27 October 2008

A Dewali Bonus

Stormy Night

Abani and Suresh were fast friends. During a summer holiday they decided to cycle all the way from Baripada to the Similipal forest. Similipal is situated some two hundred miles from Calcutta in the state of Orissa. A famous tourist spot for it’s dense forest, peacocks, elephants, wild bores and royal Bengal tigers.
On the way near Bisein they had to stay over night due to a typical Indian summer thunder storm which lashed that hilly area of Mayaurbhanj in the evening hours. It’s a small town, more of a village situated on the high way connecting NH 5 with NH 6.A very picturesque spot surrounded by jungle. They could not get any shelter to stay for the night as they were young and people with family denied them any help. At last they found out a nice big house on the outskirt of that village. There were only two occupants in that big house a young widow and an old faithful servant called Chitan. The lady had lost her husband some years back. Abani was taken aback with the beauty of the lady. The care taker was reluctant for their accommodation for the fear of gossips mongers in the village; ultimately there was an agreement that they could sleep on the verandah and not in side the house.
The lady told them, she can’t provide them any food for the night and told them to be careful about snakes. She asked Chaitan to keep a jug of drinking water for the night for the two young college students. Her voice was drowned in the screeching sound of those huge Leyland trucks.
On their way to an eating spot, Abani asked Suresh “Isn’t she beautiful?’
“Stop this nuisance pal, you are asking for trouble”.
The topic ended abruptly and no one spoke about it any further.
They took their food in a near by Dhaba and being too tired slept before the clock struck nine.
The next day they got up early and thanked the lady profusely and went on their way to Karanjia and then to the forest bungalow of Similipal forest. They had a terrific time for those couple of days before they decided to come back with sweet memories of the trip.
They passed out from MPC College Baripada and were staying in the same hostel at Cuttack for their post graduate studies. Being brilliant students they had single room accommodations.
After two years Abani got a redirected registered letter from a lawyer. He was worried why such a letter from an advocate? He had no liabilities his father was there to take care of the properties, then who that could be to send a notice from Baripada?
Abani went to his friend’s room and asked ‘Do you remember our trip to Similipal’?
“Yes, I do”
‘Did you sleep with that lady at night’?
“Yes, I did, I don’t want to lie”
‘You told your name as Abani and gave my address isn’t it?’
“Why are you asking such questions?”
‘The lady is dead and she has left a year old child with that old man, I have to take care of her property and the child!!
‘Tell me what to do?’
“I will ask you a question be honest and tell me, are you sure the child is not yours?”
They hugged each other and had a big laughter which surprised many of the inmates of that hostel.
When asked by the warden ‘why such a disturbance at night?’
Prompt came the reply “It’s the child sir”

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,Houseno:4,Plot:401/2362,Patia,Bhubaneswar31,India


25 October 2008

short hand news


Of late media people have started short hand news for it’s readers. Those who are not up to date with it may find it difficult to understand the news paper’s view and verdict.
Let’s see what is it actually?
Australia is now written as OZ.
President as PREZ.
Governor as Gove
Lander Paes as: Lee
Harbhajan as :Bhaji or Terminator
Sourab as: Dada
Dravid as: Wall
Share market as: Bull
Then where is the end.
Due to shortage and cost of the news print paper, in one page one can print the news in short hand so that will be only 50 paise. People will start going to tuition classes to know about short hand. Lots of short hand tutorial classes will open up in the country and those old PS of ministers and IAS officers, will take classes and get some money on the way.

24 October 2008

Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima

The SBI(State Bank of India) calendar reminded me of having two important events on August 16th, one the Rakhi in the morning and the lunar eclipse in the evening. The astrologers have already warned us not to take food from evening seven to mid night one. I was happy that some ever hungry middle class people will have to remain with out food for six hours. We are not supposed to move out which too will help us from petrol expenses. But my wife who was twenty kg of extra weight, mostly in form of ugly fat here and there was worried as to how she can manage such a long fasting period? She had asked me the previous day to bring her some fruits and sweets to over come the eclipse effect.
I had brought some apple, and banana for her at a very high price as most of the husbands were there to help their over weight wives from the menace of the lunar effects and the vendor was having a roaring business. One gentleman even commented there should be more frequent eclipse so that our hungry wives remain fasting. Another gentleman retorted back but at whose cost? Most of us who were there laughed except the shop keeper.

On 16th morning she told me that she would love to take some south Indian food for the morning break fast. As an obedient husband I went to the nearest Udipi restaurant and ordered ten idlies and ten “badas’.I was given a token after the payment and was asked to collect the packet from another counter.
As I was waiting, I saw many young student couple of the near bye college of engineering enjoying their breakfast. There were mixture of girls and boys of different sizes and shapes and with variety of attires. So tight were their modern garments that I could visualize every thing in side as a medical professional.

