27 July 2009


This Langur(Semnopithecus entellus)got drenched in rain and seemed to be hungry too,so I offered him a piece of bread.
They, the species of Semnopithecus entellus usually eat leaves,fruits,buds and flowers but due to deforestation they have changed their food habits.These are sacred monkeys of India.
Their life span is around 20 years, and they live in groups of twenty to thirty.They do not have a house of their own. They are found mostly in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Burma and Srilanka.

25 July 2009


I am a female GOLD FISH, my scientific name is "Carassius Auratus", found in native of China,Japan,Taiwan,Korea,India and other places including USA.I can tolerate both cold and warm temperature.I eat a lot.Please donot keep me with smaller fish like tiger barb,sword tail etc as they trouble me by eating away my fins so i die early .My cousins are of different colours but i am preferred by most fish-loving humans.Here i am being well taken care of by Chinu and Rishi at New Jersy state of USA.My age is four+.Our life span is 6 to 7 years but can live upto 30 years if properly taken care of.My scales are not made up of gold but just to prove that all that "glitters" is not gold, God found me to tell the truth.
Thou gh not made of gold I am fondly called as GOLD FISH.(Photograph by Sandeep Tripathy)

20 July 2009



(How to smile during a photo session)
(A satire)

During this present visit of Hillary Clinton The press, TV channels, media, security, film stars, politicians are having a great time, and fun, but does it have any relevance? It appears like a queen visiting the people of it’s state which the king rules. It appears more like a photo session which she will use in her autobiography. She has started teaching the Indian celebrities, the rich and famous how to smile, as if the people of India are gloom faced does not know how to laugh or smile.
Every one knows nothing is going to come out of her visit. After she goes back the USA cabinet will sanction some $230 billion dollars for Pakistan to fight the Taliban’s!!
Seventy percent of it will be used against India through weapons purchased from US. So the same money goes back to the donor.
Many decades have gone bye, Ganga has become more polluted but Pakistan and J&K problem will continue to be the biggest hurdle for Indian economy.
Every day photos of smiling Clinton occupies the front middle and centre pages of glossy and non glossy magazines and news papers. As I have already mentioned this trip of her will be remembered for her smile and dress nothing else.

Sanjoy Satpathy, Patia, Bhubaneswar

15 July 2009



Of late definitions for every thing is fast changing in this world, especially in India.
Terrorist: If they are from Pakistan. They attack after giving enough warnings.
Maoists: If they are from India. Round the year they stop development work especially in non-congress ruled states.For them road side trees are cut so that there won't be road block!!
Dacoits: If their faces are covered. They take away your property when you are awake.
Thief: You lose your money in sleep or if you are reckless.
Human rights: If you are rich and have AIDS.
Suicide: Farmers dying due to any cause is suicide.
Rape: Sex with any lady including ones wife is a rape in India..
Torture: Any thing you do to your colleague or a lady working with you is a torture.
Freedom: Road block, burning of trains and bus.
Freedom of expression: Only for non Hindu people.
Politicians: Have seen more foreign countries than India. If you have a police case, criminal records, excess black money, match-fixing allegations, Bomb blasts, this designation is for you.
Doctorate: If you have the above credentials then some foreign university will confer you a doctorate degree.
Doctor: If you had a heart attack you are a cardiologist. If you had jaundice you become a hepatologist and so on.
Professor: Any teacher in Bihar is a Professor.
Milk: Any liquid that’s white is milk in India.
Alcohol: If you want to commit suicide take it.Can use it as mosquito repellent.
Foreign alcohol: Nothing foreign about it.
BPL: Breach Poor Land
Floods: Muddy water in a river.
Heat stroke: Any death during summer season in Odissa.
Resignations: Means with-drawing the blank paper.

12 July 2009


Read between the lines:
Car loan:
My nephew who works with an American based company applied for a car loan from SBI.He submitted the necessary papers for the same. The first query came after two weeks. Submit your tax return copy of last two years. His job was only two years so he had paid the income tax for the previous year and was yet to fill up the return for the financial year2009-10.So he submitted the TDS certificate. Query after query came every week. This way he went on submitting the necessary documents for the loan and lastly after six weeks he was told that it’s not possible to lend him loan.
The summary of this is:
1: If you have a known officer at SBI this would not have happened.
2: Now that the apex court has given a verdict that the bank people can not force a person to pay the loan nor can they take away the car, the bank people have developed a better way to utilize their money.
Indian brains are sharp in this regard.
Health insurance:
Recently lots of Medical insurance companies have come to India after CPM was removed from the government.
The recent being the ICICI LAMBART:
If some one has not read the clause properly then you run from pillar to post and pay the hospital bill your self.
I being a doctor some queries come which are very irritating.
Why the patient was admitted?
Patient could have been treated from out door.
As no IV fluids or IV injections were given to the patient its presumed patient was not serious.
Why CT scan was done?
Was he or she takes alcohol? (If the doctor mentions “YES”, then it’s very difficult to get the clearance.)
Lastly the fax came that it’s not possible for the company to pay the hospital bill.
So senior citizens, sick people and also the healthy ones please read before you insure you’re self with any mediclaim company.

07 July 2009



Recently the high court at Delhi has legalized homosexuality in India. Read this one below-What culture means to the famouse people.
The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was known for his tantrum.
Once a famous Indian personality named Raman wanted to meet Mr. Picasso along with his friends. At the last moment his friends said ‘no’ as they were afraid of this great man’s anger and abuse. Mr. Picasso caught hold of the hands of Mr. Raman and said “I am so pleased to have met an Indian”. He further added saying “I have regards for Indians and their culture. Your culture is great; please take care to protect it”.
That time Mr; Raman realized that it was India and it’s culture which was above an individual brilliance which was enough for Mr; Picasso to shake hands with him. That was some time back.
But what are we doing to our culture? Some ask the question: What’s wrong in Gay?
If that be so legalizing rape, bestiality and incest we will have no problems. Thousand years of culture goes up in smoke because some gay people bribed the judge to pass the bill? Quite nauseating! Every knowledgeable public knows that some lakhs of important legal cases are lying in side the almirah for years together, some of the innocents have died or have become diseased person due undue delay by the honourable court but this “GAY” bill was passed in a haste as if heaven will break up if delayed. May be some gay politicians will benefit in the next election.
When a child falls sick and not in a position to take medicines by mouth or tube then the doctor advice the nurse to feeds it through the rectum. Let the gay people eat through their lower route because they do not like natural and normal route. Gay people are sick people they should be counseled if no change then send them to the Gay Island.

06 July 2009


Thank you Americans for your excellent support for my blog spot.You are very close(1061) to the Indian viewers(1338), hope by another few months you will over take my country men.

05 July 2009

A short story

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04 July 2009


Sanjoy with his very close friend aditya mohanty.Both of them have played for Orissa in the Ranji trophy tournament.This photograph was taken some 37 years back.Aditya has under gone bypass surgery and also cataract surgery four years back.They worked with Steel Authority of India and have retired and settled down at Bhubaneswar.

Father and his friends

Three friends of father's generation.All the four are no more.