27 February 2011

Letters to editor

This Odiya letter to Editor have been up loaded for those who do not have access to this news paper through inter net.

26 February 2011


Function : Where two short story books of sanjoy kumar satpathy was released on the same evening by Health director Dr.D.N.Mohapatra and Principal-Dr.K.S.Naik respectively.The English and Hindi news coverage of the function is attached on the top.(click to enlarge)

25 February 2011


A nice little park at Sundargarh where the entrance fee is a peanut in international standard but many people do not know this in Odisha, a Maoist district of Orissa now called Odisha.Hardly one hour drive from Rourkela Steel City.


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24 February 2011


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The Odiya version of Double cross has just been published in a leading odiya news paper(Surya Prabha).If you can't read this (Odiyas) then read double cross.

23 February 2011


Earth quack at New Zealand is a shocking news for the whole world, where more than 100 people are dead and thousands injured but our Indian press gives front page news about the release of an IAS officer, cricket news and other scams.This shows our poor concern and attitude for a country which is reeling under the nature's fury.Hope our press and media treat all human life as same .Because we do-not have any tie ups with NZ probably this is why our attitude is so indifferent.


Female Fetocide in India is illegal but abortion is legal.Here is a photograph taken very recently at village Pandhda, Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.Here no fetocide an unique quality with this tribal belt people.

22 February 2011


The above symbol of our Indian currency was welcomed by many but not all. The real problem is dollar or yen do not depend on this symbol rather it’s the other way round. Recently rupee lost 27 paisa against dollar so what is the gain of changing a known symbol to an unknown one with out any result.
You tell me- if you are given a choice to pick up one of these two notes lying on the street which one you will pick, A hundred dollar or a hundred rupee note? That sums up my topic for the evening. For recognition the above symbol is not enough, it is some thing else.

21 February 2011

Prof:BKSatpathy 17th death anniversary

On 20th of February the 17th death anniversary of Prof:Basanta Kumar Satpathy was held at his birth place, Village Pandhda.The function was organized by Prof:Santanu satpathy,NGO:Debasish satpathy and Lecturer Dologabinda Mohanto.You can see the chief guests on the dais.Young students from the village schools were given certificates and prizes by the Chief guest of the function Dr:Santosh Satpathy.The other dignitaries who were present on the occasion were English lecturer:Sunil Kumar JenaProf:PBTripathy,BBPanigrahi,Rabindra satpathy,Binapani,Soubhagyamanjari, Sushama,Monorama,Jayanti satpathy(president,NGO).Two hundred thirty six students attended the function.The chief guest stressed the for the students to follow the ideals of the great teacher, writer, novelist and social service worker Prof:Basanta Kumar Satpathy.



Just after reaching India I rang up to my class mate and room mate Rabun to find out his where about, so that we could have some fun.
My first few mobile calls were futile but by evening I was fortunate enough to get my call through but it was not his voice, some one who could not understand a single line of what I said to him. When I repeatedly told that I am his friend Arum from America then only I had the access.
What’s the matter I have trying to get you for last few hours but your mobile tower replies he is not reachable, why?
Rabun answered “I have been kidnapped you see”.
“Who could kidnap a powerful administrator like you?”
“They have some demands and I was a soft target”.
“Tell me why they have done this to you?”
“You know --this new type of patriotic people, with foreign arms and ammunition called “OUR INDIA”(OI), have hold the non congress ruled states of our country to ransom and I am one of the victim of their strategy.”
“But it seems you are not at all perturbed?
“Yes- why I should be, they are all my friends and they are taking adequate care of my food and comforts, even they are pouring me with Royal Stag”
“But you are not disclosing why they have kidnapped you?”
“This is a ploy to frighten our brave politicians to divert the opposition attention so that they will not come out of their den for assembly or parliament sessions but demand for the resignation of CM or PM. Last time there was the python fear then the summer fear and now the “OI” fear”.
But your kidnapping has some motive for the “OI”-organization?
“Yes”, they want some “innocent members” to be freed.”
“But they must have done some thing for which the court has given the verdict?”
“Some one has blown up a bus killing 48 human lives, including children, some one has blown up a running train, another has killed some ten to twelve central force jawans or police guards or body guards, like wise but not a single politician was their target!!”
“Do you think the politicians will bow down to their demands and free you?”
“Yes definitely because they are the people who will join their party, as this has become a bench mark qualification for contesting any type of election be it municipal or general”.
“But there is a hue and cry for your release and press and TV people are having more sleepless nights than you?”
“Yes, you are right, but the day I will be released the CM or may be the PM will give me a glass of Tropicana juice, a huge garland , promotion letter and transfer me to my home state for my bravery.?”
We had heart laughter, “but where we will have our dinner at Mastic plaza or Jungle fair?”
OF course at Jungle fair”

