31 December 2009





27 December 2009


Last year during this time (x-mas time) two lady dogs gave birth to 10 pupies, only three survived, two females and a male.I donot know where that one year old male has gone but two of his sisters have given birth to three pups.One of the lady dog is no more, the other one shown in the picture(black) has given birth to six and her new friend six, a total of twelve.Here in the second picture shows, some of them are sleeping on the open field.I donot know how many of them will survive but i take pleasure in giving some food to them ,two times a day, thats my hobby.I would request my friends who love this funny creature who loves his or her boss more then self to give them somehelp.They lead a street life.Donot worry about rabies as there are more dangerous viral diseases around you to kill you.

24 December 2009



17 December 2009


Here the mother finds it difficult to find out which one is not her's, so she allows every one for a few drops of milk.My wife a true lover of animals cooks some rice for the dogs who have recently given birth to pups.

15 December 2009


Few country dogs and a bull take a nap under the shade of bricks.With trees being felled all over for building construction, there is hardly any place for these home less animals and birds.This particular place(Patia) was a jungle a few decades back but due to black money and vulgar wealth every other day a building or apartments are being constructed in the capital city of the poorest state of India called Odisha.The name has been changed from Orissa to Odisha but for these poor animals there is no change in their fortune, same is the fate of the poor people of this state.Similar scenario exists in the villages.People have destroyed the forest for fire wood or for furniture for the rich , as a result of which elephants,monkeys,bears, tigers,wild bores have no place to stay and stray to wards villages and get killed by the people in different ways.The elephants are killed with live electricity hooked from high tension wires, tigers are given poisoned meat, bears are cruelly beaten to death.This is a daily occurrence in this state.I wonder where are those people who are supposed to protect these wild animals.

14 December 2009

Haste makes Waste

Haste makes waste

A Friend of mine was very relaxed and seldom gets upset over smaller things in day to day life. He used to come to hospital late and used to go home late. Even our chief could not change his habits and relaxed attitude. He used to see the departure time of trains and flights unlike us who are very particular about the arrival time. He would come so late to the Conferences and marriage receptions that the organizers know that the last person has come once they spot him.
Once he along with his boss had to go to Mumbai to attend a medical conference. The tickets were booked one month in advance. The d- day arrived and they reached the station in time and boarded the train. The TT checked their ticket and said sir your train is very near to Mumbai; you are twenty four hours late. They were surprised how come they were so late? The TT told them sir your train leaves after midnight there lays the point. They had to occupy a berth in an ordinary compartment reached the conference a day late. He has retired but he still remains what he was some twenty years back.

04 December 2009

The snake charmers usually remove the poisonous tooth and the salivary gland which store the poison.Recently a snake charmer died due to a bite from a cobra.These snakes are fast movers and inject large amount of poison which can kill the victim in short time but do not strike you unless you provke them.Antisnake venom and respiratory support can only save the life of a victim not the magic or miracle.

03 December 2009


This cobra belongs to a reptile family.Length on an average is 6 to 7 feet, the scientific name is:NAJA NAJA. Found in India,Central Asia and south Asia.Common colours are black,dark brown and creamy white.Lives on rodent,frogs and lizards.The female lays around 12 to 20 eggs in the termite moulds or hollow trees.The little ones come out in 50 to 60 days time. The little ones are also poisonous.The venom of a common Indian cobra can kill a child in 30 to 60 minutes time. Usually the victim dies due to respiratory muscle paralysis.The female guards the eggs.The male partner has no responsibilities in the hatching process.This snake charmer comes once in a year to our house and bless us for prosperity, as cobra is the pet of Lord Siva.(Click to enlarge)

02 December 2009


There was a news head line some time back that SIM cards,Railway tickets,Money transfer,income tax plus the usual postal service can be availed from the postal department of India.One can hardly find any letter box and post office anywhere, if one can find one the, lock is missing or broken,or cpndition of the letter box as seen in this photograph . This is the state of affair in the capital city of ODISSA.Postal service zinda bad.Once up a time Indian postal service was the best in the world and with little effort it can be still be revived, if we have a minister like Lalu Prasad Yadav.Letters/parcals are still being delivered by indian postal department to very remote places of the country, where no courier service can dare to reach.It's still the best for me because i can send post cards for 50paise, inland letters (Rs2.50)and envelops(Rs:5) to any part of India, cheapest in the world.May be late but letters do reach in weeks or months time.With the revision of pay scale for postal employee lets hope Indian postal service jumps back to that coverted postion in the world.

26 November 2009


This is a photograph of a satellite function of a Hindu marriage. The main marriage function was over about four days back but the bride and bridegroom have to do all these rituals before they can share the same bed.During this function the dead relatives are remembered and are asked for their blessings on the newly wed couple.The bride has to prepare a separate dish for them.

25 November 2009



There are four types of students in this world, so one has to plan accordingly or the efforts and time devoted for them becomes futile. It’s also for the students to find out which category they belong to. The intelligence of a child a boy or a girl depends on the fathers DNA not the mother’s, in majority of cases. Like in every field of life there are few exceptions even in this mind boggling article.
NO1:The first one type of students can’t understand or take long time to understand it still then forget it very soon and hardly remember any thing. (Worst type), no tutorial or good institute can make them even an average students.
No2:The second variety is: Take long time to read and understand but once they have understood the subject matter then they remember it for long. They need more reading hours and a good teacher.
No3:The third type: They read fast and remember it fast but forget it faster. They perform well if their recently read subjects come in examination.
No4:The fourth variety is: The best of the lot (brilliant type) read fast and remember it for long/life. Most of the teachers and tutorial classes take credit for these types of students.
So one can look for other interest of a student like arts, games, sports, drama etc, they may excel in them not in studies. So parents and teacher first assess the class/category/inclination of the student and accordingly invest your money, time and energy for them or the student or you will get depressed and commit suicide.

