30 January 2009


Sitting on dynamite.

Are you surprised with the title written by a medical man?
Yes you are bound to, because it’s confusing. Few years back even though people lived long enough were said to be old if she or he was past fifty. Then the criteria changed to sixty and now people above seventy in India and above eighty in developed countries are said to be old.
Who are the people who gains maximum from this population? Undoubtedly it’s the medical men. How?
The longer they live the business will flourish.
The maximum benefits go to the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. People more than seventy to eighty years are subjected for by pass surgery to gain popularity and fame by cardiac surgeons. Don’t ask me if indications were or are there for the same.The only indication is the money factor or the VIP status of the patient.
No body knows if the bypass surgery or the change in life style prolong the life of the surgeon’s victim. Here the surgeon is more than a terrorist because he frightens the patient so much ( usual words are-you are sitting on dynamite or on a time bomb or on a volcano) that he has no other options but to surrender and decides to go under the surgeon’s scalpel.
Patients are insured so also doctors so the cycle continues and money makes a three hundred sixty degree circle.
That’s for today my blog viewers. Take less food, but balanced diet, be under weight or standard weight, and lead a life which suits your age, job and mind. Do not try to copy others and lead a fast life which will lead to a faster aging and death before time.

Bye for now.


The Rich-Very Rich and Ugly Rich

The problem in the world at present is because of these three groups of people Rich-Very Rich and The ugly Rich. They have become richer by siphoning poor people’s money. Those are the people who call poor people as ‘dogs’ and become richer. Eighty percent of the land in the world belongs to these three groups of people. When they have plenty to spare they open a school, university or a hospital or some charity or join politics so that their dynasty continues for generations to come.
Some time back salary for every one became so high that some people stopped going to attend their jobs. They had no means to spend their money so they started drinking from morning till evening and died young; the money went to the rich.
Take for example the charges for a simple work in USA. If you ask for your car door to be opened(you have lost the key) then he charges $100.A simple surgery cost $1000,taxi fare from airport to your relatives or friends house will be half of the air fare you paid for going to USA!! Education has no value other wise why so much is being paid to players?? They get so much that they are able to purchase an island which is a dream for a professor of any university!! Why??
Because of this disparity in pay structures especially in India, young people have formed destructive groups to earn easy money as they are a frustrated with the system. Even though they are all destructive forces working against the development of the state and country as a whole, they have the blessings of top people who run the show, our politicians.
With less salary let’s employ all our young people in all development work.
The problem started when we started reducing our man power and increasing the salary of those who are in job. Armed with corruptions and more money (with people) became a dangerous combination for the country. The country has become richer or poorer we do not know? How to say a country is rich or poor, per capita income or some thing else?
If India is going to be a super power and a rich country then where does this slum dog millionaire fits in?? The producer will definitely become a millionaire but the slum people will be called as slum dogs.
Best of luck” dog”.

23 January 2009

USA citizens

I thank all people who visit my blog in the USA.There is some similarities between Olympic medal tally and the numbers of visitors to my blog.How funny?This photograph was taken a year back at Bhimkund of Uttarnchal of India.A place worth visiting.


Certain observations: Why?

1: None of the child prodigy has become an actor or a scientist or a noble lauret! Why?
2: None of the great people have left an off-spring who is better than the father! Why?
3: None of the beautiful ladies had a girl who became more beautiful than the mother. Why?
4: None of the great cricketers or footballers could produce a son who became more
famous than the father! Why?
5. Lots of utility inventions (which benefit the common man) were during 19th century. Why suddenly it has stopped?
6: Creative mind and intelligence are not synonymous. Many intelligent people are copy masters; they can court others not their own. Why?
7: No son or daughter has beaten their father or mother respectively in their fields. Why?
8: Melodious songs are not written today, when technology has advanced so much?? Why?
9: With so much of gadgets and comfort no one feels happy!! Why?
10: Parents of today no more love their children as their parents used to do! Why?

21 January 2009

Train journey in India

Unlike other countries travelling in Indian railways is an all together different exprience.People donot talk with one another in other countries but in Indian Railways compartments friends are made and some times one finds a life time partner(wife).Here is an experience of a lady who was travelling alone in a train.
Time pass

The other day when Ms. Anita was traveling by a super fast train from Bhubaneswar to Balasore his co passengers were mostly teachers who were returning after a “dharana” in front of secretariat. They travel to and fro with a monthly ticket of four hundred and some odd so coming for this purpose did not cost them any extra bucks.

