27 May 2008

Ultra sound examination in pregnency.

Questions to all Indian obstetricians:
Be sincere and answer these questions.

Why you want to perform an ultra sound exam on a pregnant lady?
1: if there are any abnormalities, are you sure it’s not a technical error?

2. If there is and she is 26 weeks then?

3. Repeated US exam is done for commission or necessity?

4. If less of amniotic fluid then?

5. Is it done because patient wants a picture for her album?

6. Are you sure this test is not going to cause damage to the growing fetus?

7. With out this U/S examination, millions have already taken birth, they why so much stress on this Test, now?

8. Medical faculty is not coming forward to stop this because this is a multimillion dollar business?

9. Poor Indians women can be advised to take more nutritious food rather then spending Rs.300 to Rs400 for this useless test, except for sex determination and abortion?

10. Do you think you must think rather then follow blindly, what others are doing?

16 May 2008

Seasonal food habits

Seasonal Food.

Some time back may be five years, a question came to me??
For which I did not get any satisfactory answer from any one including experts.
The Q: was, eating vegetables of summer and rainy season in winter and vice versa is it bad or good for health?
The thought came to me because the winter vegetables produce more heat but summer vegetables are cold, easy to digest. Same is true about fruits too. Summer fruits have more water content and sweeter. This logic was for Indian food which we have been practicing for thousands of years, like taking seasonal vegetables and fruits.
But from 1970 onwards the food habits of Indians changes. With the government’s help more cold storages were opened and milk production in the country was up by 50%, Indians started taking more of “paneer”, milk, Curd and milk products in the form of sweets. Subsequent year’s Chinese food culture in the cities along with soft drinks attracted the young mass. The typical Indian food disappeared from the dinning table of most of the middle class and effluent families which was replaced by Pizza, Chow mien, Rolls, Fast food with the beer and hard drinks.

Instead of educating our doctors on food and nutrition aspect of life they were taught more on invasive and non invasive methods which means the preventive medicine took a back seat. Most of the doctors have a very poor notion about diet before or after surgery. The advice is non practical and it’s left to nurses or dietician or the patient regarding the food. Most of the big and 5* hospitals give a diet chart which looks very attractive to the eye but difficult to follow. The best person to advice regarding diet is the physician or the surgeon who is treating the patient.

I have got the answer to my query which has prompted the Europeans people to ban unseasonal foods in their country.

So friends take Janhi,kakharu,sajana chuin,neutia saga,dahi, pakhala,badi bhaja, santula,dahibars, lassi, mango, lichu in summer months.
Avoid eggs, mutton, chicken, if you are above 55 years as they will heat up your system but your organ’s have become cold and the partner too is no more willing.
Winter vegetables will keep you warm if it’s cold out side and is good for you to carry your vitamin and other requirements for the next winter.Do advice your children to go for Indian food or else they may have to go for bypass before you which has started happening and will be on the rise.
You will find lots of GE cases during summer months after consuming non vegetarian food, Even in 5* hotels Why?Digestive system goes bizarre in hot climate..
Do not follow medical guidelines but time tested advice of your forefathers.
This article has the approval of ProfB.S.Dash

01 May 2008

Black and white

This black and white photograph was taken way back in 1983. A new year picnic of department of medicine Ispat general Hospital,Rourkela.Out of 35 only 18 are still in the hospital, others have taken VR, or retired or dead.
Standing from left to right:
on the ground staffnurses of the department.
(click on the foto for a large view)