24 November 2009


dear viewers, i had written yesterday that due to the Missile testing of AGNI II there will be some ecological change in form of rise in temprature in the eastern part of India but thanks to ISRO technology the AGNI II was a failure (as per the times of India report,) so enjoy the winter fellows.Thanks for viewing my blog.

23 November 2009


Dear readers,
Tonight India is going to test yet another of it's short range missile(AGNI II) at the coast of Orissa.I have mentioned many times my concern about this testing in the Bay of Bengal but this is a defence issue of India so no one cares about the sudden change in weather in this part of India.Please take a satellite picture of today 1500 hours and compare it with tomorrows 1500 hours of Eastern part of India. If no change or there is no warming effects then i may be wrong that these testing are one of the factors of change in climate in Orissa.
see you tomorrow.

21 November 2009



Those Indians who are highly motivated and do not like to see the darker side of India may not read this. I am an Odiya first then Indian. Recently a famous cricketer of India said “Mumbai is for Indians”. No doubt this is a political statement which the veteran politician Bal Thackeray objected to. It’s like advising a rapist to look at all girls and woman as their sisters and mother. If that be so, every one is a citizen of this world, then why passports and visas? Mumbai has contributed immensely for the citizens of India but of late Bangladeshi and non Maharashtrians are spoiling the political scenario of the western India.
See the Mumbai blast, The Mumbai terrorist attacks both occurred when congress was and is in power. That’s exactly what Thackeray sahib is worried about. You destroy the place where you earn your livelihood? What that little Indian batting star told was keeping the “Bharat Ratna” in mind at the behest of some congress politicians but not his own.
There is nothing wrong in telling that I am an Odiya or Maharastrian or a Bengali first then an Indian. It’s like egg first or hen first.
I salute you Mr. Thackeray for your pro Indian approach; we need a few top politicians like you in India to make it a super power.

20 November 2009



Four things are the usual headlines of most of the Odiya news papers.
The first one is the mining scandal; second the suicide by farmers, third one is blowing up of rail tracks or bridges and the fourth one high level corruption.
We must discuss the most disturbing events of this non congress ruled states of India. There are some states which are not ruled by congress (God Father) . Odissa (recently the name has been changed from Orissa) has not changed its fortune. Every other day there is a rail roko (block), Rasta roko or blowing up of the railway track. Why? Who these Maoists’ are and what they want- no one including those engaged in this anti national activities know it. Some one has to redefine these nomenclatures, terrorists, dacoits, Maoists, anti-national ,Ugrabadi, Ulfas; politicians and anti Indians? Are they same or different?
It’s but obvious the party which is not in power is doing it. I think the people of India who are engaged in this sort of destructive work are worse than the forces out side India.
When Sivaji Patil was the home minister, he was forced to resign because he was nicely dressed when the terrorist attacked Mumbai citizens and hotels. But who cares when hundreds of innocent Indians (Odiya) are taken hostage in train, some dozen Odiya police officers are killed by the unknown forces in the state of Odissa why no Indians ask the question, why all these disturbances in Odissa, Jharkhand, Bihar& Chhattisgarh? Simple they are not ruled by God mother.
Highway is blocked for hours if a woman is raped some hundreds of miles away.
Rail roko(block) is a birth right for the ruffians and politicians. The politicians seldom get killed nor are they stranded in a train or in a bus, simply because they do not travel by them!
The problems of farmers committing suicide in Odissa is a daily head line news. Tell me are farmers Government employee or servants or Government has asked them to go for farming and take loan beyond their repaying capacity? Any one dying due to any cause is projected as suicide or starvation by press and media— the verdict “Government must resign.”
Do you know a few months back when the CM of Andhra Pradesh was killed due to a helicopter crash many Telugu people committed suicide as reported by the press. But the bean was spilled by some one who told that any one dying during that period was projected as suicide, so that the Ex-CM’ s son become the CM and the next of kin of those died got some thousands of rupees.!! Such is the fraud level in India.
Odissa depends for its food grain on Andhra and other states as the farming lands have been sold to builders and no cultivation takes place in Odissa excepting a few districts. Odissa depends on eggs, fish, chicken, fruits from Andhra. The best varieties of fish from Odissa are sold to Bengali babus in West Bengal. I do not know why any one (farmer) should cultivate land for rice when Odissa Government sells it for rupees two per KG, that farmer must be a lunatic nothing else.
Regarding the high-level corruptions and mining scandal they are both sides of the same coin-- goes hand in hand with all politicians .If India is going to be destroyed or ruined it will not be by Pakistan or China nor by Muslims it will be by our own elected politicians along with the so called intellectuals called bureaucrats.
The leading news paper of India are in the hands of the party which is in power so never you can find an article similar to this one in any news papers.
Thanks for going through this article.

19 November 2009


I was gifted with an orphan mongoose by one of my tribal patient.It was some few days old and could hardly walk.I had to feed it with milk with the help of cotton swabs.It grew fast and wanted chicken and liver for its lunch. Would sleep very early in it's small cage in side the blanket.My two German Spitz were her very close friends.They would take their food together, no fighting no grumbling.Slowly she became a family member.Once we had the privilege of watching it fighting with a snake.When i was busy with my computer it will climb the table and disturb me.Mongoose do not like cold weather so when the AC is on it will coolly enter the pillow cover and sleep.When i call it by name(Banoo) it will climb on my shoulder and leak my ears.



