30 December 2010


16 December 2010

Personality of the month:

Dr.Binoy Kumar Pani is a famous ophthalmologist of India. He was a student leader during his college days. After his post graduation he joined Tata steel hospitals and was very popular amongst his patients but the management had other ideas hence he resigned and had a clinic of his own.
Every year he has a free eye camp for the poor and needy in Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand states of India.
His specialty is retinal, glaucoma and cataract. Last month I met him and took this photograph with my Canon camera. Behind all his success is his wife Pramila a very good soft spoken and family lady liked by one and all. She has given Dr. Pani two brilliant children one a girl and the other a carbon copy of his father. He is our personality of the month.

11 December 2010


09 December 2010



08 December 2010


Sixteen of my next generation is in United States of America and few more are likely to join them soon. That reminds of 70’s when people from Orissa studied and worked in Calcutta (Kolkata) and we used to raise our eye brows, but things have changed with time, distance is not a problem due to fast transport.
Surprisingly TIME can be purchased now if you have money. The young generation are more practical, more parents loving, more patriotic more pro Indian and they contribute more for India than Indian staying in India. Thanks to the IT out break the real Indian talent is now known to the rest of the world.
Instead of discouraging them not to go out of the country we should rather encourage them to go out and learn some positive aspects of their working culture, etiquette, manners and behavior and come back to India to make it the best in the world. We have the best brains but we utilize it in wrong places and wrong way, we need a good leader not the present day politicians who have and will ruined the country. People like Prof:PBTripathy, Prof: Sukant Tripathy, Bikash Panigrahi and Priyanka Pani are few examples from our family. Out of which Sukant is no more, he died in a freak accident but his creations (Konark) are likely to hit the market soon.

07 December 2010

Prof:Sanat Ray, an eminent Oriya poet,Critic,president of Cultural Academy and secretary Lok Natak Mohotsav, a familiar and popular figure in Oriya literature expired on 5th of this month after a short illness at a very young age of 52 years.
He is survived by his two sons and a loving and simple house wife Swarnalata Ray.He was like a younger brother to me.I will miss him very much as he was not only a fine critic but a loving person and was attached very closely to my family.He has edited, and corrected many of my short stories before publication.All my family members pray for his soul to rest in peace.If there is rebirth then i would love to have him as my neighbour.