(Due to this over crowding of teachers)As Anita reached little late the office commuters crowded the ticket counter and Anita was about to miss the train but for her presence of mind she could board the train with a platform ticket. For three hours doing nothing was a really a boring affair but to her good luck her co passenger(s) were a young mother and her ten year old son. Ms Anita had taken some snacks for her in case she feels hungry or the train gets late; in either case it can be used as a time pass. No sooner did she open the Tiffin the young one looked at her as if to say ‘I need some of it’. Hesitantly she asked the mother of the child if she could share her Tiffin with the young one.
She told her not to do so; as the child was over weight. She told her one more puree and some Gobi fry will not cause much problem plus she was not a robber to give stupefying poisons to a child. She smiled and told Ms:Anita, she too felt like sharing the snack due to the aroma of the Pickle.
She had packed the Tiffin with more than required amount for one person that too for a short journey. On one side two ‘steam sandesh’ were neatly packed in a polythene packet. After the eating was over the young boy became very friendly with Ms:Aita as if she was his grand mother.
She asked him about his studies and how he was doing in exams? His mother immediately told her in one breath “that he is very naughty, hardly reads, spends most of his time in front of TV or playing cricket but gets the highest mark in all the subjects”. It appeared as if the lady wanted some thing more from her son.
Ms:Anita was holding the news paper which was almost sixteen hours old. She could hardly read it due to the shaking in side the boggy and improper light, but every time she boards a train she would purchase some news print of some glossy magazine which are used mostly for non reading purpose .. The young fellow took the glossy one from her and started scanning it.
Anita asked him ‘What he would like to be’.
Prompt came the reply “a politician”
“Don’t you read the news papers or watch TV?”
‘Yes I do.’ said Anita
“But you shouldn’t have asked me this question if you are update on current affairs!!” said the young one.
‘Every young boy or a girl interviewed tell the same- would like to be a Doctor, IT expert, Engineer ,IAS or IFS but no one tells that he or she is going to be a politician or a teacher or an artist !!’
“But all of them will be under the mercy of the politicians?” replied the boy.
“You know they decide their own salary, pension, security, foreign trips, qualifications etc”
‘But becoming a MLA or MP is a tough job?’ .
“So what” People with all sorts of criminal records including murder are our MP or MLA The film stars and ex cricketers who never go to their constituency after the election are our MP of Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha!! So if the next generation does not contest election then what will be future of our country?’
‘He knows more for his age’ murmured Ms. Anita.
“That was what I told you” said the young mother.

“Madam, Do you know one can become CM or PM for six months in India with out becoming a MLA or MP?? How funny, once I become a MP or MLA my three generation don’t have to bother about their future”
The train came to a halt; mother and the child had reached their destination. The topic ended as fast it started. The lady and the smart guy slowly disappeared in the crowed platform as the sun was setting in distant horizon.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.

20 January 2009


I find the TV and Media coverage about the new president of USA nauseating, why I do not know.
We must leave him alone for a few months and see if he is worth it. Because some one coming from a ‘black’ back ground does not mean he or she is God sent. Every human being on earth is created by GOD it’s we who discriminate.
Indian press is too excited about the new president for what no body knows.
One thing is sure I am not excited at all. Americans are great actors they can smile or cry at the drop of a hat which never makes me happy, I have my reservations about Americans. I will wait and watch for six months before I can write on him in my blog spot.

12 January 2009


Communal party:

When BJP and Siva Sena said Bangladeshi migrants should be sent back, the congress party and its chamchas said that these are communal parties. The victory of congress at Delhi and repeated victory of CPM at West Bengal are due to these illegal migrants with voter’s card issued illegally to make them legal. Now that our home minister has come out openly against Bangladeshi migrants (most likely without asking Madam) , how come no one raises an eye brow or comment on it? This is known as double standard. I am compelled to put it in my blog- spot because no news paper will publish this type of letter from a common man!


In India bitter gourd is used more for it's medicinal properties than as a vegetable.This one is ripe with yellow covering and red seeds.Very good for diabetic patients and also for people suffering from skin diseases and prevention of malaria.