God said--- you offer me any flower or even leaves with sincerity and devotion, I accept it with pleasure, but in Bhubaneswar, the Capital city of Odissa, people have different ideas about pleasing the Gods. This city is also known as Temple city. Coming back to the topic of flowers this is what happens day in and day out in this place. People pay small amount to girls or boys to steal flowers from the neighbor’s garden. Sometimes grown up ladies, gentleman or even old men climb the wall and pluck flowers from other's garden.
Hindus have some two hundred or more occasion for special Pujas to their favorite God or Goddesses, so flowers are in demand throughout the year. If you have a garden small or big with flowers, you have to bear the pathetic condition of your plants when you get up in the morning, as the early birds (flower thieves) have plucked them leaving a few for your God.
This is small episode which will make you relieve your stress if you have similar problem.
Mrs: Richa: “did you hear me, Sandeep? The old man has plucked the morning glory flowers.”
Mr: Sandeep: “So what, you have to bear with It.!”
Richa: But they are stealing flowers to please the Gods, this is bad!”
Sandeep: But God knows it’s from our garden, so without any efforts from our side, someone else is doing it for us, so why worry?”
Richa: But this is not correct, that old man who comes early once asked me ‘some one is taking away the flowers before me, madam? Why don’t you abuse him?’
See, he is doing it for months and with out any shame he is telling me to watch out, shameless people?
Sandeep: before we came here, my friend Bhabani had told me about the corruptions here and flower-thieves of Bhubaneswar, that’s why I was not interested for this flower garden. But do not worry, God knows all and we need not bother about these flower thieves and increase our blood pressure and tension.
Richa: I must thank you for your logic.
Thank God, Richa and Sandeep's plants bloom flowers round the year in plenty and keep Richa and the flower thieves happy.

17 November 2009


In last six decades of my life the most interesting apprehension has been the sudden catastrophic end to the civilization.This prediction is not new to any of us.So do not go on a buying sphere before 21st December 2012.This is a trick by the business houses.The young generation will go for more spending, will drink more will have more sex partners, will go for newer vehicles, move around the world and so on and so forth, the result will be revival of the doomed economic crisis in the world.The mother earth will be inhabitable after hundred of years not now and all that because of us no one else.The scientific discovery which has given us so much pleasure and comfort will ultimately unwind every thing for the human race.No one should follow the American way of rich,lavish,unsocial and artificial life style.Time is running out friends, lets do some thing for our next generation.We are a selfish lot want to live for our self only at the cost of other animals, trees and other living beings.
I invite our new generation to suggest how to save our mother earth.Spend on earth development not on moon.


This may appear irrational and unscientific but this is a truth .I have written this many times even sent letters to editors of many odiya and English news paper but due to reason best known to them they were never published.There is a missile testing centre at Orissa coast at Chandipur, some 15 kilometers from Balasore.The sudden weather change in Orissa occurs just after Agni or Akash or Pruthivi long range missiles are tested just to show our defence strength to the rest of the world specially to Pakistan and China.Unless this range is removed from Orissa in few more years this beautiful state of India will be reduced to a desert.Remember the heat generated by one missile is equivalent to one million two wheelers running non stop for a month.If am wrong please correct me.

15 November 2009


Odiya short story books of father and son were released on the same day.Father(BASANTA KUMAR SATPATHY) an English professor and expert in odiya literature, winner of many prestigious rewards and awards book containing 42 selected short stories, compiled by his illustrious son Prof sumanyu satpathy of Delhi university and the second book(Antarhita) in the blog by his second son sanjoy kumar satpathy a medical doctor and ex- first class Ranji cricketeer.

12 November 2009


Yesterday i got a telephone call from the emergency department of our hospital, to attend to a critically ill patient.I dressed up as quickly i could and took out the car.After driving a kilometer i noticed, hundreds of people on road with burning tyres and large stones in the middle of the road.The police asked me to go back.When i told him 'am a doctor has to go to hospital'
"you can take another route" was the cool answer.
The other alternative road was non existent.I had to return back.I rang up to my colleague to attend the case.(This road block was due to an accident some 15 kilometers away.Police always arrives but some two to three hours too late.)
This is a common occurrence in Odissa,India.(the name has recently been changed from Orissa,)Starting from the death of a hen to a human being, people close the national highway for hours.The common head line news in every day Odiya news paper is full of road traffic or railway accidents. "Such and such place father&son, father&daughter run over by speeding bus or truck or car, highway blocked for 3 hours."
The road sense, driving norms, traffic rules, faulty road constructions,bulls,cows and dogs on the road,humps and bumps,poor vehicular maintainance, non existent traffic rules,poor lighting arrangements of roads and vehicles, non functioning traffic lights are a common sight in this capital city of ODISSA called Bhubaneswar.More number of young people die due to road traffic accidents in a year, than H1N1 and AIDS patients put together.


