31 July 2010


Bedi is like Manisankar iyar who calls a spade a spade.
There are many pseudo moralists in BCCI and amongst Indian cricket writers, who cover on different aspects of cricket in India and it's players.Had the comment from Murali had come on a Maharastrian player then things would have been quite different.But poor Bedi has more enemy than friends in cricket circle hence no one has spoken any thing on the comment by Murali " he did not have variety, he could never spin the ball, he would have been butchered by present day batsman etc etc"
I think players like Alan Knot,Underwood,Boycott, Ian Chappel, Richards,Holding and Hayens who have played against this great left arm spin bowler of all times, should have come out and express their views.But money is a big factor, if they write in support of Bedi ,they may not be welcome in india and BCCI.Where are our great sports writers and commentators ?where are they hiding??
Bisen Singh Bedi we have seen your bowling and the world knows how great a bowler you were, do not be hassled by the comments from a chucker who amassed wickets because there were no other bowlers on the other end to take wickets.Your silence speaks volumes of your greatness.

30 July 2010


Recently two world records have been created by Muralidharan of Srilanka and Sachin Tendulkar of India.Congratulations to both of them.Their record will stay like the pyramids for hundreds of years because the number of five day test matches will be reduced and no player will last that long to erase these records.

29 July 2010


(CLICK TO ENLARGE)This is a letter to editor in a leading Odiya newspaper on a news which said "The PM did not allow/ give appointment to Odisha's Chief Minister."
What type os democracy is this,? when the PM says NO for an interaction with a Maosist infested state CM called Orissa/Odisha??

18 July 2010


From left to right:sanjoy satpathy,bikram mohanty & dilip pattnaik.Three of them served with steel authority of India as players.Dilip Pattnaik was a star footballer of Orissa and HSL but had a tragic death following B complex injection anaphylaxis.This photo was taken in the year 1972 at Rourkela.


Drug Olympic

Human body has certain limitation as regards physical strength, endurance, reflex and stability but experts say with drugs these limitations can be over come, hence the doping test in sports.

Imagine an Olympic with drugs. Here all athletes are allowed to take any thing they like; there will be no restrictions on drug and no dope test as the name signifies. Even the public will be allowed to take beer (free with tickets, maximum 1000ml), it will be like the IPL cricket tournament in India.
There will be no boring events like marathon race, walking events, sword fight, and animal participation. Total period will be for six days only.
Except the referees, camera men, officials’ rest of the people in the stadium can smoke, take drugs. The athletes will not be asked which drug they take, not even the champions. There will be no sex bar. Ladies too can participate along with men and there will be no separate events for ladies but for each event there will be special prizes for ladies. An event where a lady comes first then the males participating in that event has to drink the urine of that lady. This is done to discourage under performance by male athletes and substandard participants. There will be no dress codes for participants.
What is the advantage of this type of Special Olympics?
You save the agony of the athletes. Millions of dollars are saved as laboratory staffs and chemicals will not be required for the dope tests.
As such most of the champions of past and present used performance enhancing drugs but went Scot free because of wrong sampling, faulty technique, bribery, money power and political interference. Take the case of Mario Jones, she was a different type of lady to have confessed about taking drugs other wise I think eight out of ten famous sports person take some form of drugs, be it in form of a diet(dogs meat, bull’s fat, tiger’s testes etc) or medicines or other methods which is not known to the doping experts.
If that be so let’s see, what maximum a human body can achieve in field events or other games and then compare them with the so called drug free sports stars? But the question is, was there a really drug free Olympic in recent years, say in last twenty years?

So friends lets wait for the sponsors to have an Olympic that will have retired or not getting a chance(dropped) or banned athletes or those who do not want to participate in drug free Olympics. The prize money will be $50000(1st prize)$25000(2nd) $10000(3rd) but if tested negative for drugs he or she will be disqualified for next year. This Special Olympics will be held just six months prior to the main Olympics.
The peculiarity of this “Olympic” will be maximum 50 athletes’ will be allowed to participate from one country, no officials. The leader from each country has to be from the participating athletes of that country. Any individual can participate for any country but he has to become a citizen for at least two years before the event.
An event like this can only be held in a country where drugs are freely available and there is no punishment for drug users.
After an internet voting, the venue for the first “drug Olympic” will be decided. The dates will be informed in due time.
I wish some business house picks up this” golden Hen” and start the event before it’s too late. If a human body can run 100 meters in 5 seconds then let it be why to stop this exciting future prospect of science and human limits?. I think it’s worth it to get a gold and $50000 with drugs then lead a drug free life with out achieving any thing in life!!, why not die young(adverse effects of drugs) doing some thing which people will remember for hundreds of years, the choice is yours—“go and get it”.
NB: This is a satire but who knows it may be a reality in future.

Written by Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no4, Plot401/2362
At post: Patia
Bhubaneswar751031, India

17 July 2010


This mongoose was my pet for few years may be five, i decided to leave it in the wild but it refused .It lived a full life with me and was very fond of my two pet dogs.Her pet food was chicken and boiled egg.Here one can see her in playful mood on my computer table.

15 July 2010



When some one is raped and killed in India no one raises an eye brow but if similar thing happen in other countries the head line in Our Indian newspaper takes the front page with bold letters even if the death may be due to natural cause or accident. Why?? This is the age of patriotism by certain group who stay abroad but their heart bleeds for Indian cause!! No one analyze why in different countries Indians are thrashed?? Must introspect and we will get the answer. Lets not go to countries where Indians are not respected or being assaulted.

06 July 2010



The new president of ICC is now an Indian, who is part of the central government of India, An Agricultural minister, Chairman of NCP, President BCCI (the richest sports body of the world), one who is at the helm of IPL tournament probably does not know the ABC of cricket, I am afraid he might not have seen a cricket bat in his college days. He has ditched Lalit Modi of IPL, some say the last election was won and lost because of the IPL money.
One of the poorest sports nation has the richest sports body is the king maker of the cricket of world. Because Australian is too good a cricket team, many envy it, as a result Mr. Howard nomination was rejected before it was submitted.
Let’s wait how many rules are amended to favor Indian team!!

05 July 2010


Increasing the petrol price in India, Is it justified?

In most of the countries the price of petrol is around Rs: 16.50 paisa per liter. In India over the above price the consumer has to pay, central tax Rs: 11.50 paise+Rs: 9.75 production cost+Rs: 12 towards VAT=Rs: 49.75
It’s sold for Rs: 50.03
The petroleum ministry and the PM say the petroleum companies are losing lots of money due to low petrol price in India! It seems the government which fought and won the last election was through the petrol dealer’s money!! Other wise we can’t explain this rise in petrol price every three months. In the year 2008-9 Hindustan petroleum company had a net profit of Rs: 574.5 crores, similarly in 2009-10 Indian oil had a profit of Rs: 5556.77 crores and Bharat petroleum had a profit of Rs; 5015.5 crores. If these companies had incurred a loss, then where from, they got this profit?? Suddenly why the congress Government is trying to help these oil companies? Is there a directive from across the sea or collecting money for next election? You the silent Indian public must judge and revolt. It’s not the BJP, CPM or other parties but it should have been by the common man who should have shown your displeasure. Central Government puts the blame on states and vice versa. No state government whether its congress ruled state or other parties ruled states sale petrol at a lesser price Indian public are expert in take things lying down and take the burden of rising prices.
Here is a comparison of petrol price per liter in other countries.
Pakistan: Rs: 26
Bangladesh: Rs: 22
Cuba: Rs: 19
Nepal: Rs; 34
Burma: Rs: 30
Afganistan: Rs: 36
India: Rs: 50.03