11 January 2009



My grand son Sandeep loves to sleep with me inside the same blanket, whenever he comes to spend some time with me at Karanjia a nice place near the Shimilipal hills. Even though he is hardly ten years he snores much louder and in more different tunes than me as if there is some sort of a competition in terms of decibels. My daughter would criticize both of us for the noise we made at night.
As I would fall asleep Sandeep would ask me to tell about the fight for freedom and my encounter with a tiger.
Before I could start he would starts snoring. One night I asked him to write down what he felt was the real problem that India faced and what he thought would be its solution. He had won many prizes in debate and inter-school competitions.
After many reminders he handed over a few neatly written pages.
The real problem, he thought, was “corruption” not the Pakistan versus India impending war. I asked him why he thought this was the problem he immediately told me without wasting a moment that India would not have been in the mess that it is now in.
What about war?
“You know the Mahabharata yudh”? He asked.
“The Kauravas had more man power, arms and ammunitions but the Pandavas were with less man power. The result you know. Who won?? The weaker side: the Kauravas. Why? It was because of the Krishna factor.”
In the present case, the Krishna factor, he said, is China. “So who will win is your guess.” I nodded in the affirmative.
“As regards our army,” he said, “we have not been able to keep a state which is very much ours for the last six decades. We liberated Bangladesh but we are paying a heavy price for it. Half of our electoral population (most of the literate Indians do not vote) in Delhi and north east are from Bangladesh. Our 500 and 1000 rupees notes (fake) are printed elsewhere; there is a parallel economy running in our country for so many years with the knowledge of bank people and politicians, there are so many problems why to blame Pakistan for every thing?
I do not see a solution in near future but we can try this for a year or two.
All our neighboring countries have Presidential form of Government so we can have one for a change. The MPs will elect the President.
Let Doge wood be our president, Prahakiran for Srilanka, Antulllaia for Bangladesh and Chotasumil for Pakistan that will make these four countries the most powerful ones in the world. There will be free drug, arms, currency, human trafficking between them, no pass port no visas. We do not have to spend millions on kickbacks and for wars which will help our scientist to send man to the sun.
The next step will be to have Muslim CM in at least ten states. The home minister will be from a minority community, the defence & finance ministry post will be with Doge wood the President. There will be a special post for BJP minister called religious ministry.
CPM ministry will take care of only two states. They will be in charge of strikes and pollution control in India.
A lady may be a film star of a model will be our external affairs minister.
The education minister will be an uneducated lady.
Maximum jailed film star will be the minister for human rights and hero with maximum body exposures will be in charge of the sports ministry.
For Pakistan Somdhi of Doge wood and Khans will help the president.
With this there will be progress and progress nothing else, so we should give it a try in 2009.”
After going through this write up of my grand-child
Next day I went to the SDO office to return my freedom fighters card which had remained unutilized for years.
One thing was for sure: I got enlightened by my grand child’s logic.

04 January 2009



There was a time when the sick were being treated by senior members of the family with old tested house old remedies.

During those days most of the patients improved or recovered due to family bondage and good nursing care. If that failed, the village kabiraj or hakim was called and the later used to bring with him the herbal medicines in his kit or make fresh medicament after a through history taking from the patient or his or her relatives.

Those doctors were usually from learned families and they could read Sanskrit and other languages. Their opinion was taken as gospel truth. A kabiraj or a hakim used to cover more then five to six villages and he was a very important member of the community and his opinion was highly valued .But he was selective about his patients. The importance of life style, proper nutrition and fundamentals of good health care was what they preached and practiced, and that system continued for long.

In the 1940’s LMP doctors who were scientifically trained but equipped with limited medicines and gadgets managed the show. They were held in high social esteem along with the school teachers. They integrated themselves completely with the society and family lives of the community and earned the trust of the people. Social recognition and just enough money for sustenance was what they expected from society.

In the1950’s came the short course in medical training and pharmaceutical schools. Liquid medicines with paper marks on the bottles were dispensed by doctors or their assistants. Very few ventured to go and read in far off places. Number of lady doctor in a town could be counted with fingers.

After the discovery of penicillin, other antibiotics and the concept of vaccination made the beginning of a new era in medical field. But unfortunately during subsequent years quackery flourished as literacy level was very low amongst the villagers and going out to town was a real problem due to poor road conditions and lack of transport facilities.

Till 1960’s "Doctors can do no wrong" was believed by most of the patients and their relatives. If a patient died it was thought of as bad luck or destiny. Doctors and patient’s relationship was pure and symbolic. Later part of 60’s came the era of specialists and the focus was shifted from graduate medical practitioners and LMP doctors in villages to specialist doctors in towns. Due to too much of rush at the specialist chamber the patients instead of a human being became a number in the waiting list out side the doctors room. The IMA (Indian medical Council) in the editorial of its prestigious journal in 1958 first cautioned at the disturbing trend of separation of human touch in treating a diseased person. The doctors on their part were attracted for more money and the comforts of urban life by being a specialist.