The constant urge to surpass all known boundaries has been one of the major instruments responsible for the evolution of mankind. It is what was important in major discoveries like the wheel and even the rise and fall of great empires. Therefore, it would be right to say that when the urge to redefine human boundaries is lost, the path to victory becomes but a distant dream. Having always been a patriot, I find it very disturbing that our country has become an ideal example for such situations. When it comes to making the final leap or putting in the final effort, we refuse to get off the couch, thinking it’s not our job. Imagine the shame when a nation with a population of one billion, where sports stars are God, it is a matter of great shame if we are unable to bring home any major sporting event. Sporting authorities the world over have snubbed our sports associations by highlighting the lack of infrastructure. Recently, when the charge for organising the 2016 Olympics was given to Brazil, analysts here at home started questioning why India was unable to even be shortlisted as one of the finalists. However, when we come to think of it in a rational and logical sort of way, we realise that various factors are responsible for this dismal state of affairs in the nation. Let us dwell a bit deeper into the factors at play here and try to reach a logical conclusion as to the maladies crippling our sports system.
When we start to analyse the situation, it would only be fair to compare ourselves with the previous host of the event, our neighbour, China. Whenever discussion turns to the New World Order, these neighbouring giants are always mentioned in the same breath as the up-and-comers. I understand the arguments, but remain deeply sceptical about the prospects for both countries, though for vastly different reasons.
With the Beijing 2008 Olympics drawing to a close, one must concede that China has managed to pull off a fabulously successful advertisement for itself, even though its ugly authoritarianism and environmental shamefulness remained on plain view throughout. So the question nags: Could India hold an Olympics that would flatter, rather than embarrass the nation? I, for one, seriously doubt it.
The Olympics requires the host nation to provide three basic elements: infrastructure, architecture, pageantry. This is no mean feat; just ask the organizers of Athens 2004 and Atlanta 1996. Greece failed in two of the three, just managing to save face, largely as a result of the world’s extremely low expectations. The United States failed across the board.
Infrastructure development takes vision and planning – not areas in which India has distinguished itself. Delhi is the only metro in the country which appears to spend on infrastructure in anything but an ad hoc, purely corruption-driven way – not that Delhi’s version of forethought has made it even remotely the world-class city it purports to be. Sure, it is difficult to remake old cities – although that is, essentially, what Beijing has done – but even its built-from-scratch, nouveaux riches commercial neighbour, Gurgaon, is an almost perfect study in tastelessness and dysfunction.
One of India’s most challenging infrastructural problems, from an international public relations point of view, would be to develop habits and systems of internationally acceptable public hygiene. I suspect that most first-time visitors to India will be under-impressed by the filth and noise of their surroundings, and the television cameras will have a difficult time avoiding the blight of omnipresent garbage, which flows through the streets of India the way water flows in riverbanks.
Perhaps India, like Greece, might shine in the spectacle, even if they would fail in the organizational aspects of building proper infrastructure to host the athletes and visitors in style and comfort. From classical dance to Bollywood, India shines in artistic performance. But would this kind of close-up oriented presentation captivate the world when executed on the scale of an Opening Ceremonies? Perhaps not. Have you ever attended a major pop concert in India (or involving India performers travelling abroad, for that matter)? They are unwatchable cheesy. A.R. Rahman may write world-class music, and Adnan Sami and Asha Bholse may be stars of Indian popular song, but their live concerts are hideously amateurish affairs. They are often accompanied by filmy dancing which, though so attractive on the screen, comes off as a bad joke when the scale of the movements is dwarfed by the live venue.
Architecture is an extremely important element in the Olympic mix if, as with China, the aim is to establish one’s prestige and announce one’s global intentions. It expresses a country’s ambition, accomplishment, sense of style, sophistication, and ability to produce tangible outcomes suited to a major occasion. Most of the world sees the host nation only via satellite feed, and images of the Olympic venues are the ubiquitous “context-establishing shots” which begin the coverage of almost every event. A country can do no better advertising for itself when hosting an Olympics than provide monumental, attractive architecture. This has certainly been a key part of China’s strategy – and it has worked.

Are there great Indian architects working today? Surely there must be. But what are they building? And would insular, foreigner-resenting India consider commissioning high-profile Olympic buildings from international architects? Indian national pride would never allow it to do what even xenophobic China was able to do – what the entire rest of the world does: commission world class architecture from throughout the world.
Then there is the little problem of paying for the infrastructure and new architecture. After the politicians and bureaucrats have siphoned-off their monumental bribes and contractors have been selected on the basis of kick-backs rather than ability, will the bid-winners have sufficient talent and remaining resources to deliver quality buildings, on time? There is certainly plenty of past experience on which to hazard a prediction.
I have tremendous affection for India, and a like degree of antipathy for China. But there is no question which country has announced its presence on the world stage with panache and which can never hope to do so. “I love my India” as much as the next guy, but not because it has a prayer of achieving greatness in my lifetime.

An Engineering student

17 October 2009



09 October 2009


Today the 9th of October 2009 there were contrasting news in most of the Indian leading news papers.

The first one is the sharing of Nobel Prize by an Indian born scientist with another two from two different countries. Congratulations to all three of them.
The depressing one was India could not qualify to be one of the 100 best universities of the world.
Indians are no less talented then others in the world. We complain about brain drain but we create a situation for it.
It’s an achievement of three people working together and getting the prize, one should not raise this dirty issue of Indian, German etc in science. Many of the brainy people have left Indian shore and have flourished, why? Because our system does not allow a person to do the same bloody thing in India!!
Let’s stop playing with our education system through political persons. Leave it to Ram, Krishna, Sens, Rays, Alams or Chandrasekhar’s.
When we are talking about humanity (which is all about Noble prizes) lets stop telling that an Indian has done this, may be after some days there will be celebration in TamilNadu. Instead of this too much Indianan’s, lets find out why Khorana in 1969, Chandrasekhar in 1983, Naipal in 2001 and now Ramakrishna who all received noble prize after leaving the Indian shore?? Why?
I would have been the happiest Indian had any of our Universities would have qualified to be amongst the best 50 in the world. The present celebration is like a person saying “see my Ex-wife is now a celebrity!!”
In cricket, Hockey and football where we have a foreign white skinned coach, same logic I can put here for the reason of getting a Noble prize, that we as an Indian perform better under the guidance of a white skin people

07 October 2009


Last month (Sept2009) around 50 people died due to road traffic accidents, in the capital city of Bhubaneswar,Odissa, India.This particular road crossing of Bhubaneswar is more prone for accidents.The main reason being the most busy high way of Eastern India passes through this area of Bhubaneswar.Here the bus driver was at fault but the truck owner had to pay the compensations.Six autos(three wheelers) were crushed under the bus, surprisingly no one was killed.The accident occured in the early morning hours.The best solution is to ask the high way authority of India to byepass the capital city.I happen to work very near to this accident site.

