20 April 2011


She is Swapna Devi a PhD in Psychology and working as a Reader in Kamla Nehru Woman's college,Bhubaneswar.If some one wants to learn about time management she is the person.
Starts her day with taking care of her pot plants,cook food for her son and her mother in law,leaves for college at 8:30am,while coming back she does the marketing,comes back home in time to feed her aging in-law.Her husband is a gynecologist serving in the remote place of Odisha where no other doctor dares to go.One can say he is also an unique personality, never bribes to get a transfer to the central place of the state. Coming to our time management madam>1:she is a house wife2:Reader3:mother of an engineering son4:daughter in law of an aging in law5:a Cook, every thing she does with a smiling face as the photo says..Also an woman activist,dog lover, plant lover, helps the poor, very up right lady.Who says a working lady can't take care of her family?She also runs a class for mentally challenged children.Her husband never interferes in her activities.An unique lady for my blog.

15 April 2011


Which is the good food for health vegetarian or non vegetarian?
Uric acid in non-vegetarian food is harmful:

The uric acid present in non-vegetarian food causes joint pain in the age of 40-50 years. One pound of non-vegetarian food contains 14-16 gm of this element. The kidneys remove it from our body but the kidneys can remove only 7 gm of uric acid from the body everyday. As a result the kidneys fail to remove the uric acid completely from the body. Hence the kidneys are prone to several diseases.

In Abakhasiyansa state of Russia the average life span of a person is 100 years. These people are totally vegetarians. The Hunjas community of Kashmir is also vegetarians; therefore they are disease free and live long. In contrast, the Eskimos who eat only meat are prone to several diseases and they become inactive and dull at the age of 35 itself. During the Mahabharata people used to live up to 100 years and were at least 7 to 8 feet high. This was the result of eating vegetarian food.
Non-vegetarian is not strength giving:

The bulls, horses, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants are vegetarian and very strong, but jackal, leopards and lions are not that strong in spite of eating meat. The lion is always afraid of attacking an elephant hence it attacks from the back. Monkey and languor are vegetarians. Does any meat-eating animal have the capacity to jump like it? Dr. J.D.Krag, a strong supporter of vegetarian food says that he has found that several vegetarian Europeans are more intelligent, physically strong and good sportsmen when compared to non-vegetarians.

Non-vegetarian is the cause for several diseases:
According to the WHO report non-vegetarian food causes 159 different types of diseases. The most common diseases caused due to it are heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney problem, gall bladder problems, wounds in arteries, eczema, paralysis, tuberculosis, constipation, pains, arthritis, hysteria etc. in comparison to it the vegetarian food is totally harm less, beneficial and cures diseases.

Non-vegetarian food weakens the bones:

American medical practitioner, Dr. A. Watchman and Dr. D.S.Bernstine have conducted a special study and declared their report. They said that non-vegetarian food weakens the bones gradually and they begin to deteriorate. The vegetarian people have strong bones when compared to non-vegetarians. In the non-vegetarians high quantity of alkaline and salts are excreted through urine, which causes deficiency of these salts in the blood. The blood fulfills the deficiency from the bones. The imbalance reduces the resistance power in the human beings. Vegetarian food is better for health because it never was made of any animal's body or so.Then; vegetarian food gives you many health improvements. Non-vegetarian food pollutes human's body with the ingredients of another living being.So,I always prefer vegetarian food for good health, knowledge and happiness.
Try for three months and see the result. Thousands of European and American have changed over to vegetarian diet in last two decades. Once in a while some non vegetarian food of your choice is permitted but think about the animal that has been killed brutally for you to enjoy! Every one has the right to live on this earth but human beings with brain are the worst offender. Imagine our mother earth with out birds, animals and tress??We have done enough damage to the earth, let’s now protect it and do not destroy it further. In the name of modernization thousands of very old tress are being destroyed every day but the unfortunate part is no Eco friendly trees are replaced in its place. During the rainy season we can drop/throw seeds from buses, airplanes or helicopters, (or army people can do it for us) of mango, Neem, Sal, guava, kendu, Bara, asaswtha and other long term trees not these fast growing tress giving a false sense of green vegetation near the road sides which suck up the under ground water very fast, they neither bear fruit nor have nice flowers for the birds or animals to east, even the birds do not find them safe for building nests. Let’s pressurize our Government or NGO to plant trees which give shade, fruits and flowers and lastly they give wood for our next generation. Remember petrol etc can not be replaced where as a tree can be.
Build house to live not for rent purposes but we must grow trees too. Lastly let’s request the PURI authority to stop felling hundreds of tress every year for the Chariot Festival. Use the same wooden frame for few years; do you know lots of scam does occur with this Chariot building every year?
Thanks for reading this one. New generation can make a lot of change in India and the world.

