21 September 2009


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sanjoy satpathy

16 September 2009


Also known as Blue Dawn Flower(Ipomoea Indica) also known as Ipomea Learii but commonly known as MORNING GLORY.One plant can produce as many as 60000 flower with a daily flowering rate of 300 per day.A non fragrant funnel Shaped flower with varieties of colours like Red,White,Blue,Yellow,Purple, prefers full sun through out the day.The seeds of this plant are poisonous.They open up early in the morning to attract insects for pollination.

15 September 2009



Human mind is always fickle and insecure hence always in look out for excuses.
More the imbalance of mind more he looks at astrology, super natural powers
and fall a victim to sooth Sayers and frauds. Some people get lots of dreams and remember them other say they do not dream. Today we analyze what really dream foretells a person in a subconscious or super conscious state of mind.
FAILURE: To dream of failure means you have a low self –esteem and fears of inadequacy. You are not trying your best to the fullest extent or you have lots of anxiety and there is pressure to excel. To dream your business is a failure means you are a bad manager.
FATHER: To see your father in dreams means authority and protection. It signifies you need to be more self-reliant. To dream that your father is dead means you must move cautiously in your business.
FIGHTING: Indicates inner turmoil and conflict of personality. You are not taking up responsibilities or initiatives in life.
FISH: It may imply a slippery or elusive situation. Some women dream of swimming fish when they get pregnant.
FISHMARKET: If you dream going to a fish market signifies pleasure and joy.
FITS: signifies failing health and loss of employment.
FLIGHT: symbolizes a project that is about to take off. If the flight is delayed means you are unprepared in taking up the project.
PS: This series will continue for dream lovers.

10 September 2009


This photograph was taken in 2005 with a digital Kodak,easy share c-4200.One has to go the the small island by boat from Pataya and can enjoy the beautiful culture of Thailand..


My nephew (Abhisek Panigrahi) is a brillient painter.Here is his master piece with water colour painting.

07 September 2009

My Memorable patient


That was the first posting after my post graduation in medicine. The place was in a remote head quarters hospital of Karanjia, a godforsaken hill township the eastern part of India. A few kilometers away, there were the dense forests in the foothills of Similipal, famous for royal Bengal tigers and elephants. I had left behind my family in hometown, Baripada, former capital of the Maharaja of Mayaurbhanj. Most of my patients were local tribesmen, who came to hospital only when black magic, traditional “medicines” and quackery failed.
It was the month of May when the first monsoon rains had hit that part of the country. There was a knock at my door around 4am. I came out of the mosquito net, groping in the dark, and with much difficulty I found my way to the door. When I saw Dhanu, the hospital ward boy, I immediately realized that I had to go to the hospital. Dhanu told me that a young man had come from a remote village with pain abdomen and the junior doctor wanted my help.
The patient was a 20 years old healthy boy, rolling with pain. When I asked about the history, his brother told me that there was some function at there village and the boy had taken some local alcohol and mutton at night and slept on the floor. Suddenly he got up around midnight and complained of pain in the abdomen, and vomited. Assuming that all this was due to alcohol, people went back to sleep. But the boy made their life miserable. The local black magician was summoned, who told them that the boy was a victim of an evil spirit which had entered his body. Only the sacrifice of a goat or a rooster could satiate the spirit. Needless to say, all this had failed. It was only then that they brought the boy to the hospital.
A careful examination of abdomen did not reveal any abnormal finding except vague tenderness all over the abdomen. In spite of pain the child was having a shallow respiration which made me suspicious. The villagers who had accompanied the patient said “Due to the black magic quite a few people die every year during this time.”
Examination of the eye revealed the diagnosis -it was a case of krait bite with bilateral ptosis (drooping of eye lids). The anti-snake venom which was lying in the store had expired a few months back But there was no other way I could save this young boy. Polyvalent ASV 20ml was administered directly, and another 30 ml in drip, plus a dose of hydrocortisone (200mg) was given intravenously.
I told the brother of the victim about the possibility of snake bite, to which they said, “Doctor, are you mad? This is nothing but black magic.” I asked Dhanu to make 3 cups of strong tea. A cup of tea was given to the patient through the Ryel’s tube. I asked the people to look for the snake where the patient was sleeping.
I told my junior to check the patient’s blood pressure, respiration and give him neostigmin hourly if the respiration became shallow. At about 5:30 am, I went home to freshen up.

When I returned at around 8:30 am, I saw a big crowd. I was sure the boy had died. But the father of the patient fell at my feet and said, “Doctor, you are our God, what you told is right.” He opened a gunny bag, and lo behold, there was that speckled band the most deadly krait snake of India. The young boy survived and I became famous overnight. As a result of this incident my transfer was delayed by 4 years.
On the day I left Karanjia the young man, whose name I still remember, even after 24 years, Ignesh Majhi (not the real name) was waiting for me with his two children and wife to say good bye.
Ignesh was the most memorable patient of my life.


06 September 2009


This Odiya article was published in an Odiya news paper called "Sambada" on 3rd September 2009.This one is being translated from my earlier English article called "Blessing in Disguise".Click to enlarge

05 September 2009

IGH XI cricket team vs Executive XI

This black and white photograph was taken way back in 1972-73 at sector 6 stadium of Rourkela.Many of the players are dead or have grown old.Some famous personalities are there in this photograph.(Click to enlare)