29 March 2009

Conference or Mela?

API (Association physicians of India)

Some one has said-statistic is like a bikini: “covers the vital parts but exposes the non vital ones.”
Similarly in medical symposiums every speaker just to impress the audience initially starts with the statistics of deaths- i.e. every five minutes a person dies of heart attack, every two minutes a woman dies of child birth, A child dies of gastroenteritis every six minutes, A person dies on the road every seven minutes, Malaria, TB, AIDS kills 30% of population in India and so on and so forth.
The audience starts palpating their own pulse just to make sure if they are alive or not.
Some one in the audience who was calculating the death statistics raised a question.”
“Sir, with so much of deaths every minute, how come the banquette hall was full on fourth evening?”
“That’s statistics for you, madam” was the answer from the guest speaker amidst laughter.
Most of these medical conferences in India are held in five or six star hotels where some foreign speakers (sponsored) give a guest lecture during the inaugural ceremony of the conference which goers on and on for ours, buttering one another..
The annual API conference has more people participating, then the test match grounds of New Zealand. Most of the doctors bring their family, drivers, servants, cousins with the sole purpose of eating and sight seeing. Majority of the doctors are old, can hardly walk, do not know what is going on and who the speakers are and on what subjects. Can you imagine the conference is held over five days!!
Like IPL there is a competition amongst different centers to hold the conference! Why you know?
This is a professional secret!!

27 March 2009


Long & Narrow Nose:
People with long and narrow nose are intelligent and generally politically inclined.
Broad Nose:Generally optimistic with a shrewd business acumen.
Hawk like Nose:These are people who think and do out of the boxing things.Usually detective.
Long and slender nose:Elegant & artistic people.
Short nose:Traditionally rooted people and they are hard working.
Long and broad nose:With lots of staying power and concentration.

20 March 2009


A Negative person
There will be no pleasure of sun rise without a dark night

No pleasure of a romantic story without a villain

No pleasure of a winter without the dusty summer of north India

No pleasure of riding a bike without the experience of riding a cycle

No pleasure of richness without poverty

No pleasure of passing out without the fear of failure

No pleasure of Ramayana without Ravana

No pleasure of success without the fear of failures

So the list goes on

Do you mean there should be positive aspect of every thing??

Then other world will be a dull place to live

A negative person is actually a positive one

And a positive one is a negative person

Because he can’t see, he is a hypocrite

The world suffer due to these persons

Not the negative one

They expect a little and contented with little

Negative or positive are the two sides of the same coin
Donot discriminate they do well to the other side.

Hope the positive will read this and tell

Negative don’t worry I am with you

Sanjoy kumar Satpathy, Patia, Bhubaneswar

15 March 2009



Mahatma Gandhi was against alcohol and violence. Recently there has been lots of controversy in his name.
Many foreigners and people in India (mostly uneducated ones) think that the Gandhi family which is ruling the country for so many years are related to Bapu Gandhi.
Many of the new generation who did not know him, suddenly started taking interest in him and his writings after the release of David Attenborough film “GANDHI”.
Some film stars also took his name as “Gandhi Giri’ and wanted to become famous, so much so that they wanted to become a politician and rule the country, who knows they may change their surname to Gandhi?
But the most annoying thing is, every third or fourth year some one says he has the original articles of Mahatma Gandhi, we do not know how many dozens of specks, chapels, dhoti etc the father of the nation had?
This way some people have sold the duplicate paintings and articles of famous people for millions of dollars.

Gandhi never would have agreed for the auction of his left over articles to a person who sells alcohol in India. Why this US based gentleman did not return those articles by sea or air when Mahatma was alive? We do not know, these are all controversial and contentious issues.

14 March 2009



They are so close to each other that one cannot separate one from the other. Together they exploit the Indian mass.
We start with cricket:
India spends billions of dollars on foreign coaches like John Write from New Zealand, Greg Chappell from Australia, Kristen from South Africa plus white colored physiotherapists etc from foreign countries just to win some home matches. We have not won a world cup match in last 25 years nor are we number one in test cricket but still then we celebrate for the personal achievements of some of our individual players. We forget that it’s because of the MRF foundation and efforts of Denis Lille at Chennai we have been able to produce some class fast bowlers.
Coming to Hindi films: The so called Bollywood produces some wooden faced films which should at best be viewed with alcohol or some intoxicating drugs.
Politicians: They are for the family by the family of the family. Most corrupt, not interested for the country or its development, they have all sorts of excuse for any thing; they want an unstable center with regional parties with CPM support ruling the country.
All said and done cricket players, Hindi film stars and politicians take away seventy percent of news in India.

12 March 2009


While walking on the foot path, i noticed one dog with engorged breasts was standing near a traffic light.When the pedestrian lights turned green she too crossed the road along with human beings.On the other side of the road six pups were waiting for their mother's return.Imagine what will happen to those six lives for your careless driving?Please have some considerations for our best friend who loves her master more than her self.