13 April 2011


If Indians are thinking the petrol price in India is costly then read this one.
The costliest being Turkey Rs:114.50,Lowest being Rs:0.71 per liter in Venezuela.
Saudi:Rs5.35,Pakistan Rs:43.29,China Rs:47.50,USA Rs:43.7 and India Rs:63(all per liter)
But for the USA the price would have settled down to a lower level, like biological warfare USA believes in Middle east disturbance so that developing countries do not develop quickly.India should cut down on import of petroleum products and start using battery driven or solar driven vehicles and save our crude oils for the next generation instead of digging wells for oil like a lunatic country.(your feed back please)

11 April 2011


Dr.BinoyPani fondly known as DrPani in and around Jamshedpur is worshiped as a demigod by his patients>He does not charge the poor, he has no fixed fees, one can say he is an absent minded professor.On Every Sunday he goes to near by villages to operate on the poor and needy along with one of his colleague.The camps are organized by a private organization called Bharat Sevashram.Recently i went to see his clinic and interviewed some of his patients.These type of people are the unsung hero of the country not Sachin who is a multimillionaire but never pays a single pie to the needy schools across the country.Dr.Binoy Pani is my personality of the month for April2011.

04 April 2011


Yes India team was the deserving champion of this WC tournament. But the jerky reaction is- As if for the congress party this victory was possible!
I too liked the game earlier irrespective of who was playing with whom but lost interest when people became hysterical, work stopped, roads had a deserted look, classes were suspended, doctor’s took leave to watch India play, the politicians and film stars started taking advantage of the mass madness when i stopped viewing the game. Chucker were allowed to bowl -rules were changed to support the batsman, bowlers became " bali ka bakra" with dead wickets and new rules. These matches are good for politicians, business houses, hotels, restaurants and lastly the media, the new generation only obsession is to be part of any thing which has great success rate. Do you know thousands of post are lying vacant in defense as no one wants to join them due to fear of being killed and those people shows patriotism by coloring the face and body with tri color flag. Ours have become a false world more of show less of work.
Every one has coolly forgotten the CWG scam, the Adarsh house scam,2G scam, palm oil scam that's exactly what our politicians want. With in a week the IPL will start with those same enemy players rubbing shoulders with each other. Except some relaxation we do not get any thing, the business people, BCCI, ICC, and the players become richer by billions at our cost the price rise is as a result of this. No body says any thing when the game gets a 50 crore tax relief from the Government, thanks to Sarad Power. We are producing extra notes and circulating it so every one has money, can travel by AC or air this is a false sense of India shinning.
For the country to progress it has to improve in every field, sincerity, punctuality, obedience, responsibility, respect to seniors, and fight corruption do we have it? If yes then we must relax once in a while with sports or similar things not every day. Some 10% work in this country and the rest are like we the retired person if nothing is there watches fixed matches and soap opera in TV. Others country standard has deteriorated hence we think we are improving that's the truth. Why no one thank the coach:MrWrite from New zeland,Chapell from Australia and now Kristan from Africa, the foreign physio and the foreign doctor who have kept players like sachin,dravid, laxman,zaheer,and kumble fit and trim to play for long 21 years. We have spent crores from our tax payers’ money to get the world cup only two times in last 34 years and that too we are so euphoric that we have forgotten our duties to the nation. Politicians would always like to divert attention from the public with CWG, WC cricket then who knows we will have world cup football and Olympic Games?? Last but not the least why our so called patriotic youth go abroad with parent’s money from education to every thing and lastly settle down there with a visit to Mother India once in two years, what a patriotic new generation we have for the future.
Sorry to have troubled you with so much of nonsense.
'India shining' during the NDA, which was mischievously laughed at by the shameless because anything good that can happen to India is some party’s exclusive monopoly, that is what the party thinks. This India story with money, money, money everywhere in the domain of the rich gave the politicians a golden opportunity to LOOT the country to the hilt and almost leave it strangulated as of now.
the loot with impunity in CWG, 2G, Adrash SCAMS and the total indifference to the swiss bank illegal stashing of evil money after promising to get it within 100 days all proves the murder of India story in it's very birth by the ruling party. Their is a huge trust deficit regards INDIA globally, not due to business and industrial community, but due to the very government which never misses to take credit .The impression will change only when a new government comes and scams are not repeated .

