26 September 2008


Dear viewers,

Thank you very much for opening my blog spot.If you really compare it with any other blog mine is totally different, because it has stories, poems, photographs,medical tips,satires and about animals.I need your encouragement to make it the best blog in the world.

thank you once again, happy viewing.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

22 September 2008


The duplicate key (real life story)

A newly married couple at Bangalore had gone out for their honeymoon and then came back and resumed their duty. They were the only couple in that apartment. The rest of the house were either locked or student or newly employed engineers used to stay on rent.
The husband was working in a call centre and the wife was a teacher in Public school. Except for the timing of duty hours nothing could disturb them.
After some months the young lady complained about her disturb sleep due to her husband’s late night return from call centre as she has to get up to open the main door. They were in a housing colony so security was not a problem. The young lady got fed up and made a duplicate with the help of a neighbor who knew where the key could be made. That solved her late night problem. There was no more early morning drowsiness or misunderstanding with husband. Every one was full of praise for this couple for their closeness and love for each other.
Then came the rainy season with lightening and thunders storms which were frightening for the lady staying alone at night. But she knew her husband would be coming around 2-3am, would coolly enter the bed with out making any noise. He had the duplicate key with him.
Both of them worked for five days a week. Once on a week end the lady while having dinner in a five star hotel with her husband, complimented -“Your performance is getting better night after night. Are you taking Viagra or what?”
The young fellow was surprised “what did you say?”
“Yes, I mean it. It’s very satisfying”
But “I had no sex with you for five days”
The lady paused and said “You see I dream a lot”

Sanjoy Satpathy
House no 4, Plotno401/2362, Patia, Bhubaneswar31
The moral of the story, never make a duplicate key of your main door if you are newly married.

09 September 2008


Fifth from left is Prof BKTripathy,sanjoy is 2nd from leftMr.AKBir 2nd from right(Sitting on chair)
On the ground 3rd from left is Prof.Sumanyu Satpathy,2nd from left standing is Dr.M.R.Mohanty.(year 1963-64)

06 September 2008


Health file

(Intestinal Gas)Flatulence

Flatulence means having too much gas or flatus, in the intestinal tract. Normally the gas passes through the anus when the rectal muscle relaxes. Healthy people produce around 150 to 300ml of gas in the intestine.
The intestinal gas consists of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and methane, which are produced when complex carbohydrates are broken down. Any swallowed gas adds oxygen to the mixture. When the unabsorbed food undergoes fermentation by intestinal bacteria, the resulting by-product can contribute not only to volume but also to the odor of the intestinal gas. The foul smell is often produced by beans, dried peas cabbage, lentils and other legumes.
The excess formation of gas can occur due to what you eat and how you eat. People who swallow a lot of air during eating or drinking may pass more than the usual amount of intestinal gas. There is also a hereditary component; some people produce more methane and other gases than others do in the course of normal digestion.
No investigation is required for this problem unless you are losing weight and passing blood per rectum or having frequent diarrhea. Routine stool examination may show some parasites which can be treated by your doctor. Normally treatment is not necessary. Change your food eating habits which will reduce your problem.. Due to less secretion of pancreatic and other enzymes gas formation may increase, in that case one has to take digestive enzymes. Do not take antacids for flatulence as it will change the pH of the stomach and more bacteria will pass through to intestine to produce more gas. Some parents ask their children to take antacids like gelusil, diovol, digene or some mixture before or after a dinner in a hotel or club. This is a bad practice because here the flatulence is due to rich food cooked with lots of oil and spice.. So taking a digene or diovol tablet or liquid or other acid lowering drugs is harmful for young children as the child starts taking the liquid for any abdominal problems.
These antacids contain magnesium, aluminum, sodium bicarbonate and other chemicals plus sugar and flavoring agents which are harmful if taken regularly by the children in the pretext of gas or gastric problems.
My sincere advice to the children is to reduce fat intake. Eliminate dairy products if it does not suit your system and produce more gas and abdominal distention. These children have lactose intolerance. Do not talk while eating, do not eat while watching TV, eat slowly, swallow after proper mastication, avoid over eating, eat at a fixed time and do not take cold drinks while eating as it retard the process of digestion and produce more gas. Do a little bit of yoga practice daily and you can also try some herbal medicines if you like.
Throw away those bottles today and change your food habit and let me know if I am wrong. A good habit from childhood will help you a lot throughout your life.
So bye for now-wishing you a gas free life.