22 June 2010


Photograph by sanjoy with his CanonA560(click to enlarge)


This photograph was taken by sanjoy with hisCanonA560.

12 June 2010



Odissa (Changed from Orissa) is one of the poorest states in India with high infant mortality and maternal death rate. Over and above thousands die due to road traffic accidents, malaria, and tuberculosis each year. But if you come to Bhubaneswar, the capital of the state you may be for a surprise. You will find beautiful multi storied buildings and huge new model cars on the road. Majority government officials have more than two to three houses in the city. The main reason being there is plenty of black money in circulation hence the best way to invest is to purchase gold ornaments and apartment house for wife/children or concubines. There is inadequate water drainage facility, no play ground for children, shortage of electricity, congested traffic and dame care attitude of the people as they have political or mafia connections. The poor common man (aam admi) suffers.
The ground water level is going down with construction of a new apartment because each one is having its high power full tube well machines/ pumps. No one wants to apply for municipality water supply as it’s erratic. There is no check on the construction of multistory buildings in the city. A stretch of two kilometers road from Nalco square to Sainic School has taken more than two years but yet to be completed.
No one is worried about the chaotic traffic situation in the city roads, the out dated traffic system still being used in this so called modern city.
A survey carried out about the apartments in the city will give to some idea about the poverty level in the state. More than 70% house/ or apartments are purchased for giving rent to students, working class people or for other immoral purpose. Only 30% houses have the real owner staying in his own house.
On paper the state is doing well but in reality corruption and corruption in every stage of life will make Odissa the worst state in the country with in few years. One big business house told that “ you pay bribe in other states and your work is done but in this state you pay bribe but nothing happens.”

11 June 2010



One has to wait for four years for a final of a world cup football tournament. Lots of efforts, strategy, planning, physical training, and money go in to it. Some teams return very happy, others less happy and some others get dejected and a few grumble after the tournament is over. Lastly after a couple of months or years it may surface that such and such teams were involved in match fixing.
I do not like this game, because there is only one important event and that is a goal. Twenty two players run after a ball as if their life depends on it and the end result is 0=0, extra thirty minutes, still then the same score and the referee ask for penalty shoot out. After all, its a global event and you wait for four years to see this???
Why not have a tournament of twenty minutes duration with out off side rules???
Most of the time the ball is kicked out of play for safety or for wasting time. The police traffic card system comes in to play as if criminals are playing and that nauseating background noise (whether it true or fake I do not know), some say it’s a ruffian’s game.
After going through this write up some people will think this fellow is a freak one or a bastard!!.
My point is if one has to wait for a tournament for four years then one day extra should be reserved for replay or play to finish. It should be allowed to continue till deciding goal/goals are scored in stipulated and incremental time- no penalty shoot out.
I have a few more suggestions. The rule of the game should change, like first 30 minutes eleven players, next 30 minutes nine players for each team. After the break six a side till the end of ninety minutes. During extra time there will be no goal keeper.
Let’s give it a try. There is a great amount of media hype and craziness by football fans just to show he or she loves the game.
The game is thrust up on the people to say this is the greatest and best sport event of the world.
No doubt this is a fast game but to my mind,without real practical imagination on the part of game administrators internationally.
But there is no doubt that its one of the greatest shows of the world and let the show go on.

Golden Deer


06 June 2010


A fourteen year old child was seen in ED by Dr: Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy a senior medicine consultant and the patient was admitted immediately to Ayush hospital where doctor satpathy works. He made a provisional diagnosis of pyogenic meningitis and asked for some limited investigations.TheCSF was consistent with bacterial meningitis but the CT brain showed a big brain abscess. The patient father was a daily labourer and was not in a position to bear the surgical cost. The patient was unconscious.
Dr Satpathy talked with the director Dr.Ashok Acharya who immediately talked with the collector Dr. Mrs.: Mrinalini Lal for help. She agreed to donate Rs20000 from chief minister’s fund and the surgery was performed by neurosurgeons Dr.Amit Jaiswal and Dr.BKSwain. So a very poor patient’s life could be saved by a team affort.Those who are doctors can recognize the brain abscess. A delay would have killed the child.
WE are grateful to the collector who is also a doctor and an IAS officer.



When some thing goes beyond control then it’s very difficult to bring it back in the right path. See for example a drug addict, a gambler and a womanizer seldom transform them selves with out a strong set back. Similarly the Indian society has become a gold addict like the other three which I have mentioned. Gold is a dead investment for a common man. It only helps the chain snatchers, dacoits, smugglers, burglars, people with black money and last but not the least the jewelry shops all over India. Seldom has the gold come in to use for a real cause. The mother keeps it for her daughter or bahu and the cycle goes on till it loses its glitter and a new set is purchased in return for the old one (real gold).Then the standard deduction of 10% to 20% depending on the shop or brand .It seems the gold price has touched 19thousand rupees, may be they are targeting 20100 by year end to complete the year2010.
Why can’t all of the middle class Indians unite and stop purchasing gold ornaments for six months. No one is going to die if he or she does not wear gold!! Of late most of the marriages are between working boy and a girl so I do not know why the girls’ wear so much gold ornaments during the function and then keeps it in bank locker for years. It’s up to them to say no to sex and gold before marriage and no to gold after marriage.
With availability of so many varieties of imitation ornaments I do not think any one can make out if it’s real or fake. It depends on who wears it. Suppose Katrina wears a fake diamond necklace, every one will say its real one but if a maid servant wears a real one all will say it’s fake including her husband.
I appeal to all the ladies not to purchase any gold for the next part of 2010 and see what happens. The bridegrooms too should request their in-laws not to give any gold ornaments as dowry/ or gift... I am yet to meet a widow who sold away her gold ornaments for her children’s education or paying back the debts of her husband. She will prefer to go for another partner instead of breaking her gold ornaments (if she is young)
Remember a newly wed lady is in danger of rape and snatching of gold ornaments or even murder. With lots of drug addicts in society be careful of the gold ornaments; better invest in some thing different. Purchasing gold for bank lockers is most idiotic way of saving money for the future.

Thanks for reading.

01 June 2010