15 May 2010



The earth is divided by nature as Land and water. The land is again divided to high land low lands. The land has different countries so also different people, ethnic, race, religion, cast etc.Every country has its rule and regulation. One cannot enter another country legally with out a visa. The food habits are different their way of life to vary from place to place. An Odiya and a Punjabi have totally different culture and attitude to life, but both are Indians. There is different dress code for the female folks in different states of India.
The problem started when more than 50% of work force in offices became women, who snatched away the jobs from males. These males became a nuisance to the society. Certain jobs like nurses, air hostess, receptionist, teachers, lady doctors (gynecologists) are made for females of the society.
Due to women workforces in office (IT) the extramarital affairs are on the rise for that reason some ladies get quick promotions at the cost of a male sincere officers. Some religions do not support ladies with revealing dress in the male dominated office set ups.
We copy many bad things from developed countries but we must not forget that unemployed males are more dangerous than ladies in the society. Foreign countries do not have enough people to work in office hence ladies are a welcome sight in those countries. Once the working parents leave their children with ayah and servants we produce people who become criminals or drug addicts ultimately the society gets spoilt. Lets not over react when some religious people objects to ladies working and rubbing every thing with the male counter parts in office. Let’s respect each religion and customs.

05 May 2010



04 May 2010

Feb & March

Hope you are enjoying this calender months and their origin.

03 May 2010


February March will appear tomorrow. This one is for students who are interested to know.