I was interested to see who will pay the bill the boy or the girl. As I have seen it’s the boy who invariably ends up as the bakra/loser. For a change the beautiful girl seating next to the counter where I was standing paid the bill.
The boy was very excited and was smiling when the girl brought out the “Rakhi” from her vanity bag and before the boy could say anything it was tied on his wrist. The smile vanished as Fast it appeared and he brought out his hanky and wiped off some of the sweats from his eye brows which have rolled down warmly on to his face.
Now he has to pay the ‘bahan’ for the sacred thread of love for the brother. There were other students who after watching with awe, they immediately left their respective tables not to be seen in the near vicinity. A huge loud satirical laughter which was about to lunge forward was some how or other controlled by me before I left the counter with my packet for the starving wife.
When I narrated this incident to my wife she asked ‘have you ever faced similar fate in your college days’?
‘I have never believed in spoiling the sacred relationship between a brother and a sister for a gift and political gimmicks’. Was my sharp reply

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Patia, Bhubaneswar.

bizarre thoughts

A Bizarre thought presentation

The average students of today secure around 80 to 85% marks from class 2 till he or she joins a professional college. They are like Roberts because the way they talk, dress, respect their teachers and seniors, use a mobile, attend tuition classes, eat and spend money are almost uniform as the parents have enough money for their ‘Ladla Beta or Beti’.
Very few of the parents have time to know about their children’s talents and ability for a creative work. Because every one has a single child others follow it blindly. The children are vaccinated for every thing except traffic accidents and bomb blasts. Earlier days parents used to have more children for more supporting hands in job or in for old age or for infectious diseases. Now the lower and upper middle class have enough money to purchase two or three bed room flats but can’t manage another child.
Majority of them have only one child, who joins the present system of education and become a MBA and joins some foreign farms or multinational office and start working from 8 to 8 plus few hours for traveling. They have hardly any time for love or creative staff. There have been sharp rise of love/inter cast marriages and divorces in India recently. What ever saving the boy have, goes to wards the court fees and ex wife..He starts from zero once again.
The education institutions, corporate hospitals and nursing homes are having a good time in last two decades. Open an institution, take land from Government at a subsidized rate and have any one of the above institutions and count money. Education institutions are safe bets in comparison to hospitals as the number of doctors and nurses in the country are on the decline. Dead bodies are not available for anatomy classes. Who would like to send his or her son or daughter for twelve years of medical course to become a super specialist? Now a days MD doctors are doing other business except medical practice as patients prefer to go to a super specialist. This is the age of super stars. During the same period his or her class mates have finished MBA and have gone to USA or Australia or UK and well settled in life. This medical man is now 28 or 30 years old and searching for a job and lady doctor as a bride..
I will narrate my own experience with children of my relatives and friends. Once we visited our friend’s house. Some twenty or thirty cycles and motor bikes were parked in front of their house.
We thought must be some sort of a function at home but we were shocked to know that it’s the turn of our friend’s son’s house for rotation tuition class. We hurried back faster then we had gone.
Sundays morning are hair dying or Mehendi days so those days are out. Saturdays and Tuesdays evening are for going to (Sankat mochon) temple and Thursdays are for kitty party. Mondays every one is busy that leaves us with Wednesdays and Fridays but we go to big bazaar for marketing on that day as we get lots of discounts.. Some places we feel unwanted as the children were having a birth day party. Now a days like film stars and cricketers birth day comes three times a year. As a retired couple we are unwanted every where except our own house. We cannot tell about others but one thing hurts us as friends and relatives are no more the same .Ego- ego, money- money are ruining the joy of life.

We feel stressed when we are called for marriage reception. The first and foremost the parking problem then climbing the stairs of the dais to hand over envelop or the gift material to the couple . Little carelessness may end up with a fall. Then that photograph with an unnatural smile which never gets printed for you.
The problem here is neither the son nor the daughter recognizes that, you are the same fellow/uncle who was their neighbor for five years. During the buffet dinner every one is busy with chicken bones or fish fry so hardly any time to talk. Then you look for some sweets or ice-cream. But there is a stamped, where most of the ladies and children are spotted. If your wife can bring one then it’s well and good or else come back with out sweets. While coming back, tell your host that the food was very good (as if his wife had cooked it for you) and come back to take some home made food.
This is a bizarre thought presentation from Sanjoy.

12 October 2008

Great Artist

My bhanja/nephew (sister's Son) who was thought of as good for nothing fellow by his friends and relatives, latter on found to be a genius on painting work.Here i have posted two of his latest painting work for my viewers.No blog spot is complete with out painting work.My blog has been a great success because it's unique.You can read short stories,Oriya stories,English poems,photographs of all kinds,satires,health tips,Bizarre thoughtsand last but not the list the new addition of paintings from my Nephew- Abhisekh Panigrahi.


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