27 February 2010



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22 February 2010



Taking bath the right way has many advantages but no knows about it. With so much of pollution and busy life one must take out fifteen minutes for a good morning bath/health care. For manual labourers timings are the same.
Oil message on the skin and the head before taking bath is the fundamentals of heath care. It’s your body and skin, so you must message it for ten to fifteen minutes before taking a bath. For winter month’s mustard oil or olive oil and for warmer days one can use coconut or linseed oil for messaging (at least twice a week).After oil message one can use the soap and water to remove the dust and scrub with a towel to remove the dead skin.
Time: one hour before sun rise is the best time for your bath but not after sun rises.
8:30am to 9am one should avoid taking bath because it may result in chest problems. Next time for others is from 9am to 12 noon but this bath is neither beneficial nor harmful. Evening bath results in frequent chest and sinus infection, so try to avoid it.Cold water bath is the best but if one wants can use Luke warm water.
Old people, patients and young children should not take cold water bath in winter months. Never take bath after taking food, nor after inter course. Never take a bath after a strenuous exercise or while sweating.
You can look younger with a glowing skin by doing this simple home care and see the difference. Take a balanced diet along with a good bath in cold water.As most of the American bath rooms are air-conditioned there should not be any problem for a cold water bath.
So---- happy cold water bathing, viwers.


The best short story(ODIYA) for the year2009-10 was awarded to sanjoy satpathy for the story " a desire to pet a tiger",The story will be published soon in this blog.

14 February 2010


Many of my readers must be aware of the fact that India is the highest user of voltage stabilizers in the World. The reason being there is no check on the misuse and over use of electricity in this part of the country. Knowing the short coming, deficiencies and attitude of Indian, China entered our market in 70’s.First with fountain pens then the Chinese food and restaurants followed by Dentists, Chinese foot wear and AK47.
In the mean while India started producing quality products from Bajaj, Ajanta and Orpat, but they soon migrated to China to produce goods to be sold in India as made in China. No one complained, not even the Government of India.
Now we have Nokia, Sony, Phillips, Acer, LG products available in India but made in China. The mobile phones even the best one has a battery made in China. I can’t understand why a country which dream of sending men to moon can not convince these multinationals that India can produce good quality mobile phone batteries!!
India has electricity problems so the average common man needs emergency lights/bulbs and that too is made in China, they have foresight, ideas, and feed back from market hence they are way ahead of us.
Their toys are cheap and beautiful, who cares how long they last as toys are meant to be destroyed.
I think days are not far off when we will out source our defense and electricity production to China.