01 October 2009



The much publicized Chandrayaan- 1 success was short lived like the Indian cricket team with its mega stars in the champion’s trophy. There was fear amongst the Indian scientists and politicians to face the on slaught of opposition for wasting money on futile experiments. Like the Slum Dog Millionaire our Indian scientists with its screw driver technology wanted to take the credit of the discovery of water vapor on moon’s surface by the Chandrayaan-1? The bottom line is the discovery was made by NASA’s instruments and not by Chandrayaan-1.
Why one should try to give a false impression to the people of India? Many may not agree with my view but the pseudo moralist young generation are celebrating and going gaga over Slum dogs and Chandrayaans achievements.
First of all, let’s give our people some free and safe drinking water then dance for the water on the moon.
Do we need sabashi (praise) from NASA, Oscar, and Noble for our achievements?


click to enlarge.
A rare odiya poem by sanjoy

21 September 2009


Dear viewers,
Due to internet problem i am unable to upload any new ideas/photos.
Please bear with it for some time.

sanjoy satpathy

16 September 2009


Also known as Blue Dawn Flower(Ipomoea Indica) also known as Ipomea Learii but commonly known as MORNING GLORY.One plant can produce as many as 60000 flower with a daily flowering rate of 300 per day.A non fragrant funnel Shaped flower with varieties of colours like Red,White,Blue,Yellow,Purple, prefers full sun through out the day.The seeds of this plant are poisonous.They open up early in the morning to attract insects for pollination.

15 September 2009



Human mind is always fickle and insecure hence always in look out for excuses.
More the imbalance of mind more he looks at astrology, super natural powers
and fall a victim to sooth Sayers and frauds. Some people get lots of dreams and remember them other say they do not dream. Today we analyze what really dream foretells a person in a subconscious or super conscious state of mind.
FAILURE: To dream of failure means you have a low self –esteem and fears of inadequacy. You are not trying your best to the fullest extent or you have lots of anxiety and there is pressure to excel. To dream your business is a failure means you are a bad manager.
FATHER: To see your father in dreams means authority and protection. It signifies you need to be more self-reliant. To dream that your father is dead means you must move cautiously in your business.
FIGHTING: Indicates inner turmoil and conflict of personality. You are not taking up responsibilities or initiatives in life.
FISH: It may imply a slippery or elusive situation. Some women dream of swimming fish when they get pregnant.
FISHMARKET: If you dream going to a fish market signifies pleasure and joy.
FITS: signifies failing health and loss of employment.
FLIGHT: symbolizes a project that is about to take off. If the flight is delayed means you are unprepared in taking up the project.
PS: This series will continue for dream lovers.

10 September 2009


This photograph was taken in 2005 with a digital Kodak,easy share c-4200.One has to go the the small island by boat from Pataya and can enjoy the beautiful culture of Thailand..


My nephew (Abhisek Panigrahi) is a brillient painter.Here is his master piece with water colour painting.

07 September 2009

My Memorable patient


That was the first posting after my post graduation in medicine. The place was in a remote head quarters hospital of Karanjia, a godforsaken hill township the eastern part of India. A few kilometers away, there were the dense forests in the foothills of Similipal, famous for royal Bengal tigers and elephants. I had left behind my family in hometown, Baripada, former capital of the Maharaja of Mayaurbhanj. Most of my patients were local tribesmen, who came to hospital only when black magic, traditional “medicines” and quackery failed.
It was the month of May when the first monsoon rains had hit that part of the country. There was a knock at my door around 4am. I came out of the mosquito net, groping in the dark, and with much difficulty I found my way to the door. When I saw Dhanu, the hospital ward boy, I immediately realized that I had to go to the hospital. Dhanu told me that a young man had come from a remote village with pain abdomen and the junior doctor wanted my help.
The patient was a 20 years old healthy boy, rolling with pain. When I asked about the history, his brother told me that there was some function at there village and the boy had taken some local alcohol and mutton at night and slept on the floor. Suddenly he got up around midnight and complained of pain in the abdomen, and vomited. Assuming that all this was due to alcohol, people went back to sleep. But the boy made their life miserable. The local black magician was summoned, who told them that the boy was a victim of an evil spirit which had entered his body. Only the sacrifice of a goat or a rooster could satiate the spirit. Needless to say, all this had failed. It was only then that they brought the boy to the hospital.
A careful examination of abdomen did not reveal any abnormal finding except vague tenderness all over the abdomen. In spite of pain the child was having a shallow respiration which made me suspicious. The villagers who had accompanied the patient said “Due to the black magic quite a few people die every year during this time.”
Examination of the eye revealed the diagnosis -it was a case of krait bite with bilateral ptosis (drooping of eye lids). The anti-snake venom which was lying in the store had expired a few months back But there was no other way I could save this young boy. Polyvalent ASV 20ml was administered directly, and another 30 ml in drip, plus a dose of hydrocortisone (200mg) was given intravenously.
I told the brother of the victim about the possibility of snake bite, to which they said, “Doctor, are you mad? This is nothing but black magic.” I asked Dhanu to make 3 cups of strong tea. A cup of tea was given to the patient through the Ryel’s tube. I asked the people to look for the snake where the patient was sleeping.
I told my junior to check the patient’s blood pressure, respiration and give him neostigmin hourly if the respiration became shallow. At about 5:30 am, I went home to freshen up.

