25 September 2010


Why some one marries? If you are not a gay the answer is simple- Just to have a family and to have some one to carry the family traits of the father or the mother. Getting married to a girl just for money (she is in a job with 5 digit salary)is utter foolishness. If you know how to get money than you can have.
So there is saying “do not keep money for your sons” if he is an idiot or brainy either way money is not needed. If idiot then money will be taken away by others and if he is intelligent he will have money- so what is the need??
Coming to the topic of a male child vs. a female child. A male is a half male and half female, where as a female is 100% female. A “ XX” means a female, A”XY” means a male child. A male child is produced from the Y sex chromosome of father and X chromosome of mother, a female child with the X chromosome of father and the X chromosome of mother. Father’s X chromosome comes from his mothers side and the other X from her(wife’s) mother’s side. Here the male dominance ends. The fathers Y chromosome comes to an end if her wife does not produce a male child. Consider the male points of view-poor fellow marries to have a family but his wife brings to an end the male Y which he had inherited from his father. For that reason in Japan and China this issue has a big implications on the society. Woman who gives birth to a girl child gets divorced or deserted by the husband and no other male take a risk of marring her. Hence many ladies do not like to marry, because no one is sure if she is going to produce a male child.
The reason why every one, including the wife , likes to give her husband the greatest and most valuable presentation —“A MALE CHILD”. Ask any married lady any where in the world to answer this question sincerely.

24 September 2010


Here we will discuss about coronary artery diseases and it’s prevention.
There are about a dozen risk factors but the most important one is the Genetic factor.
Other risk factors may contribute but if your parents lived beyond 75 years with out a heart attack then you are lucky. They might not have kept millions off dollars for you but a good gene is worth trillion as you can live and enjoy a good life with proper life style activities. No one knows if the modern interventions really prolong life or prevent heart attacks.
Once you go to a cardiologist you will be under stress because he will tell you “you are sitting on a time bomb” or “you are on a volcano” you are lucky that you came in time.” Once you fall in to the trap and opt for a bypass or angioplasty then hope for the best. The most important thing most people forget is when they did not have the heart attack they had a dam care attitude to smoking, alcohol, food and stress. But once they had the surgery ,majority become over cautious and lose weight, stop alcohol, turn vegetarian, stop smoking and get hen pecked. I think it’s the change in life style which helps them to lead a better life than the $50000 spent on the operation.
My sincere advice to young people is to keep the waist circumference at 35 to 40 inches depending on the built and weight as per standard chart. Sleep 6 to 7 hours a day, eat in moderation, do walk for 4 to 5 kilometers a day, no smoking, avoid rich and oily food, do not eat if you do not feel like eating. No breakfast on holidays, but take an early lunch. With a good gene you need not have to bother about your heart ,if you follow these simple rules. The body is yours and you are the best person to know if your system needs help or not. For trivial problems do not go to a cardiologist, you may land up paying thousands for nothing. Remember a super specialist sees the person through a tubular vision and does all types of test to prove his point “that you need some intervention”.

20 September 2010


A strange county called India. The richest live here so also the poorest. The other day one of my friends sent me some photographs showing the luxurious bedrooms , where the President Of Zimbabwe stays and the house of some poor people there. I sent him back the house photographs of actor of Mr:S.Khan and some slums photographs of Mumbai. Both had similarity. After that he has stopped sending me E-mails.
Similarly if you are travelling maniac in India ,it’s possible that you stand a 50:50 chance of getting killed through road traffic or train accidents if not by over shooting the run way.
Here is a routine photographs of train accident in India but the railway minister says it’s the hand work of some opposition party or Maoists. I think you are the best judge. Please insure heavily before coming to India so that your wife or children will go on praising India through out their life.

19 September 2010


After my letters to editor was published in SURYA PRAVE the Odiya news paper i have received many letters from the readers and this one i thought worth publishing as it came from a press person of repute.::==
Your observation in the letter to the Editor is correct and I know at least one instance of suicide by a farmer over his failed love with his sister-in-law in village Barahguda in Bargarh district.
Moreover, many farmers take land on lease and dream of earning quick money without thinking about rain. There is an old saying "cut your coat to suit your cloth" and this I personally feel is leading to suicides by farmers. They are over stretching themselves for numerous reasons before ending their lives.
Easy loan from private money lenders is another cause. There are many farmers who have died after failing to repay loan availed for daughters marriage and such social function.
But then political parties need fuel for fire and spitting venom against the State Government is the only way out. I completely agree with what you have written.


This love hate game in politics does occur where but it's very obvious in the state of Odisha, the name recently changed from Orissa.The problem with Odiyas is that their elected leaders(MLA) at the assembly and the the central government do not synchronize.For example when party :A: is at the centre, party :B: is at the state level as a result of which the people and the state suffers.The press which is at the hands of powerful ruling party goes on publishing all sorts of rubbish against the state chief minister and it's MLAs.All our politicians speak in each and every meeting about unity in the country but they them selves are dividing the country through religion,caste,language,Gods,reservations,age,sex,zones and culture.
For years together the odiya papers have one point programme- that's this CM is no good lots of corruptions etc,any death from AIDS to Zebra death in Zoo the CM is responsible.I other day i interacted with some learned persons who said they have stopped buying odiya papers for this reason.Water logging is at Delhi,Mumbai.Kolkata and every big city but if occurs at Bhubaneswar than there is a hue and cry in the press and media, no good work of the Government is ever highlighted.
There is one point programme by the centre"remove this party from power and rule".
I have no answer for this attitude of the Govt at centre.But one thing is for sure-- never elect a party for more than two tenure.


Few years back, a dynamic engineer was appointed as managing director of Rourkela steel Plant, a PSU under -Steel Authority of India. He moved around different departments of the steel plant to find out why the company with more than the required work force, was a loss making one? When he visited the steel plant on a fine winter morning , he observed a festive atmosphere amongst the workers and officers. Majority of the workers and officers were taking tea and reading news papers in side and out side their respective office or work place.
The first step he took was to stop entry of news paper hawkers in side the steel plant office and work place. This was one of his few steps to bring back the discipline and a better work culture amongst the officers and workers.
There were lots of resentments from officers and union office people but he struck to his orders and that was the beginning of turn around in Rourkela Steel Plant, which then started making profits.
The name of that gentleman is Dr. Sanak Mishra. He is now a retired person .Even though he never liked me during my tenure as a doctors still than I liked his way of bringing people in line through tough means which most Indians need. Reading news paper during working hours is a big nuisance in India.

11 September 2010


Dr.Sanjoy is a lover of animals.Tears come to his eyes when ever he notice a dead animal run over by a car.Here you can see him feeding the stray dogs before he goes for his morning duty.He says "If some one does not love animals, birds or plants he is a selfish person"

01 September 2010


This letter to editor was published on 31st August,2010 in a widely circulated odiya newspaper"SURYA PRABHA".