03 April 2011


Dear Sanjay,
I never feel that the young mass is ruined. Society is changing and they are the products of changed society. They are less hypocritical, less religious (ritualistic religion), have no time to fight with their siblings etc. Simultaneously, they are less critical of anything (meaning by that they have lost their power of discrimination), which I consider is the greatest drawback. Every leader, be it political, be it religious, be it business, would like the subjects to loose their power of discrimination so that they can easily misled the public. Hitler and communists have used it very successfully. Currently, multinational companies are using it effectively. More next time.



02 April 2011


To day the 2nd of April - my wife was fragmenting the cup board when she called me to see a brown paper.
"Can you guess what it could be?"
"May be an old hundred rupee note" as i have the tendency to keep money in odd places.
"No it's some thing else"
"sorry i can't guess"
"Look at it and you will remember your playing days".
"Yes-i was the best bowler of that tournament".
That brought me tear in my eyes that i was born some fifty years too early other wise i would have been a professional cricketer rather than a medicine specialist.
My wife asked " were you getting much during those days?"
"money? on 1st class matches the pocket money was 17 rupees only on non match days, and eight rupees on match days.No money for man of the match or man of the tournament, only a certificate like this and a small eight inch height cup.."
Thirty four years have passed since my retirement from cricket, many of my team mates are either dead or physically crippled or have under gone cardiac surgery.
Thank GOD i am still alive to watch India win the world cup cricket for the second time, what a coincidence the certificate and India's victory at Mumbai.



01 April 2011


Purchasing costly goods from Tele shopping is like getting married to a girl by just looking at the photograph plus what is told about her by her well-wishers??
First in the list are the electronic goods. The set may be defective, the battery may not retain charge, or it’s a fake one. The local dealers have a step motherly attitude as the goods purchased is not from their outlet. How to return? Many times you have to repack it and then send it back with lots of deductions. The amount of rebate the teleshopping gives is also available with the local shops. These following items like Cameras, DVDs, Pen drives, SD cards, DVD films, PC and computers should never be purchased from teleshops. The free gifts are useless for you as you need the main item in good condition and good after sale service. Returning back is not the solution. So my readers of Blog Spot in India should resist them selves from purchasing these above articles through computer. Most of the time you may be disappointed with the products but you can’t do any thing. Never purchase the dual SIM mobiles from teleshopping made in China. The memory cards/pen drives are much cheaper in your local market (branded company, MRP399 you can get it for 210) then why you take the tension of ordering over internet? This is just a guideline for the Tele-shoppers not an advice. Money is yours you can play with it which ever way you like it.