17 May 2011


The recent assembly election in four states of India has a regional touch and nothing to celebrate for Congress party of India.The corrupt DMK party is replaced by another very corrupt regional party called AIDMK. The DMK party is part of the central Government of India so the loss of it in the election speaks bad of the Congress party which has become synonymous with corruption.Next was the Kerala state where no party has absolute majority.West Bengal the CPI(M)has lost to yet another regional party.Assam had a congress ministry and it will continue to rule as long as Bangladesh voters are allowed as Indians to cast their vote.So where is the point to celebrate for the congress party?There is a dangerous trend of regionalism coming up in India which will divide the country further in future.As long as CPI(M) was in power or in ministry they were like a watch dog but now there is no opposition ,hence Monmahan singh does what the IMF ask him to do, the recent petrol price rise is a bright example of that.Congress party is trying it's best to dislodge BJP parties in different states of India.

15 May 2011


A very very small but beautiful singing bird has built a nest near my garage.It's very shy and with slightest noise fly off, so it was really difficult for me to take a photo of the couple.The male bird is little bigger and more colorful than the female bird as is the law of nature.Most likely the eggs have hatched, a close look at the nest shows the mother bird feeding the little ones.Poor quality of photograph is because of less of elbow space.


A recent photograph of Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy taken by his Professor brother Dr.Sumanyu Satpathy on 26th April at Tulip Garden of Kashmir.

14 May 2011


05 May 2011


If you have not visited Kashmir then you need a rebirth.I had been to Kashmir after a gap of thirty years and was impressed with it's magical beauty.Worth visiting the place, hundred times better than many foreign countries.The language, the friendly people, the weather, Lake beauty,the food and the Eco friendly environment makes your trip memorable for years.