16 April 2009



One Chief Minister says “vote for me I am the son of the soil”.

How surprising? After all we are all Indians why one should say I am Bengali,

Maharashtrian, Odiya, Gujarati or Telugu or Punjabi etc the list goes on. This is

regionalism at its peak. In near future the regional parties will ask for more

autonomy and after some years India will disintegrate like USSR!! Surprised!! Did

any one predict that USSR will be reduced to Soviet Russia only some twenty years

back? NO.

The way there is division of India for the vote bank on the basis of caste, religion,

Ethnic, tribal, poor, rich, language, costal, non costal, black, white, terrorists,

Maoists, males, female, old and young, I do not think India has a bright future.

In next twenty years we are not going to have any single party with absolute

majority. So it will be Rick pickers Government at centre. Progress will be very


That’s exactly what the super powers want that India remain as of today.

Unless we formulate a two party system the future is bleak. Who will do it?

People of India can but will not venture in to the political jargon. We have so many

Noble laurels staying in India and abroad, let them throw some light on it so that as

Indians we can raise our head in the international forums.

Those hypocrites will always say India is sinning but you know it’s the politicians

face and their Swiss bank accounts which are sinning.

The general election is in progress, lots of money has come in to India the results

are obvious, the survival of the richest not the fittest.

13 April 2009

Indian Cockatoo

This Indian bird is in the endangered list.Smaller than peacock but weighs around 500 to 600 grams in weight.Canot fly for long distance and mostly hops from one tree to another.Lives on flower buds and small insects.If you are an early riser then only you can spot them.Because my house is near to a fast disintegrating famous forest of Orissa called "CHANDKA"near Bhubaneswar i spot lots of beautiful birds and listen to their melodious music in the early morning, a rare privilege in concrete jungles.

10 April 2009

Happy Mother Hood

Happy Mother Hood.

Are you a lady? Newly married? Then read on.
Do not delay too long to become a mother, it may prove too costly or you may produce a sickly child. The best time to get pregnant (1st pregnancy) is between 20 to 25 years. If you are taking pills then the chances of tubal pregnancy is very high. With aging you develop diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases which will make the pregnancy complicated, and the beneficiaries will be doctors and hospitals. There will be lots of dos and don’ts for you.
Your mother or mother in law wills advice you to take food for two as a result of which you put on weight at the cost of the baby. Majority of cases of late pregnancy results in Cesarean section or fetal deaths. The need for a second baby seldom comes as you have to join back your duties. To take care of the child you keep a maid who takes away the milk powder, corns for her baby where as your baby looks sickly. You take your baby to a doctor who orders a dozen of investigations including some enzyme assay which will cost you a fortune, but all reports will come normal. What I am writing here is for the upper class and middle class ladies.
As this is a medical education for our ladies in India I will enlighten them with some bare facts of medical science.
1st month: the baby is only 4-5mm long.
2nd month: Baby has grown to 22 to 24mm long; heart has started developing to its full shape.
3rdmonth: Now the little one has grown to 6 to 7 centimeters long, skin and nails have started developing.
4thmonth: The baby is hardly weighs100grams and 12 cm long.
5th month: By 5th month the parasite has grown up to 300grams and some hairs have started developing on the scalp.
6thmonth: The weight of the baby has become 600 to 700grams (Like a small fish) the eyebrows and eye lashes can be recognized.
7th month: The length of the baby will be approximately the size of your TV remote (25cm) and weighs around one kg.
8thmonth: Grown to 28cm can survive out side uterus in an incubator.
9th month: Now its time for celebration by all the family members of the family but pain and agony for the mother.
1: Never take any medicine or vaccination during pregnancy, before that you can. (Except Tetanus)
2: Too much of red meat may cause problems, stick to the traditional diet which your tribe or family takes. Take well cooked meals not the left over and stale food stuffs.
3: Wear loose garments.
4: You need a small extra food for the baby which may be from 300 calories per day. Even if you are starving the fat in your buttocks will give the little one enough calories. One cup of ice cream (100grams) gives you 900 calories. Taking excess calorie will result in obesity and you may remain fatty after the birth of the child. So forget your mother’s advice “food for two”.
5: If your diet is balanced one then there is no point in taking calcium and other vitamin pills. They are the cause of high blood pressure during pregnancy. Think to your self—a female elephant keeps her baby in her uterus for long 18 months but don’t take calcium, iron, horlicks, or other high protein diet for the baby? It’s our doctor who advice their patients to take all sorts of vitamins for a big baby so that they have to perform CS. Do you know a few years back Australian Government stopped giving extra money to gynecologist for CS operations you will not believe the CS rate dropped by 30 %!!
6: Walk around and do your usual houses hold work. If your pelvic muscles become weak due to sleeping and no work then the doctor is ready with a scalpel. Walk often and sleep with your feet up, also sleep on your left side.
7: Bad news for office goers: do not travel excessively during the early and late stage of pregnancy-there is possibilities of premature labor.
8: Do not expose your self for too much ultra sound or x-ray examination, the doctor is doing for the commission not for your or baby’s benefits. You may be under psychological stress after the doctor tells you “water is drying up” “Child is not growing” “the placenta is small” etc, some Greek and Latin words for you.
So ladies be relaxed do not delay pregnancy, sooner you have a child its better for you. Have more than two if you like as both of you are earning a six digit salary, so where is the problem? For building flats you labor so hard? Unless the middle class produce more children India will be ruined very soon? People do not send their only child for the defence service then a time will come we have to import army from China. It’s the middle class who have produced writers, actors, intellectuals, fighters and so on and so forth. One child family may be too small; two may not be adequate three may be sufficient. With road, train and plane accidents killing millions in a year are you sure one is sufficient? When you will get old you will remember my words.

