28 June 2008

Worshiping Corruption

Worshiping corruption (a satire)
In last decade with the improvement in the (social?) economical condition of the Indian, an ugly trend has set in, which has become a nuisance for the non Hindu as well as Hindu citizens. What’s that? I have used the word “nuisance” because as a Hindu I feel I should have used a still harsh word which I could not.
Our country was a country of poor farmers and still is. Those days most of the people preferred to stay in villages as our country was in a stage of development after independence. So our social, cultural and religious functions were dependent on the cultivation, harvesting and sale of the products.
But over the years due to technological advancement, loans, muscle power and reservation policy small farmers have perished by committing suicide or migrating to cities or change of profession or enjoying the benefits of BPL cards.So we are no longer a country of farmers but a country of soft wear engineers and industrialist.

So far so good, but the ugly head of worshiping of Gods along with killing of animals for meat at road side has increased. The festivals which were confined to few houses or temples have been commercialized. North India goes in to festive mood for days- weeks for Ram Nabami, East for Durga ,Kalipuja and Ratha jatra,West for Ganesh Puja and South for Poly festivals..
If you are cursed then only you should travel by train or bus in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP during Holi festival. Round the year you have to pay a ‘CHANDA” rather compulsory donations to the ruffians who are now the custodian of our Gods .The high ways collections are their main targets, of course with the knowledge of the police people..
With cheap availability of money people have become more God fearing and more corrupt. Men have made Gods and Goddesses corrupted. The vegetarian Gods have become non vegetarian because by doing that we will be able to take mutton, beef or pork or what not , any thing that is living .You go to the famous Kali temple of Calcutta you may collapse to see hundreds of heads of dead animals, clotted blood, fecal matters lying at the entry door of the temple. What a way to please the God!!
Even the Indian cricket team captain scarified few innocent animal’s ‘blood’ at some temple in Jharkhand for winning the ‘bloody’ 20-20 world cup!! Let’s do the same practice and fetch few medals in next Olympics. People say we are in twenty first century? Are we??
The number of temples has increased ten folds in last ten years so much so that every street corner has an ‘illegal’ temple.It starts with some stones being kept near a road side or at the turning points, then a red cloth being tied to the bela tree and the temple comes up faster than the sea tides. The management can’t do a thing—it’s the rise of “HINDUISM”. If that be so the BJP should have come up with four hundred seats with a Hindu population of more than eighty percent! But worshiping of Gods and building of temples or churches also depends on who wins the election.

Hundreds of trees are cut every year for the car festival of Puri.
Why can’t we change the cart of Lord who too has become rich due to blessings of our rich and famous!! Trees are assets why can’t we change our selves?. Let the three chariots be in steel frame with strong wheels?
If the custom is to build the cars in wood, let’s preserve the wheels and every wooden part for the next year by that we save our forest and the tedious process of building the
Chariot? The carpenters may be paid pension for those who have done the job for more than fifteen years.
Let’s use the same Pipli handy crafted covering over the metallic chariots. There are plenty of business house to sponsor these three chariots (Ratha). Let Mr Mital sponser for for Lord Jaganatha’s ,Tatas for Balabhadra and BCCI for Subhadra. We would ask Mr.Lolit Modi of IPL fame to organize the festival(Ratha Jatra) and the profits go to wards development of Orissa .
I have tried to touch just the tip of the ice berg where as huge submerged “religious Hills and icebergs” are the real threat to India’s further progress. Let there be less of TV coverage on the different religious functions and concentrate on how to improve our “working culture” not ‘worshipping culture”.
Jai hind.

PS: Five thousand students were present when the lecture started (I was the guest speaker) but only “three people” were present when my speech ended. Those unfortunate three were my wife, the car driver and Mr. Monoranjan Hota.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no4:
At post: Patia
Bhubaneswar, 751031,India

Tushar Panigrahi

TusharKantipanigrahi expired on 11th ofFeb.2008.He was an active congress worker and was chief adviser to CM of Orissa during 1974-78.He was a fine actor and has acted in more than a dozon oriya films.A famous personality of Cuttack city.He was the worthy son of padmabhusan late Kalindhi Panigrahi.We miss you Mr.Tushar.

