farmers

Players get richer doing nothing

Farmers plough land to get harvest

Workers in blast furnace produce steel

Still they are poor as they are Indians

But you produce nothing but get every thing

You produce tears in our eyes when you lose

But you continue to walk on ramps

Oh paper tigers we had enough of you

Do some thing or perish

Win for the country and bring the lost glory


Sanjoy shifted to his own house on 27th of January 2008.
The house is situated at Bhubaneswar,Orissa,India.
This is his new house.Durga,Manglu,Ashok lohar,Kumari
and rajesh helped Sanjoy and his wife kalyani to set
the house in order in record one week time.Eventhough
he is a doctor he treats these poor tribal people as
his own.They are attched to sanjoy and his wife kalyani
for two decades

14 February 2008

Atlantic city

Sanjoy at Atlantic city in the year 2007.He retired from service few months later.
He has many exciting experience during his America tour along with his wife kalyani.His three nephews,Bikash,Sandeep,Pradeep and their wife Sujata,Richa and anupama respectively helped them a lot during their short visit to USA.

Playing days

Sixth from left(standing) is sanjoy satpathy.This photograph was taken just before a Ranji trophy match at famous Barabati stadium of Cuttack in the year 1972.Many of the famous persons like BBMohanty,Ambar Roy,Subroto Guha,Panderker have expired.sanjoy after his retirement nostalgically looks back about his playing days photographs during his spare time, which he has plenty at the moment.