09 March 2009

Through an Indian eye

America through an Indian eye

The Environment: Clean- hardly you may find smoke, no dusts, no car horns, no music, no processions, and fresh air. That was in the month of August September 2007.Green every where, I am talking about Plainsboro of New Jersey state.
Roads: Clean, broad, no speed breakers no humps. Right hand drive cars. Large cars but passengers are single or at best two, if you find more people inside then they are likely to be Mexicans or Indians. No Rasta blocks by political and non political parties, no demonstrations on road. Police reaches the site of accidents in minutes. Accident victims are lifted by helicopters.
Traffic: People value human life very much, so they are very careful about safe driving. On an average an American spends 30% of his life traveling to office and back home.
Strikes: No work no pay, people work and also show their resentments in a different way.
Market places: Plenty of car parking areas. No shouting, no mess, no cheating. Mostly run by ladies. If you have the money any thing under the sky, you can buy. You can return the goods even after using it for some time, if you do not like them, a question will not be asked, and you will get full refund.
Medical: If you do not have insurance then you are gone. Mostly people are covered through the family doctor’s scheme. Without referral can’t meet a specialist. Except Ibuprofen and some cold remedies you can’t get any medicine with out a prescription. Medical expenses are very costly. One tablet which costs five rupees in India may cost you two hundred rupees that too you can’t get it with out an American doctor’s prescription.
Food: People are crazy about eating. Average restaurant food items are costly, full of saturated fats. Indian restaurants are costlier, one plate of idli may cost you $5 (Rs:250).If you are going in group tour or have close relatives in US then it’s alright or else if you are from Indian middle class family ,you are likely to come back soon.
Forests: we were surprised to notice that forests are for sale as they belong to private parties and not to the American Government. Deforestation is rampant. Houses bring more money than cultivation hence I found lots of barren land which was once up on a time a thick forest. It’s not surprising that they point their finger to Asiatic people for green house effects.
Sports: People love tennis, baseball, golf, American foot ball (soccer), ice hockey and basket ball. Majority are sports loving people. No body discuss about cricket except few Pakistani and Indians who celebrate if their team wins but seldom comes back to their home land.
Books: Libraries are very good with all types of books of your interest.
Politics: No one discuss them in train or bus or in office.
Transport: Taxi fare is beyond reach of average Indians. You have to depend on your relatives, sons, daughter in laws, or others for going out. Forget about spending your time in a near bye market place, you simply can’t walk in those busy roads, likely to be knocked off any time.
Social life: With out prior intimation you simply can not go to any one’s house. Social life is a big “Bore”. People do not interact with strangers. American TV programs are boring for an average Indian. The Indian house wives mostly watch the same serials which are watched by the middle class society in India, those Z,*,Sab,Etvs.
Tourist attractions: The Entry fees to any place of interest or parks in US are more than the ac train fare from Delhi to Agra.
Overall view: One must visit USA, who can afford it, before it’s too late.

07 March 2009


Old man and the police

One old man found it extremely difficult to drive his car during night time due to the glaring head lights of the new cars, fitted with halogen bulbs. So he tried all tricks but nothing worked. He was a miser never to spend on any personal comforts. Some of his friends suggested him to use the anti glare specks which the cricket players use at night. Our miser old man went to buy one but the cost was beyond his reach. So he went for an anti glare local made speck. After lots of bargaining it was fixed at $10, but as bad luck would have it that too did not solve his problem. Lastly he got fed up and purchased a road side goggles for rupees 150 and started using it which worked.
One fine evening when he was waiting at the traffic light one traffic inspector asked him
“Why are you wearing those dark glasses at night?”

Our old friend said “you see no one uses the dipper plus each car has halogen bulbs, to protect my eyes I am wearing them.”

“But you can’t wear them as per rules”

“I have no problem in seeing the road, as the glass shed is light”

“Let me see, after wearing it he coolly kept it in his shirt pocket.

“Give it back”

“Push off, the lights have turned green”

The old man noticed the same police man wearing his goggles was standing in the hot sun.

Both looked at each other and smiled a bit, the cars rolled on.

06 March 2009

Healthy diet



Why every one is concerned about the heart and the heart attack. Because other organs give ample time before they fail but when heart stops it’s the end of the world. .Liver takes days and weeks before it fails, so also other organs like kidney, lung and brain do not cause sudden death.
Heart attack was very common in the west only a few decades back but with modification of diet, life style, education, drugs advancement in medical science, the mortality has drastically come down. But heart disease has become an epidemic in the third world or developing world what ever you say. Due to improper food, sedentary life style, diabetes and blood pressure heart attacks have become the leading cause of death in middle aged people in India.
We should know a little bit of “heart attack”. See the photograph of the heart; you will notice small arteries and veins on the surface of this wonderful organ, which supply blood to the heart muscles. Heart has only one function to receive blood and pump out blood to all the organs of the body. It’s a sophisticated pump working from the beginning of the life in side the mother’s womb till death.

On an average it pumps 60 to 100 times per minute you can calculate how much time it pumps blood in a day. It needs blood for it muscles through those tiny arteries. When they get blocked may be a single one or two or all the three then the person gets a heart attack and some part of the heart muscle becomes dead, bigger the area of the dead muscle serious will be the out come. If it’s massive then the person dies suddenly with in minutes.
The narrowing occurs because of many factors but the most important being the gene and the type life one leads. Mental Stress, Bad food habits, smoking, over weight, lack of physical exercise, family history, high cholesterol level all contribute to narrowing which is called atherosclerosis of arteries.
So to keep your heart healthy it has to start from child hood not after one gets a heart attack. The America heart association and WHO recommends plenty of green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fibers in diet, less of salt, sugar and oil in diet. Keep your weight in the range for your age, sex and height. Do a little bit of exercise, if nothing is possible walk three to four kilometers a day or use cycle for going to your office if it’s with in four or five kilometers of range. Avoid saturated fatty(<7%) diet. Animal meats should be avoided and fish , especially oily ones, twice a week should be consumed in its place. For vegetarians they should get their protein from pulses and milk or curd.Avoid Soya protein or milk.
Indians do eat lots of deep fried food and the same oil is used for cooking over again and again which results in productions of toxic chemicals called oxidants(trans fatty acids<1%) which affects the vascular system of the body resulting in all sorts of disease from cancer to heart attacks.
So viewers wishing you a hearty ,healthy human life.