13 August 2009

Birth of Srikrishna

(Today is the birth day of Lord Krishna)

Krishna’s divine powers reflected early on, ridding the world of many menaces.
Kamsa, the evil uncle (mamu) of Krishna, had hired the services of Putana, the
Rakshasi (Female demon), to kill Krishna.
Putana was a magician and could take any form she wanted. She disguised herself as a Gopikaa, a cowherdess, and enter Krishna’s house. Krishna was still a baby then.
She fed Krishna on her breast milk which was poisoned. Krishna, though a baby, knew the real form of her and sucked her so hard that he extracted her life along with the milk. Before dying she assumed her original form and died.

Krishna is identified as the one incarnation of Lord Vishnu who knew of his divine powers even from his childhood. He started ridding the world early of evil forces and went on to do so throughout his life.

08 August 2009

Swine Flu

This is a human influenza virus modified in the pig's blood and is known as H1N1 virus.Poor pigs are not at fault it's the human being who are responsible for the out break.


Ask your children not to go to schools and colleges for another two weeks.
Avoid traveling in crowded bus or trains.
Avoid centrally air conditioned rooms.
Don't go out to cinema halls, hospitals or other public places.
Wash your hands as frequently as possible.
Do not take out your children to hospitals unless required.
Take a balanced diet.
Avoid uncooked food.
Do not treat your self with anti viral drugs, they really do not prevent. Ordinary Masks do not prevent the disease, it’s more of a show then of real help.
Do not get panicky and go out to a hospital where you are likely to get the infection if you haven’t got it.
Remember the epidemic last for four to six weeks and then fade away until another virus is released by some one(viral terrorism).How come HIV and H1N1 virus started its origin from a particular country.Why can't they stop its spread? Is this A human right to spread a disease?
If you are destined to die because of swine flu no one can save you.

07 August 2009



DR: SSCHAND a neuro-physician of repute was destined to become a saint in his later life. He was a senior physician in a 650 bedded Ispat General Hospital (IGH)
Of Rourkela Steel Plant and became senior deputy director when he started realizing that he is wasting his time and energy running after a mirage. He joined a spiritual organization and became very popular amongst his Indian and Foreign followers. Later on he decided to quit his job and started a Kriya Yoga centre at Jagda, Rourkela. He is now known as SWAMI ATMANANDA.
Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy who worked with him as a junior physician learned the art of medicine from his teacher Dr.SSChand, as he was a guide and a philosopher for him. Dr.Sanjoy was allowed a free hand to treat his patients independently with out interference from Dr.Chand. You call him at any time of the day or night smilingly he would come running to attend a serious patient. He used to come walking to hospital during routine working hours. He was respected by all the staffs of the hospital. I would like to finish this with an interesting episode during a ward round, when a son of a patient commented about the diagnosis of his father.
Son: “Sir how come the diagnosis has changed to TB? You told me that he is suffering from cancer?”
Dr.Chand: “Probably you have not heard properly. What we told you on that day,
was most likely your father might be suffering from Cancer of lung or Pulmonary TB! We will let you know after the results are out. Right?”
Son: “may be, I am not sure!”
Dr.Chand: “You are his real son?”
Son: “Yes”
Dr.Chand: “ But in that case you should have been a happy man instead of challenging us about the diagnosis! You are not his son. No son will be unhappy to know about treatable and curable disease of his father. It seems you would have been happy if your father had cancer!!”
Son: “no sir”
Dr.Chand: “but the way you are arguing it seems like that, had I been in your place I would have brought sweet for the doctors.”
Son: He started crying and with folded hands begged apology from Dr.Chand.
Dr.Chand: “You must beg apology from God for your conduct”.
The very next day the son of the patient brought some sweets and presented it to Dr.Chand. He coolly called the ward nurse I/C Miss Eva Ghosh and asked her to distribute the sweets amongst the staffs of the ward.
Gurujee, SWAMI ATMANANDA I thank you and can never forget your contribution in my life as an under study to you.

05 August 2009



Indian cricket players always want to be in lime light, be it walking on the ramp or doing some advertisement shots, or for abuse. Truly speaking they are a group of pampered youths by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). They do not want to sign the WADA agreement because till now no one has been able to punish an Indian cricket icon. They refuse Padma awards they do what they please because they are part of BCCI and the same BCCI runs the ICC.
Let’s see if any one can make the WADA stick to its policy? I am sure with out amendments cricketer like Dhoni, Sahin or Zaheer and the whole lot of them are not going to sign. For a change the anti-doping agency will surrender or bend its rule to accommodate the money power of BCCI.
Let’s wait and see.



A child gets around twenty six+ pricks to save it self from some diseases which the experts think is enough for a healthy life. Is it so? Many more have been added over the years to the list of vaccine for a new born. The way the man kind is playing with nature sooner or later the number may touch fifty! New in the list is a swine flu vaccine! New deadly viruses will replace the older one. Because of more burdens to the immune system to produce antibodies there will be havoc in the immune mechanism of the body resulting in less immunity to simple infections and the child will suffer from cough and cold very frequently. Or it may result in different type of malignant diseases. Where is the end? I do not know!!
Some say most of the epidemics are man made so that new diagnostic tools, drugs and vaccines will be in demand. Ultimately the pharmaceutical companies will benefit. Only time will tell whether by giving multiple pricks for hundreds of diseases the man kind will really benefit or not??