26 August 2010


Few years back, a dynamic engineer was appointed as managing director of Rourkela steel Plant, a PSU under Steel Authority of India. He moved around the different departments of the steel plant to find out why the company with more than the required work force was a loss making one?When he visited the steel plant on a fine winter morning , he noticed a festive atmosphere amongst the workers and officers.Majority of the workers and officers were taking tea and reading news papers in side and out side their respective office or work place.
The first step he took was to stop entry of news paper hawkers in side the steel plant office and work place.This was one of his few steps to bring back the discipline and a better work culture amongst the officers and workers.
There were lots of resentment from officers and union office people but he struck to his orders and that was the beginning of turn around in Rourkela Steel Plant, which then started making profits.
The name of that gentleman is Dr.Sanak Mishra.He is now a retired person .Even though he never liked me during my tenure as a doctors still than I liked his way of bringing people to line through tough means which most Indians need.
This news paper reading habit during working hours is a nuisance in India.

14 August 2010


Poor pig has nothing to do with the transmission of the disease like a mosquito for malaria.Swine have this flu virus but seldom suffers !! Who asked you to sleep and share the same room with this innocent animal?The virus gets in to the body of a human being and for survival changes its RNA and tries to live with the human system.So the culprit here is the influenza virus who is named as H1N1 after it changes it's characteristics in side the human immune system.By taking one vaccine may not suffice because by next year your immunity might have gone so you have to take another prick.But who knows it may be H2N2 virus and again you Q up for a prick.Where is the end??
This is known as virus highway.Virus will come and attack human beings, some fortunate ones will survive and rest(unfit ones) will succumb.The ecological imbalance has resulted in this type of out break of viral diseases.
My appeal to the parents of young children.You give around 26 pricks before the child goes to school but what about the immunization against road accidents due to drunken or faulty driving?So no immunization for that.What about cirrhosis of liver due to alcohol?Again no immunization!!Take care of their real well being by coming close to them but not by medicines or vaccinations.Yes some vaccines are good others have doubtful values but go with the scientific evidence but remember"to days opinion may be obsolete after six months".
Simple advice lead a disciplined life and take measures which can prevent more deaths than swine flu.If you walk around Bhubaneswar you will find people wearing all sorts of funny mask and walking in the streets or driving a car.It's a status symbol of talking about swine flu and its vaccine and wearing a costly mask.Do you know more young people die due to road accidents, malaria, TB, or gastroenteritis alone than swine flu?Till now only 23 have died due to swine flu where as a month back 150+ innocent passengers of an express train were killed not by any disease but due to sabotage of railway track by a politically supported force!! No one has been held responsible for that but the media hype of swine flu has created a havoc amongst the cowardice people of odisha, what a shame!!
Simple measures:Avoid going ( For those who are sick or have symtoms of swine flu)to cinema halls, crowded places, train journey, air travel, big bazaars and AC halls.As far as possible stop going out to other places where more people are reported to have died due to unknown viral diseases.
We do not know the media hype may be a hand work of some vested people in India.!!Do not blame the Government for any thing and every thing that occurs due to natures furry.
PS:Just to prove my point i have not taken the swine flu vaccine even though its available free to me.
For any questions please email to me :sanjoysatpathy@rediffmail.com

03 August 2010


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The black and white photograph was taken in the year 1983-84 at fruit garden of Rourkela,Dr.PKChand,Drsksatpathy,Dr.pkdas and Dr.anise are the male persons inthis photo,Sister Eva Ghose is seen in the front row. the coloured one was at the bunglow of director Dr.DNMohapatra.DrKishore with the bucket was serving chicken curry, on the table ready to eat are--Drakmohanty, next to him is Dramol,Drsanjoy,to the right Drdmohanty, Dr ncpatel,DrDNMohapatra,Ladies on the back groundSister Magdali and Dr.Rosalia.(2007)

02 August 2010


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After passing out the tough first MBBS examination (1967),students are allowed to go on a site seeing tour of East and North India with their own cost . In this photograph Sanjoy(self) is sitting on the front row extreme left.Just behind him is his Balsore college mate Pranab Dey. This photo was taken while the students were on way to Kashmir. Many of my class mates are dead, some say 35 out of 160 others some other figure, i do not know.Recently one of my class mate Dr.BNPanda was murdered in his nursing home.We pray GOD to keep his soul in peace.