When I returned at around 8:30 am, I saw a big crowd. I was sure the boy had died. But the father of the patient fell at my feet and said, “Doctor, you are our God, what you told is right.” He opened a gunny bag, and lo behold, there was that speckled band the most deadly krait snake of India. The young boy survived and I became famous overnight. As a result of this incident my transfer was delayed by 4 years.
On the day I left Karanjia the young man, whose name I still remember, even after 24 years, Ignesh Majhi (not the real name) was waiting for me with his two children and wife to say good bye.
Ignesh was the most memorable patient of my life.


06 September 2009


This Odiya article was published in an Odiya news paper called "Sambada" on 3rd September 2009.This one is being translated from my earlier English article called "Blessing in Disguise".Click to enlarge

05 September 2009

IGH XI cricket team vs Executive XI

This black and white photograph was taken way back in 1972-73 at sector 6 stadium of Rourkela.Many of the players are dead or have grown old.Some famous personalities are there in this photograph.(Click to enlare)

13 August 2009

Birth of Srikrishna

(Today is the birth day of Lord Krishna)

Krishna’s divine powers reflected early on, ridding the world of many menaces.
Kamsa, the evil uncle (mamu) of Krishna, had hired the services of Putana, the
Rakshasi (Female demon), to kill Krishna.
Putana was a magician and could take any form she wanted. She disguised herself as a Gopikaa, a cowherdess, and enter Krishna’s house. Krishna was still a baby then.
She fed Krishna on her breast milk which was poisoned. Krishna, though a baby, knew the real form of her and sucked her so hard that he extracted her life along with the milk. Before dying she assumed her original form and died.

Krishna is identified as the one incarnation of Lord Vishnu who knew of his divine powers even from his childhood. He started ridding the world early of evil forces and went on to do so throughout his life.

08 August 2009

Swine Flu

This is a human influenza virus modified in the pig's blood and is known as H1N1 virus.Poor pigs are not at fault it's the human being who are responsible for the out break.


Ask your children not to go to schools and colleges for another two weeks.
Avoid traveling in crowded bus or trains.
Avoid centrally air conditioned rooms.
Don't go out to cinema halls, hospitals or other public places.
Wash your hands as frequently as possible.
Do not take out your children to hospitals unless required.
Take a balanced diet.
Avoid uncooked food.
Do not treat your self with anti viral drugs, they really do not prevent. Ordinary Masks do not prevent the disease, it’s more of a show then of real help.
Do not get panicky and go out to a hospital where you are likely to get the infection if you haven’t got it.
Remember the epidemic last for four to six weeks and then fade away until another virus is released by some one(viral terrorism).How come HIV and H1N1 virus started its origin from a particular country.Why can't they stop its spread? Is this A human right to spread a disease?
If you are destined to die because of swine flu no one can save you.

07 August 2009



DR: SSCHAND a neuro-physician of repute was destined to become a saint in his later life. He was a senior physician in a 650 bedded Ispat General Hospital (IGH)
Of Rourkela Steel Plant and became senior deputy director when he started realizing that he is wasting his time and energy running after a mirage. He joined a spiritual organization and became very popular amongst his Indian and Foreign followers. Later on he decided to quit his job and started a Kriya Yoga centre at Jagda, Rourkela. He is now known as SWAMI ATMANANDA.
Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy who worked with him as a junior physician learned the art of medicine from his teacher Dr.SSChand, as he was a guide and a philosopher for him. Dr.Sanjoy was allowed a free hand to treat his patients independently with out interference from Dr.Chand. You call him at any time of the day or night smilingly he would come running to attend a serious patient. He used to come walking to hospital during routine working hours. He was respected by all the staffs of the hospital. I would like to finish this with an interesting episode during a ward round, when a son of a patient commented about the diagnosis of his father.
Son: “Sir how come the diagnosis has changed to TB? You told me that he is suffering from cancer?”
Dr.Chand: “Probably you have not heard properly. What we told you on that day,
was most likely your father might be suffering from Cancer of lung or Pulmonary TB! We will let you know after the results are out. Right?”
Son: “may be, I am not sure!”
Dr.Chand: “You are his real son?”
Son: “Yes”
Dr.Chand: “ But in that case you should have been a happy man instead of challenging us about the diagnosis! You are not his son. No son will be unhappy to know about treatable and curable disease of his father. It seems you would have been happy if your father had cancer!!”
Son: “no sir”
Dr.Chand: “but the way you are arguing it seems like that, had I been in your place I would have brought sweet for the doctors.”
Son: He started crying and with folded hands begged apology from Dr.Chand.
Dr.Chand: “You must beg apology from God for your conduct”.
The very next day the son of the patient brought some sweets and presented it to Dr.Chand. He coolly called the ward nurse I/C Miss Eva Ghosh and asked her to distribute the sweets amongst the staffs of the ward.
Gurujee, SWAMI ATMANANDA I thank you and can never forget your contribution in my life as an under study to you.

05 August 2009



Indian cricket players always want to be in lime light, be it walking on the ramp or doing some advertisement shots, or for abuse. Truly speaking they are a group of pampered youths by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). They do not want to sign the WADA agreement because till now no one has been able to punish an Indian cricket icon. They refuse Padma awards they do what they please because they are part of BCCI and the same BCCI runs the ICC.
Let’s see if any one can make the WADA stick to its policy? I am sure with out amendments cricketer like Dhoni, Sahin or Zaheer and the whole lot of them are not going to sign. For a change the anti-doping agency will surrender or bend its rule to accommodate the money power of BCCI.
Let’s wait and see.



