19 March 2010



All of a sudden there have been repeated attacks on Indian “GOD MAN” by the multiple TV channels and news papers. When the society has gone corrupt and money is every thing for the young then I do not find any thing wrong with the sex racket of these self styled GOD MAN. A dozen of GOVERNORS are sex pervert and they too were caught in camera but what happened?? Tell me which areas are free of sex racket?
Whether it’s Modeling, Fashion show, Beauty contest, cinema, Games and sports, politics, education and defenses every where there is sex racket.
If these “BABAS” are running a sex racket what was wrong in a country where homosexuality and prostitution are going to be legalized. At least he was giving employment to so many people. The person concerned have not lodged any FIR, it’s only the cheap media coverage for increase in their viewer ship so that they get more money through advertisements are more interested than any one else..
With hundreds of TV channels and newspaper there is a cut throat business and the result is projection of these nauseating news in every day news papers and over excited breaking news channels. Sex is a part of life and it’s a personal choice and we should not teach the moral values of virginity to the next generation, they are well informed and knows what to be done with their body and brain.
The media should try to stop highlighting the perverted sex news in the front page or in breaking news item.

18 March 2010


Now a day’s Indian TV, Media & news paper catch the culprit, highlighting their points of view and then giving a verdict as if they are the Supreme Court authority of India. Odiya news paper has five types of news they are1: Rape and murder (front page) 2: Train or road traffic accidents and rail or road blocks.
3: Cricket 4: Hindi films: 5: A tiger/an elephant, or a bear being killed by villagers.

The reporting has gone to such a level one can’t believe it unless some one has not read it. Like how the cricketers from a particular club team walked out from a flight, who was in front, who was next, the color of the Jean, whether accompanied by a girl friend or not etc.
The elephants and bears are portrait like villains, no one gets any punishment for hooking high voltage current and killing these innocent animals but we celebrate every year with pomp and ceremony “wild life day”.
I analyzed one Odiya news paper and calculated the space used for advertisements, this is as follows;Page1:adv70%page2:no adv3:Adv90%4:adv5% page5:35%advPage6:EditorialPage:7nil- adv Page8: adv.95%page9:adv80% page10:advBusiness news page;11:adv75% Page:12:50% adv page:13:40% adv Page14:15% last page:adv85% that adds up to 42.6% of the news paper had advertisements but every year there is increase in the price of the news paper.
The editorials are never read by the young mass nor the ministers or the terrorists but by the retired persons whose points of views are like waste paper baskets.
There are so many issues troubling India and it’s people but the main news items are IPL, how record number of goals were scored in the hockey world cup at Delhi(As if Indian scored all those goals!!),women’s bill, thousand rupee garland notes were offered to some lady Dalit CM, how Hindu God man are enjoying sex?
To me it appears it’s the news of the corrupt people, by the corrupt people for the corrupt people of great India.

17 March 2010



The IPL is the most idiotic thing that has kept the Indian public engaged in the evening hours for this month of March. Eight teams lead by cricketers who have hung their boots for their country some time back are actively involved because Money is where IPL is. The seven captains are more than 35 years of age and IPL is helping them for their rehabilitation as if they are below poverty line. One strange thing I have noticed which is good for the country is that during these tournaments like world cup hockey or IPL the Maoist, Terrorist activities are almost nil or much reduced. The detonators which would not have been seized on other days are discovered by the same police who would have missed it .Is it that these trouble shooters are cricket fan or they get money from the book makers or they are directly paid to keep quite? This is a strange phenomenon!!
There is no point having a club level media hyped tournament, after India vs. SA, India vs. Sri Lanka ,India vs. Bangladesh matches which concluded recently. The common man pays for the advertisements. The price rise may be attributed to this IPL matches. The cold drinks, the beer sale, potato chips and matches in movie theaters are just ruining our young mass nothing else.
BCCI gets money and the head of that organization is part of the central government??
A country which is killing an Indian every week has a dozen of players and two teams have Australian captains, this can only happen in India..

16 March 2010


My editorial:

Strange, isn’t it, Editorial in a blog spot?? My letters to the editor does not get published because it does not serve the interest of the editor but Odiya new papers are that way better, they except healthy criticism ,satires and publish them. That made me to decide I must have my own views and suggestions for my readers.
Today’s editorial is on punishment for students in schools and colleges, is it justified??
One student died due to alleged punishment of a teacher (Odiya news paper report) but no one has heard any thing after that. We do not know what actually happened. A railway ticket checker has to do his duty and punish the culprits but if some one jumps from a running train and gets injured or get killed then who is to blame? But media says that the ticket less traveler was kicked out of the running train. Students do not even know how to write one’s name in class V standard but we are ready to pass a legislature that a teacher can’t open his or her mouth if the student is doing mischief or not coming to class. If one teacher beats a student then the whole teaching community becomes bad and teacher has no right to do like that. It’s like we should not have security guard because our ex-PM was killed by his guard!! With out punishment and fear of being punished will not lead to a brilliant or a bad student. Ask any learnt individuals of the society whether they were ever punished in their child hood or not and how that changed their life. A teacher tries his or her best but he does it for the child and society never for his own interest. So before we decide and come to a conclusion that a child can do no wrong lets give it another chance for a good and sincere teacher

13 March 2010


Sports-Quota in India:

Imagine Indian cricket team with reservation policy, of course it exists but in a different way. Our great politicians have recently introduced a bill in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha for better performance in all disciplines of sports and games.
As per the new guidelines the captain has to be a dalit (lower caste) the vice -captain from a minority community. One bowler or batsman from the congress ruled states and the extras will be lady cricketers and luggage boys from non congress ruled states.
The team will be selected by the bench officials of SC of India.
The same guide lines will hold true for other games. All the sports persons of India have to register them selves with the different political party of their choice.
The players have to wear a logo of the party which they belong .
All the stadiums will be named as follows:
1: Neheru-Indira stadium (Athletic events)
2: Indira-Neheru stadium (Indoor swimming complex)
3: Rajib-Rahul indoor stadium (Sword fight)
4: Priyanka indoor tennis court.
5: Rahul sports complex. (In place of SAI)
6: Sonia- Rajiv 20-20 Mega Event (20minutes foot ball tournament)
7: Sonia Tennis tournament (One set tournament)
8: Rahul World cup mixed Cricket tournament. (Gents +Ladies)
9: Priyanka Ladies cricket tournament (5- overs)
10: Menaka dog fight tournament (International)
11: All the stadiums will be named after a Nehru or Indira Gandhi family member, with immediate effect.
12: The reservation policy will also be applicable in case of selectors and officials.
With this policy India will be the undisputed champion in all games and sports.

12 March 2010