12 June 2008


Juggling act on petrol

First the news comes that the petrol and diesel price has to be increased to accommodate the international price rise of crude oils. The CPM which is part of the government threatens to with draw the support if the price is increased. This withdrawal drama is not new to Indian public; every body knows that like match fixing the price fixing has already been done in a five star hotel. The press releases a note, that petrol will be Rs.17costlier and diselRs15.Days pass of with people putting more than required petrol in their 4 wheelers and two wheelers as if that 10 or 15 liters will give them a profit of million! The drama goes on for a week or more, then some blast occurs or there is an on going national phenomenon call IPL which distracts the public and politicians when the prime minister suddenly gets up from sleep to say “ price rise of petrol is inevitable.”
Ultimately the d-day arrives when the minister declares that petrol, diesel and LPG price .Press media gets a big chunk of their paper or prime time coverage on this issue. The CPM and other parties who are part of the Government calls for a day long strike then the next day the opposing party repeats it. By this time the international price has dropped or has gone up further as if the OPEC were watching Indian move! Is it a move by a friend to take India back wards?
Due to bandh gallons of petrol and diesel are saved and the economy of the country improves.

As the kerosene price is not raised the adulteration level of petrol crosses the 50% mark. The gainers are the petrol pump owners who are also the relatives or party workers of the ruling party, who finance them during elections. Public knows (public hey jo sab jante hain) that they are being cheated in the afternoon light but can’t protest as there is a certificate from weights and measures department about the purity of petrol. Poor cars do not have symptoms like vomiting nor or diarrhea so the owner gets a bumpy ride with out any extra cost.
Lets do some juggling act and stop this nuisance of taking back India ‘s economy by a force which does not like our country to progress further.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
HN: 4, Plot: 401/2362

10 June 2008

From my memory lane

My feeling, imaginations, nostalgic memories, arguments, appreciation, late coming, bonus, pay scale revision, income tax deduction ,car break down, leaving wife in market place, quarrels over movies, dress, food , going to hotels all flash backs of life come fresh and alive in my dreams and they appear so real.. Guest coming at odd time all these things are brewing in side my brain for couple of weeks. Mentally one has to be tough to remain calm with out chocked voice or tears of joy rolling down the cheek when some one lives his near and dear ones. After all I spent the best part of my life at Rourkela.
Represented east zone, played for HSL in all India tournament. Became a medicine specialist, excellent cricketer
Started writing Oriya short stories in 56 years and lastly became a singer. That’s what Rourkela has given me in my last thirty five years of job. The roads, the lanes, the vegetable venders, hospital staffs, water, the air, the birds the dogs the slum children all know me and call me uncle.
Time has come to say good bye to Rourkela. Tomorrow is 31st December 2007, Sanjoy last working day and from 1st January he will be a free bird. The system has gone in to his body and that will take some time to change. Not a single phone call, no one comes to him to talk, as he is with out power and money. Another day then another week and so on things will change. No one will remember this doctor as he was always controversial.
He has introspected his life from time to time. He is not excited with his daily routine job and he does not enjoy his present responsibility due to interference,
He is an introverted so no stress or any emotion is going to bring sorrow to him.
During his hospital days there were so many well wishers and friends but to name a few parida,bhabani,jk,sanjib,soroj,maj.sahu,kcmohanta,kiran,yosobanta ratha, aparajita,usha,shail verma,ssswain, etc.were his favorites.

I looked at the mirror and talked to my self “by looking young is not enough, you must be young at heart.”