A child gets around twenty six+ pricks to save it self from some diseases which the experts think is enough for a healthy life. Is it so? Many more have been added over the years to the list of vaccine for a new born. The way the man kind is playing with nature sooner or later the number may touch fifty! New in the list is a swine flu vaccine! New deadly viruses will replace the older one. Because of more burdens to the immune system to produce antibodies there will be havoc in the immune mechanism of the body resulting in less immunity to simple infections and the child will suffer from cough and cold very frequently. Or it may result in different type of malignant diseases. Where is the end? I do not know!!
Some say most of the epidemics are man made so that new diagnostic tools, drugs and vaccines will be in demand. Ultimately the pharmaceutical companies will benefit. Only time will tell whether by giving multiple pricks for hundreds of diseases the man kind will really benefit or not??

27 July 2009


This Langur(Semnopithecus entellus)got drenched in rain and seemed to be hungry too,so I offered him a piece of bread.
They, the species of Semnopithecus entellus usually eat leaves,fruits,buds and flowers but due to deforestation they have changed their food habits.These are sacred monkeys of India.
Their life span is around 20 years, and they live in groups of twenty to thirty.They do not have a house of their own. They are found mostly in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Burma and Srilanka.

25 July 2009


I am a female GOLD FISH, my scientific name is "Carassius Auratus", found in native of China,Japan,Taiwan,Korea,India and other places including USA.I can tolerate both cold and warm temperature.I eat a lot.Please donot keep me with smaller fish like tiger barb,sword tail etc as they trouble me by eating away my fins so i die early .My cousins are of different colours but i am preferred by most fish-loving humans.Here i am being well taken care of by Chinu and Rishi at New Jersy state of USA.My age is four+.Our life span is 6 to 7 years but can live upto 30 years if properly taken care of.My scales are not made up of gold but just to prove that all that "glitters" is not gold, God found me to tell the truth.
Thou gh not made of gold I am fondly called as GOLD FISH.(Photograph by Sandeep Tripathy)

20 July 2009



(How to smile during a photo session)
(A satire)

During this present visit of Hillary Clinton The press, TV channels, media, security, film stars, politicians are having a great time, and fun, but does it have any relevance? It appears like a queen visiting the people of it’s state which the king rules. It appears more like a photo session which she will use in her autobiography. She has started teaching the Indian celebrities, the rich and famous how to smile, as if the people of India are gloom faced does not know how to laugh or smile.
Every one knows nothing is going to come out of her visit. After she goes back the USA cabinet will sanction some $230 billion dollars for Pakistan to fight the Taliban’s!!
Seventy percent of it will be used against India through weapons purchased from US. So the same money goes back to the donor.
Many decades have gone bye, Ganga has become more polluted but Pakistan and J&K problem will continue to be the biggest hurdle for Indian economy.
Every day photos of smiling Clinton occupies the front middle and centre pages of glossy and non glossy magazines and news papers. As I have already mentioned this trip of her will be remembered for her smile and dress nothing else.

Sanjoy Satpathy, Patia, Bhubaneswar

15 July 2009



Of late definitions for every thing is fast changing in this world, especially in India.
Terrorist: If they are from Pakistan. They attack after giving enough warnings.
Maoists: If they are from India. Round the year they stop development work especially in non-congress ruled states.For them road side trees are cut so that there won't be road block!!
Dacoits: If their faces are covered. They take away your property when you are awake.
Thief: You lose your money in sleep or if you are reckless.
Human rights: If you are rich and have AIDS.
Suicide: Farmers dying due to any cause is suicide.
Rape: Sex with any lady including ones wife is a rape in India..
Torture: Any thing you do to your colleague or a lady working with you is a torture.
Freedom: Road block, burning of trains and bus.
Freedom of expression: Only for non Hindu people.
Politicians: Have seen more foreign countries than India. If you have a police case, criminal records, excess black money, match-fixing allegations, Bomb blasts, this designation is for you.
Doctorate: If you have the above credentials then some foreign university will confer you a doctorate degree.
Doctor: If you had a heart attack you are a cardiologist. If you had jaundice you become a hepatologist and so on.
Professor: Any teacher in Bihar is a Professor.
Milk: Any liquid that’s white is milk in India.
Alcohol: If you want to commit suicide take it.Can use it as mosquito repellent.
Foreign alcohol: Nothing foreign about it.
BPL: Breach Poor Land
Floods: Muddy water in a river.
Heat stroke: Any death during summer season in Odissa.
Resignations: Means with-drawing the blank paper.

12 July 2009


Read between the lines:
Car loan:
My nephew who works with an American based company applied for a car loan from SBI.He submitted the necessary papers for the same. The first query came after two weeks. Submit your tax return copy of last two years. His job was only two years so he had paid the income tax for the previous year and was yet to fill up the return for the financial year2009-10.So he submitted the TDS certificate. Query after query came every week. This way he went on submitting the necessary documents for the loan and lastly after six weeks he was told that it’s not possible to lend him loan.
The summary of this is:
1: If you have a known officer at SBI this would not have happened.
2: Now that the apex court has given a verdict that the bank people can not force a person to pay the loan nor can they take away the car, the bank people have developed a better way to utilize their money.
Indian brains are sharp in this regard.
Health insurance:
Recently lots of Medical insurance companies have come to India after CPM was removed from the government.
The recent being the ICICI LAMBART:
If some one has not read the clause properly then you run from pillar to post and pay the hospital bill your self.
I being a doctor some queries come which are very irritating.
Why the patient was admitted?
Patient could have been treated from out door.
As no IV fluids or IV injections were given to the patient its presumed patient was not serious.
Why CT scan was done?
Was he or she takes alcohol? (If the doctor mentions “YES”, then it’s very difficult to get the clearance.)
Lastly the fax came that it’s not possible for the company to pay the hospital bill.
So senior citizens, sick people and also the healthy ones please read before you insure you’re self with any mediclaim company.