17 February 2011


Few more days are left for the world cup cricket2011, matches will start and the people of subcontinent will go in to a hysterical spasm as if their life and country’s future depends on it.
One can notice a state of curfew in the roads, market places, schools and colleges not because of law but due to mass hysteria called cricket. The youths of Egypt could over throw the president with sheer determination but our youths of India are busy going for tuition, clubs, Cinema, hotels, cyber cafes, parks and watch cricket world cup in plasma or LCD TVs, they are not at all concern about the price rise, corruptions, bribery at all stages of life, pollution, chaotic traffic, dada giri and in obedient public attitude.
It’s alright we only good at one thing in the world’ that’s in cricket but does it mean the politicians, mafias, business houses and multinationals will take advantage of it? To become so emotional for team India’s victory or loss is nothing but sheer madness. Today cricket match, then miss world subsequently some film festivals or youth festivals or India has talents, Big boss or some vulgar item girls naked show keeps our youth busy round the year. Now a days seldom a student fails as the teachers are afraid of their life or some of them take money to see the student through or the invigilators are bribed to close their eyes. Every one is a BE with MBA getting five figure salary so also the living together partner. A MBBS doctor seldom touches a patient, he is busy for his PG course, majority of them are theory masters for that reason quackery is rampant every where in India. How they will know the problem of majority Indians? Students do not travel by train any more they fly-when asked why? Their answer is “How to spend 24 hours in a train, it’s so boring you see?”
If the youth start asking them self what I get to lose or gain if India wins the world cup or some one else? Will it change my country or its village’s where most of the Indians still live. Let them enjoy the games as a past time but not as the most important events of their life. The way our Indian public are following the game and reacting to it looks little childish and immaturity of brain.
One can get pleasure in many other aspects of life and cricket is not every thing. Three C-C-C will ruin India they are CORRUPTIONS—CRICKET—CLUTTER. JAI hind.

13 February 2011


Medium size rivers are:





That was the first morning after my retirement. When I opened the main gate I saw a little pup looking at me as if she was asking for food. May be she was few months old has been deserted by her mother.
I went in side and brought a piece of bread and gave it to her and from that day on our relationship started much to the annoyance of my wife and children. They would say—street dog full of rabies do not touch them.
But the dog would come exactly at 1:30pm for handful of rice and at 9pm for her night dinner. That way time rolled by and she grew up to a moderate size “Bingo” dog. My wife, who was against this street dog, started giving her food during my absence. She nick named her as “Chiknna “meaning there by “SHINNY “and clean. Shinny became pregnant before she was one year old, gave birth to three little ones and brought them for me to see and admire but one fine morning I found Chiknna crying and howling in front of my gate, I knew that she is missing her pups. Later on I came to know that the pups were taken away by some one to feed the guests who had come for the National Youth Festival.
Like all animals she too forgot about her kids and came back to her normal shape. She would guard the house in the colony with special attention to my house. Shinny would accompany me when I go out for an evening walk with my two little spitz dogs. She became an eye sore with other street dogs and she was isolated that was a problem for her.
When she was three years old she became pregnant again and we fed her what ever we could so that her children become strong enough. This time she delivered five lovely pups in side a small earthen cave. The delivery timing was horribly bad, cold winds with intermittent rains made her weak as she could not come out for food. We thought this time all her pups will die due to this adverse condition but the sky cleared and Chiknna came for her share of food from us. Extra rice was cooked for her so that she could feed her children. My wife who initially was objecting to feeding street dogs rice and roti her self started cooking more for them, after all she is a mother she knows what motherly love is.
The five pups survived, she changed her place to a safer zone nearer to our house. The pups were two months old when Chiknna stopped coming for her usual food. Both of us were worried- what has happened to her? Is she sick? Bitten by snake? Some one poisoned her? Our fears were justified after a day. Chiknna came exactly at 1:30pm but could not eat any thing served to her, the legs were weak, she gave a pathetic look at us and probably said ‘’some one has poisoned me, take care of my five”. With a staggering gait she left our house and fell flat near a field so that her children would not see her mother dying.
With tears rolling my wife plucked two of her choicest roses which any other day she would have resisted for any reason, gave it to me and said” Go and put it on Chiknna.
I thought to my self-how cruel people could be for man’s best friend??
Chiknna dead body was lying there and no one cared to do any thing about it. With lots of difficulty my wife could inform the municipality office, but in stead of helping us they started abusing us –why you are informing us so late??But we will be coming soon to remove the carcass.
Hours passed by no one came; we had forgotten it was a Saturday, decided I can’t wait to see Chiknna body gets putrefied, must do some thing my self. Put on a hair dying gloves and put the dead body of Chiknna in side the large card board which was lying underutilized in the store room and put it in my car and took it to a far-off place and buried it in a big ditch and put some soil over it. Came back home took a bath and washed the cloths which I was wearing during the burial, and prayed God for her soul to rest in peace. Its nine PM have to stop here and go to feed those five innocent souls waiting for their mother.

