30 June 2009


This is a short(edited) story in Odiya recently published in the highest selling odiya news paper.Click to enlarge.

27 June 2009

Drop of Gratitude

His name was Tommy, a country dog became a family member of ours.He lived for thirteen years.This photograph was taken few hours before his death.He made a last effort to get up from his bed at 3 am of 27th June 2009 and say "boss,here i go, thank you for the love,care and affection for a road side country wild dog, i tried my best, excuse me for my mistakes.bye".I got up from sleep kept him on my lap and he looked at me with a tearful eyes filled with gratitude .I told him " you have done enough for us, its time to depart, will meet in next birth."
He went in to eternal sleep.Bye TOMMY we will miss you.

24 June 2009



On 23rd evening I told Lord Jagantha “that I am fed up with you but will start believing in your power if by tomorrow before 21 hours you can produce rain.”
There was no indication from weather bulletin that there will be rain, the expected date was 29th. So I was sure Lord will not be able to produce rain on 24th.There was another clause: it must rain at Patia, Bhubaneswar.
On the morning of 24th ie: Ratha Jatra day there was no indication of rain as the sun was blazing and heat at 9am was intolerable.
Afternoon was still worse. Had my lunch at 1430hours, no sign of rain yet, I took a nap. When got up at 1630 hours it was dark, still then I was skeptical about the possibility of rain.
When I left for duty at 17 30 hours a large rain drop hit my car just to remind me that Lord has achieved the impossible.
After a heavy downpour I could here his voice “there is nothing like impossible for me, believe in me or come closer to me to attain the freedom of life”.

A real life encounter with Lord Jagantha

10 June 2009


The Mysterious attack:

Recently Indian students were beaten up by other students in Australia for which there is a big hue and cry in Indian press and amongst the politicians.
Let’s introspect our selves, we beat up our own people of other states. Why? When the local people realize that these out siders are a threat to their job and existence then they react. That was the reason why there was disturbance at Mumbai, Assam and other states. Hindus have been ruthlessly killed in Kashmir valley or they are all driven out of their mother land but no international forum or human rights association have ever raised their voice. Why? Because they do not help the congress party with their voting rights plus they are Hindus.
We Indians are noisy ones and do not adjust to the place where we stay for a job, or study or business. We cheer India in England or Australia even though we have migrated out of our mother land for a better life. Tell me who will tolerate the caricature when their home team is being defeated by another country and the very people who are earning their bread and butter cheer the other team?
We do not know why Indians are beaten up or killed in USA, Australia or Japan, may be a detailed report will throw some light. Every other day a foreign lady is being raped or molested or killed in India but why there is hardly any reaction from the human rights forum. No one raise the question of apartheid! Is it when a white kills or beats up a black is apartheid and not the other way round? Why?
Lots of Indian have migrated to Australia and are producing children in dozen to get a government sanctions for each child.
The way we behave and create problems for others even in our own country is disgusting so how come others will be expected to tolerate that. We must change our attitude, behavior and manners when we are staying in other countries or else the Australian beating may spread to other countries.

Literacy drive


Madam Swapna preferred to go by a Hop Stop town bus to her residence rather than a noisy auto rickshaw. She was accompanied by three school children who missed their bus. The seats were all occupied and equal number of passengers was standing in side the bus. Some how or other she could force her way and asked two young boys to vacate the seats for her and the children .All four of them could adjust in that seat with the youngest one sitting on her lap.
Spandan after looking at the writings in side the bus in front, asked “Mum, what does this ‘Fast ads’ mean?”
She kept quite as if she has not heard him. This is spelling mistake should have been “First aid”.
‘What does that box contain?’
“Supposed to carry emergency medicine but now replaced by screw drivers and fused bulbs.” was her answer.
After some time Bapun asked ‘madam see this one!’
Swapna was already off mood due to the heat and the rattling noise of the bus, was furious but kept her cool, it was written “Handicraps’
Yes- this too is wrongly written should have been ‘handicap’.
The young girl Munmun not to be left behind, yelled ‘this to our right, is a better one’-‘Lodis’
The headmistress asked the conductor while paying the fare, ‘who has written this?’
‘ A Painter madam’
‘That’s alright but the spelling is wrong’.
‘He is a graduate now doing the job of a painter.’
In the next stoppage two eunuchs forced our headmistress to vacate the seats meant for “Lodis”
Swapna could bear no more as she had the glimpse of literacy drive, the social changes of the city and decided to get down in the next stop.
“Spandan” with a broad smile said “Mum- Mum now I know who are called “Lodies”

02 June 2009

AAM ADMI (the common man)


Sorry, your guess about the contents of this topic will be totally wrong. This is not about some freedom fighter or cricketer, or a film star or an NGO worker but about “aam admi”.
Here I mean the party which helped the Aam Admi and their country is the “Unsung Hero”. But unfortunately the same aam admi has relegated that party to the background.
Lets start with the aam admi that is CPM party and how it helped the people of the country.
When they were with UPA government (outside support) what little they could do was unbelievable. I think the greatest sacrifice by any party in the world was done by CPM by supporting the UPA with the Common Minimum Programme chart. Due to them the BJP is almost wiped out from centre. The best speaker we have had in our Lok Sabha in post-independence India was a CPM leader.
The finance minister tried his best to reduce interest rates on deposits in the post office and nationalized banks to 4.5% but for the CPM the rates could not be altered. From10.5% it has now come down to 7% and may come down further in coming months as the watch dog has been driven away by the Aam Admi and that has been replaced by chamchas and relatives of kings and queens who do not know the sufferings of the aam admi.
Now that congress is operating with full vigor, the Aam Admi will suffer. There is already the whispering sound of decontrolling petrol (the business community will recover their election share), selling off PSU shares, lowering the income tax slab and some more.
A ministry consisting of 78 cabinet ministers!! Who will bear their salary? It’s the Aam Admi. Let’s have all the MPs of UPA government as cabinet ministers, so that everyone is happy. I tell you the combination of a sardarjee and a south Indian will bring nightmares for the lower middle and upper middle class as the watch dog has been kicked out by the ‘Aam Admi’.
Hello!! Aam Admi you will suffer for 1825days (5 years) due to your silly mistake. Let’s hope my words are proven wrong by the sophisticated party of India.