07 July 2009



Recently the high court at Delhi has legalized homosexuality in India. Read this one below-What culture means to the famouse people.
The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was known for his tantrum.
Once a famous Indian personality named Raman wanted to meet Mr. Picasso along with his friends. At the last moment his friends said ‘no’ as they were afraid of this great man’s anger and abuse. Mr. Picasso caught hold of the hands of Mr. Raman and said “I am so pleased to have met an Indian”. He further added saying “I have regards for Indians and their culture. Your culture is great; please take care to protect it”.
That time Mr; Raman realized that it was India and it’s culture which was above an individual brilliance which was enough for Mr; Picasso to shake hands with him. That was some time back.
But what are we doing to our culture? Some ask the question: What’s wrong in Gay?
If that be so legalizing rape, bestiality and incest we will have no problems. Thousand years of culture goes up in smoke because some gay people bribed the judge to pass the bill? Quite nauseating! Every knowledgeable public knows that some lakhs of important legal cases are lying in side the almirah for years together, some of the innocents have died or have become diseased person due undue delay by the honourable court but this “GAY” bill was passed in a haste as if heaven will break up if delayed. May be some gay politicians will benefit in the next election.
When a child falls sick and not in a position to take medicines by mouth or tube then the doctor advice the nurse to feeds it through the rectum. Let the gay people eat through their lower route because they do not like natural and normal route. Gay people are sick people they should be counseled if no change then send them to the Gay Island.

06 July 2009


Thank you Americans for your excellent support for my blog spot.You are very close(1061) to the Indian viewers(1338), hope by another few months you will over take my country men.

05 July 2009

A short story

Click to enlarge

04 July 2009


Sanjoy with his very close friend aditya mohanty.Both of them have played for Orissa in the Ranji trophy tournament.This photograph was taken some 37 years back.Aditya has under gone bypass surgery and also cataract surgery four years back.They worked with Steel Authority of India and have retired and settled down at Bhubaneswar.

Father and his friends

Three friends of father's generation.All the four are no more.

30 June 2009


This is a short(edited) story in Odiya recently published in the highest selling odiya news paper.Click to enlarge.

27 June 2009

Drop of Gratitude

His name was Tommy, a country dog became a family member of ours.He lived for thirteen years.This photograph was taken few hours before his death.He made a last effort to get up from his bed at 3 am of 27th June 2009 and say "boss,here i go, thank you for the love,care and affection for a road side country wild dog, i tried my best, excuse me for my mistakes.bye".I got up from sleep kept him on my lap and he looked at me with a tearful eyes filled with gratitude .I told him " you have done enough for us, its time to depart, will meet in next birth."
He went in to eternal sleep.Bye TOMMY we will miss you.

24 June 2009



On 23rd evening I told Lord Jagantha “that I am fed up with you but will start believing in your power if by tomorrow before 21 hours you can produce rain.”
There was no indication from weather bulletin that there will be rain, the expected date was 29th. So I was sure Lord will not be able to produce rain on 24th.There was another clause: it must rain at Patia, Bhubaneswar.
On the morning of 24th ie: Ratha Jatra day there was no indication of rain as the sun was blazing and heat at 9am was intolerable.
Afternoon was still worse. Had my lunch at 1430hours, no sign of rain yet, I took a nap. When got up at 1630 hours it was dark, still then I was skeptical about the possibility of rain.
When I left for duty at 17 30 hours a large rain drop hit my car just to remind me that Lord has achieved the impossible.
After a heavy downpour I could here his voice “there is nothing like impossible for me, believe in me or come closer to me to attain the freedom of life”.

A real life encounter with Lord Jagantha

10 June 2009


The Mysterious attack:

Recently Indian students were beaten up by other students in Australia for which there is a big hue and cry in Indian press and amongst the politicians.
Let’s introspect our selves, we beat up our own people of other states. Why? When the local people realize that these out siders are a threat to their job and existence then they react. That was the reason why there was disturbance at Mumbai, Assam and other states. Hindus have been ruthlessly killed in Kashmir valley or they are all driven out of their mother land but no international forum or human rights association have ever raised their voice. Why? Because they do not help the congress party with their voting rights plus they are Hindus.
We Indians are noisy ones and do not adjust to the place where we stay for a job, or study or business. We cheer India in England or Australia even though we have migrated out of our mother land for a better life. Tell me who will tolerate the caricature when their home team is being defeated by another country and the very people who are earning their bread and butter cheer the other team?
We do not know why Indians are beaten up or killed in USA, Australia or Japan, may be a detailed report will throw some light. Every other day a foreign lady is being raped or molested or killed in India but why there is hardly any reaction from the human rights forum. No one raise the question of apartheid! Is it when a white kills or beats up a black is apartheid and not the other way round? Why?
Lots of Indian have migrated to Australia and are producing children in dozen to get a government sanctions for each child.
The way we behave and create problems for others even in our own country is disgusting so how come others will be expected to tolerate that. We must change our attitude, behavior and manners when we are staying in other countries or else the Australian beating may spread to other countries.