17 October 2009



09 October 2009


Today the 9th of October 2009 there were contrasting news in most of the Indian leading news papers.

The first one is the sharing of Nobel Prize by an Indian born scientist with another two from two different countries. Congratulations to all three of them.
The depressing one was India could not qualify to be one of the 100 best universities of the world.
Indians are no less talented then others in the world. We complain about brain drain but we create a situation for it.
It’s an achievement of three people working together and getting the prize, one should not raise this dirty issue of Indian, German etc in science. Many of the brainy people have left Indian shore and have flourished, why? Because our system does not allow a person to do the same bloody thing in India!!
Let’s stop playing with our education system through political persons. Leave it to Ram, Krishna, Sens, Rays, Alams or Chandrasekhar’s.
When we are talking about humanity (which is all about Noble prizes) lets stop telling that an Indian has done this, may be after some days there will be celebration in TamilNadu. Instead of this too much Indianan’s, lets find out why Khorana in 1969, Chandrasekhar in 1983, Naipal in 2001 and now Ramakrishna who all received noble prize after leaving the Indian shore?? Why?
I would have been the happiest Indian had any of our Universities would have qualified to be amongst the best 50 in the world. The present celebration is like a person saying “see my Ex-wife is now a celebrity!!”
In cricket, Hockey and football where we have a foreign white skinned coach, same logic I can put here for the reason of getting a Noble prize, that we as an Indian perform better under the guidance of a white skin people

07 October 2009


Last month (Sept2009) around 50 people died due to road traffic accidents, in the capital city of Bhubaneswar,Odissa, India.This particular road crossing of Bhubaneswar is more prone for accidents.The main reason being the most busy high way of Eastern India passes through this area of Bhubaneswar.Here the bus driver was at fault but the truck owner had to pay the compensations.Six autos(three wheelers) were crushed under the bus, surprisingly no one was killed.The accident occured in the early morning hours.The best solution is to ask the high way authority of India to byepass the capital city.I happen to work very near to this accident site.

01 October 2009



The much publicized Chandrayaan- 1 success was short lived like the Indian cricket team with its mega stars in the champion’s trophy. There was fear amongst the Indian scientists and politicians to face the on slaught of opposition for wasting money on futile experiments. Like the Slum Dog Millionaire our Indian scientists with its screw driver technology wanted to take the credit of the discovery of water vapor on moon’s surface by the Chandrayaan-1? The bottom line is the discovery was made by NASA’s instruments and not by Chandrayaan-1.
Why one should try to give a false impression to the people of India? Many may not agree with my view but the pseudo moralist young generation are celebrating and going gaga over Slum dogs and Chandrayaans achievements.
First of all, let’s give our people some free and safe drinking water then dance for the water on the moon.
Do we need sabashi (praise) from NASA, Oscar, and Noble for our achievements?


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A rare odiya poem by sanjoy