06 June 2008



Should we go on changing names? “What’s there in a name?” That was told by Shakespeare some hundred of years back.
We still follow colonial rules; our communication in colleges and schools are in English, we too applaud if some one is recognized by a British establishment. But because of inferiority complex or some thing else or vote bank policy, I do not know we go on changing names
Millions will be spend for Renaming in Government pads, stamps, official papers, air ports, railway stations and rest of the places. There is no end to this. We criticized some one for the spelling of Orissa written as Udisha in 1965-66. Now that will be the spelling for Orissa!!
If we go on changing all the names because it’s pronounced in local language differently then next 100 years we will be busy in changing names only.
Some one pointed out “because corruption, bribery, terrorism, pollution, health care, poverty can not be changed or stopped over night this one is the easiest way to draw attention- -change the name. The other bad trend is naming some airport, stadium, railway station in name of Gods, Politicians, and unknown freedom fighters .The dumdum airport is called NCB airport but if you look carefully the Name CALCUTTA AIRPORT is still there. If we change the name of Balasore to Baleswar what we get, Premium or prejudice? Do we really have swaviman, do Oriyas talk in Oriya amongst them selves? For me this is just an anti colonial feeling nothing else. English vocabulary does not have some words which we have. But unfortunately no body has come forward and criticized this recent phenomenon of changing the name. Next time Balasore will be known as Fakir Mohan station!! Rourkela will be known as Birsa munda Railway station and Howrah as mother Teresa rail way station!! As you have noticed, now there are hundreds of Nehru OPDs in hospital, thousands of Rajiv Gandhi stadiums across the country, what a confused country!! Let’s write Udisha” when we write in odiya not as it’s pronounced in English that way it will be better. Let’s not rename those nostalgic “names” of hundred of years and create confusion, we have become global, isn’t it?
Carry on country men change the name of India to Indira that will be the “THE END”.. “Bharat mata ki jay”

House No4,Plot:402/2362,Atpost Patia,Bhubaneswar-751031

05 June 2008

drug olympics

Drug Olympic

Human body has certain limitation as regards physical strength, endurance, reflex and stability but experts say with drugs these limitations can be over come, hence the doping test in sports.

Imagine an Olympic with drugs. Here all athletes are allowed to take any thing they like; there will be no restrictions on drug and no dope test as the name signifies. Even the public will be allowed to take beer (free with tickets, maximum 1000ml), it will be like the IPL cricket tournament in India.
There will be no boring events like marathon race, walking events, sword fight, and animal participation. Total period will be for six days only.
Except the referees, camera men, officials’ rest of the people in the stadium can smoke, take drugs. The athletes will not be asked which drug they take, not even the champions. There will be no sex bar. Ladies too can participate along with men and there will be no separate events for ladies but for each event there will be special prizes for ladies. An event where a lady comes first then the males participating in that event has to drink the urine of that lady. This is done to discourage under performance by male athletes and substandard participants. There will be no dress codes for participants.
What is the advantage of this type of Special Olympics?
You save the agony of the athletes. Millions of dollars are saved as laboratory staffs and chemicals will not be required for the dope tests.
As such most of the champions of past and present used performance enhancing drugs but went Scot free because of wrong sampling, faulty technique, bribery, money power and political interference. Take the case of Mario Jones, she was a different type of lady to have confessed about taking drugs other wise I think eight out of ten famous sports person take some form of drugs, be it in form of a diet(dogs meat, bull’s fat, tiger’s testes etc) or medicines or other methods which is not known to the doping experts.
If that be so let’s see, what maximum a human body can achieve in field events or other games and then compare them with the so called drug free sports stars? But the question is, was there a really drug free Olympic in recent years, say in last twenty years?

So friends lets wait for the sponsors to have an Olympic that will have retired or not getting a chance(dropped) or banned athletes or those who do not want to participate in drug free Olympics. The prize money will be $50000(1st prize)$25000(2nd) $10000(3rd) but if tested negative for drugs he or she will be disqualified for next year. This Special Olympics will be held just six months prior to the main Olympics.
The peculiarity of this “Olympic” will be maximum 50 athletes’ will be allowed to participate from one country, no officials. The leader from each country has to be from the participating athletes of that country. Any individual can participate for any country but he has to become a citizen for at least two years before the event.
An event like this can only be held in a country where drugs are freely available and there is no punishment for drug users.
After an internet voting, the venue for the first “drug Olympic” will be decided. The dates will be informed in due time.
I wish some business house picks up this” golden Hen” and start the event before it’s too late. If a human body can run 100 meters in 5 seconds then let it be why to stop this exciting future prospect of science and human limits?. I think it’s worth it to get a gold and $50000 with drugs then lead a drug free life with out achieving any thing in life!!, why not die young(adverse effects of drugs) doing some thing which people will remember for hundreds of years, the choice is yours—“go and get it”.
NB: This is a satire but who knows it may be a reality in future.

Written by Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no4, Plot401/2362
At post: Patia
Bhubaneswar751031, India