28 November 2010




First I must mention why I have written ORISSA not the new name ODISHA??
The reason being it may appear as another new state in India but no sir it’s the same Orissa with new alphabets. Our Politicians are expert in changing the names of faces and places because it shows patriotism!
Last week news prompted me to write this- “train driver sentence to 3 years jail term for killing elephants under the iron wheels which he was driving”. Alas similar punishments are ditched out to killers of tigers and elephants!!
The animal lovers are probably busy with collection of money or doing striptease or TV or media shows than doing any thing for the poor animals!!
Every other day elephants are being killed (in Orissa) by high tension electric wires or local alcohol mixed with poisons. These people blame the electric department for the elephants death but the truth is only 1% of accidental deaths occur due to this where as the villagers with different means bring down high tension wires(hooking has political support in this state) to the ground so that when elephants come at night they are electrocuted. It’s a poor state with very low yield cultivation products. Elephants after elephants are being killed by this cruel method but no one gets any punishments. Even if the total crop is sold from a village in Orissa, it may not be worth few lakhs but killing a huge animal as revenge is really shocking and sickening.
I request the animal lovers both Indian and international to do some thing about this beastly attitude of the people of the state. There are different means to stop the elephants coming to the main human habitat but killing them by poison or electric current is really inhuman.
With Rs: 2 per kg rice being distributed by political parties (for Votes) who cares if a huge area of crop is destroyed by animals!! Government is giving lots of compensations plus there are insurance companies to help. As such most of the cultivation lands in Orissa are under utilized due to poor canal water facilities and low rain fall. So there is no logic of killing these beautiful creatures for pea nuts.
The worst enemy of elephants are the Oriya news papers, these huge animals are projected as the villain and at times compared with Maoists . There is no sympathy for these animals death.
The bottom line is why these animals (snakes, elephants, tigers, deer’s, jackals and monkeys) stray into human habitats??We know the answer but not interested to do any thing for our environment and wait for some white skin lady or gentleman to come and help these helpless creatures.

24 November 2010


At least i did not know that India won 10 gold medals in last Asian games, where 432 athletes participated where as this time (2010) 609 athletes and 234 officials have been sent with exchequer's money to get a tenth position!!What a pity, 843 people for hardly 40+ medals and that too mostly bronze or silver!!
Many people do not know that there are some Olympic events and others are minor events.
Only 40 medals so far have been won by India, but if one looks at the news paper one will think that India is winning all medals.Remember there are 476 gold medals at stake .Its good to encourage persons who achieve some distinction in sports but not the way the CM and PM and sports body do the cheap popularity declarations(cash prize,land, cars etc) for personal or political gains.
Once a famous sports person when asked to comment about our administrations in sports he told" the way you people worship bronze medalists and 4th or 5th sports persons in Olympic events, your country will not progress much, we have dime a dozen silver and bronze medalist which we do not take in to consideration or records."

18 November 2010


This is the photograph of this blog owner Dr.sanjoy kumar satpathy.He passed out his matriculation from Balasore Zilla school,then continued his college education at famous FAKIR MOHAN COLLEGE ,Balasore .He did his MBBS from Utkal University and joined steel authority of India at Rourkela.He played for district level cricket when he was hardly 14 years of age.He represented Utkal University for three years then played for Orissa state side in Ranji trophy cricket tournament.He represented Steel authority of India and played for all India cricket tournament at Lucknow.In spite of his tough job as a doctor he was madly in love for cricket.He was born some thirty years early or else might have been a cricketer rather than a famous medicine specialist of Orissa. He is now 63+(PHOTO) and leading a retired life at Patia.


Corrupt Innocence:
There was a country where the king was liked by one and all, but the country did not progress.
Every body was sincere and hard working but the results were dismal.
One day a saint came to that kingdom but was disappointed to see that the country was what it was a decade back, so he wanted to know the cause. Every one was full of praise for the king but the poverty level was high. Ultimately he found out that the king was defunct and the Queen who was very corrupt was running the country.
The king called the saint to listen to his suggestions .
Saint said “your highness, there are four types of rulers:
1: Lazy and drunkard.
2: Gambler
3: Listens to women’s advice.
4: Idiots
All these above rulers actually ruin the country.
The best one for the people and country will be one ,who gets up early, listen to criticisms, interacts with common man, and has creative ideas, but strong in administration and removes the culprit out of the country. Your highness you please find out which category you belong to.”
Similarly your neighboring state the King appears innocent but he does not run the country-he is a dummy as a result of which that country is projected as a shinning one by the PR department but on the contrary it’s going down the hill day by day due to corruptions all round.”
Your highness good administrators are born not made.”

17 November 2010


Mr:Ashok Lohar a tribal by birth has settled down at Rourkela along with his two grown up sons.Here you can see him enjoying his life along with his grandson Dipak.He along with his two son gave a fresh coat of weather coat to my house at Patia, Bhubaneswar.I could have asked some local contractor to do the job but i preferred Ashok and his sons to do it for me as he is more attached to me than my own blood relatives and friends. A bond lasting for more than 25 years.You can observe their work on the walls.

14 November 2010


(click to enlarge)
These small little birds are a mystery at Rourkela ,India .No one knows where from they came and how they go one producing offspring by thousands.

Dr.Shail Verma, Dr.Bhatt, DrAcharya and Dr.Singh gave a nice farewell to Dr.sanjoy satpathy on his retirement in 2007 December.

10 November 2010


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01 November 2010



There are basically four groups of people on earth and you or me or for that matter any one will fall in to a category as mentioned below. They are like this:
1: A: Only concerned about self. (60%)
B: Self and family.(20%)
2: Destructive people, takes pleasure in others death and sufferings. (5%)
3: They make an earning from people’s suffering. (5%)
4: Try to help people by all means. (10%)