12 February 2011


After all why players play?Why a country takes up the responsibility of a big sports event?Why multinationals spends billions of dollars for the players and tournament?Gone are the days when players play for their country.For that reason matches are more interesting in European cup than the World cup football tournaments.
The answer is simple--MONEY MONEY MONEY-in the richness world.The last world cup was a disaster for the organizers(WI) as India and Pakistan crashed out in the preliminary stage.But not this time.
Seven teams in each group.India,SA,WI,Eng,Bangladesh,Ireland,Holland in group B and in group A-OZ,Pak,SL,NZ, Zimbabwe,Canada and Kenya.Six matches for each team.Even if India loses two or three matches still then it goes to the next round.Those who want to gamble may put their money with India because it has been fixed.No drug testing,No replay no where about what ever the Indian billionaires say becomes the rule so hold your breath no chance this time-India has to win no chance for the other teams.SA and Eng will not go beyond semifinals.Pakistan team is off and on team so also the west indies team.Australia is morally down and may not go beyond quarterfinal stage.The four teams are India,Srilanka,SA and England.Any of these two teams from sub continent will be winner but with India's money and and batting power no one can take away the cup from them.


LONG & NARROW NOSE: People with long and narrow noses are intelligent and generally politically inclined.(Abraham Lincoln)
LONG & SLENDER NOSE: They are generally elegant and artistic people.(Amitabh Bachan)
BROAD NOSE:These people are generally optimistic with a shrewd business acumen.(Tata & Birla)
SHORT NOSE: Traditionally rooted people and are hard workers.(Japanese)
LONG AND BROAD NOSE: Such people have lots of staying power and concentration.

10 February 2011


Nothing to add.

08 February 2011


Their hibernation days are over, they do not like cold because their mother has not presented them with any warm garments.With the winter fast receding they have come our from our portico where they have spent some months with out paying me any rent.With Temperature touching as high as 35 to 36 degree centigrade in the after noon(8-2-2011)
from now on , one can see the smile on the face of AC distributors/stores in big bazaars and show rooms.


Babu Rao was the most feared fast bowler in the Eastern Zone during 1970 to 1974.
He was also a hard hitting bats man and a brilliant fielder.On his day he can tear any attack to parts.He loved cricket very close to his heart.During those years one could play hardly two or three matches in a season.Here he is surrounded by his family members and well wishers before his final journey.

06 February 2011


Dr.Sadasiv Swain on the left and Dr.MS:Niyati Senapati Swain were the Guest of honor and chief guest respectively at the function.Dr.Sadasiv is one of my very close and best friend with out whose help this blog would not have been possible.Recently both of them retired from SAIL(Steel Authority OF India) after three decades of service.
Our home made sweets to the couple.

04 February 2011


The personality of the month:
He has traveled from a remote village of Odisha to Bangkok, about to go to EUROPE AND SA shortly. A Widely traveled person.
With twelve diseases he is very fit both mentally and physically;
Vast knowledge on all subjects ie: harbor engineering
An Ex-Class1 Cricket player of India.
He can manage with four hours of sleep.
Eats every think served to him but halfheartedly.
Senior citizen as he is does not stay at home: spends 75% of his life out side his home town.
He spends 12 minutes a day for all his daily routine (teeth care, toilet, bath, shaving etc.)
Always on the move, loves Indian Railways. Government should award him- Railway Padma for the year 2010.
If you can keep him engaged for more than a day with out mobile and food-he will go mad.
He keeps his fish and money in others ponds and pockets.
He is willing to accompany you if you are going to any forest or Bangkok with out any hesitation.
Helpful person and a good organizer.
He is our personality of the month.

03 February 2011


There is hardly any change in Indian scenario over the last 64 years, only names have changed. Like Bombay to Mumbai, Calcutta to Kolkata, Orissa to Odisha etc. People are the same chaotic situation is the same.
Kings: Politicians
Ministers/advisers: IAS officers and Autocratic officers
Dacoits/smugglers/murderers/thieves/criminals: Maoist/terrorist
Prostitutes: Sex workers
Bastards: Love child
Barbers: Hairdressers
Tailor masters: Fashion designers
Idiots: Mentally challenged
Drivers: Pilots
Shop owners: Businessman
Sweepers: safai karmachari
Landlords: Politicians
Money lenders: Banks

01 February 2011


One reads very frequently these following:
1:Indian students who became best CEOs
2:Indian goes to space
3:Indian win gold in Olympic
4:Indian amongst ten top richest man in the world.
5:Indian has the best brains
6:India has the best medical facilities
7:Indian education system is very matured.
8;India has the best doctors in the world.
9:Best democracy
10:Best railway net work.
So what??
How is the country or it's people benefited from it??
Even for a simple finger injury to reeling of head our politicians and rich BCCI cricketers fly to SA, OZ or England-WHY?
Most of our coach are foreign coach-Why?
With so many bests where we are heading for??
Adulterations in every thing.Spurious medicines, alcohol,oil you name it a duplicate is available.Even 500 and 1000 rupees notes are fake.Printed out side our country.It's like keeping fish in others lakes or ponds.
Students traveling on train top and getting killed, what type of best education teaches it's students to travel on train top??
With three brainy(M+C+A) financial advisers the country is getting ruined.
Students with bogus degrees(foreign) getting top jobs in Government service.
Name any thing_corruptions and scams.It has become our part of life.
As Indian we all should feel ashamed of our brainy leaders and administrators who have and will ruin our country along with brain less voters..
WE can not produce a mobile battery or a good rechargeable battery, can;t produce a Endoscope or Ultra sound machine, not even a good camera, but dream of reaching the MARS>!!! HA HA!!