From 1980 onwards there has been an explosive growth of medical profession, both scientifically as well as technologically. Suddenly the approach to a medical problem took a dramatic turn. Invasive cardiology, tissue grafting, organ transplantation ultrasonography , nuclear imaging and computer tomography took the medical profession by storm.

The patient on their part became more demanding and wanted different tests to be done. It was a situation where both doctor and the patient together conspired for commercialism to take care of the situation. The patient’s soma or body which fetches money became important and his psyche or mind and feelings were of no concern for the medical men.

The IMA(Indian Medical Council) was deeply concerned and to restore the human touch through general practitioners, established it’s own college of GPs (general physicians).In the early eighties doctor’s and patient’s relationship took an ‘U’ turn. Doctors like any other profession became money-minded. Society became corrupt and so also it’s people. How one can separate a doctor from the system? There was in-fighting amongst doctors for more money and materials, the profession earned a bad name, partly to be blamed for professional jealousy. Ultimately the last nail was fixed by the supreme court of India; the medical profession came under the purview of the consumer protection act (CPA). Doctor became a sales man and the patient became a customer.

Government of India in order to earn quick money forgot about drug control and till today we do not have a drug policy in line with the various drugs ill effects in India, where as countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have one. Lots of spurious drugs are flooded in the market; medicines without prescriptions are freely available over the counters. Doctors have no say on this, whether his patients are taking his prescribed drug or a substandard substitute or a spurious drug is not in his jurisdiction.

The investigation equipments have become very costly, difficult to maintain, as a result most of these sophisticated gadgets are defunct in Government organisations that governs the drugs. Patients have no other options but to go to private nursing homes where these doctors have a share. Private nursing homes have mushroomed in India in last twenty years. Now a days patients are investigated for commissions and patients too have become investigation minded. He has money with him so if you do not ask for more investigations he goes to another doctor.
We spend only 2% of our annual budget on health (might have changed by now), the minimum by any country, where as we spend millions of rupees for VIPs protections. Thousands die due to gastroenteritis, malaria, road traffic accidents but who cares. Prevention is better than cure is only to be found in text books.

Then subsequent years brought about a change in the concept of modern treatment in India. Large sophisticated hospitals were opened up in metropolies which siphoned out the most talented ones from Government hospitals. Few dedicated ones remained with the Government hospitals.
The concept of medical care definitely improved due to these hospitals but unfortunately it was beyond the reach of the common man. The rich, the famous, politicians and celebrities all preferred to go out of country for treatment with exchequer’s money to be treated there by Indian doctors, even though expertise is available at door step that gave a wrong signals to the public and demoralized the Indian doctors, where as patients from Middle East, Far East and European countries come to India for treatment, now termed as medical tourism.
Only a handful of doctors follow the old practice of through history taking and a good clinical examination, as years go by the number of such doctors will be a rarity.
Doctors have fallen prey to multinational pharmaceutical companies and prescribe or operate whether required or not by his patients.
At the moment the doctor and patient relationship is not what it was some years back, the doctor apprehend that his next patient may be a potential litigant. He becomes defensive and investigates to save his skin. When the tolerance and sincerity level of people have gone down in the society how can one point a finger to a doctor who is a product of the society? Corruption has become a global phenomenon and more rampant in India. Doctors are no more treated as a doctor but as a business man. If the patient recovers, it’s God’s grace but if he or she dies the doctor becomes a villain.

Few years from now, doctors will be accompanied by a security personal and may be one advocate .Before the doctor examines a patient the agreement papers have to be signed by both the parties. The security person will be required to protect the doctors from aggressive relatives and ruffians in case of a death. Stethoscope will be an obsolete gadget to be replaced by a mobile phone size electronic instrument which will be in every doctor’s pocket. Patients will be treated like robots not as a fellow human beings.

Conclusion: Doctor’s profession is at the cross roads where and what it will be in future is difficult to guess. Many of the patients in developed countries are opting for alternate medicine due to drug side effects and prohibitive costs. Many of the nursing homes and corporate hospitals are threatened with closer in USA; the same scenario in India is bound to happen as we ape the west. I am optimistic the cycle will take a full turn and may be after a few decades we shall see the family doctors taking their rightful place. I hope the golden era of medical profession will start after fifty years from now, when due to natural calamities, war, terrorist activities, accidents and high way virus , most of the human being would be dead and the new sun will rise in the horizon to bring back the past glory of this noble profession. All said and done medical profession is still the best and rightly called the noble profession.

This article was written four years back on doctor’s day. What you have read is the changes which have occurred in India.
Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy MBBS (UU), MD (BHU), DIP: YOGA, FCCP
Ex. Joint director of Steel Authority of India