03 April 2009



Most likely I will not be born as a human being in my next birth due to my sins. But in case God gives me a choice I will request him to make me a crow or a dog but not a human being.
Are surprised as to why this fellow who has been a doctor does not want to enjoy his next life as a human being? People do all sorts of rituals like taking bath in polluted Ganga, going to Titrupati and bribing God with gold chains and lakhs of rupees to get a rebirth , but after going through many sleepless nights I decided enough is enough, no more human life.
Let me start from child hood.
Both my parents will be working so I will be left alone in house or in a creche or with a baby sitter.
There will be no brothers or sisters at home to play with and quite likely, no grand parents to talk to. I will have no freedom at home. By the age of three or four I will be sent to school with ten kg bag, a water bottle, with a diaper and some stuffed stale food stuffs. When I come home there will be no mother to greet me with a smile, I have to open the door my self. Till five I have to watch cartoon show only nothing else.
In the evening I have to do the school task and go to bed compulsorily.
Morning I have to get up early to catch the school bus. The same routine is repeated day in and day out. Father will hardly have any time to talk to me as he will be busy with his lap top. I will be asked to sleep in a bigger room all alone.
No games- no going out alone. I can not eat food of my choice. As a child I would not be allowed to ride a cycle, climb a tree or swim with my friends in the pond.
As I grow up, more restrictions will follow. Tuition after tuitions, evenings will be spent in over-crowed coaching classes. Not allowed to go to fields to play or watch others play. I will not be allowed to move out on summer months as more coaching classes will be arranged. During examination there will be lot of stress and tension for me and my parents, as my performance will decide their life style and status in the society.
In the process of going through my school, I'll be forced to loose a lot socially. By the time I realize that I have finished my school days it will be too late to know names of my cousins nor can I recognize my parent’s sisters nor brothers.
I will be asked to remember when an Indian became a Miss world or A Gandhi family member was assassinated, or why Obama became the president of USA.I will not told about the names of my grand parents nor can I recognize their face in the group photographs.
I will not allowed to attend any family functions due to examinations and tuitions.
Even at the age of sixteen, I will have no experience of marketing, or booking a bus ticket. The travel agent will do every thing for me but at an extra cost. My parents would send me by flight or AC trains as there will be plenty of money with them. I will not face any hard ship due to shortage of money.
Lastly I may come out as a robot from an engineering college or some other college and then go for MBA and join some multinational company, purchase a house, get married, forget about parents and concentrate on “HOW TO EARN MORE MONEY”?
If I decide to become a doctor of medicine then whole of my youth will be spent on getting a seat in PG course and super specialization and I will surely forget how to treat a scabies or a patient with round worm infestation. I'll refer them to another specialist.
By the age of 29 to 30 I'll have problems related to over-weight, diabetes, high blood pressure and impotence. My wife obviously will get worried and both of us would go out for medical check up in five star hospitals and lead a fast, stressed and tension-packed life.
With child-hood days charm-less , less exciting and with text book rotting, 'how to earn more money' will be the bottom line of life. There will be no mother-cooked food for me, no beating from father nor any scope to play or fight with brothers or sisters. This looks hellish when I compare my present life; hence I have decided to become a crow or a stray dog.
At least it’s better one than a human life
Writer of this topic is Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,
Who feels like crying when he sees the plight of present day children?